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DarkNekrosmorning gentlemen ;)01:17
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.5]: xfce4-notes-plugin: updated to 1.7.001:21
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f1yHi there.01:23
Rotwangfscking compiz01:24
Rotwanghai f1y01:24
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sepenI'm porting the nuove-icon-theme, just trying to find a complete theme without dependencies02:12
sepenjust sitting on my private repo ATM ;D02:17
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estersI was wondering, is there a pdf version of 2.5 Handbook ?05:02
estersAnyway I used an online converter05:09
estersOff to install05:09
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tek_although there's almost zero benefit from reading it as pdf :o05:17
sepenjust only for printing I supposse05:19
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thrice`sepen: I found fedora's icon set, "Echo" has no dependencies, but it looks kind of old/strange (though you may like it :> )06:56
thrice`the one you have there is pretty good, though06:56
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sepenthrice`, hmm07:34
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thrice`sorry, I deleted my echo-icon-theme Pkgfile.  It is very simple, though07:44
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pedjasepen: I use Oxygen-refit iconset with xfce.Looks nice, and it's fairly complete. afaict.
sepenohh, I tried to download this theme from but I failed to find them09:42
sepenthrice` and pedja, thanks I'll try both of them09:42
pedjathere are green, red and black variants of Oxygen-refit, if you don't like the default one.09:45
sepenit looks great, any kind of dep or something required?09:46
pedjanot that i know of.09:46
thrice`that does look pretty good :)09:47
pedjaI just extracted it to .icons, and it works :)09:47
pedjaI'll make proper port for it at some point.09:48
sepenyeah, I like to have some more icon-theme ports09:48
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pedjait looks nice with Dust theme.09:49
sepenI was wondering about to make a xfce4-icon-theme package with some pre-made icontheme09:50
pedjasince 4.6.x has no default iconset, that's a good idea.09:50
pedjaflash player in FF stops playing after a while, it just buffers the video, never starting to play it.restarting FF solves that, but it's a PITA.09:52
sepenpedja, or maybe I should add a note to the xfce46/README file09:53
sepenthe fact is that people don't know the problem until it occurs09:54
sepentilman, did you like 'sludge'?09:59
sepen(sludge metal)09:59
pedjasepen: who reads README anyway :) ?10:00
sepenmaybe, prt-get readme10:00
pedjaprt-get depinst xfce is more suggestion is pick one iconset(most complete in your opinion), package it with xfce, and add a note to README about how to change it.10:02
bombasti just made a crux penguin poster10:02
jaegerman, policykit/consolekit can suck it10:03
bombast^ +110:03
pedjathose are hal replacements, right?10:03
pedjaor something...10:03
jaegernot replacements, supplements10:03
jaegerwith terrible documentation10:04
sepenbombast, ;D
joacimI dont really like hal either.10:04
pedjathey are consistent, hal isn't known for it docs, either.10:04
bombastsepen: sweeet!10:04
bombasti dont keep hal/dbus/etc installed10:04
bombastso im good10:05
jaegerI've been trying to make policykit/consolekit play nice in gnome and I give up10:05
pedjawhen they work out of the box, they work.if you need to modify something...good luck10:05
pedjamy 2gb flash keeps presenting itself as 1gb removable drive, with 1.9Gb free space...10:06
pedjarofl indeed :)10:07
bombastthe only thing id like to have that hal/dbus offer is for my usb drives to be automounted10:07
bombastbyt i can live without that10:07
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.5]: xorg-util-macros: updated to
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nickandroanyone known when release crux 2.6 ?12:07
tilmanof course12:07
tilmanwhen it's done12:07
tilmanwe never set release dates12:08
tilman2.6 will _probably_ released this summer12:08
nickandrolook that
nickandrosummer .... ok12:09
nickandroi running crux 2.5 with kernel 2.6.30 but i have some problems with running gnome12:10
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nickandroif i have crux 2.5, when release 2.6, i can update to 2.6 without problems ???12:34
nickandrocan also update an ext3 partition to ext4 ?12:37
tilman iirc12:38
jesse_Backup, backup, oh, and backup. If all else fails, mkfs.ext4 /dev/partition and you're good to go. ;)12:40
nickandroi have run gnome with the most basic, only pure core, without calc, text editor, etc, i knwon i need hal, dbus, alsa-lib y other, but for running gnome only pure desktop, what i need librarys compile ???12:50
tilmanis up to date?12:54
tilmanany gnome users around?12:54
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thrice`I thought there was a gnome-light port13:15
jaegertilman: it's not up to date but it's still mostly correct13:16
jaegerthrice`: there was, not anymore13:16
jaegernickandro: I have not tested it myself but I imagine you could run a minimal gnome with gnome-session, gnome-control-center, gnome-panel, gnome-desktop, and the associated dependencies13:19
jaegernickandro: What problems do you have with running gnome?13:21
nickandrook... i will try it13:21
nickandroi have problems in some dependencies... when install crux also intalls opt, xorg... and some contrib13:23
nickandrouse ports for install gnome, i have much troubles installing13:24
nickandrobecause some dependencies not in opt or not in contrib ports...13:25
nickandroi have download and install manually13:26
thrice`they should all be13:27
nickandroyes... i tried it but it doesn't work13:28
thrice`well, any port specifically ?13:29
thrice`that gnome needs, which isn't in xorg/opt/gnome13:29
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nickandroi use this: /usr/ports/gnome13:30
nickandroin morpheus.net13:30
bombastdid you enable it in prt-get.conf?13:30
nickandroenable --install-scritps also13:31
bombastwhat port is missing?13:31
bombastjaeger runs the gnome ports13:31
nickandroactually i install and have running jhbuild by gnome home page.... is installing still, i hope work...13:36
bombastthat could be the problem, jhbuild doesn't register what it installs with crux13:38
bombastso crux has no idea that stuff is installed13:38
jaegerI've never had very good luck with jhbuild, though I sometimes use it to contrast and compare with the crux ports13:38
bombastthis is weird13:40
bombasti have /usr/share/man/whatis13:40
jaegerinteresting... there's a hal package in AUR that doesn't use policykit/consolekit13:42
bombastarch user repo13:43
bombastsimilar to contrib13:43
thrice`that of crux doesn't need it either; you sounded surprsied :>13:44
nickandroexactly here prt-get gnome break :(13:44
nickandroin policykit13:44
thrice`you haven't yet provided an error report / message13:45
jaegerit's not explicitly required but getting everything working in gnome without it would be a hell of a trick13:45
bombastafterstep is neat...13:45
thrice`have a decent screenshot?  looks ugly :>13:46
bombastwell not of mine, im still messing with it13:47
bombasti have unusual tastes13:47
bombastits kinda slow thougyh13:49
bombastim going to try window maker again13:50
rehabdollthe wm of champions13:51
bombastis that what you use, rehabdoll?13:51
Tigger__hi bombast :)13:52
bombasthiya Tigger__13:52
Tigger__hows it going buddy?13:53
bombastI'm doing okay :)13:53
Tigger__good to hear :) doin good here thanks13:53
bombastWindowMaker is sexy13:54
Tigger__yeah tis very good13:57
rehabdollhehe hell no13:57
bombastew ;)13:57
* jesse_ waits for the battle of the *boxes to commence.13:58
treachmeh, all wms but fvwm is superflous. :P13:58
jesse_"openbox is better than fluxbox" followed by "lies! blackbox is better than your m0m".13:59
Tigger__well they are all better than win98 hahahaha14:00
sepenI prefer jwm14:00
sepenyou could obtain the same look like win98 just editing a bit the config file ;D14:00
bombastjwm, huh?14:01
* bombast looks into it14:01
jesse_Great. The scope was around the couple variations of blackbox wm's and we get responses all the way up to M$. \o/14:11
jesse_Mission accomplished. ;)14:11
treachat least we didn't get anyone praising Mistake Edition Second Release. :P14:13
thrice`sepen: any luck with icons?  Now i'm interrested :>14:13
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nipuLyay, got my new fileserver up and running, I hope the PSU can handle all the hard drives20:44
nipuLreckon a 400W should be able to handle and amd64 + 6 hard drives20:45
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bombastnow that's impressive22:23
thrice`minus the website :)22:28
bombastof course22:28
bombastthrice`: xkcd is cool though22:29
bombastgtk is so much faster without an engine on top of it22:29
thrice`uglier, you mean ? :)22:30
bombastLooks fine.22:30
bombastIt's actually easier to not have to worry about themes :/22:32
thrice`I use fedora's gtk engine (nodoka)22:33
bombastthe only thing i need themed in gtk is the icons22:34
bombasttango is ungodly ugly22:34
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bombasthello xocite22:52
nipuL6 monitors and it only looks like something productive is happening on one of them23:41
wolfejdi guess some people havent herd of multiple desktops23:42
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