IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2009-06-15

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bombastgot firefox 3.5b4 built01:01
bombastnoticably snappier01:01
bombast93 on the acid test01:02
bombastoh wow and firefox finally supports the text shadow property01:03
bombastvery good01:03
Darkymorning gentlemen ;)01:05
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bombasthello Dorky01:05
Darknekrosbombast, I've changed it :P01:06
bombastxulrunner is using /usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9.1b401:08
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aongot a call "z0mg this one display is broken!11!", didn't do anything yet01:29
aona coworker visited that place and the machine wasn't powered on01:30
f1yNow read this: a few years ago, when the biggest hard drive has capacity about 20GB, one guy bought a computer with it. After two weeks he calls to me and says, that his hard drive is full and he wants some technician to check it.01:33
f1ySo some technician went there and noticed, that he has nothing in Windows, but his trash is full.01:33
f1yAnd he purged this trash with some instructions to this guy, how to purge trashcan.01:34
f1yThis guy started screaming and yelling.01:34
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f1y"What did you do, I have had all my projects in trashcan".01:35
aonone pretty funny exaggerated problem was a phone call at 7am saying "nothing works!"01:42
aonthe problem was that one login took a second whereas it used to take 0.5 seconds01:42
aonand that was the former it manager of this place01:43
tek_sometimes, I think, people just want to be taken care of01:43
f1yAnd some of them are just stupid and do not read, what OS talks to them.01:45
f1yBut this is rather good thing. They pay for our help [;01:46
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nipuLI once had a guy call and tell me his computer had a virus, I turn it on and it won't boot. A few minutes later I discover that the hard drive isn't being detected...03:35
nipuLnow that's one aggressive computer virus03:35
fsckrootnipuL: O_O stole the drive?03:36
f1yThere was one dangerous afair, W32.Chernobyl.03:36
fsckrootshould we be alarmed?03:36
nipuLor they guy that broke his heat sink, so figured superglue would be a good idea03:37
__mavrick61? I cant login to the crux server?????????03:40
nipuLworks for me03:46
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spaceninjais there a program in the crux repos that can download webcontent for offline viewing?04:09
f1yfirefox? [;04:14
aonperl -e 'use LWP::Simple;print get("");'04:15
aontnftp :)04:16
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f1yor even scp, if there's a shell access.04:32
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__mavrick61Putty-SSH Show "Disconnected: No supported authentication method avaiable"07:30
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aonhi sepen07:37
sepeniuju, I like the new xml output in portdb07:39
aonmavrick61: it seems to refuse password login07:39
sepennipuL, is your pdb-cli released? or any plan for doing it?07:39
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.5]: xfce4-weather-plugin: updated to 0.6.308:46
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.5]: xfce4-screenshooter: updated to 1.6.008:46
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tilmanmavrick61: i recently disabled password login -- but if you need it, i'll enable it again10:25
kwesokyany idea if they is a port for the nvidia 173xx drivers ?10:29
tilmannvidia-legacy-96xx/ nvidia-legacy-71xx/10:30
kwesokytilman, cool thanks10:31
sepenbut they're broken for the current xorg version10:31
sepenand also they don't work with the current gl-select10:31
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kwesokyhi Ditzi10:46
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* Rotwang1 is considering splitting OOo ports into calc, draw, impress, etc.13:29
RyoS_nowhy? O_o13:29
RyoS_because i think its neat to have the full package accessable in seconds after once installing it13:30
Rotwang1i see only ++es13:30
RyoS_i mean you could.. but mh doesnt make a big change if you ask me13:30
Rotwang1RyoS_: i dont see problem13:30
Rotwang1just make openoffice maeta port13:30
RyoS_with emerge options?13:31
strawI'd also prefer smaller ports, to be honest13:31
RyoS_oh wai- that was the other distro13:31
sepenRotwang1, can be compiled separately?13:31
Rotwang1so if you need only writer you just type13:31
Rotwang1prt-get depinst oo-writer13:31
Rotwang1thats my idea13:31
Rotwang1ill probably mail it on teh contrib-ml13:31
Rotwang1sepen: i'm not going to make OOo from source port13:34
sepenRotwang1, yep, but what about dependencies?13:34
sepenare all of them required for every port?13:34
Rotwang1oo-base would contain all needed deps13:35
sepenhmm base port ..13:36
sepenalso you could maintain those ports in your private repo, and then mail to the ML13:38
kwesokyRotwang1, +1 here :D13:38
Rotwang1sepen: ill mail ML when ill have some OOo ports ready13:40
Rotwang1and after seeing responses ill make decision13:40
sepenI like the idea13:41
mike_ksepen: why does tightvnc has the patch not applied? (It would probably need updating, though.)13:42
sepenoops, I'll take a look13:42
sepenmike_k, the patch isn't required after the last update, iirc13:45
mike_ksepen: the new version does not have $colorPath set, just adding it and applying other changes works for me.13:45
sepenmike_k, thanks I'll take a look13:47
mike_kat least without an rgb path many(all?) X apps won't work.13:47
sepenmike_k, I'll try to make the patch working again13:49
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sepenalso, all variables can be overwritten by the config file14:16
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Cieron'allo. Is this a good place to ask a question about getting CRUX set up?14:18
Rotwangi think so14:19
Rotwangjust shoot!14:19
CieronIt's really a kernel build question: the default CRUX kernel figures out my SATA disks fine, but the kernel I build can't see them.14:19
Cieronlspci -k on the default kernel tells me which drivers I need. They're in my new kernel.14:20
mike_ksepen: yeah, mine is working and looks the same14:20
kwesokyCieron, make sure they are built into the kernel and not as modules14:21
sepenCieron, so use the default config provided in the iso and compile newly, then finetune your config ....14:21
CieronRight. I've turned off loadable modules altogether.14:21
sepenmike_k, thanks I'll push it14:21
CieronI'm fine-tuning, yeah. So I don't have any SCSI low-level drivers compiled in now.14:21
sepenyou should start with a working kernel IMHO14:22
CieronI have a working kernel.14:22
CieronI'm not sure what you're suggesting. I'm trying to strip the kernel down to basics.14:22
Rotwanghow went that git commit line when you want to credit someone?14:23
CieronObviously, I've turned off something I shouldn't have.14:23
Rotwangtilman always bitched about it ;]14:23
CieronAny idea how I can figure out what that is?14:23
CieronMy SATA controller is the Intel ICH9R. Which is supported by the AHCI driver.14:24
kwesokyRotwang, git commit <specific files> --author "Name Surname <>"14:24
kwesoky ?14:24
Rotwangk thats it14:24
kwesokyCieron, are you trying to figure out what driver your controller uses ?14:26
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: tightvnc: applied patch (thanks to mike_k)14:26
Cieronkwesoky: I'm pretty sure (because lspci -k on the working kernel says so) that the driver is AHCI.14:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: pidgin: trimmed footprint14:26
CieronI have that turned on in my new kernel. But it panics.14:27
CieronI'm looking for any suggestions on how to debug the panic. :-)  Or figure out what the working kernel is using that I've turned off.14:28
Cieronlsmod isn't very useful. :(14:29
kwesokyenable CONFIG_ATA_PIIX and disable CONFIG_IDE_GENERIC14:30
sepenCieron, you could use a diff-tool to see differences between kernel's config14:30
kwesokyeh the latter shouldnt matter14:30
CieronATA_PIIX, will check.14:30
CieronNo CONFIG_ATA_PIIX. CONFIG_BLK_DEV_PIIX is on. Generic is off.14:33
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jaegerif he comes back, tell him he needs SCSI and SCSI disk support as well as AHCI15:10
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bombasthello friends16:22
bombastand tilman16:22
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kwesokybash-4.0# /etc/rc.d/dbus restart17:02
kwesokyUnknown username "polkituser" in message bus configuration file17:02
kwesokyUnknown group "netdev" in message bus configuration file17:02
kwesokyinstall script doesnt suggest anything about creating netdev group17:03
bombasti have no idea17:03
* bombast doesn't have dbus installed17:03
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treachkwesoky: not sure you need them, but creating them can't do any harm either.17:10
treachjust make sure you don't let them log in etc. ;)17:10
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Ditziis there a env variable to pass make a number of jobs?20:42
thrice`sure, you can export MAKEFLAGS in /etc/pkgmk.conf20:43
Ditzigreat, thanks20:43
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bombastAnyone running Firefox 3.5b4?22:20
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nipuLcrazy swedes
bombastWhy do people thing racism is ok as long as it's popular?23:24
bombastI'm tired of people slandering indians, chinese and even white males because nobody tells them to shut up.23:25
aonoh, sweden has those craptastic shows too23:28
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