IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2009-06-02

jaegeroh snap, cross compiled kernel boots00:00
jaegerof course now my nvidia driver doesn't work00:00
jaegerbut hey, it's progress00:00
aonaccidents hapen00:00
bombastaon: hence my birth00:00
jaegerLinux dream #1 SMP Mon Jun 1 23:25:29 CDT 2009 x86_64 AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+ AuthenticAMD GNU/Linux00:02
* bombast claps00:02
nipuLhave a cookie00:07
bombastnipuL: Oatmeal?00:07
nipuLneed to get around to setting up a cross compiler, i want to run crux on my java stations00:08
jaegerthink I'll save the cookie for later, going to sleep. good night, all00:08
bombastnn jaeger00:08
nipuLi'm so in love with mdns at the moment00:12
nipuLespecially nss-mdns00:13
bombasti hate networking00:13
*** DarkNekros has joined #crux00:55
bombasthey DarkNekros01:00
DarkNekrosmorning bombast ;)01:07
DarkNekrosmotning gentlemen ;)01:07
bombastthis gtkrc uses a system im not familiar with01:09
bombastbase[INSENSITIVE] = { 0.863, 0.863, 0.863 }01:09
bombastits like they don't want people editing it01:10
aonboth of the other guys in the it dept had a coffeecup in their mail"box"01:14
aoni wonder if this is some kind of a new fashion01:14
bombasthi aon01:15
*** sepen has joined #crux01:17
bombastThe Xfce folk have a sick sense of humpr01:17
bombastthese color values are RGB in floating point01:18
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f1yHi there.01:21
bombasthey f1y01:22
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tilmanjaeger: so you solved the fenv.h problem?02:11
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bombastI need to buy a hard drive..03:39
bombast500gb goes by so fast03:39
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sepentilman, did you get the md5sum error with zsh?04:16
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: iasl: updated to 2009052104:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: bzr: updated to 1.1504:17
*** mike_k has quit IRC04:18
tilmansepen: no :|04:40
tilmansepen: i just updated md5sum last nigh04:41
tilmansepen: what's failing?04:41
sepennah' just I reported a md5 issue in #45205:01
teKgot the mismatch, too.05:04
tilmansepen: oooh, that's an old one05:08
sepenseems that they update the manual ;D05:08
tilmansepen: zsh-lovers.1 comes from the grml guys iirc05:09
sepenimho it could be added to the port directly, so 52K is not too big05:09
rehabdolli usually have an old zsh-lovers.1 in my PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR screwing up md5sums05:10
tilmanrehabdoll: ditto05:10
sepen68K     .footprint05:10
sepen52K     zsh-lovers.105:10
tilmanadding it to the port? hrrrm05:10
tilmanrehabdoll, teK: what's your opinion on shipping zsh-lovers.1 ourselves?05:11
teKdoes your zshall contain the content *all* zsh man-pages?05:11
teKtilman: +105:12
tilmannot sure what you're asking05:12
tilmanBecause  zsh contains many features, the zsh manual has been split into a number of sections:05:12
tilmanin zsh(1)05:12
sepensorry I can't talk about, no idea of zsh ;D05:13
teKI think earlier versions of opt/zsh had just some TOC in zshall05:13
teKwhich is kinda useless if you don't know which section the information, you're searching for, is belonging to05:14
tilmanteK: it still does05:14
tilman"zshall - the Z shell meta-man page"05:14
teKso I merged them myself on this machine.05:14
teKimho it's really useful to have all in one..05:14
tilmani agree that it seems weird05:15
tilmanthe name seems to suggest a merged version ;)05:15
rehabdolltilman: i was just thinking that05:16
tilmani'll try to sync zsh-lovers.1 regularly then05:18
rehabdollck4up ftw05:19
tilmannot sure how to set up ck4up to watch zsh-lovers.1 though05:21 doesn't seem to have a file index i could make it watch05:21
sepen$ cat zsh-lovers.cfg05:24
sepenzsh-lovers md5  @NAME@*\.105:24
sepentilman, it does the trick for me05:24
tilmanhow does that work?05:24
sepenO_O what?05:25
tilmansepen: the only mention of zsh-lovers.1 on that website doesn't have a timestamp or file size05:25
sepentilman, $ curl -s -I | grep 'Last-Modified'05:26
sepenLast-Modified: Thu, 12 Mar 2009 20:31:51 GMT05:26
tilmani don't think that's how ck4up works05:26
sepenyeah I don't think so05:26
aonyes, no05:27
sepenbut comparisons of md5sums in ck4up-db are differents05:27
sepeniirc it takes the md5 for every source, right?05:28
sepenand keep it in ck4up's database05:28
tilmanit downloads the given url, then applies the regex05:28
tilmanthen takes the md5sum of the filtered text05:28
sepenthe fact is that the line I pasted you is working fine, at least for me05:29
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: zsh: added zsh-lovers.1 to the port prevent md5sum mismatches.05:31
sepenthanks tilman05:31
sepenI'll remove the ticket05:31
tilmanfuck, bad grammer05:31
tilmansepen: ???05:31
tilmani resolved it05:31
tilmanno further action needed05:31
sepenthen close it05:31
tilmani did05:32
sepenah thanks05:32
sepenohh you commited a new file: zsh-fuckers.105:33
sepentilman, no swangson's t-shirts in ebay ;|05:33
tilmanswansong wasn't _that_ popular, was it?05:33
sepenyeah, but its my favourite, and in ebay there're just a few of the heartwork one05:34
tilmanheartwork ftw05:34
sepenpolarized is the best song imho05:34
tilmanfucking awesome record05:34
sepenfinally I'll go to see carcass in lorca/murcia fest05:35
* tilman puts on Necroticism05:35
tilmansepen: do you know that album?05:43
tilmanit's not as catchy as swansong of course, but still :OOOO05:43
tilmannp: corporal jigsore quandary05:43
sepentilman, yep05:48
sepenbut those previous albums are differents, more grindcore I suppose05:48
tilmani don't know their debut album, but symphonies... didn't contain much grindcorish features i think05:51
sepenwell but is sounds like if the singer was possessed by a dog05:52
* tilman orders some cds05:54
sepenthe last week I went to fnac but  unfortunately they didn't have carcass's albums05:56
tilmanfnac? france? :]05:56
sepenyes fnac, but in spain, there're at least in valencia, barcelona and madrid for what I know05:57
sepenbut they stopped to receive carcass's albums long time ago05:59
sepenwell, that was what the employee said me05:59
tilmansepen: that's weird, because most of their albums are being re-released these days06:00
tilmanbecause of the "reunion"06:00
sepenbut if there is no demand ....06:00
aonthe domain controller here is almost a minute behind in time06:00
aonand every other machine syncs from it06:01
aonshould be coffeebreak already!06:01
aonah, now the boss went there, i guess it's safe ->06:01
nipuLit's a trap!06:01
tilmansepen: do you know Fleshcrawl?06:01
* sepen surfs06:02
sepentilman, any sample available?06:04
tilmansepen: yes, on their website06:05
sepencan't find it, only .pdf with lyrics, I'll try later06:05
tilmansepen: click "tracklist" on the releases page06:07
sepenahh thanks06:08
tilmansounds swedish06:08
tilmanbuzzsaw guitars a la dismember :D06:09
sepenyou're so freak! ;D06:09
tilmanque? porque?06:13
sepenpeople are afraid to this music, specially my girlfriend. don't happens for you?06:16
sepenisn't the apropiate word?06:17
tilmani don't know anybody who's _afraid_ of (death) metal06:18
tilmanthey just think it's disgusting/perverted :D06:18
sepenhehe, that is06:18
sepenyou're a perverted guy ;D06:19
tilmansepen: did i recommend samael's album passage to you?06:21
sepenno or I can't remember it06:23
sepenmaybe at the end of the week I'll go to fnac newly, so they have lot of albums from 5 to 8 EUR06:24
sepenI bought 'closer' by 'Joy Division' for only 6 EUR the last week06:25
tilmansepen: write down Passage on your list of albums you have to listen to06:28
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: bluez-libs: fixed compilation issue with gcc 4.306:28
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: bluez-utils: fixed compilation issue with gcc 4.306:28
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: ccrtp: Updated version 1.6.2 -> 1.7.106:28
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: commoncpp2: updated version 1.6.1 -> 1.7.306:28
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: libzrtpcpp: updated version 1.3.0 -> 1.4.306:28
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: twinkle: fixed building with new qt3 directory structure06:28
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: Merge branch '2.5' of crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/contrib into 2.506:28
sepen2.5 into 2.5?06:28
tilmanyou probably used pull instead of fetch+rebase06:29
sepentilman, samael - passage, right?!06:29
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nipuLlol, at ~0:23 is the gituarist doing shuffle style?
*** jtnl has joined #crux07:12
nipuLxorg font ports won't run under fakeroot07:13
nipuLas a strange conincidence tonight is metal night on the radio07:17
nipuLmplayer -playlist
*** jdolan_ has joined #crux07:42
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sepenuea, I had some network problems at office07:55
*** jtnl has quit IRC07:55
jaegerhrmm, nice of thunderbird to forget my accounts07:58
sepennipuL, another nuclearblast band, I like it07:58
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strawIs there any certain topic where do you lack developers or something? I mean, since I'm studying CS I wanted to read up some things myself to contribute at a later time. (It's not my plan to get core developer or anything in the next time :P) Besides maintaining ports and searching for bugs in general that is. (Yes, I read ContribRules)08:30
strawI'm just curious.08:31
*** gcov has joined #crux08:34
nipuLyour challenge if you choose to accept it is to make crux even more simple08:34
strawThat would be a nice side effect I hoped ;)08:37
nipuLsepen: the drummer is inhuman08:40
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tilmanstraw: i think dedicated ports maintainers are most needed atm11:10
*** DarkNekros_ has joined #crux11:10
tilmanstraw: i could also need help with the successor to pkgutils (which is written in c)11:10
*** acrux|G4 has quit IRC11:14
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strawtilman: First point noted. To the second, can I find it in your public git repo? (But I guess my C skills aren't sufficient enough yet anyway, to be honest :-)11:23
*** Rotwang has joined #crux11:29
strawLooks interesting11:33
strawSo, what do you intend to change/add?11:38
*** gcov has joined #crux11:38
*** sepen has quit IRC11:42
*** sepen has joined #crux11:44
*** sepen_ has joined #crux11:50
tilmanstraw: most importantly: libification of the code. so pkgadd will just be a thin program that calls into the "fat" libpkgutils. this makes it easy for other tools like yapo/prt-get/... to query the database and install stuff etc11:53
Rotwangperl bindings!!~~oneone11:56
strawAh, I see. I'll look into it :)11:56
gcovtilman, are you developing or just planning libpkgutils?11:59
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*** sepen has joined #crux12:00
tilmangcov: pgup, i posted a link to gitweb. see for yourself12:01
bombasttilman: Your screenshots caused me to go through some trouble last night ;)12:15
bombastI forgot how much I liked AYUNb12:17
bombastAnd I had to dig through some old tarballs to find it.12:17
bombastOpenbox3 theme.12:18
* tilman stopped caring about themes 4 years ago12:18
bombastAYUNb is still sexy.12:19
bombastI might need to set that up12:20
bombastrehabdoll has a port, wee!12:21
tilmanhurra rehabdoll12:21
bombastIndeed. :)12:21
bombastI slept in way too late.12:24
bombastI set my alarm but I forgot to turn the volume up.12:24
jesse_It's good to have redundancy. ;)12:30
bombastyeah, i normally do for "real" alarms12:31
bombastim still on break12:31
*** mrks- has joined #crux12:39
*** treach has joined #crux12:41
jesse_Speaking of wm themes, the next "desktop" is likely to run in a framebuffer or a very simple window manager.12:54
jesse_There's too much emphasis on colors and whatever flavor of the month in "design" going.12:55
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: getmail: 4.9.0 -> 4.9.112:55
*** mrks has quit IRC12:56
*** mrks- is now known as mrks12:56
bombastCUPS seems to not want to work.12:56
jesse_All I'm saying is that getting hung up over appearances on the desktop is not my thing. If other users have a strong vision for what they want, that's their business.12:56
Rotwangi want wobbly windows12:57
tilmanjesse_: oh, you were talking about _your_ desktop. i thought you predicted the future of un*x desktops12:57
bombastI wish the future of un*x desktops was that Ubuntu fell off the face of the earth.12:57
jesse_By far and large, I suspect that un*x desktops will continue to rely on os x and windows for their so-called design principles.12:58
* Rotwang likes ubuntu very much12:58
tilmandunno, canocical probably helps linux in general12:58
bombastI watched a speech Mark Shuttleworth gave.12:58
bombastSome of the things he said really annoyed me.12:59
jesse_What did Shuttleworth say that annoyed you?12:59
teKtilman: md5 mismatch for me13:00
teKfor ZSH.13:00
bombastHe's one of those guys who pushes Linux 100% as a Windows alternative instead of a Unix system. Wanting to do whatever possible to make it desktop "ready"13:00
tilmanEverything up-to-date13:00
tilmanteK: wtf? the tarball...>?13:01
Rotwangi actually like ubuntu because its the most user friendly OS ever imo13:01
teKtilman: yes. Currently redownloading, second.13:01
tilman-rw-r--r-- 1 tilman tilman 2735665 Jun  1 11:24 sourcen/zsh-4.3.10.tar.bz213:02
treachbah, suse has ubuntu beat by miles. ;)13:02
teKgerman dir-names is teh suckz000rz13:02
bombastAs long I will always be able to use my desktop the way it is now.13:02
bombastI'm fine.13:02
jesse_I would not use ubuntu for my desktop needs. I might consider it for server use, but it's still not my first choice by any mean. :p13:02
bombastI use debian on my server,.13:02
tilmanteK: fuck you :)13:02
teKNLS for the lose13:03
tilmanhow are _directory_names_ that only i refer to related to NLS?13:03
jesse_I was about to ask the same question.13:04
teKthe tarball was b0rken, sorry for the noise :>13:04
jesse_Who gives a flying fuck what you name your dirs if they make sense to you.13:04
teKjesse_: I cared to argue13:04
jesse_I noticed.13:05
teKNLS is: ugly error/system messages appearing on my screen. ls /usr/ports/sourcen can do that, too. *ugly*13:05
treachlol, tried to reboot the fedora 11 preview installation I just made in VB, "Fatal: INT18: BOOT FAILURE"13:05
treachlooks like it was appropriately named. :D13:06
jesse_It would be a wonderful code name for F11: BOOT FAILURE13:07
teKtilman: sudo ln -s /usr /benutzer :x13:07
jesse_Add the word 'epic' in there and you're looking at a hit.13:07
treachindeed. :p13:07
tilmanteK: you should have led this "discussion" die in peace13:07
tilmanand probably hope nobody noticed13:07
teKit's fun, no discussion13:08
*** esters has joined #crux13:08
teKI do not really care13:08
tilmanno, i'm annoyed13:08
treachteK: now you opened up another can..13:08
*** gcov has quit IRC13:08
treach"What does "usr" really stand for?"13:08
teKok. I use /usr/ports/distfiles. Flame me and everything will be fine13:09
jesse_"I don't care about it, yet it does not stop me from constantly telling everyone about how much I don't care about it in the end"13:09
bombastWatch kirby dance! <(^^<) (>^^)> <(^^<)13:14
jaegerI lost the thread of conversation a while back13:15
teKtreach: unix system resources (according to wikipedia)13:15
jaeger... is always correct13:16
* jaeger ducks13:16
treachteK: that's what I think too, but the debate on that is like vim/emacs..13:17
bombastthis is really weird, does cupsd enable the webgui by default?13:17
bombasti wonder why mine isn't13:17
teKtreach: maybe there's a statement on this ISSUE in the FHS (it HAS to be right)13:17
treachI haven't looked. but.. which is older, /usr or the fhs?13:18
teKI guess /usr13:18
*** gcov has joined #crux13:18
treachso do I..13:18
teKit was a joke13:18
treachok, sorry for being dumb then. :>13:18
teKjust to clarify this.13:18
teKmaybe i'll add fuck you :) after each joke, fuck you :)13:19
treachfuck yourself, while your at it.13:19
* treach is not amused by "modern" humor.13:19
bombasttreach: You'd hate George Carlin, then.13:20
estersOr Bill Hicks13:20
bombasthaha indeed13:20
bombastscrew you, cups.13:20
treachnot familiar with bill hicks, but carlin usually had some kind of point the times I've seen anything from him.13:20
teKwell treach then i'll have to excuse my rude behaviour13:20
treachteK: np.13:21
bombasttreach: Bill Hicks basically hated religion and christianity the most13:21
bombastit was great13:21
treachthat's fine with me.13:21
estersAnd the current system13:21
bombastI'm about to throw my computer at the wall.13:22
bombastAnd I'm on a desktop.13:22
bombastSo you know I mean business.13:22
treach"modern humor" to me means stuff like tv-shows which claims it to be humor to drench our prime minister in water in some kind of ambush, and other inane things like that.13:23
treachnot that he doesn't deserve it, but it's not fun, and it's not humor.13:23
treachI guess I'm just old fashioned.13:23
bombastim old fashion in the sense i want cups to stop being a docuhe13:24
estersTea cups ?13:24
bombastcupsd starts without fail, but doesn't let me login to the web interface.13:24
tilmangetting desperate bombast?13:24
treachcommon unix printing system13:24
bombasttilman: mhmm13:24
*** Tigger__ has joined #crux13:24
estersbombast: what browser ?13:25
bombastFirefox 3.0.x13:25
treach"Needs IE6"13:25
estersAnd Flash 6 or later13:25
tilmanwhat does 'no login' mean exactly?13:25
bombastIt tries to go to if i put in http://localhost:631.13:26
tilmanvim /etc/hosts13:26
bombastyeah i just opened it13:26
tilmanadd a line for localhost which points to
esters127.0.0.1:631 ?13:27
jaegerip vs. hostname, presumably13:27
bombastoh god13:27
bombastim an idiot13:27
bombasti had an inkling that was it13:28
bombastbut i thought for sure i was wrong13:28
bombasttilman: Thanks, man.13:28
tilmanhow could it be cups fault that ff is redirecting you to :D13:28
* tilman stops pouring salt in festering wounds13:28
bombasttilman: I usually just assume I am wrong.13:28
estersThey see me rollin n hating and pa-trolling13:28
bombastI wish google support "aliases"13:29
bombastso all my searches appended -ubuntu13:29
tilmanfirefox, keyword search13:30
tilmanurl =
tilmankeyword = gg13:30
tilman is the correct (basic) url fwiw ;)13:31
bombasttilman: <313:32
estersgcc is taking ages :)13:32
estersBut I set up a boot record13:32
tilmangcc? boot record? %)13:33
estersCompiling gcc13:33
tilmanoh, you mean boot time record?13:33
estersIntel P3 500Mhz13:33
estersAnd boot time so far from grub to login is 9 seconds13:33
bombasttilman: the cups README suggests building in the order of cups -> gutenprint -> ghostscript -> etc13:33
bombastbut cups is a dependency of ghostscript13:33
tilmanhurra circular dependencies13:34
bombastThinking about it too hard made my head hurt.13:34
treachesters: Going for gnome/kde too? =D13:34
esterstreach: Nowai13:34
tilmanbombast: i'm pretty sure i don't have gutenprint on my cups setup13:34
bombasttilman: gutenprint is labeled as (optional)13:34
esterstreach: I'll try something different13:35
tilmangutenprint-- # silly package name13:35
bombastit used to be gimp print, which was sillier13:35
tilmanbombast: i guess it's a pun...13:36
treachesters: booooring! I really wanted to know how long time it would take to build a full kde installation on a 500Mhz. :D13:36
tilmana week minimum :D13:37
bombasttilman: You never know..13:37
estersI'd say 2-3 days minimum setup13:37
* tilman ponders :D13:39
treachIt used to take like a full day for me to build the 3.5.x series on my old athlon@1.8GHz.13:39
bombastI just wasted a lot of time.13:39
bombastFirefox has built in abilities to print to PDF.13:39
tilmanprobably because it uses cairo :)13:40
esterstreach: on CRUX ?13:41
bombastAcroread isn't bad at all on Linux13:41
bombastIs it using winelib?13:42
bombastIt changes my cursor to the Windows one.13:42
*** tnut has joined #crux13:42
tilmandoesn't it use gtk?13:42
bombastYes but it also uses the Windows cursor13:42
bombastLike in Wine13:42
bombastThis makes you happy?13:43
treachit's supposed to be native. it's probably also the worst crap pdf reader you could find..13:43
tilmanbombast: you think they port their app to gtk just to then use winelib for the _cursor_?13:43
bombasttilman: No, I think it's a biproduct.13:43
estersMaybe people miss this *feature*13:43
estersWhen they use Acroread on Linux13:43
treachtilman: we're talking about *adobe* here.. no way knowing what they might come up with..13:44
estersSo they decided to port the mouse cursor13:44
tilmantreach: aaaw, you didn't have to say that :D13:44
treachrakt rocks compared to adobes turd. :>13:44
bombastwhat is rakt13:48
treacha companion of "snett". :P13:49
treachtilmans personal little bastard son^w pdf reader.13:49
tilmanraktpdf: a quick hack of a pdf viewer. liked by treach and thrice13:49
bombastI see it was coded by a hack.13:50
* bombast hides13:50
estersrakt in Latvian means to dig13:50
jesse_I "dig" raktpdf. ;)13:51
tilmanesters: it's "right" in swedish...  "pdf viewer done right" :D13:51
treachesters: it's a joke, and probably not a very good name anyway. It was just something I threw on the wall since he already had a music player called "snett".13:52
tilmanit was your idea?13:52
estersUse gpdf :>13:52
tilmandamn, i thoguht it was mine :o13:53
treachrakt -> "straight" in swedish, as opposed to "snett" which means "slanted".13:53
tilmanbombast: see the pattern? ;)13:53
*** tnut has left #crux13:54
treachtilman: not sure who of us came up with it, tbh. Might have been your idea to start with.13:54
tilmannah, i'm probably misremembering because i liked the idea so much13:54
treachok, shared honor then. :)13:55
treachbut "snett" was better, my first association with that was "schr├Ąge musik", and not in the jazz sense. :P13:56
bombastprtsweep really doesn't work anymore does it?13:56
tilmantreach: hahaha, i remember you mentioning schraege musik :D13:57
treachbombast: just use the variables in pkgmk.conf to set separate dirs. much easier13:57
*** fredg has left #crux13:57
treachbrilliant name, three inherent meanings.13:58
bombasttreach: YOU MEAN LIKE PACKAGER?!13:58
* bombast ducks13:58
treachwell, nobody is going to email snett, even if emailing can go "snett" (wrong)13:59
* treach takes cover too for bad puns13:59
bombastI think the only reason I keep prt-utils installed is for portspage13:59
bombastAnd I guess I could just cp that script over14:00
bombastand remove it.14:00
bombasttreach: Any recommended values for /etc/pkgmk.conf as far as directories go?14:01
treachit's at your own discretion.14:01
estersbombast: set download dir to /dev/sr014:01
bombast/usr/ports/distfiles it is!14:01
bombastesters: GENIUS14:02
treachpersonally, I use /var/ports/{packages,distfiles}14:02
bombastthat seems reasonable14:02
treachI also move ports from usr to var and symlink.14:02
estersI use /usr/ports/sources,binaries14:02
treachbasically because I don't think ports should be in /usr according to the fhs.14:03
bombastif you use /var for work files is fakeroot able to write to it?14:03
treachno idea, never used fakeroot14:03
jesse_Give it the necessary permissions.14:03
treachbut I use /var/build as workdir, on a tmpfs. :P14:03
tilmanbombast: workdir->tmpfs is highly recommended14:04
tilmaneg PKGMK_WORK_DIR="/dev/shm/pkgmk-work-$name"14:04
* bombast nod14:04
treachthat's what I have14:05
bombasttilman: How does that work with patches, though?14:08
* bombast tests14:09
estersNothing happens ?14:14
bombastoh, it works.14:14
bombastJust trying to figure out the best solution for distfiles now.14:14
bombasti thought chown -R /var/ports root.users would work14:15
estersla la For what it's worth la la14:16
rehabdollscummvm and rxvt-unicode fails with the 2.6 glibc14:18
bombasttreach: what is your /var/ports' permissions?14:20
bombastOh wait, you don't use fakeroot.14:21
bombastI forgot.14:21
estersOhboyohboy Windows 7 will be out @ 22.1014:23
estersI'll test every leaked build before RTM14:24
estersI promise14:24
estersI think you are doing a polite "lol"14:27
bombasti am14:28
esterswe are14:28
bombastdrwxrwxrwt 2 root users 4096 Jun  2 09:19 ports14:29
bombasthope this isn't going to bite me in the ass14:29
* treach hopes to see a portdir dangling from the rear parts of bombast14:31
jesse_Bad portdir!14:31
treachdo not underestimate the roflocopter.14:32
bombastI would never.14:32
estersbombast: this is about you14:34
bombasti got /var/ports working with fakeroot14:34
* bombast happy14:35
*** gcov has quit IRC14:35
*** Tigger__ has quit IRC14:35
bombasttilman: Once again, you are my personal Jesus Christ.. except you know.. you exist.14:37
estersJesus saaaaves14:37
jaegerI knew a guy who literally started and ended EVERY sentence he ever typed with "lol"14:39
jaegerno punctuation, just "lol"14:39
jaegereven if he was only saying hi it would have been "lol hi lol"14:39
jaegerI have never wanted to choke someone more14:39
treach"esposito scores the rebound"14:39
estersSpeaking about Jesus14:40
jaegertilman: I await the day with bated breath14:40
bombast<(^^<) (>^^)> <(^^<)14:41
bombastWHY IS IT SO HOT14:42
estersSo take off all your clothes14:42
bombastand turn on my webcam?14:42
treachcall da police, crime against humanity in progress.14:43
estersYou could do some /bin/strip -tease14:43
estersOr no14:55
*** RyoS has quit IRC15:33
*** |racer| has joined #crux15:43
strawWhat about Cruxcon 2009? :)15:43
bombastit'll be in my basement15:44
bombastno pants15:44
tilmanstraw: the "annual" thing isn't true15:44
tilmansome spanish guys wanted to host it in valencia some time ago :D15:44
tilmanbut it never happened ;D15:44
strawhah :)15:45
estersYou can come here15:45
strawWhere is that?15:45
estersFlight tickets are cheap15:45
strawdon't tempt me!15:45
estersGirls here are beautiful15:46
estersBeer tastes good :P15:46
strawI'm from Germany ;p15:46
estersI'm related to Germany15:47
teKgirls in spain are really beautiful15:47
treachhah, go to estonia, get a cheap car with your return ticket. :D15:47
*** RyoS has joined #crux15:49
strawtilman: what do you need for a dev con? Just a place to stay and hack?15:49
tilmani'm not sure there's even enough interest in a get together\15:50
strawif there is any interest in the future.. and people would be willed to come to Berlin, I could ask the CCC guys15:50
* esters Spokes - Young People! All Together15:50
tilmanstraw: nice15:51
estersWhat does CCC stand for ?15:51
tilmanmeeting at fosdem is another idea15:51
tilmanesters: chaos computer club :o15:52
estersI wasn't sure so I asked :P15:52
straw - aww15:54
strawbut yea, it looks nice too15:54
treachthat's tilman, right? ;p15:55
*** racer has quit IRC15:58
estersSun is shining, the weather is sweath yeah16:02
jaegerrehabdoll: what's the plan behind the ports repository naming in your x86_64? c64, core-c64, opt-x86_64?16:03
tilmanjaeger: one of the first two was created because he didn't have write access to's core-x86_6416:04
tilmanrehabdoll: i just added you to the corex8664 group on crux.nu16:05
treachc64 was teh evil secret repo, right?16:05
estersgcc is killing me16:12
treachtry a bout with qt instead. :>16:12
estersI've compiled qt4 on my A64 box16:13
estersSpent exactly 1h16:13
bombastit usually only takes mine 20 minutes if not less16:13
treachesters: next time, put your workdir on a tmpfs16:13
esterstreach: what does it do ?16:14
treachyou build your stuff in a ram-drive16:14
treachso I presume you have enough RAM, obviously16:14
estersI have 256Mb16:14
treachthat's not enough, sorry.16:15
bombasthere it comes16:15
tilmanamd64 w/ 256 mb ram?16:15
treachyou seriously should get some more for that poor a64..16:15
tilmanthat seems really funny16:15
estersNo no no16:15
estersI didn't explain16:15
estersI had a box Athlon 64 3200+ / 1GB RAM it was running Slackware 12.116:16
treachtilman: you never know what people might come up with for their frankenputers.. :p16:16
estersI compiled qt4 on it16:16
estersNow that box is elsewhere16:16
estersAnd I made up the one I have CRUX on - Intel P3 500 (Slot1) / 256MB RAM16:16
estersI just like old hw :>16:17
treachbuilding stuff on that seems a bit painful though.16:17
treachI'd hate to build firefox on it..16:18
estersI won't16:18
estersI'll use lightweight stuff16:18
estersI had Arch installed before CRUX on it16:18
estersRunned openbox without problems16:18
bombastew arch ;)16:18
treachfunny thing is, that while qt in itself is a royal pita to build, a lot of qt apps are quite lightweight.16:19
treachI used to run crux on a p166 with 32 MB ram in the past, but that was a few years ago.16:19
treachWouldn't like to repeat the experiement now. :>16:19
estersWhy so ?16:20
treachbecause things have gotten quite a lot bigger by now.16:20
estersBut nothing has changed IHMO16:20
treachopera isn't as light as it used to be, xorg has grown, etc16:20
estersI mean most of the people use the same things they did 10 years ago16:21
estersWell I had my own pc 8 years ago, and still I pity myself for selling it16:21
estersBecause I was young and stupid16:21
estersYay gcc compiled16:21
estersNow rsync and e2fsprogs left16:21
treachwell, I tend to disagree, at least to some extent.16:22
estersTo what you disagree ?16:22
treachI wasn't suffering when I ran my old athlon at 700MHz, but then otoh I wasn't doing very much with it.16:22
treachNow I run a lot of virtualizations, heavy applications like eclipse and things like that.16:23
estersI see16:24
treachso, basically, with very old hardware you get limited to a bunch of xterms and console applications like vim etc, which is fine if that's all you need.16:25
*** Rotwang has quit IRC16:25
treachonce you need more than that...16:25
estersYou have a problem16:25
estersWell I'm writing from a powerfull box atm16:26
estersCore Due T2330, 2GB RAM,16:27
estersAnd, wait for it,16:27
estersWindows Vista16:27
treachpoor bastard16:27
estersThe power of OEM16:28
treachmy laptop hasn't seen xp since the week after I got it, three years ago. :P16:29
estersRunning CRUX ?16:29
treachIt used to, now I have suse on it.16:29
estersI played with CRUX on this box16:30
estersNot for long16:30
bombastCrux is all you need.16:30
estersNo I need a willpower16:31
bombastI need a steak and blowj.. nevermind.16:31
jaegerwrong day for it16:32
estersWait till Caturday16:32
treachIt worked fine for me, but it was a mess every time I realized I needed some new application, and was somewhere where I had limited time to get things running. :>16:32
estersThat's true16:33
bombastI Wish Firefox didn't assume everyone has a Desktop/ folder.16:41
estersI Wish I was a fish16:46
bombasti would eat you16:46
bombasti love sushi16:47
estersAt least I will be useful to somebody :>16:47
estersIT'S DONE!16:50
bombastwhat is?16:51
estersUpgrade of core packages16:51
estersNow to compile the kernel :>16:51
treachhah, that's usually step one. :p16:51
estersI upgraded the toolchain16:51
estersAnd then I upgrade to the latest stable kernel16:52
treachare you still running from the cd?16:52
estersWhy do you think so ?16:52
treachok, I got the impression you were still in the installation phase16:52
treachwith lots of stuff to update16:53
estersI installed it yesteday16:53
bombasti want some curry16:53
bombasttreach: you should've used the updated ISO16:53
estersFor blowj... ?16:53
* treach sprays some pepper at bombast16:53
tilmanfucking sloppy focus16:54
treachrussians and their drinking habits. :>16:55
tilmantreach: do you know some x86 asm?17:02
treachnot really, it's been ages since I did anything with it, like over 10 years, and it wasn't much even then.17:04
*** |racer| has quit IRC17:04
tilmani think i found what i was looking for anyway17:04
treachok. sorry for being useless anyway. :>17:05
tilmanusing lea to do multiplication seems weird17:05
tilmanhahaha, what the shit?17:06
treachheh, that's most certainly over my horizon, we were just ding some basic stuff on a real 8080, if you can imagine. :p17:06
tilmanlea edx, [eax * 4]   ; edx = eax * 417:07
tilmansub edx, eax    ; edx -= eax17:07
estersMmm asm :>17:07
tilmaneither it's a) too late, or b) they could have just used * 3!?17:07
straweeks, Intel syntax ;p17:07
treachtilman: looks like both :D17:08
treachI presume that's handwritten, and not something gcc spat out?17:09
tilmanit was spat out by watcom c++ in 9617:09
tilman_possibly_ hand written ofc17:09
strawGCC uses AT&T syntax I believe17:09
*** esters has quit IRC17:09
tilmanthe assembly listing was generated by the dosbox debugger17:10
treachwell, as I said above, it's been more than 10 years since I touched any asm, but it looks like you said.. nonsense.17:11
tilmanmaybe *4 is faster than *317:12
tilmanon mid-nineties pentiums ;)17:12
treachhmm. that makes no sense17:12
tilmanokay :D17:12
treachyou'd have to add the time to subtract 1 again in the total execution time.17:13
treachstrange, "load effective adress" - loads the register with the offset of a memory location - register, memory. Ok, so far, but lea edx, [eax * 4] .. what are they trying to do, multiply the offset with 4?17:20
tilmanlea edx, [eax * 4] is the same as:17:20
tilmanlea edx, [0x0 + eax * 4]17:20
tilmanie, if your offset is zero, you're doing multiplication of the operand with a constant :)17:21
tilmanmy guess is the imul instruction takes more space than lea17:23
treachmight be. I must confess my total ignorance of any instructions except the most basic ones. :>17:24
tilmanit's all read-only for me17:24
treachheh, the instruction datasheet for the 8080 isn't so big, anything newer gets hairy pretty quickly. :P17:25
treachlol, for nostalgia I just had a look at the good old 8080.. The processor required three power sources (-5, +5 and +12 Volt)17:31
treachCPU running at 12V !17:31
tilmanwhat do modern cpus use? :o17:32
treachdepends, 1.x something, usually17:32
strawa bit off-topic, but man, those demo scene people are really sick programmers. Do you know kkrieger? It's a 3D first-person shooter.. and 96k. o.O17:32
tilmanyup, impressive17:33
*** pedja has quit IRC17:34
*** pedja has joined #crux17:37
jesse_Then we get such gems as Crysis which is on the opposite end of space requirements. :p17:39
treachwonder how much of crysis "performance" is caused by bad coding, and how much is just juggling huge textures.17:45
jesse_I was about to say I am *shocked* at how much can be squeezed into 64k.17:53
tilmanwell, the textures are all generated at runtime17:53
tilmanprobably using some bit pattern from the machine code itself :D17:54
treachnah, the truth is that it is all written in Piet. :P17:55
*** maro has joined #crux17:55
bombastwhy cant windows be as easy to configure as linux17:56
treachbecause that would defeat it's purpose17:56
bombastive got the right drivers installed for this laptop but its not working17:56
bombastso i don't know what to do17:56
tilmaninstall ubuntu?17:56
bombastwish i could17:56
bombastits not for me though17:57
*** lennart has quit IRC17:57
treachget a live cd for ubuntu or suse or something, and verify that whatever doesn't work, at least works under *some* system.17:57
bombastthis is the only audio driver for this laptop model too17:57
bombasttreach: good idea17:58
*** vicool has quit IRC17:58
bombastall i have is xubuntu but it shares the same base18:00
bombastso whatever18:00
treachmy my, ~6000 transistors.. :D18:00
bombastit's a hardware problem18:07
strawUhm, where do I find the updated 2.5 image again?18:10
bombastnp =]18:11
*** treach has quit IRC18:28
nipuLteK: does ntp build for you?18:39
nipuLi get MOD_NANO undeclared18:39
nipuLalthough it might be x86_64 specific18:41
bombastdo you guys recommend chrony or msntp?18:49
bombastor ntpdate18:49
nipuLi use contrib/ntp18:50
bombastLooks complicated for such a simple job.18:50
bombastoh well18:52
bombastwow it works automagically18:53
bombasti like that18:53
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC19:00
*** sepen has quit IRC19:02
*** maro has quit IRC19:15
bombastVery much considering switching to bitlbee from Pidgin.20:29
joacimI never really understood msntp20:57
joacimI couldnt use it in scripts because it would always prompt the user if the time was too much out of sync20:58
joacimntpdate just gives a fuck and set the time as it should do20:58
bombasti just like that ntpdate worked without me doing shit21:03
bombastcrux couldn't decompress the linux kernel on my laptop21:03
bombastah i see why21:05
bombastfilesystem didn't make /usr/src21:05
bombastso it freaked out21:05
bombastwatching this 1ghz or so Celeron M compile a kernel21:17
bombastalmost certainly not going to bother w/ X on it.21:18
bombastthis thing is actually chugging away at the kernel pretty fast21:20
bombasti guess i could use awesome or xmonad on it21:21
bombastbut ill probably just use screen21:22
*** __mavrick61 has quit IRC21:24
*** Dudde has quit IRC21:24
*** __mavrick61 has joined #crux21:25
*** Dudde has joined #crux21:25
*** aee has joined #crux21:31
bombastthank you :)21:37
bombastjoacim: projects like that give me hope that there are more of "us" out there21:40
joacimhighly pedantic people who complain about everything?21:41
joacimthats what people say about me ;)21:41
joacimi would use dvtm if i could get widescreen resolutions to work with the uvesafb driver21:43
bombastah yeah21:44
*** aee_ has quit IRC21:47
bombastthis laptop's wireless just worked out of the box22:29
bombasti didn't even need a binary blob22:29
bombasti can't believe it22:30
bombast2 seconds after setup im already on my wifi ;)22:30
*** ekool has joined #crux22:44
ekoolQuestion all22:44
ekool<ekool> You know... debian and freebsd combined to use the freebsd kernel with the debian OS. I'd like to see a debian system that uses the ports tree and22:44
ekool          FreeBSD's /etc/rc.d /etc/rc.conf system :(22:44
ekool<Viking667> there is one.22:44
ekool<dforsyth> crux22:44
ekoolthat true?22:44
bombastekool: we dont have a FreeBSD kernel but22:45
bombastues we use /etc/rc.conf22:45
bombastand /etc/rc.d22:45
bombastand a ports system22:45
ekoolYah, I'm looking for a linux system that is as close to freebsd as possible, but of course using linux.22:45
ekoolI'll have to give it a try... sounds awesome. I like the way FreeBSD does things. I like the rc.conf/rc.d and ports tree... but sometimes the linux kernel has more support for hardware.22:46
bombastoh FUCK that was scary22:48
bombastI accidentally deleted my local Ports tree earlier without noticing it22:48
bombastthankfully my NFS backup has it22:48
bombasti need to make an X-less mplayer port..22:50
aoni once deleted an entire project i was working on, but had all the files open in emacs so it was just a matter of resaving them :)23:48
*** ekool has left #crux23:55
bombastwtf was that about23:58
bombastaon: hey23:58
joacimtoo much profanity?23:59
aonperhaps too much unskilledness in file preservation23:59
bombasti really should clean up my language on irc :(23:59

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