IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2009-06-24

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aonoh fucking gmail07:58
aoni think i accidentally sent a html email to crux-devel07:59
thrice`how embarassing :)07:59
aonwell, hopefully it'll get discarded/uncrapified07:59
aonyes, it is07:59
thrice`I haven't seen it come through yet, anyway07:59
aonAn HTML attachment was scrubbed...07:59
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sepenaon, no mails on the devel ML08:12
thrice`now there is :)08:13
sepenops, maybe I should run fetchmail manually ;D08:14
sepenna' the spamassassin filter of my isp sucks08:14
sepentoo slow, I supposse that the greylisting also retards that a lot08:17
vektoriGreylisting the retards of crux-devel?08:18
sepenno, I mean the greylist techniques introduces a real retard on smtp filters08:19
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aonretards on mailing lists? how uncommon :)08:58
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thrice`so, the chief linux haskell guy works for M$ too?  I wonder if we'll get another mono debate from the xmonad users! :D09:01
teK_ :)09:06
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aon"To install a new font, just drag it into C:/WINNT/Fonts. You don't even need to reboot."09:26
* aon installs 43 updates to winxp09:28
aoni guess i need to roll an image; installing xp takes a day or so :)09:29
aonbut doing it without an optical media drive seems to work quite well09:29
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.5]: xfce4-weather-plugin: updated to 0.7.011:18
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bombastHello folks11:36
bombastI found a patch to fix my seamonkey build issues11:37
tnuthello bombast11:49
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bombastgpicview is nice12:12
bombastI've used feh for many many years.12:12
bombastBut I kinda like gpicview more.12:12
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RotwangI've got problem with internationalization13:04
Rotwangby scrollin through the presentation you may clearly notice that some letters are missing13:05
Rotwangnot all of them tho13:05
Rotwangletters like ż ą ś ć13:05
bombastthey all work for me13:06
Rotwangbombast: crux?13:06
bombastfirefox 3.5rc213:06
Rotwangso it means ive got something misconfigured13:07
Rotwangbut what?13:07
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Rotwangfor me it looks like
bombasti dont see any ??'s13:09
Rotwangyou wont see them13:09
Rotwangbecause they aren displayed at all13:09
Rotwangthe first line of blue text should be: Ustawy stanowiące podstawę prawną13:10
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Rotwangbut it is: Ustawy stanowi ce podstaw  prawn13:10
bombastmine doesn't show them either, i misunderstood what you said13:10
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Rotwangit works on ubuntu, arch and pld :<13:13
bombastmaybe compare Arch's flash PKGBUILD to our Pkgfile?13:13
Rotwangi doubt its the problem13:14
Rotwangany ideas? :<13:19
thrice`not here, sorry13:20
Rotwangi'll have to install ubuntu or arch on vbox if i wont be able to resolve this issue :<<13:20
thrice`(is it even possible to debug flash?)13:21
thrice`have you tried another browser?13:21
Rotwangthrice`: you doesn't see letters too?13:21
Rotwangthrice`: opera13:21
thrice`I'm on windows currently13:21
Rotwangsame effect13:21
thrice`(at work).  my input might not be useful13:21
Rotwangi regenarated locales13:21
bombastyeah mine is en_US13:22
Rotwangits flash presentatin but it takes text input from somewhere else13:22
Rotwangits hard to explain ;]13:22
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thrice`yeah, that is what I don't get :)13:27
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Rotwangi found teh solution13:34
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RotwangLC_ALL and LANG was set to british utf813:34
* Rotwang is happy because he doesnt have to install vbox ;f13:38
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