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aongm sepen01:25
sepenhmm, any idea how to use compiler flags for qmake? I'm trying to add QMAKE_CFLAGS="$CFLAGS" to arora, still looking for the best solution. ...01:29
sepens/CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS/ ;D02:04
sepenbut I see something more in the output command; 'g++ -c -O2 -march=pentium4 -02 -pipe -fomit-frame-pointer -O2 -march=i686 -pipe -Wall -W ....'02:05
sepenI've more than one -march flag, could that be possible? or could it breaks something?02:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: arora: fixed makeflags. also added -j1.02:27
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: mysql: update to 5.0.8203:13
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: util-linux-ng: update to 2.15.1-rc103:13
sepentilman, do you know a good place for buying death-fuckin t-shirts?03:19
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: module-init-tools: update to 3.903:25
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: mc: fix build for automake 1.11, ticket #45306:23
strawI always knew it!07:08
* aon is running windows and enjoying every moment of it07:10
aonwe've been researching a problem where bolding text in excel makes it crash, but changing the default printer to something else than a laserjet (or changing the laserjet driver to pcl5 instead of ps) helps07:11
thrice`bears have declared enough is enough!07:24
rehabdollcolbert is right07:25
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.5]: pyxfce: removed (deprecated)09:03
thrice`xorg 7.5 delayed another month :(09:06
thrice`who could have predicted.. ?  :>09:06
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tilmansepen: you mean (metal) band shirts?10:10
sepenI would like to purchase a swansong t-shirt10:11
tilmanhaha, try ebay then10:12
sepennow going back to home, maybe later10:12
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aonauf wiedersehen 8|10:24
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.5]: xorg-xf86-input-synaptics: updated to
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atomopawnHello.  I'm considering Crux and wondering if there will be a new release this year.11:24
thrice`I suspect so11:26
atomopawnThat means you're still actively developing the distro.11:27
atomopawnI saw that the KDE port was still on kde3 and wondered.11:27
atomopawn(Not that I disagree with waiting a little more for KDE 4 to stabilize...)11:27
tilmanatomopawn: i think our kde guy will publish kde4 ports soon though11:28
atomopawnI've used Archlinux for awhile and like it, but I read that it was based on Crux.11:28
Rotwangit was not11:28
atomopawntilman: That's good.11:28
Rotwangaccording to teh latest info from archs site11:28
atomopawnOh.  I see.  It's "influenced by" crux.11:29
thrice`the build system is what is similar, but arch has deviated quite a bit since its creation11:29
atomopawnI see.11:30
atomopawnAs an ex-BSD user, will I feel pretty comfortable wit prt-get?11:30
thrice`probably :)  it's extremely simple11:30
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atomopawnThanks, all.  Appreciate the info!11:30
thrice`   shows crux activity quit nicely :)  if you're curious11:31
thrice`quite *11:32
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atomopawnthrice: Very cool. :-)11:43
atomopawnI love git. :-)11:43
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: libusb-compat: update to 0.1.111:44
atomopawn*laugh*  Oops!11:44
atomopawnWhat are you guys using for a bug tracker?  I don't think I've seen this one before.11:44
atomopawnI guess the color scheme threw me off. :-)(11:45
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bombastword is in13:25
bombastterminator did NOT suck13:25
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bombastim not sure what those reviewers were smoking when they saw it13:42
bombastbut it was great13:42
bombastthere are a LOT of homages to T213:43
bombastsome obvious13:43
bombastsome subtle13:43
jaegerok, this is a weird problem. still can't figure it out as busybox doesn't have lsof and fuser isn't cooperating14:04
jaegerI mount the CDROM to /cdrom14:04
jaegerI mount /cdrom/crux.squashfs to /squashfs14:04
jaegercopy some files from /squashfs to /newroot and from /dev to /newroot/dev14:04
jaegerumount /squashfs (no problem)14:04
jaegerumount /cdrom (fails with "Device or resource busy")14:04
bombastjaeger: Have you considered statically compiling lsof?14:05
jaegerthat's likely going to be my next test since fuser doesn't work in this case14:06
bombastthat's what i would do14:06
bombasthi jaeger :)14:06
thrice`yeah, drop in a blob and check.  does cp report being finished, or is it being held up somehow?14:06
jaegerthrice`:  it finishes and exit status is fine14:08
bombastYeah, I'd definitely statically compile lsof and use it14:09
thrice`you hacking a new init ?14:09
jaegersort of... wanted to sort out this problem first since it's pissing me off14:10
thrice`the worst problems are the ones with little-to-no involvement :)14:10
jaegeroops, forgot to update the busybox config in git14:11
bombastjaeger: Is it okay for non dev team members to subscribe to the dev mailing list?14:12
jaegerAnyone can14:12
bombastI didn't know if it was frowned upon or anything.14:13
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bombastportsgpage is very handy14:15
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bombastChanged my desktop a little. :)14:17
thrice`nice :)  enjoying crux so far?14:18
bombastMy favorite distro. ;)14:18
bombastWouldn't use anything else on Linux.14:18
bombastIf it weren't for Crux, I'd probably be left with LFS14:19
thrice`mm, I've never attempted an LFS14:21
bombastI used it a little, nothing serious.14:21
bombastA friend of mine used it exclusively for his desktop for many years.14:21
jaegerI've used it a few times simply to learn a lot, very cool project14:24
bombastYeah, I don't use it directly but I use their documentation a lot.14:25
bombastlots of good info + patches14:25
bombastDoes anyone have a wireless init script w/ dhcpcd I can look at?14:26
bombastNetworking is definitely my weak spot.14:26
jaegernot I, I've been lazy about it and just do it manually14:27
thrice`I do, but not here14:28
bombastthrice`: When you get the chance let me know. It's no rush.14:29
thrice`I just throw in the wpa_supplicant line from "prt-get readme wpa_supplicant" right before my dhcpcd call, though14:29
thrice`wpa_supplicant -B -Dwext -iwlan0 -c/etc/wpa.conf14:29
bombastI don't need wpa_supplicant14:29
thrice` /sbin/dhcpcd -t 10 -h $HOSTNAME wlan0  or so14:29
bombastI live in a rural area so I just have a hidden SSID14:29
jaegerwell, do whatever you'd normally do to start your wireless, just put it in the script :)14:29
bombastfair enough14:30
thrice`yeah, just adding a dhcpcd call should be perfect, if the interface loads14:30
jaegeriwconfig $IF essid ZOMGWTFBBQ, etc. etc.14:30
* bombast saves conversation for later14:30
bombastgood info :)14:31
bombastI'll add it to the wiki when I get it working14:31
thrice`   could use some examples :)14:32
bombastThat's what I had in mind.14:32
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bombastwell that was anticlimatic14:38
jaegerwell, damn... lsof doesn't turn up anything using /cdrom14:38
bombastMy wireless is up.14:39
bombastand working14:39
bombasthmm, or is it..14:39
bombasteth0 is still up too.14:39
bombast-detaching screen-14:39
bombastOn my wireless connection now.14:47
bombastthank you thrice` and jaeger14:47
bombast[  226.598876] rt61pci 0000:02:01.0: firmware: requesting rt2561s.bin14:48
bombastMy port works :)14:48
jaegergood deal14:52
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bombastI'm going to try and port over a lot of the firmware shit from Arch14:52
bombastI just have no real way of testing those14:53
jaegergah, this mount issue is going to make me nuts14:53
bombastjaeger: You need a beer14:53
jaegerIf I weren't at work, perhaps14:53
bombasti need to destroy some old hard drives14:55
jaegerinterestingly, if I try umount /cdrom I get "device or resource busy" but if I try to unmount /dev/sr0 (or /dev/cdrom) I get "invalid argument"14:56
bombastmaybe it's a udev issue?14:57
bombastMaybe a typo in the rule or something.14:57
jaegerudev isn't in use, mdev in this case14:57
jaegerfor reference this is in an initrd with busybox14:58
bombastah, right right.14:58
jaegerI wonder if the kernel could be the problem15:00
jaegercc -static -static -static -static -static unsquashfs.o unsquash-1.o unsquash-2.o unsquash-3.o unsquash-4.o swap.o -lz -lpthread -lm -o unsquashfs <--- that's pretty awesome... static overkill15:08
jaegerthe Makefile gets tweaked each time the unsquashfs target is run15:09
bombastThe wiki is messing with my formatting and I can't figure out why.15:09
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bombastI'm debating if I want to see Incubys..15:41
bombastI love their music, but I hate concerts.15:42
jaegerwoot! solved the problem... mounting the squashfs file associates a loop device that doesn't get disassociated15:42
jaegernever had to do that manually before, not sure why15:43
bombastjaeger: ^15:43
jaegerlooks fine to me, though you could replace wlan0 with $IFACE in your iwconfig line15:43
bombastnot sure how correct that is15:43
jaegerand killall needs another l :)15:44
bombastthat's how it is locally15:44
bombastbut the version on the wiki is like that15:44
bombastso i changed it to fit15:44
jaegerwith that said, killall dhcpcd could be replaced with dhcpcd -k $IFACE, though that's entirely up to you15:44
bombastduly noted.15:44
bombast fixed those things15:46
bombastooo, gonna modify the killall15:46
bombastthere we go15:46
bombastHopefully it will come in handy for somebody.15:47
jaegerthe killall line is still funky15:47
bombastIt is?15:47
jaeger"killall -q dhcpcd" vs. "dhcpcd -k $IFACE"15:47
bombastoh, rofl15:47
jaegeryou can't really killall an interface :)15:47
bombast*nod* I wasn't paying attention.15:48
bombastfixed, thanks. :P15:48
jaegernow there's no space between dhcpcd and -k15:48
* jaeger ducks15:48
jaegeralso, /sbin/dhcpcd or /usr/bin/dhcpcd?15:48
* bombast head desks15:49
bombastI could've sworn dhcpcd was in /usr/bin15:49
bombast.. duh! it's in the start line.15:50
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bombastI can't believe I missed that.15:50
jaegerwe all do it sometimes15:50
bombastI got myself locked out of my house earlier today.15:50
bombastSo it doesn't surprise me.15:51
bombastYeah, I forgot to grab my house keys before I went off last night.15:51
bombastMom locked uo.15:51
pitiIIosvn st15:57
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bombastThe only Win32 app I've ever liked works perfectly in Wine.17:56
bombastI'm extremely happy about that.17:56
bombastdu -sh --exclude=/home18:23
nipuL> prt-get quickdep cups19:37
nipuLzlib libjpeg openssl libpng libtiff cups19:37
bombastgotta love crux19:37
bombastYeah, I heard about that.19:39
bombastit's basically wine at the kernel level19:40
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bombastI need a good rss reader..19:48
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bombastI like RSSOwl.20:02
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thrice`nipuL: which FS do you run on your eee, out of curiosity ?20:38
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