IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2009-05-30

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bombastYou know.02:53
bombastI'd give my left nut for a gtk theme modeled after the WhiteHart Firefox theme.02:53
spaceninjathis theme?
bombastMy mist hack kinda looks like it.03:12
spaceninjait feels like wxwidgets03:13
spaceninjabut not the same03:14
bombastI like the scrollbar for it a lot.03:14
bombastJust trying to ween myself onto another theme.03:16
spaceninjabut nothing beats the standard gtk theme, without any theming :)03:17
bombastYou're the second person I've ever met who feels that way.03:17
spaceninjahehe, well acctually I don't, I'm trying to think that way so I don't have to spend a time on theming, must finish other stuff first :)03:19
bombasti usually stick to a theme for a few years03:20
bombastso I'm trying to pick a good setup03:20
spaceninjagood strategy  :p03:20
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bombastoh noes it's sepen03:21
bombastthe only thing i dislike about my desktop atm is my Xdefaults03:24
bombastthey served me well for a long time but they seem out of place now03:24
spaceninjaI wish appearance was my biggest concern atm :p Trying to organize images without a graphical file manager is the biggest pain ever.03:29
bombasti can imagine03:29
bombastthat's why I keep ROX around03:29
spaceninjadoes it display thumbnail images by default?03:31
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bombastwell you have to enable it in preferences03:31
bombastbut its there by default03:31
bombasthey joacim03:31
spaceninjaI'll try rox then, thx03:33
spaceninjamy "morning" ends at 13.00 :)03:37
bombastI will be going to sleep soon.03:37
spaceninjawow rox is nice03:39
spaceninjabut is it a file manager of a DE?03:41
jtnlmorning sepen, and people03:42
spaceninjahm de, need to start it properly03:42
tilmanjoacim: did you email me?03:48
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: syslinux: updated to 3.8103:51
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spaceninjabombast: how do start rox, I tried adding it in .xinitrc and, but nothing happens03:55
spaceninjaor is it something I should start in a running window manager?03:56
tilmanspaceninja: you can run the rox file manager on its own, btw03:56
tilman_or_ you can run rox-session and rox-whatnot to get a DE :)03:56
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spaceninjatilman: ok, but there's only the "rox" binary, there's no rox-session03:58
spaceninjawanted to try out the de03:58
tilmanwell, i  looked at rox 8 years ago or so :D03:58
spaceninjamaybe some configure flags, I'll check03:59
tilmandoubtful though03:59
spaceninjaoh, the source tarball is called rox-filer04:01
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: fmod: updated to 4.24.0804:05
spaceninjahehe, there's probably no DE environments in opt :)04:05
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sepenspaceninja, $ pkg-desc -r opt | grep -ie 'window manager'04:07
sepenblackbox                       Fast and small window manager04:07
sepenevilwm                         The minimalist window manager04:07
sepenopenbox                        Fast, lightweight, standards-compliant window manager04:07
sepenratpoison                      Rodent-independent window manager04:07
tilmandoh, i didn't know where ratpoison got its name until now04:08
sepenI'd like to have descriptions in the new portdb-ng, tilman did you know if lucas implemented that?04:09
sepeniirc he implemented something for showing Pkgfile's and etc. also from rsync repos, that's would be a great job04:10
sepenoops, seems down04:11
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joacimtilman: yeah06:40
joacimI did mean to06:40
joacimit was the cat06:40
aonthat description isn't in anyway official, tho06:41
joacimyes, I emailed you06:41
tilmanjoacim: i'll fix the url with the next version bump06:41
joacimokay, thanks =)06:42
tilmandoes CHP sound familiar to anyone? context is floating point operations06:48
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tadzikDo I know you from somewhere? ;)14:00
Rotwangtadzik: so whats up?14:02
tadzikRotwang: gentoo currently. But my friend has switched to CRUX recently, which made me look to, read the handbook, and that's when I thought 'hmm, that's a nice distro'14:03
tadzikthe thing is, I run away from arch for it was to unstable for me, these constant fresher-than-they-should-be updates were just scary, crux looks stable-oriented and simple at the same time14:06
thrice`yep, that's its main advantage :)14:13
tadzikis prt-get good enough?14:17
tadzikI mean it can be trusted or it's just a gadget to show that we have dependencies in mind?14:17
thrice`nope, it's a complete wrapper to ports14:17
tadzikand it still compiles stuff?14:18
thrice`well, it calls the pkgmk, etc. commands, but yes14:18
thrice`"prt-get depinst prog" will compile and install all dependencies of / including "prog"14:18
tadzikI se14:19
tadzikgood, 1 more hour of downloading though14:19
thrice`you're doing a 2.5 install ?14:19
tadzikI'm downloading the iso actually14:20
thrice`if you're interrested, there is an updated 2.5 iso available, which will save some update time14:20
tadzikhell yes, is it on the main page?14:20
tadzikit is, I remember14:20
tadzikdownloading, thanks14:22
thrice`sure :)14:23
tadzikso it's usual to compile stuff and still possible to install binary... awesome14:25
tadzikseems a little BSDish though ;)14:25
Rotwangthere is no binary repositories around14:26
thrice`well, the iso will contain packages, but everything is built from source14:26
Rotwangif thats on your mind14:26
tadzikaw, this is14:27
thrice`you use binary packs on gentoo ?14:28
tadzikwell, pkgadd is to add binary packages, but there's no repos with 'em around, that's it?14:28
thrice`right, ports builds a package, and then installs it with pkgadd14:29
tadzikare there any? :>14:29
tadzikoh, I have binary openoffice and chromium14:29
bombastHello, friends.14:34
bombasthowdy, aon.14:34
tadzikhello, new friend14:34
bombastI have new glasses.14:34
tadzikwouldn't it be nice to have binary packages repo somewhere?14:35
bombastNot really.14:35
aoni got new ones last autumn too, the old ones got a bit butchered from hugging warm diesel engines etc.14:35
bombastHow would I know what it was compiled against?14:35
bombastaon: My old weres had a VERY wrong perscription thanks to a dummy doctor.14:35
tadzikbombast: you would if someone would write14:36
aonthese are the same as the old ones were.. prescribed in 2005 or something14:36
strawbombast: by downloading and using ldd on it :P14:36
bombaststraw: True enough, but for the really big packages, you can download a binary copy anyways14:37
bombastFirefox offers official binaries14:37
tadzikMy point is it's a bit of time compiling stuff like qt4 or openoffice14:37
Rotwangopenoffice is provided as binary from start14:37
aonoh man cpan is annoying14:37
bombasttadzik: Well if you REALLY need qt4 I have a package I compiled, but I didn't compile in dbus.14:37
bombastaon: Indeed.14:38
Rotwanghowewr at the moment download link is borken14:38
bombastaon: I was arguing with an Arch user about why I think it's a good thing they package CPAN modules w/ their package manager.14:38
tadzikbombast: I don't use qt, don't like it. It's just an example though14:39
bombastthe only qt app I use is Skype so I just use the statically compiled version.14:39
tadzikscrew qt, I mean generally there are things I won't be so happy to compile myself14:41
tadzikanyway, this distro looks just great to me14:43
bombastWell if you need any help don't hesitate to ask.14:43
tadzikI would :) still, I have >50 minutes more of downloading, then some time of installing and stuff, I'll probably manage to read the documentation till then :)14:45
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strawIs it possible to list all man pages from a certain section.. like 8?14:59
bombastAnyone here know how to burn a .img using cdrkit/cdrtools?15:00
bombastwhat the heck15:14
bombastall my dvd /dev/ symlinks are gone.15:14
tadzikthrice`: can you give me md5sum of that iso?15:25
thrice`tadzik: 0e5cf29f7bd7f2ae221fdda01cbf19b2  crux-2.5-updated.iso15:29
tadzikthank you15:30
thrice`sure thing :)15:31
bombastWhere is "crux-2.5-updated" located?15:34
thrice`jaeger makes them:
bombastI used that to install.15:35
tadzikanyone planning to make a port of chromium browser?15:37
bombastI can if you want one.15:37
bombastOr maybe I can't.15:38
bombastThe PKGBUILD claims it needs gconf.15:38
tadzikI'll be glad, there's bunch of symlinks to fix, as I saw in gentoo ebuild,15:38
bombasttadzik: I base a lot of my work on PKGBUILD's from Arch Linux15:38
bombastTheir system isn't clean, but it's cleaner than Gentoo..15:39
tadzikI see15:39
rehabdollfucking freeciv. here i am, on a saturday night mind you, building a glorious civilization.. and the fucker segfaults15:40
bombastrehabdoll: Mind if I ask your age?15:40
rehabdoll29, whats wrong with that?15:41
bombastOh there's nothing at all wrong with it.15:41
bombastI just get curious about people's ages.15:41
tadzikhe was worried about you swearing probably ;>15:42
aon"life is too short for civilization" :)15:42
bombastaon: It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes the village people to raise Richard Simmons. - Me15:42
bombastrehabdoll: 20 :)15:42
rehabdollthat explains your irc-energy :)15:43
tadzikalright, so where are you guys from? :)15:44
bombastI'm from the states.15:44
thrice`the US as well15:44
bombastsweden and finland are my two favorite countries.15:44
aoninteresting choice15:44
bombastI'm kind of a loser.15:44
bombastBut you already know this.15:45
rehabdolli agree with sweden. but finland is sort of a sewer15:45
tadzikmetal comes from the vikings :>15:45
bombastViking metal is awesome15:46
aoni don't really know how sweden is, but i mostly agree with that about finland :)15:46
bombastI like Finland because it's quiet and out of the way.15:46
aonyeah, it's only good if the next neighbour is at least 10km away15:46
bombastI really dislike being in the states because we're the focus of the world.15:46
bombastIt's so hectic.15:47
tadzikyay, got my iso15:49
thrice`bombast: where are you in the states ?15:49
bombastAtlanta, GA15:49
thrice`ah, ok.  i'm from Michigan15:49
bombastI wish I was further north.15:50
thrice`not here, our state is falling apart :)15:50
bombastIf I were to remain in the states.15:50
bombastI'd like to be in Seattle.15:50
tilmanyou like boeing?15:51
thrice`I've always liked the new england area.  Boston, specifically15:52
bombasttilman: We have Lokheed.15:52
aonthat's where i live for most of the year15:52
tilmani just mentioned boeing because i don't know what else is in seattle15:52
tilmanexcept grunge15:52
bombastGrunge is sadly dead.15:52
thrice`starbucks, I think15:52
bombastI miss grunge.15:53
aonyou were around at the same time as grunge? :)15:53
bombastNo, but I like it.15:53
bombastI'm just slightly too young.15:54
bombastI want to go to Gothernburg one day15:55
bombastTwo of my favorite bands came out of there.15:56
aoni'd like to live in greenland or faroe islands or so :)15:56
bombastWell, 3 actually.15:56
bombastAt the Gates, In Flames and Dark Tranquility15:56
bombastAll out of Gothenburg.15:57
thrice`my boss took a trip a couple months back to Helsinki, and he quite enjoyed it :)15:57
tilmantranquillity ffs15:57
bombastreally? I never paid attention15:57
tilmanrehabdoll: i thought you were in trollhattan or something15:57
rehabdollfuck no15:57
bombastI cannot spell apparently.15:57
aontreach is in trollhättan15:57
rehabdollthats treach or something i think15:57
tilmani thought you both were15:57
tilmanoh well15:58
aonthrice`: yeah, helsinki is on the verge of being okayish15:58
bombastaon: With all the attention Linus Torvalds has brought to it, I'd hope so.15:58
aonother finnish cities just have the disbenefit of having moderately large population density without almost any of the other benefits of living in a city15:59
aoni guess "town" is a more appropriate word15:59
aonbombast: whatever, the location wasn't crucial there16:00
tilman"all the attention"?16:00
bombasttilman: Everyone knows Linus went to University of Helsinki16:00
aoni'm just a bit depressed because it's pre-election time, it underscores the amount of asses in our society16:01
jesse_If anything is mentioned, it is the country itself, not the city when talking about Torvalds.16:01
bombastaon: Every election, big or small, does that.16:01
rehabdolli almost regret not voting for the pirate party in this eu-election16:02
bombastI must agree with Elvis Costello's "What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding?"16:02
rehabdollit would be awesome to be able to claim that vote16:02
jesse_I just adore the atmosphere come election season: plz plz plz tell us more lies we want to hear.16:02
aonours isn't registered yet, i believe16:02
aon5076 support cards collected, 5000 needed for registration16:03
rehabdollstill, they will probably claim a few seats \o/16:03
tilmanrehabdoll: are you saying you cannot vote for the pirate party for the eu parliament?16:03
rehabdollive already voted16:03
bombastI wish there more viable third parties which accepted the differences between people in society and stopped using them to divide people.16:04
bombastPeople use hot button issues to divide and conquer16:04
rehabdollthe trouble in the us seem to be the "winner take all" system you guys have16:04
* bombast nod16:04
bombastI'm not saying I'm too much, if at all better than anyone else.16:05
thrice`and it's typically who ever puts the most money into the campaign16:05
bombastI bought into the Obama stuff.16:05
bombastHis nomination for Supreme Court REALLY irks me.16:05
bombastShe is completely the opposite of what this country needs.16:05
bombastIt's a totally politically motivated move to win some friends.16:06
rehabdollthere were no daily show this week, so im not really up2date on us politics :)16:06
thrice`too true :)16:06
bombastrehabdoll: The jist is, she's an ultra conservative woman he's using to please the GOP and win some friends.16:06
bombastBasically trying to win over the Palin vote.16:07
bombastI'm embarassed that equal rights and personal rights are so controversial.16:08
bombastIt's hard being a liberal in the south.16:11
thrice`I bet :)16:11
bombastthrice`: My entire family is southern baptist.16:11
bombastScary folk.16:12
jesse_The good lord says is evil that's why this or that can't be done! Love their explanations every time the issues on who is allowed to marry and so on.16:12
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bombastI gave a speech this past semester which covered gay marriage.16:13
jesse_For crying out loud... marriage is a legal document which has nothing sacred about it.16:13
bombastIf gay marriage is against religious institutions, we need to remove marriage from the government.16:13
bombastMarriages for nobody. Civil unions for everyone.16:13
bombastAt least on a federl level.16:13
jesse_It never ceases to amuse me how convinced government and religious institutions are that they know what's best for everyone.16:14
* bombast nod16:15
jesse_Call me crazy, but that would go against a couple basic principles, oh something like the freedom to pursue happiness.16:15
tadzikalright, goind to install crux now16:15
bombasttadzik: :)16:15
tadziksee you soon :)16:15
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bombastjesse_: My feelings are, love is hard enough to find these days.16:16
bombastWhy try to hurt people who have found it?16:16
bombastIt's not that complicated to me.16:16
jesse_"i'm so miserable. I KNOW! misery for everyone!"16:16
jesse_I'm not happy therefore NONE of you deserve to be happy.16:17
bombastpretty much16:17
jesse_Gotta love the self-loathing around these days.16:17
* bombast nod16:18
bombastI had a friend when I was 15-ish16:18
bombastHis uncle came out to his friends and family16:18
bombastNot more than a week later, he was asked to not come back to the church he had been a member of for years and years.16:18
bombastI'll always remember that as being one of the more cold things I've ever wittnessed.16:19
bombastI love rtorrent.16:22
bombastJust thought I'd throw that in.16:22
aonalthough i'm all for gay marriage, i think that if you need to adhere to psychotic ravings from 2000 years ago, adhere to all of them16:22
aonso i don't get why gays must try to belong to churches16:22
bombastaon: You mean like stoning people for eating shrimp on Sunday?16:22
jesse_omg omg you worked on the sabbath, DEATH TO THE HERETIC.16:22
bombastFor real.16:23
aonyeah, something like that16:23
jesse_Metaphysical superstition ain't going anywhere from the looks of it.16:26
bombastEach generation is becoming less and less religious.16:26
aonthere are other ways to make people obey orders now :)16:27
bombastLIKE GUNS!16:27
aoni read "GNUS" at first16:28
bombastYes, aon. The GNU Emacs email reader will enslave mankind!16:28
aonit's enslaved me already16:28
bombastIf I used Emacs, I'd give it a try16:29
bombastBut mutt fits me better16:29
bombastaon: Could you provide a screenshot of your config?16:29
bombastOr are all your mailboxes confidential? ;)16:29
aonthere's not much to take screenshots of16:29
aonbut k16:30
bombastSimilar to that?16:30
bombastThat's pretty nice.16:31
thrice`don't fall for it16:31
bombastthrice`: I'm very happy with Mutt, but I love email in general.16:32
thrice`"it" being emacs.  it will suck you in too :)16:32
bombastI love Vim too much16:32
bombastI dislike how Emacs is fundamentally keystroke driven whereas Vim is more command based.16:33
aonhoho, failed a software engineering course16:33
bombastaon: Awww.16:33
aonwell, emacs can be equally command driven, it's just that it wasn't first used on teletypes so if you do all your editing by typing elisp into the eval prompt, you need to type a lot of it16:34
bombastaon: I'm not saying it's bad - I just prefer the Vim style.16:34
aoni fear that my studying will become a total disaster16:35
strawbombast: do you use your shell in vi mode?16:35
aoni have so little interest in all the handwaving that you need to do when you study cs16:35
bombaststraw: whaaa?16:35
aonbut yeah, i use vi quite a lot too16:35
strawwhat shell do you use?16:35
aonand i wrote an ed mode for emacs :)16:35
strawbombast: set -o vi (and look up man bash ;-)16:36
bombastaon: If it makes you feel any better, I like Jed.16:36
aonit doesn't16:36
aonbut that's just because people's editor choices don't make me feel like anything anyway16:36
bombastI use Vim and love it, but I vastly respect and admire Emacs.16:38
aoni like nvi, but use vim usually on linux just because of laziness16:39
aoni don't know how to use split buffers in vim16:39
aonin nvi it's easy, just :Edit and cycle with ctrl+w16:39
bombastI use gvim most of the time.16:40
aonthe thing i like about gnus is that it does what i want with fairly little config16:56
aonachieving the same with mutt seems to require thousands of programs and lines of config :)16:56
bombastaon: I understand that dislike completely.16:56
bombastIt's why I avoided mutt for a long time.16:57
jesse_mutt takes it's time in getting it configured to do what you want.16:57
bombastBut once you do, you're set for years and years.16:57
jesse_I've used it for many years and yet I do not completely feel I have mastered it. :p16:58
aoni.e. use imap (two accounts) and split mail on-line16:58
aonthat seems to require all sorts of stupid third-party sw that i don't want16:58
bombastI only have 1 email account.16:58
jesse_What took the most time for me to get working more or less nicely was multiple accounts.16:59
aonthe other one has a few aliases, too16:59
aonand i need to have folder hooks to switch the sender address accordingly16:59
tilmanfolder hooks ftw16:59
jesse_folder hooks are what I use to achieve some multi account functionality.17:00
tilmanjesse_: same17:00
aonbut they seem to get somewhat complicated when you switch around between folders and accounts17:00
tilmani've got a couple of aliases... like, blah@xmms.org17:00
jesse_For each account I have created a file which the folder hook sources when it's opened.17:00
aonalways fails at some point :)17:00
tilmanwhich i activate using folder hooks and sender hooks or something17:00
aoni have @sral.fi17:01
jesse_At one point I also had both folder and sender hooks, it got messy and I eventually found a way to configure everything through folder hooks.17:02
tilmanactually i lied17:03
tilmansend-hook and reply-hook is what i use to set my from-headers ;)17:03
tilman<3 <3 <317:03
jesse_mutt's flexible in these matters. Whatever works for you. ;)17:04
tilmanhaving access to a mail server that lets you send mails From: whoever is nice, too17:04
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tadziktruly the worst experience I've ever had17:51
tadzikwhy does hda1 look SO similar to hda3?17:52
thrice`ugh oh17:52
tadzikright, :(17:52
tilmantadzik: did you lose important porn^Wdata?17:52
tadziktilman: no, pron is on /home17:52
tadzikbut I accidentally the whole gentoo /17:53
thrice`i don't the problem17:53
tadzikscrew it, no time for crying, can I ask for help with lilo/kernel?17:53
bombastoh that's all?17:53
tilman"fill in the gaps" ;)17:53
bombastI thought you lost something important.17:54
tadzikbombast: yeah, nginx config :>17:54
tilmantadzik: sure, just ask17:54
tadziktilman: Kernel panic, unable to mount vfs on block(3,1) blablabla17:54
bombastDid you compile in your fs?17:54
jesse_Backups are nice to have. ;)17:54
bombast(ext3, ext4, etc?)17:54
tadzikit's the first time I use lilo, and there's almost defalut config17:54
tadzikbombast: ext3, yeah17:54
bombastDid you compile it in or as a module?17:55
bombastThat wasn't a yes/no question.17:55
thrice`and your harddrive controller ?17:55
tadzikthat's the question17:55
tadzikbombast: I mean it's in the kernel17:55
bombast;) okie17:55
tadziknot as module17:55
tadzikawright, will paste lilo.conf somewhere...17:55
bombastNow I default to thrice`'s question.17:55
tilmanit's probably not lilo but the kernel17:56
tilmantadzik: the new system's root is /dev/hda3?17:56
tadziktilman: should have been...17:56
tilman(-> "mount vfs on block(3,1)")17:56
tadzik3,1 is empty17:56
tadzikif 3,1==hda317:56
bombastI don't use grub so I'll have to fade into the background on this one.17:57
bombaster, lilo17:57
tadzikthere's / on hda1 and /home on hda2, thanks FSM hda2 is untouched by my stupidity17:57
bombastI *do* use grub..17:57
tadzikI did ;)17:57
tadzikalright, kernel17:57
tadzikand disk drivers probably17:57
tadzik lilo.conf anyways17:58
tadzikalmost unchanged17:58
tilmanbut but17:58
tilman(00:56) <@   tilman> tadzik: the new system's root is /dev/hda3?17:58
tilman(00:56) <    tadzik> tilman: should have been...17:58
tadzikfor I prepared hda3 for crux but installed it on my gentoo on hda1 ;)17:59
tadzikno turning back, another funny experience ahead17:59
tilmani misunderstood17:59
tadzikalright, kernel17:59
tadzik<*> ATA/ATAPI/MFM/RLL support  --->  compiled in17:59
tilmanwhy does it bitch about block(3,1) then?17:59
tilmantadzik: check the IDE drivers18:00
tadzik< >   Include IDE/ATAPI TAPE support - guess the TAPE is not the thing, huh?18:00
tadzik<*>   generic/default IDE chipset support - methinks that was missing18:01
tilmantadzik: that one's just for those chipsets without specific drivers18:01
tilmanwhat chipset do you use anyway?18:01
tadzikha, that's a good question18:02
tadziklspci is probably not gonna tell me anyway18:02
tilmanwhy not?18:02
tadzikis it PCI, the ata stuff?18:02
tadzikoh, it is :>18:02
tadzikat least lspci shows:18:03
tilmanseems you know less about hardware than i do ;D18:03
tadzik00:1f.1 IDE interface: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) IDE Controller (rev 01)18:03
tadziktilman: almost nothing :>18:03
tilmantadzik: scroll down, there's an entry for ICH in the config18:03
tilmani think ;>18:04
thrice`yep :)  intel18:04
tadzik<*> ATA/ATAPI/MFM/RLL support  ---> ?18:05
tadzik< >   Intel PIIX/ICH chipsets support gotcha18:05
tadzikguess I'm done18:05
tadzikat least I hope so18:05
tadzikwell, great start in new distro ;)18:06
tilmanthis is why they say that crux doesn't hold your hand18:06
tadzikwell, not worse than when I accidentally created new ext3 on my old /home, about a year ago18:06
tadzikgood, new experiences ahead18:07
tadzikawright, will brb, maybe18:07
tadzikthanks for help18:07
*** tadzik has left #crux18:07
tilmanthough once you've figured out what kernel config you need for your hardware and how to treat the bootloader,the rest is managable :P18:07
thrice`just an installation test for the "experienced users" part ;)18:07
jesse_Besides, crux does not really even work properly. ;)18:11
jesse_It's probably some prank which has not died down just yet. :D18:12
*** tadzik has joined #crux18:19
tadzikuh, no mcabber in ports?18:20
strawDo you guys think that taking the LPI exams has any advantage if I'm studying CS anyway and don't really plan to work as an admin later? I mean.. it's one of the few certs I can pay and thought I could try to get LPIC-3 until I finish studies.. please discuss! :p18:20
straw(finishing studies == >4 years)18:21
thrice`no clue here, I don't work with anything CS / IT related :(18:23
tadzikno clue, not studying yet18:23
strawah, I see :)18:24
tilmanstraw: i think in r&d those exams aren't important at all18:24
tadzikis the crux xorg alredy this hal-related stuff, evdev and so?18:25
strawthat's what I'm thinking too to be honest, hmm18:25
tadzikstraw: why dontcha wanna be an admin?18:25
tadzikgreat job, trust me :>18:25
tadzikdoing nothing is amazing18:26
thrice`tadzik: not by default.  if you want it with hal, you can install hal, and then rebuild xorg-server18:26
tilmanbut of course you can use evdev anyway18:26
strawtadzik: I would not have to study for being an admin18:26
tilmanyou just don't get hotplugging my default18:26
tadzikthrice`, tilman, I mainly want to get it working :> and Xorg -configure made not-working config18:27
thrice`tadzik: well, it probably worked, but you need to add a line to it18:27
tilmanxorg should work without xorg.conf anyway18:28
strawfor HAL users ;p18:28
thrice`Option   "AllowEmptyInput"  "false"18:28
tilmanstraw: no, for non-hal users, too18:28
tilmanstraw: i don't use hal, and it works on both my desktop and my laptop18:28
tadzikI don't have hal yet18:29
tadzikit's a plain installation, with irssi and elinks ;)18:29
strawI wonder how that works now18:29
tadzikso I must add this Option, yes?18:29
thrice`tadzik: try adding that line I pasted to your xorg.conf18:29
thrice`under Section "ServerFlags"18:30
tadzikI'll have to create that18:30
thrice`Section "ServerFlags" Option"AllowEmptyInput" "false"18:30
thrice`oops, sorry18:30
tadzikwell, blank screen18:31
tadzikI'll see the log18:31
thrice`you did an have "exec /usr/bin/openbox" in your ~/.xinitrc  ?18:32
straw(also add -> Option "DontZap" "Off" <- unter "ServerFlags" too if you're already at it anyway.. so you can use Ctrl+Alt+Backspace for killing the X-Server)18:32
tadzikthrice`: nah, I was trying X -config /root/xorg.conf.new18:32
tadzikI'll try with xinitrc18:32
thrice`X -configure ?18:33
thrice`oh, I see what you were trying18:33
tadzikXorg -configure18:33
tadzikstrange thing, openbox works :>18:33
tadzikbrb, going to X's18:33
*** tadzik has quit IRC18:33
bombastHe probably didn't install twm18:33
*** tadzik has joined #crux18:39
tadzikhow do I run command in openbox? :)18:39
bombasttype it in the terminal ;p18:40
tadzikthat's it ;>18:40
tadzikI installed rxvt-unicode but running it from menu doesn't start it18:41
thrice`can you run it from xterm ?18:41
tadzikxterm doesn't work either18:41
tadzikgee, openbox sucks! :(18:42
tadzikwhere is dwm...18:42
* bombast cringe18:42
bombastdid you install xterm?18:42
tadzikit's installed18:43
bombastwell the default Openbox3 menu is set to execute the "xterm" binary18:43
bombastso if it isn't launching it18:43
tadzikI can run xterm from tty1, it says sth about display, but it exists18:44
bombastYou might want to see what it's saying.18:44
bombastIt'll probably tell you why it's not loading.18:44
tadzikxterm xt error, can't open display: %s18:45
tadzikusual for running it from console18:45
thrice`can you run firefox ?18:45
tadzikbut why doesn't openbox launch it?18:45
tadzikyup, it's running18:45
bombastIt can't be Openbox.18:46
bombastAt least not a bug.18:46
bombastI'm running ob3 and I know tilman is as well.18:46
bombastMy xterm loads fine.18:46
bombasturxvt too18:47
bombastI'm actually in a urxvt session atm.18:47
tadzikI see18:47
thrice`very :|  I have a custom menu which calls urxvt just fine too18:48
bombastWatching this Shuttleworth talk from 2006, what a megalomaniac.18:49
bombastHe essentially says, "We want to be Linux and make sure everyone follows our way and nothing else."18:49
bombastI'm sure the fact Crux exists makes his blood boil.18:50
thrice`slowly but surely :)18:50
tadzikhow can I add contrib to my ports?18:51
tadzikhttpup stuff, I know18:51
tilmancheck the faq18:51
bombasttadzik: uncomment contrib from /etc/ports.conf18:51
thrice`tadzik: I would try loading xterm, and then check tty1 for the error18:51
bombastWhere's that file..18:51
tadzikI see18:51
tadzikbombast: I found out18:52
tadzikthere's that contrib.rsync.inactive18:52
bombastYeah, I was thinking about prt-get18:52
bombastDebian is also really bad about being megalomaniacs.18:53
bombastWith all their shitty forks and imposing views on software.18:53
* straw uses Debian too18:53
bombastI'm sorry.18:54
tadzikprt-get does not see contrib, weird18:54
bombasttadzik: Un-comment it from prt-get.conf18:54
strawbombast: no offence taken ;p18:54
tadzikah, gotcha18:54
bombaststraw: No, I'm sorry you have to use it.18:54
tadzikI'll have to learn this18:54
strawbombast: that's a quite radical view18:55
tilmantadzik: did you "mv /etc/ports/contrib.rsync.inactive /etc/ports/contrib.rsync"18:55
bombaststraw: It's an equal but opposite view from them.18:55
tadziktilman: yup18:55
tadzikI gotit working now18:55
tilmanstraw: fyi, he's got a history of being a raving lunatic.18:55
tadzikanyway: urxvt: cannot initialize pseudo-tty, aborting.18:56
tilmanmissing devpts support in the kernel?18:56
bombastYeah. Sounds that way.18:56
tadzikxterm: Error 32, errno 2: No such file or directory18:56
tadzikhm, will take a loo18:56
tadziknever heard of it18:56
bombastdevpts                 /dev/pts  devpts    defaults               0      018:56
bombastfor your fstab18:56
thrice`likely kernel :)18:57
bombastYeah, I was saying in addition to.18:57
tadzikwhere is this devpts in kernel?18:57
tilmantadzik: type /18:57
tilman-> search dialog18:57
tadzikI've alredy searched for devpts, nuthin found18:58
tadzikoh, there is DEVPTS_MULTIPLE_INSTANCES18:58
tadzikthat's it?18:59
thrice`mm, I don't think so18:59
tadzikmaybe this fstab stuff18:59
tadzikbut if it's fstab stuff I should be able to mount it now19:00
tilmanUNIX98_PTYS maybe19:01
thrice`I dont' have that DEVPTS_MULTIPLE_INSTANCES, anyway19:01
tadzikit's enabled19:01
tadziktilman: ^19:01
thrice`did you add a comment / delete the devpts line in fstab ?19:02
dolanhmm i guess theres no port for my card. Geforce FX520019:02
tadzikthrice`: possibly, I don't have it in fstab19:03
*** tadzik has quit IRC19:03
*** tadzik has joined #crux19:06
thrice`dolan: xorg-xf86-video-nv :)19:06
thrice`if it wasn't in your fstab, that's definitely it :)19:06
bombastdolan: that card is covered by legacy19:06
bombastI know, I had that card.19:07
dolanbombast, latest driver for specific card is 173.14.13 whilst legacy is 71.86.0619:08
dolanfrom experience i would also say legacy drivers wont be compatible with latest kernel :(19:09
bombastWhy wouldn't it be?19:09
bombastWorked for me.19:09
thrice`should be indeed19:09
dolanbombast, works fine. but do not compile with current kernel19:09
bombastSure it does.19:10
bombastI used it earlier this month..19:10
dolanbombast, the 71xx version ?19:10
bombastI just got this machine with a newer card a couple weeks ago.19:11
bombastI was using the FX5200 until then19:11
bombastls /usr/src ?19:14
bombastoh wait19:15
bombast+ SYSSRC=/usr/src/linux-2.6.29-rc719:15
bombastWhy are you using an rc kernel?19:15
dolanim working on a device driver19:15
dolanmakes sense to use the latest kernel19:15
dolanpulling from linus git repo19:15
thrice`er, 2.6.29 is already out though O.o19:16
dolanyea havent run a update in a while19:16
dolanjust got net :)19:16
dolanbtw nvidia suggests Version: 173.14.18 for this card19:16
bombastthe driver for the 5 series is not in the main driver19:17
bombastit only supports 6 and up AFAIK19:17
dolanwell 173.14.18 isnt the main brunch19:18
bombastlet me check something19:19
dolancurrent i am using #173.14.1219:19
bombastI see what you're saying.19:19
dolanwhich works okay19:19
dolanbombast, yah19:19
bombastbasically, the nvidia-legacy ports blow19:20
dolanbombast, hehe19:20
bombastI'll work on that later19:20
dolanbombast, thanks19:20
bombastI'll port over the Arch version from scratch and upload it to my server19:20
bombastWould you test it for me?19:20
bombastI'll make every attempt to not blow up your machine :)19:20
dolanbombast, sure19:22
bombastI'm doing some work on a laptop for a client, but after I should be able to figure out why the port sucks so badly.19:23
*** tadzik has quit IRC19:27
dolanbombast, bbl19:39
thrice`go watch hockey! :)19:40
bombastThe OSNews crowd makes me want to yack.19:57
bombastThis editor is on some huge rant about how developers develop their software for developers and how awful it is.19:58
thrice`yeah, osnews is kinda junk19:58
bombastAll they do is whine about how much developers suck.19:59
bombastBecause they won't change everything about every Linux system.19:59
nipuLosnews used to be decent19:59
bombastUntil that man troll Eugene started flaming everyone20:00
bombastI refuse to accept the story that he is a woman.20:00
nipuLback when they had actual news, rather than opinion based articles20:00
thrice`so true :)20:00
bombastAll their articles are flamebait.20:01
bombastAsk OSNews: Why Do We Hold on to the FHS?20:01
bombast*Cue rant about how you use Linux, but hate everything it was designed for*20:01
bombastI hate to sound like an elitist.20:02
bombastBut Linux was designed and concieved to be a free Unix20:02
bombastNot a windows alternative20:02
bombastIf you want to make a fancy GNOME distro with a million autoconfig scripts.20:03
bombastThat's awesome.20:03
bombastMore power to you and I hope you go far.20:03
bombastBut don't push changes on everyone else.20:03
thrice`I think it can be both20:04
bombastI do too.20:04
bombastThat's why I summed it up at the end.20:04
bombastI wish Ubuntu and their efforts and the like nothing but the best.20:04
thrice`sorry, just saw that :)20:04
bombastIt's the attitutde of people who think the very existence of minimalist distros as a bad idea that grind my gears.20:05
bombastThat's the overall attitutde of people on OSNews.20:06
thrice`thankfully there are still a few around20:07
bombastHonestly, after seeing how crazy some of those people are. I finally understand why Theo da Raadt is so crazy.20:07
bombastEr, de*20:07
bombastAnd thankfully Linux isn't the only Unix clone out there.20:09
bombastGotta love open source.20:09
thrice`i've never ventured beyond linux, sadly :(20:10
bombastI used FreeBSD on my desktop for a while.20:10
thrice`nope :|  started with slackware, and moved to crux a couple years later (actually, once I learned how to compile a kernel, finally ;)20:10
bombastAs long as the kernel doesn't drastically change I'll stick with Crux for a very very long time.20:11
*** lennart has quit IRC20:12
thrice`I dislike how the "build-up" distros seem to be fading.20:12
bombastI dislike googling a problem and ONLY getting Ubuntu results.20:12
thrice`arch kinda sucks, and gentoo seems like it might implode at some point ;)20:12
bombastthrice`: IMHO Gentoo's second wind is about to come.20:12
bombastNot that I like gentoo20:12
bombastthrice`: The original developer of gentoo came back and forked gentoo, and there's a C++ fork of Portage.20:13
bombastAs much as I dislike gentoo.20:13
bombastI really want it to succeed.20:13
bombastAnd get more users.20:13
thrice`hopefully :)  it's a good distro.  I just hate how complex their portage crap is20:13
thrice`well, compared to our ports, i guess :)20:14
bombastLunar Linux still has a mild user base.20:14
joacimI dont think I like lunars build scripts20:14
bombastI don't like any but Crux's.20:14
bombastBut I still want them to succeed.20:15
joacimI like the Pkgfiles, but I dont really like the rest :p20:15
bombastI can't think of anything I dislike.20:15
bombastOh! And Linux From Scratch.20:15
bombastYou cannot underestimate that community.20:15
bombastI like things as simple as humanly possible without being cumbersome.20:18
bombastWhich is exactly why I don't use LFS20:18
joacimbeen wanting to try out netbsd for a while20:19
joacimbtu im being held back by my LVM :/20:19
bombastI like FreeBSD20:19
bombastI think FreeBSD is only BSD I could use on my desktop.20:20
*** roliveira has joined #crux20:22
*** roliveira has quit IRC20:22
joacimI liked gentoo, then I liked crux, now I dont like anything20:25
bombastGentoo was just overly complex for me.20:25
bombastIt felt like too much.20:25
joacimyeah. and all those silly use flags started to piss me off20:26
bombastI think I had over 200 at one point.20:26
joacimI never bothered to wc my package.use :p20:27
thrice`I tried gentoo, but hating not being able to understand ebuilds without reading hundreds of pages of docs20:28
bombastYeah, ebuilds were WAY too complex for me to bother with.20:28
thrice`I don't like running distros to which I can't create packages, I guess20:30
jaegerI like gentoo pretty well, just like Crux more20:40
jaegerstill got a bunch of gentoo servers at work since my predecessor liked it so much20:41
thrice`i've never liked the large gap between stable and unstable with gentoo.  you almost have to run ~arch on a desktop to have recent stuff20:43
jaegerI always do run ~arch on desktops, kinda seemed like debian stable vs. something newer to me20:44
bombastI'll give gentoo a try when it's not so messy20:44
bombastbut atm20:45
bombastportage is icky20:45
bombastpaludis is a pretty good drop in replacement20:45
bombastbut the core developers are butthurt over it20:45
bombastAny time it is brought up on the forums the discussion goes to "I JUST DON'T GET THE POINT. *LOCKED*"20:46
bombastI read the gentoo and arch forums to stay on the pulse, and I get a lot of lulz as a result.20:47
joacim~arch have too many changes in use-flags and tiny little revision updates of ebuilds that forces a rebuild of that package20:50
thrice`yep, lots of compiling running ~arch20:50
joacimI dont like rebuilding stuff because the developers forgot a few use-flags20:51
thrice`or found a new "zomg-speed.patch" :)20:51
bombastit's hilarious, if you notice in gentoo glibc depends on portage20:52
spaceninjawoho, anyone here? :D21:12
bombastYo :)21:13
spaceninjalol I'm wasted21:13
bombastNothing like being on a Linux IRC channel drunk!21:13
spaceninjabombast: how long have you been using crux? :)21:14
spaceninjaI wondered that earlier today :p21:14
bombastspaceninja: Consecutively or when did I start using it?21:14
spaceninjaboth :)21:15
bombastI start back in like21:15
jaegergrrr... windows media player and the playstation 3 are conspiring to piss me off21:15
bombastBut my PC died back then21:15
bombastand I bought a Mac21:15
spaceninjaI have never used a mac since21:16
spaceninjawait, I'll find the picture of the ocmputer21:16
bombastI sold it eventually21:16
bombastMissed the PC world.21:16
bombastUsed a shitty PC for a while since I was poor.21:17
spaceninjabut that doesn't look like the mac os21:17
bombastNow I have a new computer.21:17
spaceninjahehe I'm poor now21:17
spaceninjabut I'm doing some jobs now21:17
spaceninjamy main goal in life is to get rich, so I can sponsor crux21:17
spaceninjaone of my goals21:17
spaceninjaomg I shouldn't be talking, lol what a night21:18
spaceninjabombast: do you live in sweden?21:19
bombastI live in the US21:19
spaceninjaoh cool, I'm planning on visit the US next summer21:20
spaceninjanew york, but I know there's more21:20
bombastthe US sucks21:20
bombasti don't recommend it21:20
spaceninjawell, I need that perspective21:20
spaceninjano pleaseure trips21:20
spaceninjajust experiences21:21
spaceninjawhat's bad about the US?21:22
* spaceninja makes a mess over here, lol I can't eat my wierd sandwich properly21:23
bombastI wish dolan was here21:23
bombastI got nvidia-legacy-71xx working21:23
bombastw/ 173.14.1821:23
spaceninjabut I thought you had a new computer21:23
spaceninjayou need legacy drivers for it?21:24
bombastI fixed it for him.21:24
bombastNot me.21:24
bombastFigured I'd be nice.21:24
*** Dudde has quit IRC21:24
*** __mavrick61 has quit IRC21:24
spaceninjayes, it's nice when you can help someone out21:24
joacimI gave up on being nice ages ago21:24
bombastAll I had to do was update the version number, remove an outdated patch and a couple minor tweaks.21:25
*** __mavrick61 has joined #crux21:25
bombastI'll put it on my server and wait for him.21:25
*** Dudde has joined #crux21:25
spaceninjatimee for some anime, maybe neon genesis evaneliion'21:27
spaceninjai forgot to paste the mac link21:29
spaceninjaI remeber I played a oil pipe game on that21:30
spaceninjabut it looks like that one has a modern os21:31
bombast(22:17) < spaceninj>
bombastYou pasted it.21:31
spaceninjadamn, I just dropped my hamburger on the floor21:32
* spaceninja gets wierd looks from his cat21:33
bombastDrunk people are funny.21:33
*** aee_ has joined #crux21:34
bombasthey aee_21:34
*** aee has quit IRC21:49

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