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teK_if you destroy your body and health during the course of several tens of years..01:26
aonalso another white woman, farrah fawcett, has died01:27
sepenyep, rip01:27
aon"When Farrah Fawcett arrived at heaven, God granted her one wish. She wished for all the children to be safe. So God killed Michael Jackson."02:02
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sepenops, new kernel module in vbox3 beta2 -> vboxnetadp.ko03:48
sepenI've a patch for vbox 3.0.0_BETA2 if ayone is interested
teK_what das netadp do?03:49
sepen$ modinfo vboxnetadp | grep description03:49
sependescription:    VirtualBox Network Adapter Driver03:49
teK_so, no benefit? Networking worked before, too03:50
sepenteK_, I should take a look at vbox page, just I was surprissed as you03:50
teK_ah ok :}03:51
sepen"...This is a kernel module that creates a virtual interface that can be attached to an internal network..."04:00
sepenseems the same than tun or tap devices04:00
teK_older versions of vbox required you to create bridges yourself, this worked out of the box after an update, too.04:01
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nipuLhahah, i'm having a flame war with a  girl i went to primary school with on facebook about michael jackson06:51
nipuLall i did was suggest the heart attack was caused by an allergic reaction06:51
nipuLwhen he ate some 12 year old nuts06:52
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thrice`nipuL: ahah07:00
thrice`such a friendly bug-closed message:
tilmanhelo, mortals08:05
tilmanthank god it's friday08:06
thrice`indeed :D08:07
vektoriehlo, tilman08:07
tilmani think what romster meant is "yup, i've already fixed it though"08:08
thrice`oh, I took it as "you're a fucking moron"08:08
tilmanthe keys are like next to each other08:08
thrice`yes, good point :>08:09
tilmanto go outside and get sunburn or not to...08:10
strawit's quite cloudy up here in the north08:10
tilman hah08:12
sepenpitiIIo, ping08:13
nipuLtilman: shopped08:17
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tilmannipuL: suspected it might be :(08:18
sepenwell it's time to say Danny that he should remove nvidia-legacy ports, so they're broken against the current xorg, kernel and gl-select stuff08:19
sepenand more after seeing his words on this ticket08:19
tilman_all_ of the nvidia-legacy ports are broken?08:20
sepenat least the 96xx08:20
tilmanoh, there's just two of them anyway :D08:20
thrice`no xf86-video-nouvaueau yet, eh?08:20
tilmannice one08:21
tilman(the butchered spelling)08:21
sepena french device?08:21
tilmansepen: you don't know about nouveau? :o08:22
tilmanthe free nvidia driver?08:22
sepenohh thanks08:22
tilmanfwiw, the next mesa3d release will contain gallium3d afaik - it might also contain the nouveau opengl driver08:23
sepenand probably 9000 and gtx series08:23
thrice`mesa 7.4.3 was pretty terrible08:24
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tilmanthrice`: why?08:25
sepenmesa means board/table/bureau in spanish ;D08:25
thrice`oops, minus a bracket08:25
tilmanthrice`: hrrrrm. i might not have tested 7.4.3 on my laptop :|08:26
thrice`a pretty nasty 965 regression (fixed in 7.4.4, though)08:26
tilmandidn't see that yet08:27
thrice`wtf, it's been 2 days...08:27
thrice`ha ha08:28
mike_k_I can't remember when I've got i915 regressed, maybe some year ago =(08:38
thrice`I think there is a patch to build old intel drivers on new x-server (for a sort of "legacy" port)08:39
mike_k_hmm, any links or search suggestions?08:40
thrice`  is the port I saw08:41
Rotwangits not a port oneoneone!!08:43
sepenhow can I translate the word 'dropped' to german?08:43
sepenand also 'filtered'08:43
jaegersank, gefiltert?08:44
jaegerit's been a long time, I've forgotten most of my german08:44
Rotwanggedroped und gefilterd [;08:44
tilmandroppengefiltert* goddamnit08:45
tilmansepen: _why_ are you asking translating stuff to german?08:45
jaegerthat reminds me of a dave barry joke about the german word for subway08:45
sepentilman, I need some words for our appliances ;D08:45
tilmanjaeger: hysterical08:46
tilmannot :>08:46
Rotwangjaeger: lol ;D08:46
sepenwhich is the correct droppen/filtert ?08:46
tilmanyes, use droppen/filtert :D08:46
sepenmany thanks08:47
jaegertilman: not my joke but I thought it was amusing :)08:47
tilmansepen: actualy, don't08:47
tilmanjaeger: it's idiotic, because it's actually called u-bahn. doesn't get much shorter08:47
tilmansepen: i'm pulling your leg08:48
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tilmansepen: there's no way you're going to deliver a grammatically correct sentence though if you're just asking for a single word :D08:48
jaegerthe joke was mostly about taking multiple words and sticking them together to get more words08:48
jaegerhe just used that as an example08:48
tilmanjaeger: yes, but the example is horrible08:48
jaegerIt's supposed to be, it's a joke :P08:48
tilmanthe canonical example is donaudampfschiffahrtskapitaen... he should have used that one08:48
sepentilman, well the fact is that I need to describe an action with a single word08:49
jaegerbesides, isn't u-bahn short for Untergrundbahn anyway? :)08:49
tilman"dropped" isn't an action08:50
tilmanaction -> active08:50
tilmandropped = passive08:50
sepenthe packets are dropped08:50
tilmansepen: try "Filtern", but as i said without context it's very likely going to be a huge fuckup08:50
tilmanfuck it08:50
tilmango ask your translators team :>08:51
sepenanyways thanks08:51
Rotwangsepen: german people are very good anglish speakers anyway ;D08:51
tilmandave barry probably disagrees08:52
sepenand our customers08:52
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.5]: mesa3d: updated to
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aonhere it is called "metro"09:05
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aonin the one place that has it09:05
aonshorter than u-bahn09:05
Rotwangsame here ;f09:06
aonpretty common in eeu afaik :)09:08
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sepenjackson on technology?? ;D09:15
mike_kthrice`: thanks, I am about to try that legacy driver09:18
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estersWhy I was here10:06
estersOh yes10:06
estersTwo questions10:06
estersWhy was cdrtools removed in favour for cdrkit ?10:06
Rotwangsome licencing issues i believe o.010:06
Rotwangbut im not really sure [;10:06
estersI've heard that cdrkit is a POS10:07
thrice`works OK here, anyway10:07
estersPiece Of Shit10:07
Rotwangyeah wodim works just fine10:07
Rotwanghowever i mostly use growisofs for burning ps2 game images10:09
Rotwangwhich I never play ;D10:09
estersYou throw them against the wall ?10:09
RotwangI put them to my ps2 backuped games collection ;>10:09
Rotwangand they lay there10:10
Rotwanghowever i've got some original ones10:10
Rotwanglike gt4 or okami10:10
estersNo RE:Code Veronica X ?10:10
Rotwangno :<10:11
estersThe second thing was, why xorg.conf has to be in /usr/lib/X11 ?10:11
estersI'm just curious10:12
Rotwangit does not have to be there 0.o10:12
estersWell there isn't /etc/X1110:12
Rotwangjust mkdir /etc/X1110:12
estersI see10:12
estersAnyway putting it into /usr/lib/X11 also works10:13
Rotwangesters: yes the man page says its completely normal [;10:13
estersOne of the things that are different on CRUX10:14
thrice`i've always thought xorg-server should perhaps add an /etc/X11 dir, but *meh*10:15
tilmanxorg.conf is optional anyway10:15
tilmanthrice`: we could do that... though i guess if it was really a problem more people would ask for it :D10:16
thrice`yep :)10:16
thrice`and mkdir isn't terribly difficult10:16
estersIt is :(10:21
thrice`oh, sorry :)10:25
estersAnyway for the first time ever10:25
estersXorg launched without problem10:25
estersNow I have to deal with another issue10:26
estersThanks to graphics card10:26
Rotwangati ? [;10:26
esters3dfx Voodoo 3 2000 AGP10:26
esters2D acceleration is limted to 1024*768 @ 16bit10:27
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thrice`hi Man0lic010:29
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thrice`is today "Ich bin ein Berliner" day ?13:23
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SunlightRideroops!, sorry21:37
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packardbQ: Planning to provide lvm2 tools in 2.6?23:41
packardbSorry, just found it on the Wiki page (
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