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MasterPointanyone help me please?18:53
MasterPointi have installed xfce4, for configure keyboard in mode latin, how?18:54
MasterPointplease :)18:56
joacimyou will need to configure xorg18:56
joacimshould be able to find a few guides for how to configure your keyboard layout in xorg through google18:57
MasterPointok i think i have configure it in xfce418:59
joacimxfce didn't have any tools for configuring the keyboard layout the last time i checked19:01
joacimother than the limited panel plugin that could switch between two or more layouts that youve already preconfigured in your xorg.conf19:02
MasterPointok joacim, i searching now in google :)19:05
nipuLif you're feeling brave you could do it via hal19:10
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MasterPointyes i brave :D19:13
MasterPointi have modified /usr/etc/hal/fdi/policy/x11-keyboard.fdi19:14
MasterPointbut not working :(19:14
nipuLdid you restart hal19:14
nipuLpaste you fdi file19:15
MasterPoint?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>19:16
MasterPoint<deviceinfo version="0.2">19:16
MasterPoint<match key="info.capabilities" contains="input.keyboard">19:16
MasterPoint<merge key="input.xkb.rules" type="string">xorg</merge>19:16
MasterPoint<merge key="input.xkb.layout" type="string">es</merge>19:16
nipuLnot here douche19:16
MasterPoint<merge key="input.xkb.variant" type="string">intl</merge>19:16
joacimuhm. pastebin19:16
nipuLdoes your keyboard use the input.keyboard capability?19:17
MasterPointis wrong ?19:18
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nipuLlooks ok to me19:20
joacimshouldnt custom configs go in /etc/hal ?19:21
SunlightRiderExcuse, this just kind of fits me, im looking for the hal synaptics file, just wondering if you guys had any idea about it, because i dont seem to have one19:22
nipuLwhere did you look?19:22
SunlightRidersame as MasterPoint19:23
SunlightRiderthere's no /etc/hal19:23
SunlightRiderwait, lemme try something, i just made the stupidest afirmation19:23
joacimI just created one on my old gentoo19:24
nipuLthis is my fdi for my keyboard,
MasterPointnipul maybe my problem is enconding, i use UTF-8 but you use ISO-8859-119:26
nipuLno i don't19:26
nipuLthen encoding attribute of an xml document has nothing to to with your locale encoding19:28
MasterPointthat right :D19:29
MasterPointi dumb19:30
MasterPointlook that, says "new xorg ignore section InputDevice and make use of only HAL"19:33
nipuLwow got my s3 bill for the month, it's dropped from $1.75 to $0.1219:36
nipuLMasterPoint: i can't read that, it might as well be in spanish or something19:37
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SunlightRideradding a few lines to Xorg seemed to solve the problem19:42
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