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DarkNekrosmorning gentlemen ;)00:50
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: conky: update to 1.7.104:03
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: transmission: update to 1.7104:03
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: transmission-gtk: update to 1.7104:03
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: findutils: update to 4.4.204:05
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: findutils: update to 4.4.204:05
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: Merge branch '2.5' into 2.604:05
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funkydoes crux work fine on ibooks (g4) ?06:00
funkyany satisfied user in here?06:01
funkyyup, I'm reading the doc on that page06:01
funkybut I'd like to know if there is any issue with the keyboard, power management, etc..06:01
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bombastgood morning, friends.06:31
bombastfunky: the ibook has pretty good support from what ive seen in menuconfig06:32
bombastI woke up 2 hours early now I have some free time.06:33
funkyok, thank you bombast06:37
funkyi'll give it a try06:37
bombastAre you familiar with tuning your own kernel?06:37
funkyme? yes06:37
bombastThen you should be fine06:37
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funkybombast: but actually what I'm looking for is a distro which doesn't make me work much08:05
funkyat least on my ibook08:05
funkytoo many years using slackware then gentoo, I'm tired08:06
funkyI want a distro which everything works out of the box once installed on my ibook08:07
funkyI've never tried crux-ppc, that's the reason of my initial questions08:07
funkyi don't know how user-friendly is08:08
funkyprecisely what I don't to do is to deal with the kernel,airport,etc..08:09
funkyI don't want*08:09
jaegercrux is probably not what you want, you'll have to do some manual setup of those I bet08:11
bombastfunky: Maybe look into Ubuntu PPC?08:12
thrice`or maybe a basic debian install08:13
bombastif he's wanting easy to use might as well go all the way08:13
thrice`I dont' have much experience with PPC distros either, but crux doesn't sound like what you're after08:15
funkyI see08:16
funkythanks for the answers, maybe someday I'll try it on one of my workstations where I usually spend much more time08:17
* bombast nod08:17
thrice`since, for example, you'll be forced to compile your own kernel during the installation :)08:17
bombastfunky: There are definitely a lot more PPC distros out there now than ever before.08:17
funkyok, then no, crux is definitively not what I'm looking for08:17
funkybombast: I've tried those that you've named08:17
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funkybut I wanted to try something else, even something more specific for ibooks (ppc)08:18
bombastfunky: Yellow Dog?08:18
funkyyup, that's one on my todo list08:18
bombastYellow Dog is probably going to be perfect08:18
bombastit's made JUST for PPC systems08:18
funkycrux seems to be something between gentoo and arch linux08:20
bombastwith a little slackware and freebsd thrown in08:20
funkyI love that kind of distros, actually those what I usually use (openbsd on my server) debian/arch on wks (before slackware/gentoo for many years)08:21
bombastyeah i know what you mean08:21
thrice`I'd say pretty close to gentoo, but stripping out the complex stuff, like stable/unstable, use flags, complex build scripts08:21
bombastyeah, gentoo is way too complex for me to use :/08:22
bombastportage is a mess08:22
funkyi love gentoo, imo is the best distro i've ever tried, but ended up terribly tired of compiling08:22
funkyi decided to switch to any binary-based distro08:22
bombastpeople who make that statement about gentoo tickle me honestly08:23
bombastthey don't know what it means to compile anything08:23
funkyi used gentoo from the beginning 'til 1 year ago08:23
bombastgentoo isn't about compiling squat08:23
funkyI DO know what it is08:23
bombastit's about typing emerge and twiddling your thumbs08:23
thrice`I'd grow tired if I used a big desktop environment, indeed08:23
funkybut compiling means:08:23
funky- heat generation in my room08:24
funky- long waits until i get what I want08:24
bombastwhen i used gentoo, even on a 1ghz + 512 ram rig08:24
bombasti never spent more than an hour at a time compiling08:24
funky- bad performance on my system while I achieve #208:24
bombastand im NOT defending gentoo here08:24
bombastit sucks08:24
funkydespite of using nice/renice/distcc/etc...08:24
bombastwhat the hell were you compiling? KDE?08:25
funkyI've had gentoo on a amd k6-2 300mhz for years08:25
funkybombast: for example, yes08:25
funkykde, xorg (there was binary packages for OO and firefox, for god's sake)08:26
bombastthe largest thing i ever compile is the kernel or xulrunner08:26
funkyon gentoo ?08:26
bombastthats because those organizations officially support their own binaries08:26
bombastor any distro08:26
bombasti have no use for gnome or kde..08:26
funkythere are not almost official binary packages on gentoo08:26
bombastthe binary packages from gentoo for firefox come straight from mozilla08:27
funkyyou have to compile xfce/fluxbox/ice/ion3/whatever too08:27
bombastyes and those take all of what08:27
bombast2 minutes08:27
funkygcc/glibc in general, the toolchain08:28
funkywas a pita too08:28
bombastthose were factored into my08:28
bombast"never more than an hour" thing08:28
funky1h is a long wait for working while is compiling08:29
bombastI don't code in C so a gcc update has never been THAT crucial to me.08:29
aonit's probably more crucial if you code c++08:29
funkyif you are using a source based distro, then gcc is CRUCIAL to you08:29
bombastYes but I've already got a working gcc08:30
funkysource code*08:30
bombastso it's fine?08:30
bombastim sorry im just having a hard time following08:30
funkyi've got to go back to work08:32
funkynice to meet you all08:32
bombastI don't know, I've always compiled my own software since I figured out how to.08:34
bombastIt was always just easier for me.08:34
bombastI remember sitting in front of my very first mandrake install getting pissed that I couldn't use some options in some packages because the RPM dude --disable'd them.08:35
bombastSo from that point on if I had to add software to my systems, I compiled it myself.08:35
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thrice`"this adobe reader update requires you to restart windows"  O.o09:16
thrice`tilman: feature request - a windows port of rakt :>09:21
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bombastthis class is really dry10:27
aonwhich class?10:30
thrice`what is your major, bombast ?10:31
bombastMass Communications10:31
bombastthank god for ssh10:31
bombasti can work on Pkgfiles!10:31
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aonthe most horribly boring lectures i've been on have been on have been about military leadership10:32
aonnot at the university, though :)10:32
aon-"have been on"10:32
aonsoftware engineering is also pretty bad10:33
bombastin most classes this semester im just going to be on irc10:33
thrice`I sometimes miss university.  "real world" is quite boring10:33
bombastthrice`: im going to phd level10:34
aoni rarely go to classes10:34
aoni can irc from home as well10:34
bombasti find class a good time to get out of the house10:35
aoni've spent almost a whole week indoors :)10:36
aonoften 3 days or so10:36
bombastlol i dont mean like "outdoors" but away from my parents10:36
aonyeah, i live alone while i'm studying10:37
thrice`I think I would have gone crazy living with my parents10:37
aoni don't appreciate this very much either, my mum tends to explain very uninteresting things in a quite loud voice for hours10:38
aonbut this place is 25km from work and my own is 110km, so..10:38
strawI don't go to classes because of the classes but because of the socializing :P10:38
bombasti hate socialilizng10:38
bombasthence the irc use10:38
strawnerd! :<10:38
aoni socialize only if i'm drunk10:40
aonand i can't follow lectures then10:40
aonhaven't really tried, though10:40
strawSounds like a plan ;p10:40
aongtg ->10:40
strawlater, aon10:41
bombastfreenode is clearing out old usernames11:10
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aoni wonder if will expire, too12:23
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bombastaon: I'm just excited that the screen-name I've had on other networks since I was 11 will finally be mind.12:25
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tilmanthat name is probably ridiculous then :D12:25
bombastit kind of is12:25
tilmanis it "GOD"? :D12:26
aonor "sex"12:26
bombastno, that's my password.12:26
bombast... FUCK12:26
aonor what the third one was12:26
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bombastI had to explain Oedipus Rex to the class just now..12:29
aoni see12:29
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Rotwangfuck \;14:18
bombastCome again?14:19
thrice`"Fuck" I think14:20
* bombast slowly backs away14:20
Rotwangthere is no work for people like me ;}14:20
bombastLazy people?14:20
Rotwangdont piss me off14:20
bombastOr else what? You'll.. ASCII me?14:21
thrice`or you can be kicked, probably14:21
bombastI have no idea what kind of job he's looking for or where.14:22
bombastI'm not a mind reader.14:22
Rotwangbombast: shut up14:22
Rotwangplx plx14:22
bombastYou brought up the topic..14:22
bombastNot me.14:22
RotwangSHUT THE FUCK UP!14:22
bombastPerhaps it's time to step away from the IRC channel.14:23
bombastAnd have a beer.14:23
Rotwangsorry i got carried away a bit14:23
jaegerok, we get it, you two are arguing... just put each other on ignore and move on14:23
Rotwangim just pissed14:23
Rotwangand you bombast does not help14:24
bombastPerhaps being on IRC when you're dealing with a hard time emotionally is not helpful? I've made that mistake quite a few times myself.14:24
bombastMaybe try a long hot shower and relax?14:25
bombastWarm showers relax the muscles and calms the mind.14:25
Rotwangmeh, hot shower wont help ;], anyway nd of the topic14:28
bombastI'm considering a project14:38
bombastWhere the basic idea is to do this14:38
bombastwhen you install crux14:38
bombastah crap14:39
bombastwrong window14:39
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bombastWiki software is pretty much all the same, it and pretty much all sucks.19:00
thrice`write a non-suck19:33
nipuLthe same could be said about most software21:12
bombastconsidering the fact im wanting the wiki for a project im starting, i don't really want to start another project to start another project21:24
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bombasthey Dudde21:28
nipuLwikis are brain dead easy to implement21:37
bombastmaybe so but ive got other things to worry about, like implementing a type of version control system21:38
bombastim not sure if i should go with git or svn21:38
bombastgit seems kind of overkill for this type of project21:38
bombasti may to enlist some people here to help, it is crux related21:40
bombastSo much to do, so little time. :)21:42
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bombasthey aon22:52
bombasti like your double smile thing22:53
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bombastI really need to clean this room :/23:35
bombastoh well, i can do it tomorrow.23:37
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bombastoh noes, it's James`.23:40
James`hehe whats up bombast :)23:41
bombastLooking at wiki software before heading to bed.23:41
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James`oops pkilled pypanel23:43
bombastBut yeah, I'm starting a Crux related project soon.23:43
bombastAnd I'm getting all the needed web based software together.23:44
James`bombast, what kind of project ?23:44
bombastIt's a secret :)23:44
James`hehe :D23:45

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