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bombasti hate this laptop's keyboard00:13
bombastthe pause key is right above the backspace00:13
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jaegermine is as well but I haven't hit it so far00:18
jaegerMSI GX63000:18
bombasti hit mine all the time =[00:19
aonwhat does that key even do?00:19
bombastkills a term app00:19
aon[1] + Suspended (signal)   mutt00:20
aonhmm, didn't get killed00:20
bombastit sure as hell kills irssi =[00:20
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aon[1] + Suspended            irssi00:21
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aonguess it might depend on the term00:24
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* aon is using putty00:24
bombastputty + screen00:24
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DarkNekrosmorning gentlemen ;)01:11
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f1yHi there.01:25
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spaceninjahow should I solve error: too few template-parameter-lists03:15
spaceninjawhen I compile with g++?03:15
spaceninjalife sucks03:17
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: flock: updated to 2.506:22
strawin-memory compressed swapping seems to be nice:
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aonlooks a bit unergonomic07:00
aoni could build one out of my ss ipc :)07:00
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bombastfirst day of the semester07:29
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bombastthere's not an outlet in sight to plug in my laptop07:30
bombastfuck spanish07:31
bombast(sorry if you're spanish)07:31
bombasti guess i'll detach this screen and plug in later07:32
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andrea91hi all07:59
andrea91yesterday I was trying to compile pkgutils within a cross linux from scratch x86-64 system08:00
andrea91but the compilation failed08:00
andrea91in the linking phase, I think08:00
thrice`hm, strange.  any sort of error ?08:02
andrea91I'm recompiling it08:03
andrea91just a moment08:03
andrea91I tried to compile libarchive too, which I think is a dependency08:03
andrea91that's the output08:05
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sependid you unset CXXFLAGS?08:10
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andrea91before making? yes, I'm pretty sure08:10
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jaegermight need to build libarchive without acl support08:16
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andrea91ok, I'm going to try08:18
* thrice` wonders if there is 64-bit 2.6 goodies around08:20
andrea91jaeger: --without-acl?08:23
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sepenfreenode: "....the server is currently split from the rest of the network...."08:26
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jaegerandrea91: it's been a while since I ran into that but sounds reasonable08:31
andrea91it works08:32
jaegergood deal08:32
andrea91thank you. I'm doing a "personal port" of crux for 64-bit cpus, in fact08:32
andrea91any news on something official?08:33
jaegernot at the moment. hopefully there will  be at some point but need to get enough people on board, I guess08:33
andrea91not so difficult to mantain, with the ports system08:34
thrice`the un-official ones are working very well, though :)08:34
andrea91uh, where? :P08:34
thrice`well, there is an iso for the pure64 port.  I don't think one exists for a multi-lib setup08:35
andrea91but, updated?08:35
jaegerI'll be trying to build an iso for the multilib one soon08:35
thrice`andrea91: not sure what you mean, but it's in-sync with the 2.5 branch08:36
andrea91good, I'll give it a try!08:36
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thrice`wow, new MacOS will be $30, AND 64-bitz12:47
treachnow, now, check that sender adress again. You really should know better than beliving anything that drops in into your mailbox. :P12:49
treachthat nigerian bank account you're supposed to pay isn't a good sign. ;)12:50
thrice`:)  watching their WWDC stuff12:50
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thrice`since crux is dying, I guess I'll buy a mac12:52
thrice`i mean, uh, ..hm12:53
treachwho needs a mac when you can have kde4? :p12:53
* treach runs12:53
Tigger__can you still by mac now? arn't they all intels now?12:55
tnutbye every body12:56
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treachmmh, I'm sure there's a joke somwhere in Apple changing to Intel to get two cores.. but I'm too tired to think about it. :>12:57
thrice`weren't the old G5's dual core, or not?12:57
treachI thought it was dual socket, but I might be wrong12:58
Tigger__it was the cost i heard, ibm double the cost or somthing like that12:58
treachI was *kidding*.12:58
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bombasti came home to put my hard drive in my case14:30
bombasti realized i dont have a freaking SATA cable14:31
bombasti forgot that SATA is 1 drive, 1 cable14:31
bombastinstead of how IDE has 2 drives per cable14:31
tnutyu can put it in an external usb box14:31
bombastit was in one14:31
bombasti took it out14:31
tnutah oki14:32
tnutI actually boot my NuTyX this way14:32
tnutthe PC is from my compagny14:32
bombasti can't boot slave drives for some reason14:32
tnutI'm not allow to install anything non windows14:32
bombastat least not from grub14:33
tnutbut I boot my external USB disk14:33
tnuteven no grub14:33
bombastyou can put grub on the hard drive itself14:33
bombastand then tell the BIOS to boot the hard drive14:33
tnutno need14:33
tnutthis laptop can boot from usb14:33
bombastthat's what i meant14:34
tnuteven I don't have any acces to the bios14:34
tnutit has a password protected14:34
tnutah ok yess14:34
bombastit's ok14:34
bombastnothing to be sorry about14:34
tnutIt's exactly what I do14:35
tnutmy english isn't perfect14:35
tnutnot my motherlanguage14:35
bombastI understand.14:36
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sepentnut, did you tried a CMOS clear?15:48
tnutfor what ?15:48
sepenreset the bios15:49
sepenor just replace the battery15:49
tnutdo you want to reset it15:49
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tnutgood night everybody16:05
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jesse_Hummer was bought by chinese businessmen? Not too surprising, they still do have money after all. :D16:39
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bombastHello, friends!20:20
citizen42alphagreetings, bombast.20:22
citizen42alphawhat brings you here ?20:22
bombastcitizen42alpha: im always here20:22
citizen42alpha^_^ wonderful.20:22
bombasti totally lied to someone last night on accident20:22
citizen42alphahaha, how ?20:22
bombasti told them i would update a freetype2 build for bci20:22
bombastand i totally didn't20:23
bombastya rly20:23
bombastI have a short list of Crux specific things to do Fri-Sun20:23
citizen42alphaI don't even run Crux, just here for relatively intelligent conversation.20:24
bombastThen you're in the wroooong place20:24
bombastWe all stupid up in here.20:24
citizen42alphahaha, do tell of these things on this list you've compiled.20:24
bombastwell ive made a wine port for the development version already20:25
bombastgotta push it to my repo20:25
jaegerI've got one of those :)20:25
* bombast smacks jaeger 20:25
bombastyou're always on top of things20:25
bombastYOU'RE MY HERO.20:26
bombastSorry, too much caffeine.20:26
bombastI get a bit jumpy when I'm full of it.20:26
citizen42alphawow, sleep deprivation interacts in odd ways with IRC.20:26
citizen42alphaI read "I20:26
citizen42alpha"I've got one of those" as the lyrics from a Butterfingers song.20:27
bombasti need tol write/port some udev rules20:39
citizen42alphaohhh, fun!20:51
bombasti need to get IE installed..20:57
bombastto quote Bill O'Rielly20:58
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bombasti kinda wish /usr/ports had a structure to it..21:24
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thrice`why ?21:34
citizen42alphaWTF sir.21:34
citizen42alphawhy IE ?21:34
bombastOne of my classes requires web app which requires IE to function for some reason21:35
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thrice`I mean, why do you feel /usr/ports/ lacks structure ? :\21:35
bombastbecause it does?21:36
bombastevery other ports and ports-like system has a far more structured directory system21:36
thrice`it MUST be right, then21:37
bombasti like it21:37
bombastkeeps things clean21:37
thrice`everyone else uses rpm too, we should do that at the same time21:37
bombastthats a horrible example, sir21:37
thrice`then provide a better reason :)21:38
bombastim laying on my stomach watching conan in the dark, my thinking cap isn't on21:39
thrice`crux requires basics, remember21:47
bombasta directory structure isn't complex21:48
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thrice`I guess I've never found the 3 repos too overwhelmin21:51
bombastyeah. thats kind of an issue in itself..21:52
bombastbut that can be addressed with time21:52
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