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plutonashello, i'm looking for an alternative to archlinux, as it's packaging annoys me a bit. i have 2 questions06:25
plutonas1. is there somewhere a list of the differences between arch and crux?06:25
plutonas2. how well does crux support lisp (are there enough packages etc)06:26
tilmandoesn't seem too popular :|06:30
plutonashm, not much of a support, just clisp06:30
plutonashm, i change my second question then, how easy is it to manage compilations from source06:31
plutonaswould all the files get arranged somehow seperately by stuff installed by the system and/or packages?06:31
tilmanthat's the build instructions for that clisp port06:32
tilmanit's more complex than most packages ;)06:32
plutonashm, i am not thinking of giving build instructions and producing packages for crux06:32
plutonasnot at this point at least06:32
plutonasif i just download the source and compile according to the README file06:33
tilmanah, i misunderstood06:33
tilmanif you build stuff manually, you should put it in /usr/local06:33
plutonashow easy would it be for me to deinstall etc06:33
tilmansince /usr is "owned" by the packages06:33
tilmanin that respect crux is no different from other distros though06:33
plutonasit wouldn't be many packages i'd install that way, but i like to keep things clean06:33
plutonassure but other distro's might have packages, or provide some seperate space for self-compilations06:34
plutonasanyways, what about the first questions?06:34
tilmanimo it's preferable to create ports for stuff that you need06:37
tilmanmakes it easier to update/remove/whatever06:38
tilmandunno about a list of differences between arch and crux06:38
plutonashm, i want to change a distribution, but i'm trying to keep the learning new things task as small as possible at this point06:38
plutonasit want be my main OS anyways, as i use freebsd for that06:38
tilmancrux is somewhat close to the bsds in spirit06:39
tilmanbsd-like init, ports system06:39
plutonaswhy do you believe archlinux which is a crux port became much more popular than crux?06:41
tilmani thought arch'ers care much about the fact that arch is _not_ a crux derivative :>06:41
nipuLbinary packages06:42
plutonashm, crux doesn't have binary packages?06:42
rehabdollon the iso only06:42
nipuLother than that, arch is a pos06:42
plutonasa pos?06:42
plutonasi'm sorry i think i want a binary distro so crux is not for me, my mistake... but what is a pos?06:43
rehabdollpiece of shite?06:43
plutonashaha, ok06:43
rehabdolldunno, nipul is an aussie :)06:43
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estersCause am ti en ti aim dainemait08:12
estersHi Rotwang08:14
Rotwanghi esters08:16
estersCause I'm TNT I'm dynamite08:17
nipuLyou don't know may aussies do yu08:18
estersWho me ?08:18
estersBTW, is it possible to start daemons in the background upon boot08:19
nipuLworst impersonaton ever08:19
estersIn rc.conf ?08:20
Rotwangesters: rc_color does it08:20
Rotwangesters: by default you cant afaik08:20
Rotwanghowever i does not find it useful08:21
estersWell just to get some seconds off the boot time :P08:21
teK_you mean: add '&' at the end of the daemon-starting lines in /etc/rc.d/*?08:31
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estersOH NICE \m/09:23
estersprt-get: updating librsvg from 2.26.0-1 to 2.22.3-109:23
estersNow to figure how to stop that09:39
* esters rum + baikal09:39
Rotwangmight be funny actualy09:46
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: lyx: update to 1.6.310:18
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: dovecot: update to 1.2.010:18
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: cups: update to 1.3.1110:18
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: scite: update to 1.7910:18
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: dillo: update to 2.1.110:18
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: nspr: updated to 4.8.10:18
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: xulrunner: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: firefox: updated to 3.5.10:18
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: Merge branch '2.5' into 2.610:18
estersYeah baby yeah10:18
tilmanthat was just the merge to 2.610:19
jaegerhrmm... evdial doesn't want to build for me in the 2.6 tree. an error about "invalid conversion from 'int (*)(const dirent**, const dirent**)' to 'int (*)(const void*, const void*)'10:29
jaegerwvdial, even10:30
tilmanah, it's c++10:34
tilmani was wondering why gcc would give that error :D10:34
estersHe does not like you10:37
tilmanjaeger: works for me though. gcc 4.4.0, right?10:37
jaeger4.3.3 at the moment, perhaps I need to update the build environment to the 2.6 packages10:40
* tilman tries with gcc 4.3.3 on x86_6410:41
tilmanokay, it's dying with an x86_64 specific error10:45
tilmanjaeger: maybe wvdial's svn repository has a fix?10:45
jaegerperhaps, but trying gcc 4.4 first10:45
jaegerlooks like gcc was the fix10:46
rehabdollstupid dovecot10:55
tilmanwhat's wrong?11:00
rehabdolljust venting :)11:00
rehabdollmy prt-get cronjob updated it, but i never restarted it11:00
estersMan I love you guys for making curx the way as it is12:01
estersYes I'm wasted and drunk12:01
estersJust /ignore12:01
Rotwangi like that12:04
Rotwangbut i like crax better [;12:04
* aon curses german-language facebook12:04
aonthe mails always say "freundin" regardless of the gender :O12:05
bombastthat's gotta be insulting12:05
RotwangI had really bad hangover today12:06
Rotwangi cannot think about alcohol right now :x12:07
aoni had a surprisingly good one12:07
bombasti only had a couple drinks last night12:07
aoni didn't have much either12:07
aonsomething around 6 beers12:08
aonand a whisky12:08
bombastnice ;P12:08
aonand the remains of a small bottle of kaznacheyskaya12:09
aonon punk gigs i tend to not worry too much about the loss of fidelity caused by drinking12:10
aonactually, on some gigs chemical signal processing seems quite mandatory :O12:10
bombastthat's what make punk music sound so good, you're supposed to be drunk when you listen to it.12:10
aonthis one would've been fine without, tho12:11
estersHow can I burn an .iso file12:19
estersUsing cdrtools here12:19
bombastcdrkit is a fork of cdrtools12:19
estersI know12:19
estersAll the licence yada yada12:19
aoncdrecord dev=/dev/cdrom foobar.iso12:20
Rotwangesters: it depends whether you want to burn on a cd or dvd12:20
bombastcdrecord dev=/dev/foo file.iso12:20
estersRotwang: CD12:20
estersI'll try cdrkit12:21
bombastcdrkit's "wodim" is the same as cdrtools "cdrecord" fwiw12:21
* esters Nine Inch Nails - Discipline12:32
bombastTrent \m/12:33
* aon bought tickets to see kraftwerk12:34
* esters God Is An Astronaut - Shining Through12:36
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vektoriaon \o/13:22
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bombastI'm watching the Power Rangers movie.13:49
bombastAnd no, I'm not kidding.13:49
vektoribombast /o\13:50
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* esters Slowdive - Good Day Sunshine with Carlsberg13:56
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: wine: updated to 1.1.2514:57
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marc_smithhello everyone15:44
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jesse_...and crux remains dead \o/15:46
estersWhere ?16:06
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jesse_crux's death? We have an ongoing joke around here about it since around two years ago there was a disgruntled user ranting and raving on the mailing list.16:16
rehabdollits cause it lacks basics16:19
bombastCRUX IS DEAD..16:19
bombast..LONG LIVE CRUX16:19
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estersThanks a lot16:23
bombastHello, esters.16:24
estersHello bombast16:26
jesse_Nevermind the bollocks, here's CRUX. lacking teh BASICS since 2000ish16:33
bombastjesse_: yeah, it totally sucks that crux lacks the basics.. like terribly configured kernel options which make my system unbootable16:33
bombastI MISS THAT A LOT16:33
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jesse_wut?! A useable system? Get that shit off my porch.16:36
estersI miss those days16:37
estersWhen I was a Ubuntu fag16:37
estersAnd now16:44
estersI'm a fag16:45
jesse_A lacking-teh-BASICS fag?16:47
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estersjesse_: A fag as in fag16:53
estersJust lurking around 4chan16:53
estersTrying to find something valuable16:53
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estersbombast: If you want to play the game just ask why19:09
estersI'm just /b/ored19:40
bombastno mkisofs20:02
estersWhere ?20:02
estersWell you won't find one in nature tough20:03
esters<- smartass detected20:03
bombasti thought mkisofs was included in cdrkit20:05
estersMe too20:07
bombasti have wodim and everything20:07
bombastthey renamed it20:09
bombasti forgot20:09
bombastMY BD20:15
estersNo worries stranger20:17
* esters Slowdive - When The Sun Hits20:18
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estersHello aee_21:15
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estersI know my conversation scares the shit out of people21:22
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nipuLgood to see a fellow dirge fan21:48
estersMornin nipuL22:34
bombastMorning? Ah cap.22:35
bombastIt's  night here and I'm stoned.22:35
estersIt's morning here22:35
estersI'm wasted22:35
estersand sleepy22:35
aoni'm sober22:35
estersGlad to hear that aon22:35
nipuLmondayitis here22:37
nipuLsuppose to be doing some freelance stuff, but one of the kids is sick, great start to the week :\22:38
aonquite cold here22:39
aonunder 10degC out22:39
estersI took a ride22:40
estersWith my bicycle22:40
estersIt's not cold out here22:40
nipuLit was -7°C here last night22:41
esters: O22:42
nipuLfun times22:42
nipuLespecially when we're out of wood22:42
esters~30 min ago22:42
estersnipuL: I don't envy you :/22:42
estersgn folks22:46
nipuLshould have taken a photo this morning, frost was so bad it looked like it had been snowing22:52
nipuLeven the dog got frosted22:53

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