IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2009-06-13

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tilmanaon: i already fixed urxvt, but didn't apply the patch to opt.03:42
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spaceninjaxulrunner is still failing05:11
spaceninjaill reinstall everything05:11
spaceninjais there a 2.6 test iso?05:13
tilman2.6 really isn't ready for public consumption yet05:13
treachreinstall everything..05:15
treach"format c:"05:15
tilmanproved practice back then, so it must work today05:16
tilmanbut well05:16
tilmanspaceninja was told before that that's nonsense...05:16
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aontilman: well, could you?05:58
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: rxvt-unicode: fixed the build with gcc 4.4.06:01
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nipuLjaeger: you've use dspem haven't you?06:23
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: glade3: 3.6.4 -> 3.6.507:22
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aontilman: tnx08:16
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jaegernipuL: yes09:33
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Rotwanghi Giuseppe_09:57
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thrice`rehabdoll: have you built any 2.6 goodies (eg, toolchain) ?10:14
rehabdollbtw, what provides the blkid stuff?10:14
thrice`  jue put it under the util-linux-ng stuff10:15
thrice`I think the goal in 2.6 is to use it from util-linux-ng10:16
rehabdollboth util-linux-ng and e2fsprogs whines about it during configure10:16
thrice`so, udev now rids of vol_id in 142, and apps (like hal) use blkid instead of vol_id10:16
rehabdolloh, silly me10:17
jaegeroh, maybe I'm mistaken, sorry10:17
rehabdollprt-get uses my x86_64 port :>10:17
thrice`judging from the footprints, it seems e2fsprogs still provides it.  I guess the switch hasn't been made yet10:18
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spaceninjaits working now10:24
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tilmanin case anyone else notices that with the recent wine update fonts look like crap:
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spaceninjais the default route the gw in /etc/rc.d/net ?11:27
spaceninjaok, but where do I specify the netmask and dns?11:28
shimshamyou do with ifconfig11:28
shimshamand dns is in /etc/resolv.conf11:28
spaceninjaoh ok thanks11:29
tilmanthe netmask is given as the number of set bits11:29
tilman-> 24 bits set in the netmask11:29
tilmansince 255 is 11111111 in binary ;)11:30
strawCIDR +1!11:31
spaceninjabut I need this
tilmanwell, i told you 255 equates to 8 in that magic number11:33
tilmanso you got 3 * 8 = 24 (duh)11:33
shimshamwho cares about netmasks11:33
tilmantranslate 192 to binary11:33
shimshamits like windoze, you can configure it imporperly and it'll probably work11:33
tilmanand count the number of set bits :P11:33
tilman192 = 128 - 64 => 2 bits11:34
tilman-> 24 + 2 = 2611:34
tilmanwhy am i so helpful?11:34
shimshamyou are teh man11:34
tilmanusually i don't help with shit like this :>11:34
spaceninjashimsham: I'm going to colocate a server and they send me some configs that I need11:35
shimshamyeah i run a colo company too11:36
spaceninjamaybe they got a dhcpc server11:36
spaceninjaso I need to hard config these stuff?11:36
shimshamif someone asked me to setup a dhpcd server cause they coudlnt configure thier ips11:36
shimshamid say they dont need a colo11:36
shimshamid suggest some managed services11:37
shimshamlike a dedicated server or virtual private server11:37
spaceninjabut none of them got crux11:37
shimshamwith mgmt11:37
shimshami offer CRUX11:37
shimshami run a CRUX mirror too11:37
shimshamthis isnt the place for sales tho11:37
spaceninjayou do? How much do you charge, and what do I get?11:37
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* thrice` takes notes from tilman 12:28
spaceninjatilman: forgot to say thanks, thanks12:30
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dllssimple quiestion:  I have at the moment Arch and Crux on my PC, but I can not configure LILO to to boot them separately. Any help? Thanks.12:43
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shimshamhow do you mean12:50
shimshamjust create a /boot partition with each seperate kernel12:50
dllsI have CRUX installed on /dev/sda712:51
shimshamthen do something like this12:51
shimshamboot = /dev/cciss/c0d012:51
shimshamdelay = 5012:51
shimshamimage = /boot/bzImage12:51
shimsham        root = /dev/cciss/c0d0p112:51
dllsand Arch on /dev/sda112:52
shimsham        label = CRUX12:52
shimsham        read-only # read-only for checking12:52
shimshamimage = /boot/bzImage12:52
shimsham        root = /dev/cciss/c0d1p112:52
shimsham        label = ArchLinux12:52
shimsham        read-only # read-only for checking12:52
shimshamchange teh roots12:52
shimshamto whatever yours are12:52
shimshamthen run lil12:52
shimshamyou know technically you should be able to run the same kernel for each12:52
shimshamyou can use the same kernel, same swap space, same /home12:52
dllsso I have to copy the kernel from /dev/sda1/boot /dev/sda7/boot ?12:52
shimshamkeep both distrso kernel12:53
shimshamin /boot12:53
shimshamcopy the kernel from arch linux to /boot, name it archlinux-kernel-v2.612:53
shimshamthen copy the CRUX kernel to /boot, name it crux-kernel-v2.612:53
thrice`doesn't arch use an initrd though?12:53
shimshamarch linux would.12:54
dllsI don't know I hope it will work12:54
shimshami dunno12:54
shimshamall you need to do is setup different options for each kernel12:54
shimshamchange the /roots12:54
shimshamits the same for all bootloaders12:54
shimshamuse GRUB if you need to12:54
shimshamive used lilo forever12:54
dllsI'll copy the kernel from /dev/sda1/boot to the CRUX partition wich is /dev/sda7/boot12:54
shimshamyou can leave them on the same boot12:55
shimshamthrice`: help me am i not explaining clearly?12:55
dllslet's see what will happen12:55
dllsI am going to reboot now12:55
shimshami smoked a lot of pot earliar so im probably not much help12:56
shimshamdont forget to run lilo12:56
shimshamwith the new config12:56
shimshambefore you reboo12:56
dllsI will not12:56
dllsI know that12:56
shimshamive done it so many times12:56
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dllsHi again14:30
dllsso I did it wich GRUB14:30
dllsit's work14:30
dllsI can boot now Arch or CRUX14:31
shimshamyou should probably stay in CRUX tho14:31
shimshamArchLinux causes homosexuality14:31
dllsbut another problem14:31
shimshamit just does14:31
dllsso about the problem:14:31
dllsI configured everything in rc.conf and resolv.conf14:32
dllsbut it can load my DNS14:32
shimshamyour /etc/resolv.conf format should be14:32
dllsI can ping IPs14:32
shimshamsearch domain.com14:32
dllsI have added only nameserver <IP>14:33
dllswhat is this search about14:33
jaegerif you do something like "ping wtf" and wtf is really, you need search domain.com14:34
shimshamare you sure your nameserver works14:35
shimshamtry using
tilmanthose search directives are optional anyway14:35
tilmanso that's not your problem14:35
dllsI am wondering if arch really loads resolv.conf14:35
shimshamdlls: you can ping your namesrver?14:36
dllssorry about my english14:36
tilmanresolv.conf certainly isn't a crux thing14:36
shimshamdo this14:36
tilmanglibc queries it :>14:36
shimshamhost your_ns_ip14:36
dllswhatever I will fix it somehow14:36
dllsnow I am going to eat14:36
dllsthank you very much14:36
dllsfor your help14:36
dllsyou are great14:37
dllsand I'll remember that thing about homosexuality14:37
dllsI want to have the both systems14:37
* straw </3 distro bashing14:38
dllsbecause sometimes I need to install something fast14:38
dllsand I don't have time to compile from source14:38
dllsjust because of that I've installed Arch14:38
shimshamwoo i have successfully setup google adwords14:39
dllsfor example I need OpenOffice now but don't want to compile it from source I CRUX-like14:39
dllsI will need a lot of time14:39
treachoo.o is a binary package14:39
shimshamyou dont need to compile it14:39
dllsit's easier in Arch14:39
shimshamthey distribute binary packages14:40
dllswho? crux?14:40
shimshamno, openoffice14:40
dllsreally? where?14:40
shimshamid assume on their website14:40
tilmanthe port everyone uses in crux is a binary package straight from openoffice.org14:40
dllsaha understood14:40
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tilmani think Rotwang once worked on a 'source port' some time ago14:40
dllsyou right14:40
dllsI'll do it thatway14:41
shimshamofcoruse we're right14:41
shimshamwe are #crux14:41
tilmanTemple of Knowledge14:41
tek_high priest tilman, have a look at #*devel, thx14:41
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treachtempel of knowledge, not asylum of madness.14:41
tilmanhaha :D14:42
treachthat would be #gentoo, I guess. :>14:42
* shimsham hides that hes running gentoo right now14:42
shimshamoh wait no14:42
shimshamim in Debian14:43
tilmanshimsham: that worked really well14:43
shimshami run debian on this box, crux on my two servers14:43
shimshamand gentoo on one MX14:43
tilmaniran ftl :|14:46
* jesse_ waits for the "bomb them to hell" comments to start pouring in.14:47
thrice`huh, 2.6.30 dims my screen on resume P(14:49
thrice`:( *14:49
shimshamim advertising on google now14:49
* shimsham so cool14:49
tilmanthrice`: that's what i said yesterday! :D14:53
thrice`I know, I just didn't believe you until I tried :P14:53
shimshamanyone here tried ksplice?14:54
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tilmanjesse_: uh, i think that's not what they need right now ;)15:01
jesse_Indeed not.15:01
jesse_That was merely the usual and expected comment often regurgitated by ignorant people who know nothing about iran.15:02
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shimshamIrans cool.15:05
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: tcsh: moved to opt15:31
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: libusb: update to 1.0.215:31
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: tcsh: moved from core15:31
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bombastnew xukrunner/firefox <315:31
tilmanjue: thanks for taking tcsh :D15:31
juetilman: how about rpm2targz?15:32
bombastdoes anyone use that?15:32
tilmanjue: okay15:32
juethanks :D15:32
tilmanbombast: grep rpm2targz /usr/ports/*/*/Pkgfile15:33
tilman-> contrib/dos2unix, contrib/openoffice15:33
bombastnothing important.15:33
bombastt ; COMMAND=/usr/bin/pkgadd -u /var/ports/packages/xulrunner#
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: rpm2targz: moved from core15:39
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: rpm2targz: moved to opt15:40
bombastI finally found an awesome set of icons/gtk stock icons to replace tango15:43
shimshamim using opera now15:44
shimshamonly cause the google adwords shit wasnt rendering properly in firefox15:44
shimshamyeah isnt it15:45
shimshami rarely have that trouble15:45
shimshambut it popped up perfectly in opera15:45
bombastmmm or a weird gtk issue15:47
treachif it hadn't been for all the extensions for ff, it would be so dead they'd have to find another word for it. :/15:48
* bombast shrugs15:49
bombasti cant think of another browser i can comfortably use over firefox15:49
bombastexcept normal mozilla15:49
shimshami like umm15:55
shimshambut i dont like Gnome15:55
bombastLove those icons.15:56
bombastshimsham: Galeon no longer exists.15:56
bombastThe Epiphany and Galeon teams merged.15:56
shimshamoh right15:56
shimshamive ued epiphany15:57
bombastThey both use Gecko so I don't get the point.15:57
* bombast shrug15:57
treachkonqueror works well enough for me, else there's arora and all the other webkit browsers, opera etc.15:57
shimshamOpera is a LOT like firefox15:57
shimshamvisually anyways15:57
treachafaik that epi thing is going webkit in the future if not already15:58
shimshamalthough i guess the typical browser wont look too different15:58
* bombast shrugs16:00
bombastFirefox works fine <316:00
rehabdoll"fine" is a bit strong16:00
rehabdollits fucking rubbish16:00
bombastNot really.16:00
rehabdolltoo bad all other browsers suck too16:00
shimshamLinks 4 Life16:00
shimshamLinks or DIE16:00
bombastfuck yeah links16:00
rehabdollbut crux lacks BASICS16:00
shimshamrehabdoll loves Dillo16:00
shimshamyou're right16:01
shimshamcrux does need a qbasic interpereter16:01
tilmangoddamn newbies don't know anything16:01
rehabdollhar har16:01
shimshamtilman you are the ultra noob16:01
* bombast puts "alias vim=emacs" in tilman's /etc/profile16:02
shimshamif i had to choose from either of those16:02
shimshamid cut my face off16:02
tilmanbombast: i use zsh16:02
bombastshimsham uses gedit obviously16:02
shimshami have16:02
bombastim sorry16:02
treacheclipse, no doubt. :>16:03
shimshami dont mind gedit for editing code16:03
shimshamand nano does the coding outlines16:03
shimshamso whatever16:03
shimshamvim makes no sense to me, i can use it, if i have to16:03
shimshambut it sucks16:03
bombastI personally don't leave home without scite16:03
shimshami think openoffice sucks too16:03
rehabdollvi is the editor of the beast16:05
rehabdollvi vi vi etc16:05
shimshamvi doesnt follow any rules16:05
shimshamwtf were they thinking16:05
shimshaminstead of a down arrow.. enter makes it go down16:05
straw*was he thinking16:06
tilmanjesus you're ignorant16:06
shimshambecause i dont enjoy to use a text editor?16:06
thrice`tilman: hm, resume worked this time WRT brightness :|16:06
treachshimsham: old terminals didn't have arrow keys, that's why hjkl is used.16:06
treachalso it happens to be on the home row16:06
treachso you don't have to move your hands16:07
tilmanthrice`: oh, you said *resume*. sorry, i was thinking of booting16:07
shimshambut keyboards do have arrows now16:07
shimshamwhen was hte last time you used a terminal with no arrow keys?16:07
tilman<    treach> also it happens to be on the home row16:07
tilman<    treach> so you don't have to move your hands16:07
thrice`nah.  booting actually worked (with KMS :D ), but when I did a suspend/resume, it came back at 016:07
shimshamyou have to move your hands anyways16:07
tilmanthrice`: weird. might be a bug then. until now i thought it was a (power saving?) feature16:08
tilmanthrice`: you've got an i965, right?16:08
thrice`heh.  sure, "turning the screen black will make battery last longer!!) ;_16:09
thrice`yes, i96516:09
treachat least vim uses saner keys than old "escape meta alt control shift" :>16:09
tilmanit does16:09
thrice`X3100 iirc16:09
tilmanbacklight is a major factor on power consumption (at least on my laptop)16:09
strawit wasn't working for me the last tiem I tried to use KMS (also i965/X3100)16:09
tilmanyes, 2.6.29 didn't work with i956s16:10
thrice`tilman: oh yes, I agree, but that would be a silly thing for them to assume I want it set to 0 at boot (or resume)16:10
strawoh? I didn't know that16:10
strawbut didn't really did into it either back then16:10
tilmanthrice`: yeah. usually when you poke the hardware, you want to use it in the very near future :D16:11
thrice`I also noticed that my wifi signal on 2.6.30 is much higher than 2.6.29.  It used to sit around 80%, and now is pretty steady between 98-10016:11
strawyup, same here :)16:11
thrice`perhaps power is diverted from my backlight to the wifi card :D16:12
shimshamor its reporting invalid16:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mysql: udpate to 5.0.8316:18
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: ocaml: udpate to 3.11.116:18
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: nvidia: udpate to 185.18.1416:18
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: Merge branch '2.5' into 2.616:18
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mysql: update to 5.1.3516:18
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: php-mysql: raise release to force rebuild for new mysql version16:18
bombastlots of work going on for the 2.6 push16:20
bombasti like it16:20
shimshami want to make a port that installs apache with mpm-peruser16:21
shimshamim lazy though16:21
tilmanbombast: keep in mind most of those 2.6 commits are changes done on 2.5 that are just copied over (merged) :p16:21
bombasttilman: It's still activity and work, and that's a good thing. (TM)16:21
juethrice`: btw, why do you think that the blkid switch hasn't been done yet?16:22
thrice`I just saw blkid listed in core-2.6's .footprint for e2fsprogs16:24
juebombast: you're right, at all it's a lot of work16:24
bombastGood to see it happening, though.16:25
juethrice`: look again, please ;)16:28
thrice`oh, sorry; you are very right.  I see a 2.5 in my URL16:29
tilmani need to patch pkgutils wrt the xz stuff16:33
tilmanatm, libarchive is initialized with support for all archive formats and all compression algorithms16:33
tilman-> if libarchive knows about xz, i need to statically link pkgadd to liblzma16:33
tilmanor (b), only tell libarchive to use tar and gzip16:34
tilmanno, this applies to the current stuff as well16:34
thrice`oh, I thought libarchive knowing of xz-utils would be plenty to pass to pkgadd16:34
tilmani didn't get that16:35
thrice`oh, wait.  I thought you were saying you need to patch pkgutils for xz-support16:37
tilmanthat is what i'm saying16:37
tilmanpkgadd is linked staatically16:37
tilmanso every library that libarchive uses needs to show up in pkgutils' Makefile16:38
tilmanatm: LDFLAGS += -static -larchive -lz -lbz216:38
thrice`oooh, I see now16:38
tilmantwo choices:16:38
tilmana) make it possible to use tar.xz files with pkgadd/pkginfo and blow up pkgadd16:38
tilmanb) don't. :D16:38
tilmanmaybe i should bring this up on crux-devel16:39
juetilman: why do we need bz2/xz support for pkgadd?16:39
thrice`does b) still allow package#*pkg.tar.xz  distribution?16:39
tilmanthrice`: nein!16:39
tilmanjue: if we decide we want to have xz-compressed tarballs on the iso instead of gz... :)16:40
jueyeah, only if16:40
tilmanmy point is:16:40
tilmanwe need to make up our minds. pkgutils will need a patch one way or another16:40
tilmanthe question is just how the patch looks like :)16:41
*** andrea91 has joined #crux16:41
andrea91hi all16:41
thrice`and the details of "blow up" (or don't I want to know?) :)16:41
juebut anyway, we don't need the bz216:41
andrea91I would want to use a 64-bit of crux16:41
andrea91I've already seen this:16:41
andrea91ok, differences between the two ports?16:42
thrice`one seems to work better than the other ;)16:42
jaegerno idea if ecarux is maintained16:42
andrea91(and, at that point, are there others ports? xD)16:42
jaegerthere's a multilib one as well but no ISO for it16:42
tilmanandrea91: nipuL is working on a multilib crux16:42
jaegeryou can install the pure64 one and update it to multilib, though16:43
tilmanheh, i was just going to ask about that16:43
thrice`jaeger: do you plan to try an iso ?  I might be interested :)16:43
andrea91I don't need multilib16:43
jaegerthrice`: yeah, I plan to make one16:43
jaegerI'll look into it monday since that install is my work desktop16:43
tilmanandrea91: a few of us use rehabdoll's iso (, it's working nicely16:43
andrea91only 2.5 branch?16:43
jesse_2.6 is not released yet.16:44
jaegerI believe it is at the moment16:44
andrea91well, it is not released, but a 32-bit crux can be upgraded to it :P16:44
juetilman: at all I'm a bit questionable because of the additional work for the having-xz-packages-only-for-the-iso stuff16:44
thrice`jaeger: awesome; I thought I had read you might try, but couldn't remember16:44
tilmanjue: me too. also the fact that it will probably raise the minimum ram required to install crux16:45
tilmanand it's not like iso size is a _problem_16:45
andrea91tilman, where is that rehabdoll's iso?16:45
jueyeah, I'd suggest to limit it for now to pkgmk16:46
treachtilman: think of all the poor people on dial up! ;)16:46
andrea91ah, the one you linked me16:46
tilmanjue: you mean gz?16:46
jueno, xz support16:46
andrea91ok, downloading it, thanks16:46
tilman"I'd suggest to limit it for now to pkgmk"16:47
tilmanjue: i'm not getting that :D16:47
tilmanjue: you're saying, limit pkgutils to tar/gz?16:47
juepkgmk should support *.xz tarballs ;)16:47
tilmanyou mean source tarballs/distfiles, right?16:48
andrea91excuse me, I'm not on Linux now and I can't use rsync: what's the version of openoffice in the contrib ports?16:50
treachrotwang is busy and hasn't had time to build a new version. (I'm kidding)16:51
Rotwangit's teh last port from contrib that needs update16:52
Rotwangmy port16:52
Rotwangand awesome16:52
*** mike_k has joined #crux16:52
andrea91"build"... I think it's just changing a number in the Pkgfile. I hope I'll not have problems doing it16:53
jaegerI should get rid of my old openoffice port16:53
Rotwangandrea91: no16:54
treachandrea91:Now, I'm joking, but seriously that guy at least for a time maintained a source based port for it. :>16:54
andrea91the port in contrib points to a precompiled package?16:54
tilmanthe official one16:55
andrea91there is a source-based port somewhere?16:55
Rotwangmaybe ecarux has one16:55
Rotwangbuilding OOo from source is really REALLY painful16:56
andrea91I know it, I used to do it on Gentoo >_>16:56
thrice`are there really advantages from source?16:57
andrea91the fact that I'm no more using gentoo should tell you the answer xD16:57
thrice`oh, you seemed to want an OOo from source ;)16:57
* jaeger prunes the hell out of his repo16:57
treachthrice`: yeah, it gives you the oppertunity to test if your computer is really well cooled. :>16:58
andrea91I only want the latest version :D16:58
thrice`you will need to change 3.0.0 in version, and also the basis link from 3.0 to 3.116:58
andrea91no problem, I can do that :)16:58
thrice`"ln -sf basis3.0 basis-link"  to basis3.1 basis-link16:59
andrea91thank you16:59
Rotwangandrea91: yeah, building is one thing and maintaining source OOo port is another ;]17:00
* Rotwang was on a tito & tarantula concert today ;D17:00
andrea91in fact, I was an arch fan, but I'm getting bored with it. It happens :P17:02
*** Rotwang1 has joined #crux17:02
* Rotwang1 was on a tito & tarantula performance today ;D17:03
RyoS_Rotwang1: saw them17:03
RyoS_they rock17:03
Rotwang1yeah, they are cool17:04
andrea91do you know some low-level tool for hard disk diagnostic?17:04
Rotwang1they let people flom floor to dance on the stage17:04
Rotwang1and i got ticket for free ;D17:04
shimshamdo they make a free version of 'Toast'17:04
Rotwang1as a crew member17:04
RyoS_Rotwang1: saw them free17:07
*** Rotwang has quit IRC17:07
RyoS_saw them backstage17:07
RyoS_got pics with the band17:07
RyoS_they really are cool peeps17:07
Rotwang1nice ;D17:08
shimshamdude holy shit17:13
shimshamopera has a bittorrent client17:13
shimshambuilt in17:13
RyoS_opera can cool coffee!17:13
Rotwang1shimsham: old news17:14
andrea91it has even a irc client, if I remember correctly17:14
Rotwang1opera also has irc client and a hair dryer17:14
shimshamshows how long its been since i used it17:14
shimshami wish i had realized, i had a Transmission client running too17:15
treachand a mail client17:15
treach(in opera)17:15
vektoriAnd an IRC client!17:15
shimshami still read my mail with pine17:15
treachvektori: using it? ;)17:15
shimshamand i use BitchX which is apparently dead17:15
andrea91excuse me one more time, what's the version of xorg-server?17:15
vektoriNah, you'd have to pry irssi from my cold dead hands.17:16
shimshamim not sure what it is about irssi17:16
shimshami just cant get into it17:16
shimshamsomething about a stock bitchx setup17:16
shimshamjust does it for me17:16
treachvektori:  hah, ok, I figured you migth use it since you were the maintainer for opera iirc. ;)17:16
Rotwang1shimsham: do a fork and develop it further17:17
shimshamyou know its funny you said that17:17
vektoriThere's just something with Opera's font rendering that's driving me nuts. :(17:17
shimshamwe have a BitchX cvs tree17:17
shimshamwith all the patches added17:17
shimshamand a few ones we wrote17:17
shimshamjust for the known vulns17:17
vektoriPlus I can't live without Flashblock+Adblock no more.17:18
shimshamand a few mods that make it compile with the newest GCC17:18
shimshamthe final version of bitchx wont compile with gcc 4.x i believe17:18
treachvektori: and noscript.. oh the joys of web 2.0. :>17:18
shimshammaybe we should clean it up17:18
shimshamand do a for17:18
shimshamRotwang1: will you use our new bitchx?17:18
Rotwang1f its better than pidgin ;D17:19
vektoriThey should merge bitchx and pidgin and call it bitchin'.17:19
shimshamvektori just came up with a million dollar idea17:20
shimshamthen we can merge emacs in it too17:20
andrea91merge it with emacs and you'll create a monster xD17:21
shimshamfind ./pidgin_src ./bitchx_src|grep .c | awk '{print "cat "$1" > newprogram/main.c"}' |/bin/sh17:22
Rotwang1and unix monster!17:22
shimshamwe're good17:22
andrea91shimsham: LOL17:22
andrea91mh, what is the xorg-server version included in the 2.5 branch? my display doesn't like 1.5.x17:26
Rotwang1$ pkginfo -i | grep xorg-server17:27
Rotwang1xorg-server 1.6.1-117:27
*** mike_k has quit IRC17:27
bombastim bored, i need something fun to do17:31
shimshamyou could umm17:31
shimshambuy some hosting from me17:31
bombastmaybe ill try to get a bootsplash theme going17:31
shimshamthats pretty fun17:31
bombastive not done that in years.17:31
shimshami got sick of companies who treat all customers like theyre retarded17:32
shimshamso i made my own17:32
bombastoh, i like treating customers like retards17:32
Rotwang1shimsham: hire me17:32
Rotwang1plx plx17:32
shimshamumm my company COSTS money17:32
shimshamit doesnt make money17:32
bombastnot a very good company then is it17:32
shimshami just put some ads on google however17:32
shimshamso we'll see how it goes17:32
shimshambombast, theres like literally a million hosting companies17:33
shimshamso im not gonna climb to the top of the market in 3 months17:33
shimshamim just biding my time, working out kinks, getting uptime17:33
bombastwhat kind of hosting? generic webspace? vps?17:33
shimshamthe name will get around17:33
shimshambasically whatever you need17:33
shimshami can do cheap colo, dedis, or a VPS17:33
shimshamand even a shell if you wanted17:33
shimshamshells run on CRUX17:33
bombasti forgot the password to the freebsd shell i had17:34
shimshamCRUX is the only linux distro i trust these days17:34
shimshami cant be bothered to trust RedHat/SuSE's scripts17:34
shimshamand all their home-brew shit17:34
bombastI trust Crux and LFS17:35
shimshamdoes LFS come with any type of package mgmt?17:35
bombastCrux thankfully follows a lot of the advice LFS offers.17:35
bombastshimsham: paco17:35
shimshamoo really17:35
andrea91no shimsham, what you want to use17:35
andrea91the book doesn't cover17:35
shimshami just like CRUX cause the package management isnt slow as fuck17:35
andrea91any package management17:35
shimshamGentoos portage is god awfully slow17:36
andrea91bombast, I used it17:36
shimshamPython is not quick17:36
bombastthat's because it's python17:36
shimshamatleast its not Ruby17:36
andrea91I even used pkgutils from CRUX within a LFS build17:36
vektoriAnd because there's a gazillion files in their package tree...17:36
bombastmostly the fact its python17:36
shimshamvektori, that aside17:36
shimshamits slow17:36
bombastbecause the C++ portage is a lot faster17:36
shimshamif that was written in C17:36
shimshamit would scream17:37
shimshami hate C++ too :(17:37
bombastshimsham: there is a C++ fork of portage17:37
shimshamits very slow to compile17:37
bombastand it works a lot faster17:37
shimshamhow new is it17:37
andrea91bombast, where? :P17:37
bombastthe core gentoo developers refuse to adopt it17:37
bombastbecause they don't know C++17:37
shimshamits probably good then17:37
andrea91lol, tell me where is that piece of gold17:37
shimshama dude i work with was doing a lot of work with Gentoo/Alpha17:37
shimshambut they turned out to be pricks17:37
shimshamjust like most linux distro developers17:37
bombastthey always are17:38
andrea91that's not a fork17:38
andrea91I used it too17:38
bombastIt's not a fork no, it's a completely new ebuild compatible package manager17:38
strawThe whole channel seems to be about pro/contra, love/hatred, tolerance/ignorance today.17:38
andrea91It used to give me a lot of problems... but I think it depends on the fact that it isn't officially supported17:38
shimshamstraw, is that a good or bad thing17:39
treachstraw: yep, must be because vektori is back.17:39
bombastandrea91: well a lot more people are getting behind it last i heard17:39
treachreminds me of the old days. :p17:39
bombastapparently they're forking into their own distro17:39
vektoritreach, yeah, spreading hatred into the Temple of Knowledge :(17:39
bombasti remember you :D17:39
shimshami want a host17:40
bombastyeah ive seen that17:40
andrea91never tried17:41
bombastHonestly I think the gentoo developers are idiots.17:41
andrea91honestly, I can no more find a distro I like17:41
andrea91(I still have to try Crux :P)17:41
bombasti landed on crux and stuck17:42
shimshambombast: me too17:42
shimshama WHILE back17:42
andrea91well, I hope so17:42
shimshamthe only thing that kept me away back then17:42
shimshamit was VERY new17:42
shimshamnot many packages17:42
shimshamas of now theres pretty much anything youd need17:42
andrea91I would use LFS but I don't have enough time now17:42
bombastandrea91: you could always install crux with JUST core and delete the rsync for opt/ ancd contrib/17:43
bombastthen do all your own ports17:43
bombastthat'd be like a mini lfs17:43
andrea91I was doing the contrary17:43
andrea91building LFS17:43
andrea91and using pkgutils17:43
andrea91as package manager17:43
shimshami think you should just use CRUX17:43
andrea91writing my own ports17:43
bombasti would just install crux with core/17:43
bombastand do my own17:43
shimshamits got the best simple install17:43
andrea91yeah, in fact I'm doing so17:44
shimshamcrux install is so awesome that you could probably get thru it without reading docs17:44
thrice`use an updated iso for crux, though :)17:44
bombastive thought about doing that17:44
andrea91but at the time I thought there weren't x86-64 ports17:44
shimshami used one of the 64bit CRUX's17:44
andrea91it was the reason because I was using LFS + pkgutils17:45
shimshamapparently i picked the 'bad' one17:45
treachwell, there's a reason 64bit isn't official yet17:45
shimshammm infact its time for an update17:45
shimshamtreach, yeah true, but i used the ecarux version17:46
shimshamthe one that is never going to be official17:46
treachindeed not.17:46
andrea91I would use my own OS, but for now it only does basic multitasking :D17:46
*** jtnl has joined #crux17:46
strawwritten in C/ASM I assume?17:47
* treach was hoping for VB17:47
andrea91not really17:47
andrea91not 100%, by design17:47
shimshamandra: what arch?17:47
andrea91VB, lol17:47
shimshammy buddy who just graduated college wants to make an OS17:48
shimshamhe's pretty damn good at MIPS ASM17:48
andrea91well, he can make an os for the playstation 1, lol17:48
shimshamor a SGI machine17:49
shimshami had a SGI Octane217:49
shimshamit was lost in moving17:49
shimshamsomewhere along the line17:49
andrea91anyway, it seems that there aren't free bootloaders that can enter long mode (64-bit mode)17:50
andrea91so I needed to make my own17:50
strawthat's the spirit!17:50
andrea91well, I'm pretty good with ASM, and the difficulty of writing a bootloader is strongly overrated, in my opinion17:51
andrea91a basic one, at least :P17:51
straw$ wc -l ~/osdev/myos/src/boot.s17:52
straw33 /home/straw/osdev/myos/src/boot.s17:52
* straw nods17:52
*** Rotwang1 has quit IRC17:53
strawdo you use bochs for starting?17:53
andrea91but it works on real hardware too (tested)17:53
andrea91wait a moment17:54
* straw does17:54
shimshamthis is a general question17:54
shimshamfor developing an OS17:54
shimshamwhats better, Qemu or Bochs?17:54
shimshamive only used Qemu and liked it quite a bit17:54
bombastid say qemu but w/o kqemy17:55
andrea91I like bochs's debugger17:55
shimshamdo you think you would boot it with qemu after its more stable17:55
andrea91mh... probably yes17:55
shimshambombast: qemu is great when the cpu has virtualization support17:55
shimshami agree that kqemu has troubles17:55
andrea91but for the first steps17:55
andrea91bochs is better17:55
bombastkqemu is wretched17:55
andrea91that's just an opinion17:55
shimshami was using Qemu for my VPS17:56
shimshambut ive since changed to VMware server17:56
shimshamQemu was crashing the host box17:56
shimshamer, kqemu17:56
shimshamwe used it before on a nice quad core cpu w/o kqemu and the performance was great17:56
bombastkqemu leaks memory like a alzheimer's patient.17:56
strawhmm, longer than mine for sure :>17:57
strawhaha @ springboard and trampoline17:58
andrea91it depends on the code for activating 64-bit mode, for sure17:58
strawhmm, could be, I have absolutely no knowledge about 64-bit stuff17:58
andrea91you have to activate basic paging, etc...17:58
shimshamwhat are you planning on using for a FS?17:59
shimshamext3, murderfs, xfs?17:59
andrea91I'm designing my own17:59
andrea91murderfs, lol17:59
shimshamguess its MurdererFS18:00
andrea91poor reiser :\18:00
andrea91and poor nina :\18:00
andrea91(that was her name, right?)18:00
shimshamwhats really sad is that you can get like that18:01
shimshamand kill someone18:01
shimshamhe coulda just got a divorce18:01
shimshamALL the linux girls would wanna fuck him.18:01
shimshamall 3 of them18:01
andrea91never met one, indeed xD18:02
jesse_It's rather amazing someone is convicted for murder because they are eccentric AND without actually having found the corpse.18:06
treachthey did18:06
treachhe showed them18:06
vektori"On 10 January 2009, it was reported that Hans Reiser was recovering after having been beaten up by several prisoners." :(18:07
treachofc, after he got convicted18:07
shimshamatleast it was a beating18:07
shimshamnot a rape18:07
shimshamill take beatings over rape anyday18:07
treachvektori: now, that's a surprise. :>18:07
vektoriYeah, but still.18:07
treachhans reiser pissing people off? Stop the presses.18:08
jesse_Note to self, follow up on what has happened before writing. :p18:08
shimshamno shit.18:08
vektoriMaybe he got into an argument about filesystems. :P18:08
shimshamits ok jesse, now youre like me, you say shit without knowing what youre talking about18:08
straw"He even apologized for killing her."18:09
strawhow nice of him18:09
andrea91anyone tried reiser4? is it still being developed by someone?18:09
shimshamthat makes everything ok18:09
strawHe even had a terrible handwriting:
treachomg, bad handwriting! I guess that makes us all potential killers. :>18:10
strawnot me :<18:11
andrea91me too!18:11
* andrea91 is a potential killer18:11
strawAside from that, it's quite funny what he wrote18:11
*** jtnl has quit IRC18:16
*** thrice` has quit IRC18:18
*** thrice` has joined #crux18:19
andrea91uhm... I want to do a lot of things, but I've to finish my thesis for the maturità (dunno how do you call it in english... in italy there is an exam at the and of the secondary school)18:21
andrea91that's the reason because I wanted the latest version of openoffice :P18:21
treachwrite your text in an editor, and use scribus to fix the layout. :p18:22
lennartuse LaTeX, if it's an important document18:23
andrea91I'm not very good with LaTeX18:23
andrea91and I have 14 days left :P18:23
treachlatex is fine, but it takes a bit of learning.18:23
treachI wish I had discovered scribus a lot earlier.18:24
andrea91ok, i'm burning crux 64's iso18:24
treachIt looks like crap, but it's a lot easier than trying to create a "layout" in writer/word. :/18:24
andrea91well, me too. It's too late for learning anything :P18:24
shimsham<treach> latex is fine, but it takes a bit of learning.18:24
lennartnever tried scribus18:24
shimshamLyX FTW18:24
shimshamlyx is fucking great.18:25
treachlennart: think a bit like indesign or maybe quark, but a lot more limited.18:25
lennartnever heard of those either ;)18:25
treachok, can't help you then. :P18:25
lennartbit i think it's an FOSS variant of publisher ?18:26
shimshamlyx is a latext front end18:26
treacher, publisher is crap18:26
shimshamif you need to write a resume.. i have a great lyx template18:26
lennarttreach: that may be the case... never used that either ;)18:26
andrea91anyway, my thesis is on artificial intelligence18:26
shimshammine was on wireless sensors18:27
treachlennart: rejoice. A printing company will piss themselves if you send them stuff done in publisher. :D18:27
andrea91at the end of the secondary school? really? :P18:27
*** jue has quit IRC18:27
andrea91shimsham, but your thesis for what?18:29
shimshamelectrical engineering18:31
andrea91I'm too young for now :P18:31
bombasti refuse to write a thesis until i have to get my PhD!18:33
andrea91tmpfs unmounting failed, ugh18:34
jaegeryou can still install with that error18:34
andrea91I know18:34
andrea91not a good sign, anyway xD18:34
jaegerIt's been fixed on the 32-bit ISO but there's not an updated 64-bit one yet18:34
jaegerIt bothers me, considering I wrote that :) but still18:35
bombastjaeger: im sure that error will eventually be written on your tombstone18:35
bombast"Here lies jaeger - tmpfs failed to unmount"18:36
jaegerIf nobody can come up with something better than that to put on my tombstone, I won't have one18:36
*** lennart has quit IRC18:38
bombastim considering installing crux64 with only opt/ and xorg/ and rolling my own repository for fun18:38
bombastcould either be a lot of fun or a huge pain in the ass18:39
jaegeras much work as you want to make it18:39
bombasti like the idea because it merges my two favorite systems18:40
bombastLFS and Crux18:40
andrea91you used paco as package manager?18:40
bombastYeah, I played with it.18:40
andrea91it kept to logging files that weren't part of the package I was installing ._.18:42
andrea91and I needed to remove then manually18:42
andrea91(from the logs)18:43
andrea91a lot of errors about a shared library, libgmp, while it is installing packages18:48
andrea91but it seems to be installing them, anyway18:48
thrice`install libgmp after you chroot18:49
thrice`or after you install.  I think it is missing from the listed packages for the latest 64-bit iso18:49
*** thrice` has quit IRC18:56
andrea91I love the installation process :*18:59
jaegereven with the bugs in that particular ISO? :)19:00
treachbeats anaconda any day. ;)19:00
andrea91yes. it's not the first time I'm installing CRUX (even if it is the first time I want to use it seriously)19:01
andrea91Once I've tried the i586 version of it into a Pentium 166mhz laptop ^_^19:02
andrea91hours and hours in order to compile the kernel xD19:02
treachbeen there done that. not fun, but it works.19:02
andrea91a bit slow... xD19:03
treachwell, at least it works when you're done.19:04
andrea91yes, absolutely19:04
treachprecompiled distros was unbearable on the one I had, since they pulled in too much crap, and it only had 32MB ram.19:05
andrea91it was the same on that laptop19:05
andrea91debian was *really* slow once installed19:05
treachshockingly so.19:06
*** thrice` has joined #crux19:08
andrea91well, now the hard part19:08
andrea91my wireless connection19:09
thrice`which card ?19:09
andrea91rt61 based19:09
andrea91I guess I'll have to install ralink firmwares19:10
andrea91ok, configured, I think19:10
andrea91can I use ifconfig instead of ip?19:15
andrea91ok, compiling the kernel19:16
shimshamseems about 9 people downloaded CRUX from my mirror19:21
jaegernot to be confused with Sparta19:21
shimshamoo i want one19:33
shimshamoh i thought you said rim JOB19:33
*** Kwesoky has quit IRC19:44
*** Kwesoky has joined #crux19:45
*** andrew91 has joined #crux19:45
andrew91ugh, it's getting late19:46
andrew912:47 am here O_o19:47
*** SunlightRider has joined #crux19:47
andrew91yes, I'm going to reboot19:47
andrew91I've seen grub-static in the packages19:48
andrew91so I can use it even on 64 bit19:48
jaegerdoesn't need to be static, though19:49
*** treach has quit IRC19:49
andrew91why not? if there aren't 64-bit libs on the system...19:50
andrew91excuse me19:50
andrew9132-bit libraries*19:50
jaegeryou're installing a 64-bit crux without 64-bit libs? :)19:50
jaegerah, heh19:50
jaegerI mean that you don't have to use that package, you can build the regular port19:51
andrew91I don't think so... at least, on gentoo it required either grub-static or grub + a lot of 32 bit libraries19:51
thrice`(just use lilo) :>19:51
andrew91no no, I'll use grub, I've already installed the package that comes with the iso :)19:52
jaegerglibc-compat32, ncurses-compat3219:52
jaegernot really "a lot of" but yeah, some19:52
andrew91yeah, some19:52
andrew91on gentoo it was a 60mb package19:52
jaegerI forgot you said you didn't want multilib, never mind19:53
andrew91uhm, I didn't want it, but I've installed the grub package too, if I remember correctly19:53
andrew91so now I have some 32-bit libraries in the sysstem19:53
andrew91that I'll need to remove19:54
jaegerI didn't think there were any on the ISO, interesting19:54
andrew91in opt/19:54
thrice`the 64-bit iso has grub-static19:54
andrew91there is a grub package, too19:54
*** andrea91 has quit IRC20:03
*** andrew91 is now known as andrea9120:03
andrea91it boots! :P20:04
thrice`first try?20:04
andrea91yes :P20:05
thrice`:)  nice20:05
*** lasso|qt has quit IRC20:05
andrea91well, now xfce and openoffice and I'm ready to write my thesis :P20:10
andrea91it even pings google, network configuration right at first try :P20:11
andrea91correct me if I'm wrong, for a complete upgrade of the system I've to type:20:13
andrea91ports -u20:13
andrea91prt-get sysup20:13
*** SunlightRider has quit IRC20:15
*** Sunlight-Rider has joined #crux20:15
andrea91men, congratulations for your distro, I really like it20:19
bombast2010 is the year of plan9 on the desktop20:20
bombastandrea91: :)20:20
jaegerandrea91: yeah, that should do it20:20
jaegerglad you like it20:20
andrea91bombast: I doubt it xD20:21
andrea91jaeger: I've already configured pkgmk.conf and it is compiling a new version of db right now :)20:22
andrea91bombast: It is still developed in some way? (plan9)20:22
andrea91Is it*20:23
bombastplan9 is hugely developed20:23
andrea91seriously? xD20:23
bombastit's the unix20:23
bombastalmost literally20:23
andrea91I've read about it but I've never tried it20:23
andrea91"A user and development community, including current and former Bell Labs and MIT members, continues to produce daily minor releases as ISO images."20:26
andrea91the latest iso20:27
andrea91is dated 28 may 200920:27
andrea91libgmp fails to compile20:30
thrice`check /usr/ports/core-c64/20:31
andrea91look at the Pkgfile: it has some i686-only configure option20:31
andrea91it builds it from core20:31
thrice`there are core-c64 + opt-x86_64 repos that host a few ports which have specific 64-bit properties20:31
andrea91I've to handle the thing manually?20:32
andrea91prt-get tries to get it from core20:32
thrice`well, repos at the top of prt-get.conf take precedence20:32
andrea91yeah, I've just discovered it20:34
andrea91thank you anyway20:34
*** spaceninja has quit IRC20:38
andrea91I'm enabling install-scripts by default, any problems?20:45
thrice`nope, a good idea20:46
jaegermost likely not20:46
*** andrea91 has left #crux20:46
thrice`spoke too soon20:46
*** andrea91 has joined #crux20:46
andrea91ok, I left it upgrading20:48
andrea91thank you very much20:48
*** andrea91 has quit IRC20:49
*** aee has joined #crux21:03
bombastanyone know how to "burn" an ISO to a thumb drive without unetbootin?21:04
thrice`if it's crux, sepen has an iso -> .img script21:05
jaegermount it via loopback and copy, run syslinux, something like that21:05
*** aee_ has quit IRC21:05
bombastthrice`: its Fedora for my mom21:08
bombastjaeger: im trying plain old dd21:08
thrice`dd of a .iso won't work21:09
jaegerIf it did work you'd end up with an iso9660 or udf fs on a thumb drive21:09
jaegerwhich I think the bios wouldn't know how to handle21:09
thrice`heh, the fedora guide says "yum install livecd-tools", and run "livecd-iso-to-disk file.iso /dev/device" .  wow, how thoughtful :)21:10
jaegerIf you make a fat/fat32 fs on the drive and then copy and syslinux you would end up where you want to be, assuming the boot/init/whatever supports it21:10
jaegerthe linux-live scripts might be worth looking into as well21:11
*** Kwesoky has quit IRC21:12
bombastjaeger: i tried using unetbootin but it didn't seem to work21:13
bombastso yeah21:13
shimsham-- Packages where update failed21:14
thrice`footprint mismatch ?21:14
jaegerthere's an article on the fedora wiki about that21:14
*** kwesoky has joined #crux21:15
bombasti got lmgty'd21:15
jaegerit's a pretty useful site :)21:15
bombastyes yes21:16
shimshamfootprint mismatch?21:16
shimshami doubt it21:16
shimshamlets see21:16
shimshami bet its something stupid21:16
bombastjaeger: im an idiot21:24
bombastthe ISO has a script right on it21:24
*** __mavrick61 has quit IRC21:24
*** Dudde has quit IRC21:24
jaegerheh, nice21:24
jaegerthat's convenient21:24
*** kwesoky has quit IRC21:24
bombastwow this thing can compile fast21:25
bombast<3 my computer21:25
*** __mavrick61 has joined #crux21:25
*** kwesoky has joined #crux21:25
*** Dudde has joined #crux21:25
kwesokyjaeger, ping21:30
jaegerwhat's up?21:31
kwesokywhats the latest version of gnome ?21:31
jaeger2.26.2, I think21:31
jaegerI've got a machine building a set of ports for it21:31
jaegerlot of changes from 2.24, hope it all builds smoothly :)21:32
thrice`sed updates? :)21:33
jaegersome, certainly, but there are also a bunch of new ports and some removed21:34
bombastthey're dinky script worked21:34
*** thrice`_ has joined #crux21:39
*** thrice` has quit IRC21:41
*** thrice`_ is now known as thrice`21:41
*** kwesoky has quit IRC21:45
*** kwesoky has joined #crux21:46
jaegerargh, HD going bad in that box21:53
* jaeger grumbles21:54
*** kwesoky has quit IRC22:01
*** kwesoky has joined #crux22:02
jaegerhope I can save those ports22:04
bombastyou better hope so22:44
bombastor you're FIRED22:44
jaegeras soon as I start getting paid to work on crux that might worry me22:46
bombastjaeger: ill buy you a beer, close enough?22:47
jaegerI rarely drink but thanks for the offer22:48
bombastyeah i rarely drink either, it does nothing for me22:48
bombasttoo high of a tolerance22:49
jaegerI'm a lightweight22:49
bombastOpposite ends of the spectrum22:49
bombastFedora actually works a lot better on that laptop than I thought it would.22:50
jaegerWhat did you expect not to work? It's linux after all, should theoretically work as well as any other distribution :)22:51
bombastit's not "working"22:51
bombastit's the speed22:51
*** racer has quit IRC22:53
*** racer has joined #crux23:43
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*** kwesoky has joined #crux23:57

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