IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2009-05-31

bombastports -d just randomly broke00:04
bombastjanus jlimon # ports -d00:04
bombastPkgfile: line 56: warning: here-document at line 27 delimited by end-of-file (wanted `EOF')00:04
bombastPkgfile: line 57: syntax error: unexpected end of file00:05
bombastAny way to find out WHICH Pkgfile it is?00:05
nipuLwhat have you tried?00:10
bombastI just tried re syncing00:11
bombastGetting rsync errors now.00:11
bombastGonna refresh my entire ports collection.00:11
bombastnipuL: Not sure of any ways to make ports commands more verbose.00:13
dolanbombast, ping00:21
bombastdolan: pong, man00:21
bombastdolan: I got your port ready for you00:21
dolancool :D00:22
bombastyeah, it compiles and packages for me00:22
bombasti just obviously can't install it00:22
bombastgotta mount my nfs share right quick00:22
dolanbombast, thanks alot. will get to it soon. busy with a programming project atm00:29
bombastnp, just let me know how it works for you.00:29
dolanokay. also perhaps try get that pushed into the contrib repo :)00:30
bombastperhaps ;)00:30
bombastI might need to update the other legacy port00:31
bombastOh wow.00:43
bombastI just narrowed down the problem to MY local repo.00:43
* bombast lowers his head in shame00:43
bombastAh I think I found the offending pkgfile00:53
bombastSure did.00:53
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* spaceninja got the biggest headache ever03:34
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thrice`hurray, new crux mirror :)10:56
bombaster, woo11:16
bombastif you type in "qemu" to google11:16
bombastthe first auto complete is "qemu crux"11:17
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thrice`hi ulughbegh12:07
bombastHaving 2 optical drives really screws with udev's sysmlinks12:08
thrice`the symlinks should work, they are just inconsistant ?12:11
bombastlike cdrom goes to sr1 and there's no cdrom112:11
bombasti think i might disable them12:13
bombast/dev/sr0 and sr1 are fine w/ me12:14
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bombasthey sepen14:21
thrice`Rotwang: if/when you update openoffice, any chance you can add the README again ?  At least that xprop command is very useful to get GTK widgets working14:32
Rotwangyes yes14:33
Rotwangi shall14:33
* bombast yawns14:34
Rotwangbut i need like free day to move my ass and update all my ports ;]14:34
thrice`sure, just a request ;)14:34
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thrice`rehabdoll: btw, I think nspr in opt64 has a broken source URL18:09
thrice`a 4.7.1 hardcoded, and needs bumping to 4.7.4 :>18:10
bombastIs it impolite to email a maintainer to let them know they should update a port?18:15
bombastI have Pkgfiles for them to use >.>18:16
treachno, not if you drop the "should".18:16
treachask, don't order.18:16
bombastYou know what I meant. :P18:16
bombastatm qt4, qemu and pidgin are newer than what's in the repo on my system.18:17
treachsure, but it's annoying when people makes demands.18:17
bombastoh wait18:17
bombastpidgin is contrib18:17
bombastbut qt4 and qemu are a version or so behind18:17
bombastalso, i wish dolan was around18:17
bombasthe never stuck around to let me know how my port worked for him18:18
thrice`jdolan_: ^^18:18
treachthat "jdolan_" character?18:18
thrice`you can also poke people on irc about ports18:18
bombasthe was just using dolan the other day18:18
treachmmh, might be another dolan, maybe18:18
treachdidn't we have another jdolan_ here a while ago on a brief visit?18:19
treachcaused quite a bit of confusion iirc.18:19
jaegerI believe dolan was james, jdolan was jay, no?18:20
thrice`eek, confusing indeed :)18:20
bombastI updated nvidia-legacy-17xx for him18:21
bombastand I can't even install it since my card is too new18:21
bombastjust build it18:21
thrice`what's really helpful is if, in your mail, you attach a diff of the Pkgfile :)18:21
treachprovided that more changes are needed than just a version bump. :p18:22
bombastMost of the time it's just changing the version number and deleting .m5sum and .footprint18:22
bombastthat's why i love crux18:23
bombastit's so easy to pretend you're contributing18:23
thrice`heh, too true :)18:23
treachheh, well, all it takes is putting your ports online. if someone uses them, you're contributing. :>18:24
bombasti don't keep a repo online because I'm on a DSL line18:24
bombastbut I do keep my ports online18:24
bombastjust not.. rsync able18:24
treachor you can spend time on irc answering the same questions over and over. :>18:24
bombastI actually enjoy doing that for the most part18:24
treachbombast: all you need is some webspace.18:24
bombasttreach: yes but my webspace is the server in my room18:25
bombastand it's on my crappy dsl line18:25
treachit's not like keeping a fedora mirror..18:25
bombasti don't want people to "need" a port from me and my download habits are blocking them out18:25
treachit's just a few textfiles18:25
treachbandwitdh need would probably be negligeable.18:26
bombastmaybe i'll give it a try18:26
rehabdollthrice`: thanks18:26
thrice`sure :)18:28
bombastJust sent a friendly email to jw18:28
treach@seen cptn18:28
clbtreach: cptn was last seen in #crux 10 weeks, 5 days, 3 hours, 47 minutes, and 18 seconds ago: <cptn> it downloads a single port18:28
bombastI remember him.18:29
treachthat's jw18:29
bombastHe hasn't been here in a while>?18:29
bombastDo you know who Lucas Hazel is?18:30
treachyep :>18:30
bombastCould you tell me?18:30
bombastnipuL: qemu got an update ;)18:30
bombasttreach: Thanks.18:31
bombastYou just saved me an email!18:31
treachwhee, the rainforest are safe.18:31
thrice`yeah, I think cptn has been busy.  though he recently commented on a few bugs, so perhaps not18:33
bombastmaybe he'll get my email18:34
treachjust submerged atm, maybe. damn swiss navy and their subs. :>18:34
bombastit's only a minor version so it's not a huge deal18:35
thrice`I think there is a patch on flyspray to integrate too18:35
thrice`regarding qt418:35
treachused to kill bugs, you know.18:36
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thrice`btw, instead of "rm -rf .footprint .md5sum", it's typically good to "pkgmk -d -um" and "pkgmk -uf" afterwards18:42
thrice`in case some new stuff sneaks in, the footprint diff helps18:42
bombastthanks for the tip!18:43
thrice`but, of course, either way works ;)18:44
treachalso, -r is overkill for a file, and -f is evil ;)18:44
* treach wonders if rm -rf .* produces unexpected results in bash.18:45
thrice`try it :)18:45
thrice`from /usr or so18:45
bombastno thanks!18:45
treachthrice`: I might, but I'll have to set up a vm first. :p18:45
bombastjust compiled a new kernel but ain't gonna boot it for a while18:46
thrice`I'd be curious, actually :)18:46
thrice`bash4, too, of course ;)18:50
jdolan_there's another dolan lurking around these parts?18:51
bombastjdolan_: unless i updated nvidia-legacy for you18:52
treachjdolan, as jaeger said before, we had a *james* dolan blundering in here a while ago, made us all wonder if you'd gone bonkers. :P18:53
thrice`hurray, patched out tuz finally for the crux penguin19:13
jdolan_haha :)19:14
jdolan_bombast, no it wasn't me.  i was a maintainer like 4 years ago.19:16
jdolan_even had jaeger, cptn, and pli come visit me for a week for CruxCon2005.19:16
thrice`I was in Boston for the first time last year - quite beautiful :)19:16
jdolan_oh nice :)19:16
jdolan_it's one of my favorite US cities.19:17
thrice`actually, our trip was the night the celtics won the championship19:17
thrice`so it was quite chaotic :)19:17
jdolan_oh god, yea it was a mess that night, heh.19:17
thrice`yeah, quite the coincidence.  lots of fun, though19:18
thrice`we knew someone local who gave us the tour.  quite fun19:18
jdolan_awesome.  where's home for you?19:18
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jdolan_heading home, bbl.19:31
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bombastqemu has serious memory management issues..20:55
nipuLit's kqemu21:21
nipuLis it leaking then not freeing memory?21:21
bombastwell, it's mainly the fact it doesn't free it back up21:21
nipuLyep, kqemu21:22
bombastyeah - i decided to just remove it21:22
nipuLjust need to get yourself a virtualisation enabled cpu21:22
bombastMy CPU is one version too old *sigh*21:23
nipuLqemu supports kernel kvm21:23
bombasti know21:23
nipuLall i have is 939 amd64s21:23
bombastI have a Core 2 Duo Wolfdale21:23
bombastpissed me off when i found out it didn't support kvm21:23
nipuLi jumped on the 64bit bandwagon a bit too soon21:23
bombastwell i run my cpu in 32bit mode21:24
nipuLi run 64bit with multilib support21:24
bombastif i switch to 64bit in the life of this computer21:25
bombastit'll be pure 64bit21:25
bombasti don't have time to play the multilib game21:25
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nipuLi use it for wine21:25
jaegerIt would have to be multilib for me, I still use wine a lot21:25
bombastAs do I,21:26
bombastOne of the reasons I just said fuck it and stuck with 32bit + PAE21:26
thrice`i've actually never used wine on linux21:26
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nipuLas soon as they port lt spice to linux i won't need it any more either21:27
jaegersome other unix?21:27
nipuLi've tried using the geda tools, but nothing comes close to LT21:27
joacimI used wine to play EVE Online, Mountain of Faith and Starcraft21:28
jaegerI've been wanting to convert a 32-bit system to multilib 64-bit to actually learn and understand how to build multilib 6421:28
jaegereither go from 32 to pure64 or pure64 to multilib21:28
jaegerI guess 32 to pure64 isn't all that interesting21:28
joacimEVE Online required too much work to get working in wine, and i dont play mountain of faith or starcraft often, so I dropped wine completely from my system21:29
jaegerI used to play EVE Online with cedega, worked without any effort... but never tried it in vanilla wine21:29
joacimeve had official linux support through cedega for a while21:31
joacimsupport for linux*21:31
jaegerI read about that but never tried it their way21:31
jaegerit was a bundled thing21:31
joacim+ it didnt support premium21:32
jaegerah, never knew that21:32
nipuLi ditched cedega when the games i played started running better on wine21:33
thrice`  looks kinda neat, on the qemu subject21:33
nipuLdx9 support is much better in wine21:33
nipuLthat's kinda cool21:34
jaegerI ran kvm on a box at work for a while... It was mostly decent, though we decided in the end to replace it with VMWare ESXi21:34
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nipuLhopefully the rh devs will keep pumping money into their kvm work21:35
jaegernipuL: that's why I stopped paying for cedega, too21:35
nipuLnever payed with kvm, but from what i've read it's good, but not great21:35
jaegerIt works well, technically, but there's no good interface to it that I've been able to find21:36
jaegervirsh and virt-manager both have some drawbacks21:36
nipuLfirst thing i'm buying when i get a job is a new pc so i can experiment with all that stuff21:37
nipuLfscking uni :[21:37
jaegerkvm does have a huge advantage over ESXi in that you don't have to dedicate the box to it21:37
thrice`yeah, university isn't great at building money :)  it's quite expensive these days21:39
thrice`I think tuition for me went up at least 7% every year.  eventually it's gotta give21:39
nipuLuni is essentialy free here21:39
thrice`damn.  on average, $15K - $20K is common for a single year here21:40
nipuLyou just pay back a small percentage in your tax each, interest free21:40
joacimI paid 4000 NOK this semester21:41
joacim(about 630 USD)21:41
nipuLfull time?21:41
thrice`my figure included housing and books, though21:42
nipuLof course it's going to be expensive if you include accomodation21:42
joacim500 NOK for administration fees and 3500 NOK for books21:42
joacimyou have to find your own food and place to live =)21:43
nipuLmy out of pocket expenses this semester was $160 for 2 books21:43
nipuLyay, all my media is finally backed up21:45
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bombastI just discovered two things.22:09
bombastMy compact flash card is 4GB (forgot, I thought it was 2)22:09
bombastAnd I can boot from it thanks to my BIOS22:09
bombastIm thinking about doing a crux64 install onto it22:09
bombastI figure it'd be a fun experiment22:12
bombastIs there a way to run the setup script without booting the CD?22:15
bombastHm, no - I can't do that anyways if I'm installing a 64bit OS.22:16
bombastSince I'm in a 32bit system ATM.22:16
thrice`pkgadd has a root flag22:16
bombastBut I'd have to boot into the CD anyways to do the install since my crux isntall is 32bit22:17
bombastthrice`: Got the link for rehabdoll's isos?22:17
bombastthanks man22:17
bombastMy current full blown Crux install only uses 3gb22:20
bombastso this could be fun22:20
nipuLwhy would you need to boot the cd?22:30
nipuLjust pkgadd -r and copy the boot cd kernel and modules across22:31
bombastnipuL: hm22:32
bombastbecause im an idiot, apparently.22:33
bombastrehabdoll: you around, sir23:04
bombastmorning aon23:36
bombastim booting crux64 from my cf card23:44
bombastand it failed23:44
bombasti know why too23:46
bombastthis is pretty fun23:47
bombastkernel #223:55

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