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spaceninja  which package is missing?02:37
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spaceninjamaybe I need poppler-data02:50
estersWhat package are you trying to compile ?03:00
spaceninjainkscape 0.47 pre release03:06
estersI'd say you are Right03:07
estersAbout poppler-data03:07
spaceninjanice, lets see if it works now, I'm still compiling03:12
estersFor more than 10h ? :O03:13
estersOr are you playing russian roulette ?03:14
spaceninjaI saw the error yesterday, but I was too tired to fix it then. I just continued now :p03:16
estersI see03:17
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estersBerlios is pissing me off :|03:34
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spaceninjadidn't work03:50
estersSame error ?03:51
spaceninja  --pdfdir=DIR            pdf documentation [DOCDIR]03:52
spaceninjamaybe I should use that configure option for poppler03:53
spaceninjabut which dir?03:54
estersShould be in /usr/doc03:55
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spaceninjabut it can't find this file PDFDoc.h03:58
spaceninjapkginfo -l poppler-data | grep pdf doesn't give me anything03:58
esterspkginfo -l poppler-data | grep -i pdf*03:58
estersIt should be in /usr/include04:03
estersPDFDoc.h file04:03
estersNone of the .footprints contain an entry for PDFDoc.h04:06
esterscat `find /usr/ports -name .footprint` | grep -i PDFDoc.h04:07
Rotwangmy eyes burn! [;04:08
spaceninjabut how can this be fixed?04:11
spaceninjaim going to try try to update poppler to 0.10.704:16
Rotwangspaceninja: maybe try to disable pdf support in inscape04:18
spaceninjaI could thanks04:19
estersRotwang: why so ?04:23
estersWhy are your eyes burning ? :>04:23
Rotwangesters: that cat `` trick ;]04:24
estersWithout grep ?04:24
Rotwangyou could do sth like grep -i PDFDoc.h /usr/ports/*/*/.footprint04:24
tilmanwithout _cat_04:24
spaceninjabut does anyone have that file?04:28
spaceninja         this is the configure file for inkscape 0.47 pre release04:28
spaceninjawhat should I use to disable pdf?04:29
Rotwangmaybe, just maybe [;04:30
spaceninjaok I'll try it04:31
spaceninjai still see some poppler things on the compile output04:38
estersRotwang: Thanks for the tip04:40
Rotwangyw [;04:40
Rotwangor if you want find: find /usr/ports -name .footprint -exec grep -i PDFDoc.h '{}' \; -print04:41
Rotwangor just prt-get fsearch pdfdoc.h04:44
estersRight :>04:44
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estersRotwang: I'm not so 1337 to understand the -exec {} part :>04:52
estersCause I'm DDT I'm dynamite05:00
aonddt eh05:00
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estersMust..have..static-skype binrary05:56
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: maildrop: update to 2.2.006:08
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estersAnyone here writing in non-english language ?06:35
Rotwangprobably most of us [;06:35
estersI have a problem with displaying chars in sakura terminal06:35
RotwangI use urxvt06:36
estersWith urxvt there are no problems06:36
estersBut I use sakura because of tab support06:36
estersYes I know urxvt have them too06:36
Rotwangurxvt tabs are b0rken or at least was06:36
aonis the output of "locale" the same in sakura and urxvt?06:37
aondoes the font you use in sakura support the chars you want to display?06:37
estersIn urxvt it's "fixed"06:38
estersI tried fixed on sakura, but it didn't work06:38
estersNow my life is ruined06:47
estersBut this is something strange :>06:49
estersI even thought of swithcing a distro06:49
Rotwangoh noes <;O>06:50
estersTo ArchLinux :>06:50
aonif it works elsewhere, it should work on crux too06:51
aonthere must be some config issue if this is the case06:51
estersIt works elsewhere06:51
estersI'll check the gentoo documentation about locales06:52
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: netpbm: updated to 10.35.6506:52
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: fontforge: updated to 2009062206:52
aonthink i'll go check if my car falls apart now that i've done some maintenance on it ->06:53
Rotwangesters: i had some issues with polish characters because my locale was set to en_GB.utf806:53
Rotwangand they should be set to pl_PL.utf806:53
estersBut I never had problems even though I had en_US.UTF806:54
Rotwangme too06:54
Rotwangit happened to me first time [;06:54
Rotwangjust try06:54
esterslocaledef and then set LANG ?06:55
estersWorks in urxvt07:00
estersBut not in sakura07:00
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estersWhat does CHARSET do in /etc/profile ?07:12
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estersWoow got myself a new hw09:22
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estersThis is getting really strange09:56
estersLXTerminal also has no problems displaying non-ascii chars09:56
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estersglāžšķūņu lācīši10:15
estersset recode_fallback ISO8859-210:16
estersSorry about that10:16
estersI moved to rxvt-unicode10:19
estersSup ?10:22
joacimmy desktop computer10:23
estersIs good ?10:24
joacimits up10:24
estersFrom sleep ?10:26
joacimno >_<10:28
aonmine's up too10:28
aonwouldn't be typing much otherwise10:28
estersHe is standing ?10:28
estersI just drank a beer10:31
estersSo just ignore what I say10:31
joacima single beer do that to you?10:34
estersWell I did drank it quite fast10:34
aonmm, beer10:35
estersCzech Kozel Premium :>10:35
estersI can get you the last one and dcc it10:38
Rotwangim going to buy a beer in a minute10:38
estersWhat Is the proper way to remove documentation10:40
aonthe shop would still be open10:40
aonbut meh :)10:40
estersrm -r $PKG/usr/share/doc ?10:40
aonyeah, pretty much10:40
Rotwangrm -rf is better10:41
aon no -f10:55
aonbecause if the package stops installing it (or changes the installation place), you don't necessarily notice10:55
estersrm -f ?10:55
aonjust use rm -r10:55
estersLinux is like Lego10:59
estersBuilding your fun11:00
estersPiece by piece...11:00
aonyou get really angry when you leave it on the floor and step on it in the dark? :s11:00
estersOh yes11:00
estersBut you can rebuild it11:00
estersNow I'm trying to set fakeroot11:03
estersBut it won't work :<11:03
estersOn windows it was easier11:05
estersJust point and click11:05
estersfakeroot prt-get gives me11:19
estersfakeroot: FAKEROOTKEY set to 101007995111:19
estersfakeroot: nested operation not yet supported11:19
Rotwangaon: i dont see why not -f11:33
Rotwang$ touch foo; chmod 0000 $_; rm $_11:34
Rotwangrm: remove write-protected regular empty file `foo'?11:34
Rotwang$ touch foo; chmod 0000 $_; rm -f $_11:34
Rotwangso if any doc file is somehow write protected then user is going to be asked whether he want to delete it or not, which is not what we want11:35
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jueRotwang: I agree with aon, don't use -f with rm if not necessary11:49
aonbanana[~]$ touch foo; chmod 0000 $_; sudo rm $_11:55
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