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rehabdollwhats "udpate"?01:29
Darknekrosmorning gentlemen ;)01:30
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: fakeroot: update to 1.12.305:33
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: mpg123: update to 1.8.105:33
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: mutt: update to 1.5.2005:33
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: ruby: update to 1.8.7-p17405:33
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: ruby-doc: update to 1.8.7-p17405:33
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: sqlite3: update to 3.6.1505:33
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: squid: update to 3.0.STABLE1605:33
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: bindutils: update to 9.6.105:34
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: bindutils: update to 9.6.105:47
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: Merge branch '2.5' into 2.605:47
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.5]: xfce4-weather-plugin: updated to 0.6.408:36
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thrice`"Gustavo also shares that they hope to have E17 released by the end of this year."08:55
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kc8bwsis there going to be another update soon?11:01
kc8bwsi see the project hasn't been updated in almost a year11:01
jaegerthere's quite a bit of work happening for an upcoming 2.6 release11:02
kc8bwsdo you need more help?11:02
jaegerI don't know, I'm not as closely connected to it anymore, you could certainly hang around here and see if anything comes up11:03
kc8bwsalrighty, do you have weird X issues?11:03
kc8bwsi used CRUX a longgg time ago and X flashed and weird things when i'd use it.11:04
jaegernone at all11:04
aonoh, hello kc8bws11:04
aonde oh1fjv11:04
kc8bwshi aon :) small world this internet11:05
kc8bwsthe bottom line is i use arch now and would like something a little more source based but not as full blown as gentoo11:06
thrice`typically, "releases" are not so often11:06
thrice`   shows some activity of the current release11:06
kc8bwsokies, do you make incremental updates to the .isos11:07
kc8bwseg. any updates for 2.5 get added to the 2.5 disc11:07
thrice`jaeger does an un-official updated iso in his spare time11:07
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Rotwangkc8bws: what does "full blown as gentoo" mean? 0o11:09
* Rotwang is curious11:09
Rotwangbtw whay should be preffered for ports (locale) en-GB or en-US ?11:10
kc8bwsRotwang: i have a life and even though some gentoo packages can be obtained as binaries, the majority of it needs be compiled from source, while that's fine and dandy, i don't leave my laptop on 24/711:10
jaegeryou'll end up building most crux stuff from source, too, after installing11:11
sepenkc8bws, if you can't wait to next release, then
Rotwangkc8bws: there is no repository of packages in crux11:11
kc8bwsIt's more FreeBSDish?11:11
sependid you mean pkgsrc?11:12
kc8bwswhat's the difference between crux and gentoo then11:12
kc8bwswho's more simple11:14
aonwe :)11:14
kc8bwsok ok11:14
sepenkc8bws, just read the handbook11:15
kc8bwsi am11:15
sepen....The primary focus of this distribution is "keep it simple".....11:16
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kc8bwswell, this looks very appealing11:21
kc8bwssort of reminds me of what's left after building lfs11:22
tilmanhooray censored interweb11:22
tilmanwtf at new wireshark UI11:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: wireshark: updated to
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kc8bwsheh, it's alive12:51
thrice`are you from kalamazoo ?12:52
Rotwangkalmazoo? what a weird name12:53
thrice`strange, I live in Grandville, MI ;)12:53
kc8bwsheh, i spend most of my time up in East12:54
kc8bwsjogging around that damned lake12:54
kc8bwswell, trying to12:54
thrice`good for ya12:56
kc8bwsyeah, but now i am in Plainwell12:56
kc8bwssmall world12:57
thrice`very :>12:58
rehabdollcensorship via dns is soooo effective13:08
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kc8bwsI'm sooo sorry to sound green, but where do i stick the flash plugin for firefox?13:11
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rehabdoll.mozilla/plugins works13:14
vektori/usr/lib/firefox/plugins, usually.13:15
kc8bwsahh, arch had a /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins13:15
kc8bwsso when that didn't work i was like wtf :)13:15
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kc8bwsseems to me i'll be quite happy with this13:32
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: openoffice: update13:38
treachcongratulations, Rotwang :P13:38
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: openoffice: fixed Pkgfile indentation13:40
Rotwangtreach: thanks13:40
Rotwangi still didnt add README tho ;]13:41
Rotwangim having hard time lately13:43
treachno worries, apparently miguel is out to save you, with the "C#-shell" ... wtf?13:44
thrice`kc8bws and I know the feeling with our 13%-ish unemployment ;>13:44
treachI read it's so bad you're even reverting to gravel-roads :>13:47
treachhow you detect regressions in society; Debug your roads. :>13:48
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joacimI think I will live as a man-hating hermit for the rest of my life :/14:01
kc8bwsthrice`, i am one of the 13+%14:03
kc8bwsubuntu users make me lol14:04
thrice`thankfully, my company is still alive.  however, with our German leaders, it's only a matter of time ;)14:06
kc8bwslucky you14:08
treachproducts of germany; Beer, sausage and cars. Anyone involved with anything else will face the chop..14:08
aonwe've been getting more roadside cameras lately, too14:09
kc8bwsi seem to have forgotten how to use prt-get to update all packages14:09
thrice`we actually do alot of germany automotive :(14:09
aonroads get worse, police gets poorer => fine more14:09
thrice`kc8bws: prt-get sysup14:09
kc8bwsahh ty14:09
kc8bwsi missed that in the man page :(14:10
treachaon: here the "solution" seems to be to kill as many companys as possible, restrict as many people as possible from getting a education, and turn up the surveillance. :/14:11
aonohh, that wasn't a complete solution to the ECONOMIC CRISIS14:11
aonjust a part :)14:11
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bombastHelllo friends!14:13
bombastand tilman14:13
bombast;) hehe14:13
tilmani saw it the first time14:14
bombasttilman: :)14:14
bombasttilman: I actually have a question for you if have time.14:14
tilmanjust ask, if i don't have time i just won't answer14:15
aon"don't ask to ask, unless you're prepared to ask to ask to ask"14:15
bombasttilman: Have you compiled xulrunner from the 3.5b4 tree yet?14:15
treachUnd der Haifisch, der hat Zähne\ Und die trägt er im Gesicht \Und Tilman, der hat ein Flammwerfer\ doch den 'werfer sieht man nicht.14:17
sepenbombast, "...The usage of ports helps keep your packages up-to-date; not the latest bleeding-edge-alpha version, but the latest stable version..." is 3.5b4 stable?14:17
bombastsepen: What does that have to do with _antyhing_14:18
bombastI'm not requesting that the ports version be update.14:18
bombastI just asked if HE built it.14:18
bombastSpecifically because I have a xulrunner question.14:18
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thrice`I have not tried either.  not working?14:19
bombastOh it works fine.14:19
bombastBeen using FF 3.5b4 for a few days now.14:20
bombastNoticably faster.14:20
aon*excitement mood music*14:20
aon...well what is the question?14:21
bombastAbout the location(s) of xulrunner in /usr/lib14:21
thrice`did it change ?14:22
aondid it not change?14:22
sepenand ...?14:22
thrice`maybe you should just ask your question14:23
bombastLooking at the build script I thought it would just be 1.9.114:23
bombastThought maybe I screwed something up. *shrug*14:23
bombastsince the build script had to be altered to be cd mozilla-1.9.114:24
* bombast shrug14:24
bombastnot a big deal on any scape14:25
pedjasepen: where do I put .desktop files in ~/, so they get picked up by xfce-menu?.config?14:30
* pedja kicks 2.6.30 14:31
sepeniirc, ~/.config/xfce4/14:31
bombastwhat's wrong with 2.6.3014:31
sepenpedja, but really, no idea14:31
pedjaffs, why is data=writeback default?14:31
pedjasepen: ok, np :)14:32
sepenbut it's a nice question ;D14:32
tilmansepen: no14:32
sepentilman, ¿?14:32
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tilmanzour question14:33
pedjaiirc, data=ordered is safe but slow(ish), and data=writeback is fast, but may eat the data, right?14:33
joacimpedja: ~/.local/share/applications/14:35
sepenI'm only using the ones provided by ports (/usr/share/xfce4/panel-plugins/)14:36
sepenjoacim, yep that worked, thanks14:37
pedjajoacim: thanks :)14:37
sepeniirc thunar's created .desktop files also are placed in the same path14:38
pedjasepen: I have a few apps that either do not come, or .desktop files are not installed by default.14:39
pedjado not come with .desktop files14:40
sepenopenoffice maybe?14:40
tilmanpedja: thanks for the wireshark patch btw14:40
* pedja wishes rain to finally fall, it's fscking hot here14:40
pedjatilman: np :)14:40
pedjawould you consider adding .desktop file to the port at some point?14:41
sepenpedja, which apps do not come .desktop files? any from the xfce stuff?14:44
pedjanot that i know of.few of my locally installed (in ~/bin), which I can't be bothered to make a proper port for :)14:46
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pedjasepen: btw, do Terminal, thunar and xarchiver really need to put stuff in /usr/share/doc?14:49
pedjahelp files, mostly14:50
sepenI tried to respect jue's work14:54
sepenusr/share/doc? or usr/share/xfce4/doc?14:54
sepenthat isn't correct though14:54
sepenthanks I'll take a look14:55
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kc8bwswhy do i keep getting footprint mismatches20:06
bombastbecause you have libs installed that the original ports writer didn't?20:14
bombastfor example if i compile emacs against gtk2 and the original ports author didn't20:15
bombasti'd get a footprint mismatch probably20:15
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