IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2009-06-04

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DarkNekrosmorning gentlemen ;)01:12
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f1yHi there.01:57
f1yTongue twister for a great start of day -> try to read this: dziamdziaczek :)01:58
f1yOr something harder: w Szczebrzeszynie chrzaszcz brzmi w trzcinie :D01:59
f1yYeah, this is pro [;02:00
sepenseems that your keyborad don't work fine ;D02:01
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sepengm jue02:23
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: transmission: cut of the gtk gui, as requested by sepen02:32
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: transmission-gtk: new port02:32
sepenohh. many thanks jue03:01
juesepen: np, splitting into two ports was the cleanest solution IMO03:10
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nipuLteK: did you actually want anything?03:34
teKyou use crux64, right?03:35
teK08:21 < teK> nipuL: well, on x86 it did build. If you provide me with 'your' x86_64 ISO, I will try to investigate that03:35
nipuLi don't have an iso03:46
teKhow did you install?03:47
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mdadm: update to 3.004:18
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nipuLfrom ports04:56
nipuLthat patch fixes it04:58
sepennipuL, qemu 0.10.5 is available and working fine here05:02
teKlooks good, I'll add it in about eight hours05:09
teKthanks for reporting05:10
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: qt4: remove -qt4 suffix from links in /usr/bin07:23
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: qt4: update to 4.5.107:23
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nipuLow, just went outside barefoot. now my feet are numb07:55
RyoSbecome an hero? n/Y08:00
thrice`are you that crazy spiderman climber? :)08:10
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thrice`hm, reading backlogs, I've not compiled in /dev/shm before.  is 2G enough memory for such a feature ?08:21
tilmanthrice`: sure08:21
jaegerjust remember to remove -pipe08:22
tilmanmy laptop has 1g of ram and i build everything but xulrunner in there08:22
nipuLi built xulruner on my eee08:22
thrice`I'll stick to firefox-bin ;)08:22
tilmanwell, depends on the size of /dev/shm, too :)08:22
tilmanthe default is to make any tmpfs ram/208:22
nipuLin tmpfs08:22
tilmanjaeger: does -pipe really make a difference with tmpfs?08:23
nipuLmy tmpfs is 3*(ram/4)08:23
jaegerfrom what I've read, yes. I have not benched it myself08:23
thrice`seems so logical, don't realize why I haven't tried before08:23
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nipuLtilman: it08:24
thrice`  describes the -pipe a bit08:24
nipuLit's probably not much of a difference, but pointless08:24
jaegertilman: it seems to me like -pipe would not be any slower if you're in tmpfs than if you're using the normal fs08:24
tilmanjaeger: a long time ago treach said -pipe did make a difference for him, but i couldn't confirm it iirc08:24
jaegerbut you could get some benefit in tmpfs from not using08:24
tilmanjaeger: yeah, the argument makes sense08:24
nipuLone less thing for the cc to do08:25
treachmh, pipe is default, NOT having it made some difference when using tmpfs, iirc.08:25
tilmantreach: sauce for -pipe being default?08:26
tilmanthe man page doesn't say how to disable it (quick search :p)08:26
treachhm, am I totally off..? I thougth that -march=i686 -pipe was the default in pkgmk.conf..08:27
tilmanooooh, i'm sorry08:27
jaegercrux default, yes08:27
tilmancrux default, not gcc default08:27
treachsorry for being unclear08:27
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rehabdollfuck, i just had a big scare. the fs on my 1.5tb disk seemed thrashed. turns out the drives were swapped and the system tried to mount a ntfs drive as ext408:38
treachat least it didn't try a fsck. :D08:40
nipuLrehabdoll: i had a bigger scare, i lost the root inode on a 500GB drive full of data08:41
nipuLls /data08:41
thrice`heh, scary indeed ;)08:42
rehabdollyeah i remember that, did you manage to convince the wife to get a backup drive?08:46
nipuLeven convinced the computer shop guy to give it to me on tick08:47
* teK is still trying to recover a dd'ed 23 GB XFS image08:48
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nipuLanything  in particular or the entire image?08:50
teKas much as possible08:51
teKxfs_repair & Co were not to friendly (i.e. finnishing but without repairing the thing because a mount afterwards still fails)08:52
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thrice`sepen: btw, arora 0.7.1 is out, and fixes parallel make :)10:03
thrice`I just noticed your ML mail, anyway10:03
treachheh, looks like the ppc people managed to get a 2.5 out before it got out dated. :p10:05
treachfrankly, I thougth they were dead. :D10:06
thrice`ffs, official 64-bit support too ;)10:06
* thrice` hides from tilman 10:06
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jesse_Hopefully that quip was merely a friendly reminder to get official 64-bit support in gear. ;)10:09
jesse_That, or an invitation for tilman to skin a couple users :D10:11
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sepenthrice`, yeah I saw that10:32
sepenthrice`, thanks10:33
thrice`seemed to be their only fix.  kind of nice, though :)10:34
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tilmantreach: now they emitted 'setz al; and eax, 0xff' to set eax to 0 :(11:18
tilmanmy bad11:21
tilmansetz sets the destination to the value of the zero-flag. not to zero11:21
tilmanbombast: don't pretend you have any idea wtf i'm talking about! :D11:22
bombastWhatever it is I'm sure it's homosexual in nature!11:22
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bombastHello, esters.11:23
esters^_^ bombast11:23
bombastHow's it going?11:23
estersJust finished compiling xorg11:24
bombastAwesome :)11:24
estersNow I have to get it up running11:24
bombastXorg -configure, then modify what you need. :>11:24
estersX -configure11:24
estersBut that is not the problem11:24
estersIt is complaining about XKB and "couldn't find a font to use: try starting with -fn fontname"11:25
bombastthat's odd11:25
bombastI think I had that issue until I installed bistream vera11:25
treachtilman: still having fun I see. :P11:26
thrice`esters: of course you used --install-scripts ?11:27
bombasti never use --instal-scripts either tbqh11:28
thrice`did you probably installed xorg via. the CD11:28
treachesters: just set it in prt-get.conf11:28
thrice`bitstrea-vera is unrealted to his error11:29
thrice`esters: try running /etc/rc.fix (I think is the location)11:29
bombastthrice`: I didn't claim it was *the* answer, I just said I think maybe it happened to me. ;)11:29
thrice`does w8 seriously mean "wait?"11:29
treachit does, if your a 1337 kid. :D11:30
tilmani thought it meant weight11:30
thrice`yes!  my confusion ;)11:30
bombastkirk > picard11:30
tilmani'm not discussing picard with 15 yr olds11:31
bombast number five/captain-james-t-kirk-awesome1.jpg11:31
treachremoved. yay, really funny. :D11:31
estersthrice`: I was talking to the phone11:31
bombastyeah those calls are like 5 dollars a minute11:32
estersthrice`: Yes I use --install-scripts at prt-get11:32
tilmantreach: paste fail? the url worksforme11:32
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thrice`with the spaces?11:32
treachyeah, I missed a char. :<11:32
thrice`esters: hm, ok.11:32
estersthrice`: I didn't had font-misc-misc and font-cursor-misc11:33
tnutHello everybody11:33
estersHi tnut11:33
bombasthowdy tnut11:33
thrice`hi tnut11:33
esterstreach: I ain't no n00b :P11:33
tilmanesters: is this on an up-to-date crux?11:33
esterstilman: Yes11:33
tilmanthose two font packages shouldn't be required these days11:34
esterstilman: Why is that ?11:34
tilmanlibxfont now has the cursor font and a 'fixed' font built in11:34
tilmanbecause nobody likes core fonts anymore11:34
tnuttilman: when you have time, it would be nice to discuss a little bit11:34
estersI didn't know that11:34
tilmantnut: discuss what?11:35
bombasttilman: Everyone gets sexually aroused for neoxis!11:35
treach"do you have the time to listen to me whine.." :D11:35
bombastActually that font screws with my urxvt.11:35
tnutabout NuTyX :D11:35
tilmantreach: rofl11:35
bombasttreach: :D11:35
tilmantnut: uh, okay?11:35
tnutmay be you heard about  it maybe not11:35
tilmani havenot11:35
tnutok, in 2 wordss11:36
estersI like turtles11:36
thrice`and 2 sentences11:36
tnutCRUX and NuTyX share the same pkgutils11:36
tnutand prt-get11:36
bombastWhat the hell is NuTyX11:36
treachwhat, haven't you heard?11:37
bombastAnd if they don't send things back upstream, fuck 'em.11:37
treachit's all over the InternetZ11:37
tilmantnut: okay...11:37
tnutCRUX is a english only distro and NuTyX is a French only distro11:37
tnutbut on the same principle11:37
bombastAs long as they send stuff back up stream.11:37
thrice`no.  merging with the french will not work, of course11:37
tnutnot based on anything11:37
tilmani just meant to ask why the hell their website is french only11:37
estersWTH is NuTyX11:38
tilmantnut: sounds like its based on crux :P11:38
tnutNow you jknow11:38
bombasttilman: For the same reason our website is English only?11:38
tnutonly the packageman11:38
bombasttime to rob their Pkgfiles then11:38
tilmantnut: okay11:39
treachhey, you think you get frogs instead of bugs then?11:39
tnutfor the next release, I was thinking of share more our job11:39
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tnutby the way the french web site is of CRUX is not really alive11:40
bombastI don't speak french. :p11:40
tnutnever mind bombast11:40
bombastA french canadian ripped me off once.11:40
tnutit's not really a prob11:40
tilmantnut: join forces? even though nytux merely uses the same package manager as crux?11:41
bombastIt'd be easier for us to just steal their Pkgfiles.11:41
tnutyes, I means for xorg for exempée11:41
thrice`steal what?  some of us can write our own :(11:41
bombastthrice`: it was a joke.11:41
tilmantnut: hum hum11:42
tnutI'm was using CRUX before11:42
tnutThe reason of NuTyX is at least double11:42
tilmantnut: feel free to sync your xorg stuff from's xorg.git11:42
tnutThe french community is not very spoil if you see what I mean11:43
tilmantnut: i'm not sure how cooperation can work if you guys use french for your git commit comments eg11:43
tnutTanks really a lot tilman11:43
tnutNo no no problem at all11:43
tilman"not very spoil"? please rephrase, i don't get it11:44
tnutFor exemple, You could from the next version on used KDE4 depot for exemple11:44
tnutwhich is quite up to date11:44
bombastI don't know anyone here who actually uses KDE.11:45
tnutby not very spoil, I'm means (sorry my english is not perfect)11:45
bombastI could be wrong though.11:45
tilmantnut: where's your kde4 repo?11:45
tilmanour kde guy just wanted to get started on porting kde411:45
tnutbut you can't used it for the moment11:45
tnutok ok11:45
tnutthen yess11:45
tnutone moment11:45
tnutI'm working on NuTyX since 200611:47
tnutfor your info11:47
tnutthen I discover CRUX11:47
tnutwhich was actually so nice, I could merge my original distro to CRUX packages11:48
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bombastWow they use make -j3 in some of these ports, that's kind of odd11:48
tnutTHey are a lot of English forum, groups, web, distro etc11:48
tnutbombast: it's because we mainly propose binairies11:49
tnutget kde, will install kde for exemple11:49
bombastI never thought of pkgutils as being particularly suited for binaries.11:49
tnutnot alone11:49
tnutbut with pkg-get11:49
tnutand another différence with CRUX is that we propose a compiled kernel with his initrd and in it a Maintenance system ....11:51
bombastprecompiled kernels are over-rated11:52
tnutbut ok11:52
tnutI don't want to sale my self our anything else11:52
tnutI just wanted to share my enthousiast11:52
bombastOh it's fine.11:53
treachamazing that there still are people using pkg-get11:53
tnutI really thing CRUX and his pkgutils is really some thing11:53
treachI thougth it was essentially abandonware11:53
tnutok treach11:53
bombasttreach: I think he meant prt-get ?11:54
treachI don't think so.11:54
treachpkg-get kde would make a lot of sense, if you don't want to just use arch instead.11:55
tnutDid you really try arch ?11:55
thrice`I don't think compiling kde is too bad, especially with cmake11:55
tilmanbombast: see opt/pkg-get11:55
tnutAt the end I had to choose11:55
bombasttilman: ah11:55
treachtnut: no, but a lot of people did, we get the occasional frustrated user here who wants to get off. :P11:56
tnutarch was so unstable compare to my LFS11:56
tnutok another diff with CRUX11:56
bombastarch is unstable compared to a lot of systems11:56
* bombast ducks11:56
tnutis that I strictly follow LFS11:57
treachthrice`: that's highly dependant on what kind of hardware you have..11:57
pitiIIo_/win 111:57
tnutas it make an auto documented systèm11:57
treach_/lose another11:57
thrice`treach: of course; anything you want to run kde4 on fits ;)11:58
pitiIIoarf sorry11:58
thrice`tilman: have you seen this project?   LFS now uses it instead of man , it seems11:58
rehabdollwow.. why?12:02
rehabdollman-files are simple12:02
rehabdollwhy make it more complex?12:02
treachwhew, I first thought "online" meant you needed the internetzzzz to get your manpages. :D12:03
rehabdollyeah that would be useful :)12:03
rehabdoll"man ip"12:03
rehabdolloh, wait12:03
treachIndeed. :>12:04
juerehabdoll: looks like a replacement for /usr/man/whatis12:04
tilmanthrice`: i think i saw someone mention it before12:04
rehabdolloh, yeah12:04
thrice`  and a couple others12:04
thrice`was just checking out LFS's latest devel stuff with 2.6 coming up, seeing what else they were up to ;)12:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: ntp: include patch for 64-bit (thx nipuL)12:09
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: wvdial: fixed build with glibc 2.1012:10
tilmanthrice`: do you still have that updated udev port you gave me some weeks ago? :o12:15
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thrice`might still be in my sent folder.  want to try it? :)12:17
tilmanhang on, maybe it's still in my inbox ;)12:18
tilmangot it, i think12:18
thrice`it looks like they have a "udev-config-2009523.tar.bz2" for udev 14212:19
tilman+0 :p12:22
thrice`yeah, I'd bump to that one.  the changelog isn't anything significant ;)12:25
tilmanthanks for helping out with this crap12:26
thrice`sure, my pleasure12:28
tilmanwho wants to help out look after (the system, not just the web content)?12:32
teKtilman: me12:32
teKno icecream for me, thanks12:33
tilmanthat was much easier than expected12:33
treachwell, seems they aren't censoring stuff at least. :P12:34
thrice`hurray, crux lives12:34
tilmanteK: that's awesome :D12:34
strawtilman: seriously? :p12:34
tilmanstraw: yeah, though i'm not sure i'd trust you yet. no offense12:38
strawPerfectly understandable ;)12:39
bombastYeah, I wouldn't trust straw with safety scissors.12:39
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bombastwacky waving inflatable arm flailing tubeman!12:42
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bombasthey jdolan__ , Rotwang, DarkNekros.13:22
bombastHave you ever noticed that all romantic comedies are about the first few days of a new relationship?13:24
teKfor perfect reasons13:24
aonwhat about "married with children"? :)13:25
bombastYeah, 6 months down the line that same couple is arguing because he looked too long at her mother's ass.13:25
bombastaon: that's sadly more realistic than most people want to admit.13:25
jdolan__oh, i see, i was disconnected.13:27
jdolan__you were just being polite.13:27
bombastI try13:27
DarkNekroshey bombast ;)13:28
DarkNekrosI am also polite with everybody :D13:28
aoni'm very impolite13:29
bombastwacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man!13:30
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estersGreetings from crux :>14:53
estersHmm, I can't understand xorg14:55
estersIf I run X as root, it starts fine, but I get the infamous no input from keyboard/mouse14:55
estersIf I try it as normal user I get complains about xkb and fonts14:55
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tilmanesters: use the xf86-input-evdev driver14:56
bombastNo idea :/14:56
tilmanto fix the first problem14:56
tnuthi everybody (again)14:56
esterstilman: evdev, I use -keyboard and -mouse14:56
estersWhy should I ?14:56
tilmanbecause it fixes this problem? ;)14:56
estersOr is xorg compiled with hal support ?14:56
tilmanevdev is the future anyway :D14:56
tilmanesters: no14:56
bombastI refuse to use HAL14:57
estersI'm sorry Dave14:57
bombastMy xorg.conf works fine.14:57
estersOk, I'll try evdev then14:57
tilmanesters: google for AllowEmptyInput14:57
tilmanthat's another way to fix problem 114:57
esterstilman: Already done14:57
estersI have It in ServerFlags section14:58
esterstilman: Nothing changes14:58
tilmandon't run X as root14:59
bombastMine just says Driver "kdb"14:59
tilmanrun it as $user, and paste the log to paste.se14:59
bombastdamn dyslexia14:59
estersGot it running as root15:01
bombast(15:59) <@   tilman> don't run X as root15:01
bombastJust don't do it.15:01
bombastDon't even try it.15:01
estersI did that15:01
bombastwow you totally told use the wrong error message before15:03
bombastThat's a kernel issue.15:04
bombast  ?     -> Processor type and features                                                                                                                            ?15:04
bombast  ?       -> MTRR (Memory Type Range Register) support (MTRR [=y])                                                                                                ?15:04
strawapart from the missing modules..15:05
tilmani think the only client that was connected died15:05
tilmanso the server quit15:05
estersXorg.0.log -
estersXorg.0.log -
bombasttilman: Him not having MTRR enabled would make that happen.15:06
bombastxterm won't start without it15:06
estersThe first link is not the Xorg.0.log :>15:06
bombastesters: What window manager are you trying to load?15:07
bombastevilwm starts xterm by default doesn't it?15:07
estersIt did15:08
estersWhen I launched the X server as root15:08
bombastthen I'm almost positive that you need to enable MTRR15:08
tilmanpkginfo -i|grep misc-misc15:08
esterstilman: nothing15:09
tilmanprt-get install --run-scripts xorg-font-misc-misc15:09
tilmandoes it work now?15:12
estersbombast: MTRR support is compiled15:12
tilmanls /proc/mtrr15:13
bombasttilman: cat15:13
bombastit's a node15:13
bombastnot a dir15:13
tilmanjust wanted to know whether it existed15:14
estersSame issue15:14
tilmanwhat fucking font does that fucked up window crap manager try to load?15:15
esterserror setting MTRR (base = 0x00000000, size=0x04000000, type = 1) Invalid argument (22)15:16
bombasttilman: You always provide me with the most wonderful amusement.15:16
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tilmanstart openbox, see whether that works15:19
tilmanthen start xterm15:19
tilmanif suddenly things break, blame xterm. otherwise blame evilwm15:19
estersBlame Canada15:19
bombasti always do15:22
bombastWatch the original Terminator for the first time in many years15:26
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estersGood for you15:29
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bombasthey thrice`15:42
RyoSi think black arrow is a trap15:44
thrice`ha ha15:44
tilmanthrice`: aren't you in michgan?15:44
tilmanever see foxfire?15:44
tilmanRegion:            United Kingdoms15:45
tilmankingdom_s_ :D15:45
RyoSRed Arrow is the best XD15:46
RyoSdrin während ovi ist black arrow15:47
thrice`hah, I am indeed :)  no, sadly not15:47
RyoShups, :315:48
RyoSnein du!15:48
tilmandrin während ovi? ._o15:48
RyoStilman: vergiss es XD15:48
jesse_A swing and a miss.15:48
RyoSin b4 germans take over15:49
* treach points to youtube and hitlers "wrong bike" experience15:54
jesse_"Where's my pile o' rust?!"16:04
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thrice`usa accel still seems to tear pretty bad here, though only in flash vids17:12
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thrice`er, uxa accel *18:33
bombastdelayed ;)18:35
*** racer has joined #crux19:01
bombastI'm burning a CD from an NFS share19:14
bombastI hope this works.19:14
nipuLyou might want to turn on burnfree19:27
bombastit actually worked fine19:29
*** jdolan__ has quit IRC19:31
nipuLi've lost count the number of coasters I've made burning over a network19:32
bombastcaps lock19:32
bombastdebian is a piece of shit19:33
bombastcrux worked with this laptop's wireless automatically19:33
bombastdebain is all19:33
nipuLwouldn't kow, neeer sued it19:33
nipuLnever used19:33
nipuLdamn eee keyboard19:33
bombasti always seem to have issues using systems that are generally considered "easy"19:33
nipuLin debian, easy == over engineered rubbish19:34
nipuLi aways prefer simple over easy19:34
thrice`yeah, why even mess with debian, bombast ?19:34
bombastthrice`: wanted a binary distro for it19:35
bombastI need to find an industrial shredder for these hard drives.19:38
nipuLthose things are awesome, i've seen one eat a VW beetle19:39
bombastI need to make a window disappear from Ob3's alt-tab19:39
nipuLdevils pie19:40
bombastOb3 can do it by itself.19:40
bombastI just need to figure out how.19:40
bombastI keep a terminal open window-less to track logs. so it makes no sense for it to be in alt-tab19:41
bombastThe new version of Vim is acting sorta real buggy.19:43
nipuLwhy no just use conky19:43
bombastnipuL: I use gkrellm.19:43
thrice`over conky??  bad bombast19:44
bombastI've used gkrellm for many many years.19:44
nipuLall the cool kids use conky19:44
* bombast shrugs19:44
bombastI'm use to not being very cool.19:44
bombastplus, gkrellm can run in daemon mode so i can keep gkrellmd on my server and monitor it locally.19:46
bombastit hasn't been updated in 2 or so years but i don't care19:47
bombastim too used to it19:47
bombastIt's like an old comforting friend :)19:51
thrice`(and ugly) ;)19:51
bombasti like it19:52
thrice`nipuL: you're running crux on there, no?19:55
bombastnipuL: that's ob3 + rox-panel + conky, right?19:55
nipuLyes and yes19:55
thrice`er, "there" assuming that's your eee :)19:55
bombastwell nipuL's first name is lucas19:56
bombastso i'd hope so19:56
nipuLoh no! my secret identity!19:56
thrice`d'oh, I see "eee" in conky now19:56
thrice`nevermind me19:57
bombastyou didn't see it in the urxvt window?19:57
thrice`heh, to be honest, no19:57
thrice`long day, i guess :|19:57
nipuLi think i might go get my pc keyboard19:58
bombastyou should get one of those mini keyboards that don't include numpads to math the eee19:58
nipuLi prefer my ergo force20:21
nipuLsoft touch keys are the best20:21
bombasti type very hard20:21
bombastI can't believe Arch users really think it's a good idea for pacman to handle their packages.20:24
jaegerWhy wouldn't they? It's a core part of the distribution20:28
bombastjaeger: Read the wiki article on how to make an arch kernel.20:29
bombastIt's awful.20:29
bombastThe process is utterly painful.20:29
bombastI'm very happy with the way Crux handles things..20:30
bombastGreat. Now I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight.20:32
jaegerthat doesn't answer why someone would think pacman is a bad idea20:33
bombastjaeger: It's an ok idea, implemented very poorly.20:33
bombastI guess they just assume most people won't use a custom kernel?20:33
jaegerIf it only managed the kernel I might agree more but eh20:34
bombastI didn't say pacman was a bad idea.20:34
bombastIt's just an utter pain in the ass to use it to deal with kernels.20:34
bombastI have to custom compile my kernels to enable PAE.20:35
bombastAnd if you don't do it the "Arch way"20:35
bombastyou can say bye bye to nvidia support.20:35
bombastim considering giving mpd another try20:42
bombastah, damn20:43
bombastnobody has written an rc script for it20:43
bombastyes they have..20:44
bombastI wish they would've contributed it to contrib20:45
thrice`i'm not sure mpd in contrib/ is maintained anymore20:57
bombastMaybe I should take over it20:58
thrice`i've been back on cmus lately21:01
bombastim on xmms121:02
bombastlike usual21:02
thrice`matches your gkrellm use :>21:13
bombastI'm the world's youngest old man.21:21
bombastlemme alone!21:22
*** Dudde has quit IRC21:24
*** __mavrick61 has quit IRC21:24
*** __mavrick61 has joined #crux21:25
*** Dudde has joined #crux21:25
*** aee has joined #crux21:39
thrice`  my conky :)21:42
*** aee_ has quit IRC21:52
bombastgkrellm is just one of those apps i will use until it stops compiling21:54
bombasteven then ill probably patch it to work21:54
bombastAs much as I hate the rest of the Rox software.21:59
bombastI've always been fond of Rox filer.21:59
joacimi love to hate skinned software. why i hate gkrellm ;)23:09
joacimevery application should look and feel like everything else23:15
aongoogle "cock-shaped soundwave"23:29

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