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strawI wonder what are the requirements to become a mentoring organization for Google SoC01:57
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f1yHi there.02:48
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: arora: updated to 0.7.103:15
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: smplayer: initial commit03:31
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dolandbus-qt3 fails to build on my system04:13
dolananyone can confirm this ?04:13
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nipuLyes, tried to build it the other day and got the same error04:53
tilmansepen: if i understood thrice correctly, you can drop the "-j 1" part from arora/Pkgfile04:55
sepenohh yeah, I forgot this ;D04:55
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sepenI paid more attention on qmake changes, thrice` sorry ;D04:55
sepenand thanks tilman04:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: arora: fixed previous commit04:59
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: git: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: gtk: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: libpng: updated to
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: udev: updated to new LFS rules.07:11
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thrice`mm, interresting using diff's for gtk.  guess I hadn't noticed before08:24
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bombastoh fsck08:46
bombasti missed him08:46
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bombasthey dolan09:22
dolanhey bombast whats up :D09:33
bombastnot much, man09:34
bombastdolan: did you ever get around to trying out the nvidia stuff?09:34
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tilmansharks? ._o11:22
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bombastWow, my mom has taken to condensing annoying image forwards into powerpoint slideshows.11:36
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: apr: update to 1.3.511:43
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: dnsmasq: update to 2.4811:43
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: nvidia: update to 180.6011:43
bombastnew nvidia driver11:43
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bombastT-I DOUBLE GUH ERR11:49
Tigger__hi bombast11:50
bombasthowdy there11:50
Tigger__hows it going?11:50
bombastPretty good. Kinda tired for some reason.11:50
Tigger__must be this hot weather11:51
bombastyeah, i have really bad allergies too11:51
bombastmaybe that's it11:51
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Tigger__yeah, that would do it i'm sure11:51
bombastI need a new battery for my thinkpad11:52
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Tigger__sounds expensive :/11:53
Tigger__oh! not so bad then, i know some are pretty expensive11:54
Tigger__well over here anyway11:55
bombastyeah, its an older laptop11:55
ulughbeghyou can find cheaper/compatible batteries on ebay11:55
ulughbeghnot original offcourse11:56
Tigger__true, and some are better capacity to i believe (mA/h)11:56
bombastulughbegh: i can get them free11:56
Tigger__you crafty devil bombast :D11:57
ulughbeghwtf? :D11:58
bombasti dont pay for most of my stuff.. i don't exactly steal it though11:58
bombasti didnt pay for the laptop im using now11:58
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bombastI hate that the pause key is so close on this keyboard.11:59
bombastit kills term apps11:59
Tigger__Or maybe you have fingers like a bunch og bananas12:00
bombastthe pause key is immediately above the backspace key12:01
bombaston this keyboard12:01
Tigger__ahhh that'll do it12:01
bombastluckily its just my school laptop12:02
bombastand not my main machine12:02
joacimthats why i use macs12:02
joacimthey dont have pause keys12:02
Tigger__good to hear, i don't think i'd ever get on with a laptop keyboard12:02
Tigger__call me old fashioned12:02
bombasti hate it12:03
bombastbut .. it was free.12:03
bombastdecently spec'd too12:03
Tigger__well if it was free then hey lol12:03
bombast2gb Ram, turion64 processor12:03
Tigger__blimey!! mines way out date only 500mb12:04
bombastyeah my thinkpad is 51212:04
bombastmy new desktop has 4gb12:04
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Tigger__i think i will have to upgrade12:05
bombast:( new semester begins Monday12:05
Tigger__what do you study ?12:06
bombastMass Communications12:07
Tigger__cool, is thats talking weights?12:07
Tigger__i'm half way through a Math degree BUT had a break year and never got back it12:10
Tigger__i must continue one day12:10
bombastmy friend did math for his degree12:10
Tigger__it's good fun12:11
bombasti hate calculus12:11
* Rotwang did someone else for his degree12:11
Tigger__and gets your brain going12:11
bombastRotwang: lol12:11
Tigger__calculas is actualy very easy once you fully understand ... it kinda clicks into place12:12
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Tigger__and it's very interesting12:12
Tigger__i personaly found if you have really good graph plotter on a computer you can plug lots funtions into it and see the results so quick that the understanding becomes so much fuller12:14
Tigger__anyway i can see i've just bored you to death with that lol12:15
bombastI understand the importance12:15
Tigger__good to hear :)12:16
bombastI just prefer doing other things :D12:16
Tigger__i understand12:16
Tigger__same here12:16
aon"mass communications" somehow makes me think of flooding on irc12:16
aonor other spamming12:16
Tigger__lol @ aon12:16
bombastaon: lol its more about the study of how mass communications works, etc12:17
bombastmore technical12:17
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strawAny chance that CRUX would ever participate at Google SoC?13:37
tilmansepen_: is mmario any good? :D13:39
thrice`does crux have some projects that might fit the bill, even?13:40
* thrice` holds back on mentioned the "pkg" word13:40
tilmanthrice`: probably not. students would have to talk to us first i think13:41
tilmannot sure a tiny project like crux would get accepted anyway13:41
strawthe student could propose some trailblazing ideas :>13:41
strawhmm, they also took Battle of Wesnoth :P13:42
tilmansepen_: also i think the port is slightly outdated13:42
tilmanlatest version seems to be 1.6c13:43
sepen_yep, 1.6c13:43
thrice`I was going to try out nexuiz, which you always describe sepen_ , but my download didn't finish in time :(13:43
sepen_I'll should cleanup my private repository ;D13:43
jesse_s/I'll should/I should. ;)13:47
sepen_I raped it ;D13:55
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* jaeger plays with openbox again14:09
jaeger so far14:10
thrice`  is what I took last night :>14:14
jesse_thrice`: nice wallpaper.14:18
thrice`a bit realxing, I guess14:20
jesse_After looking at it for a bit, it seems to be some homage to pink floyd's darkside of the moon.14:22
thrice`I think it is, indeed :)14:24
jesse_That, or a piece inspired by it.14:26
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bombastwhy do i ever ever ever bother with McDonalds?15:32
bombastthe food is barely food15:32
bombastand i ALWAYS don't get at least 1 thing i pay for15:32
tilmanjaeger: is destruction your hostname? :D15:42
bombastlooks that way15:42
RyoStilman: have you seen the news for "killerspiele"? :>15:42
bombasthi tilman :)15:42
bombastI really should help out with crux6415:43
bombasti feel guilty having a 64bit cpu and not15:43
bombastbtw jaeger15:44
bombastnitrogen stable compiles if you remove a libpng include15:44
jaegertilman: it is15:47
jaegertilman: my home machines/laptop are named after the endless15:48
jaegerbombast: I hadn't tried, went straight to the git. it works well enough15:49
tilmanjaeger: heh, i had to look that up. wp ftw15:50
bombastThe only thing I'd miss on x64 would be Mp3Tag in Wine15:51
jaegerinstalling wine on that box is my next task but I'm taking a break from it15:52
jaegeralready got osmose working :) fun stuff15:52
bombastI refuse to jump through the multilib hoops like a monkey.15:52
bombastI REFUSE!15:52
thrice`donkeys jump through hoops?15:53
jaegernobody's making you, fortunately15:53
bombasti said monkey15:53
bombastjaeger: ;)15:53
tilmanmonkeys jump through hoops?15:53
bombasttilman: yes15:53
bombastin American ciruses they do15:53
thrice`oh, heh15:53
tilmanamerica schmamerica15:53
bombasti can't help where i live, yet15:54
jaegertilman: as a bit of trivia, is also named for dream of the endless15:54
bombasti thought it was named after the matrix :P15:54
jaegernope, it was way before the matrix15:54
jaegerthe volume of retarded emails we got when the matrix was in production was stupid15:54
tilmani can imagine15:54
jaeger"what is the matrix?" "who is morpheus?"15:54
jaegerWe do not speak your crazy moon-man language. Go away.15:55
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jesse_jaeger: yeah, it's great when there's mass confusion just because what they've seen reminds them of something unrelated.15:58
jesse_ZOMG! must be the same thing!15:58
jaegerwe registered in 1996 if I recall correctly... The Matrix came out in 199916:02
bombastYou recall correctly.16:02
jesse_"How about you follow the rabit the hell out of here?"16:06
jaegerspeaking of, gonna have to shut it down soon for a maintenance window at its host site. so clb will be gone a while16:07
jesse_It won't be the end of the world. :p16:09
jesse_If lady luck's on your side, you might get a complaint or two.16:09
jaegernot at all. I just mention it because any time the bot is gone someone asks me16:09
bombastChildren of Bodom covered Britney Spears - Oops I Did It Again16:19
tilmana) ooooold16:19
tilmanb) they both suck16:19
bombasttilman: I didn't know about it.16:19
bombastI don't keep up with Bodom16:20
tilmangood, it's a waste of time16:20
tilmanthe only thing entertaining about cob is how their singer curses at live shows16:20
bombastI enjoy melodic death metal but I could never get into Bodom16:20
tilmancob = annoying vocals + annoying keyboards16:25
tilman+ annoying 14yr old fans16:25
bombastPeople say the same thing about In Flames but I like them16:25
bombastHave for a long time.16:26
tilmani didn't even like in flames when they were still playing dm16:26
tilmanbut apparently they've gone seriously downhill from 2004? onwards :>16:27
bombastI'll be the first to admit their new stuff isn't that great.16:27
bombastBut I really enjoy Whoracle and stuff.16:27
tilmanactually, lunar strain is okayish :D16:27
bombastSoundtrack to Your Escape was _OKAY_16:28
bombastbut after that16:28
bombastyou're right16:28
tilmanmy favourite in flames song might be the depeche mode cover16:28
bombastthat's because depeche mode kicks ass16:28
* treach begins humming "you'll stumble in my fotsteps"16:30
bombastfotsteps? ;)16:31
treachyep, the lyrics is that way16:31
bombastHaving a girlfriend can be really annoying..16:32
bombastI dislike talking on the phone, a lot.16:32
bombastAnd she loves it.16:32
treach"Try walking in my shoes\ You'll stumble in my footsteps" something, iirc16:32
treachmany years ago.16:32
* treach feels old16:32
tilmantreach: i think he wanted to point out the typo16:33
bombastI was just being a dick.16:33
treachnothing out of the ordinary, then. :>16:33
tilmandm is one of the bands i'd like to see live once16:34
tilmanthough tickets are insanely expensive ._o16:34
bombastI've gotten to see most of my big "want to see" bands like NIN and Tool16:34

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