IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2009-07-06

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teK_hi sepen01:24
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teK_yesterday I had a look at your meta-port Package (which makes a longer dreamed dream of mine come true). What's the current state of this packages (because it's still shipped via svn)?01:25
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: neon: updated to 0.28.501:30
sepenteK_, well I could make a tarball01:31
teK_btw: imho this is a great thing  (I just made it to the idea, not implementation), huge thanks :)01:31
sepennp, nice to see that someone is using it ;D01:32
teK_I just dislike svn :P01:32
teK_and the *html file on your space dates to 2006, iirc. So this thing should be stabl01:33
sepenwell I changed some lines but yes really it should be01:33
sepenjust I wainting to lucas's pdb-cli tool01:34
teK_what does it do?01:34
sepenso it would be fine to have a cli-tool for getting the sync command line01:34
teK_is this english? :P01:34
teK_get the line from...? portdb?01:34
sepeniirc, yes01:34
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sepennow using a tarball ;D01:46
teK_great. so I will follow updates to mpup with mpup01:47
sependid you see the meta.list I provided :D01:48
Rotwangyo dawg! I herd you like to update your ports tree so we put yo mpup in yo ports tree so you can update while you update03:23
Rotwangmeh, not so funny actualy :<03:23
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: p5-extutils-depends: updated to 0.30204:01
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: p5-glib: updated to 1.22204:01
aoni think there was a larger version of that pic with two cats04:14
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spaceninjawhich kernel will crux 2.6 contain?05:11
aoni wish i could sleep05:13
spaceninja3.0 doesn't exist, or does it?05:13
spaceninjaoh now I get it05:14
aonthe current iso.git has
spaceninjaI heard ext4 works much better on 2.6.3005:20
sepen2.6.30.x is listed for the future release notes
sepenbut isn't finished yet05:38
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nipuL.30 is a better option, kms actually works06:30
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aonmy boss is playing a flash version of
aonit appears as though we have very little work to do07:04
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teK_the boss here hangs around in #crux it apperas as though we have very little work to do07:31
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sepenaon, this one?
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aonsepen: yeah, probably09:20
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* pedja can't build any package under fakeroot all of the sudden :(10:05
pedjanot even fakeroot.segfaults all the way.wth...10:05
pedjaUntil now, i only had to build mplayer as root, and now this...10:06
pedjabtw, can anyone recommend cd-ripper, with few deps (gtk,qt4).I really like grip, but...10:08
* teK_ uses
pedjateK_: thanks, I'll take a look :)10:10
teK_but it's CLI-only10:11
pedjaAfter I rebuilt fakeroot, everything works again...10:12
sepenfootprint mismatch for xulrunner
sepenand I've installed all required dependencies10:33
sepenseems that some wifi-app is appending some files10:34
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tilmansrsly wtf?10:36
tilmanpedja: ; comes with musicbrainz and vorbisgain support :]10:37
sepentilman, just doing a prt-get depinst firefox on a fresh environment10:39
tilmansepen: i'm wtf-ing at the fact that xulrunner install a wifi component10:39
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pedjatilman: thanks :)10:53
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pedjatilman: Is dri module of any use if I am using nvidia binary drivers?xorg complains at startup that the dri is compiled for 1.5.3, and I don't think that is right...12:13
tilmannvidia doesn't use drm/dri12:14
pedjabtw, after running 'gl-select use nvidia', I have two in xorg/extensions.same size, one is libdri_so, and the other is
pedjaso, error is safe to ignore?12:15
pedjaignorance is bliss :)12:18
tilmanshould be safe to ignore i think12:18
sepenpedja, don't worry they are only necessary for ati12:28
pedjawhat port provides glib2, which is required for rb-rip?12:28
pedjasepen: thanks for clarifying that :)12:29
tilmanpedja: ruby-gtk12:30
tilmanyou'll also need ruby-musicbrainz12:30
* tilman remembers you wanted something with few dependencies ;D12:30
pedjawrt with xulrunner wifi stuff:iirc, it can be disabled at configure stage, but some extension or whatnot might be expecting it, so i kept it.12:31
pedjatilman: I installed ruby-musicbrainz :).that was the first thing rb-rip complained about.12:31
tilmani should try to get rid of the glib dependency12:32
tilmanit's only needed to convert between utf8 and the current locale12:32
pedjanah, with only a few deps beats most rippers hands sown ;)12:33
tilmanit also contains a few lines to rip to flac instead btw12:34
tilmanif that's what you prefer12:34
pedjahmm.ruby-gtk builds all but gtk.12:35 missing from .footprint12:35
tilmanjust ignore it for now ;D12:35
pedjaflac?i used it maybe twice.12:35
pedjato show off, mostly :)12:36
tilmani'm deaf anyway, so i'm okay with lossy compression12:36
pedjadeath metal is your music of choice, iirc?12:36
pedjaor some variety of it.12:37
tilmanyeah, more or less ;)12:37
pedjadeaf goes with the territory, then ;)12:38
tilmani think my hearing wasn't that great before i started listening to metal either :]12:38
pedjanot that I hear very well, too.too many raves as a young boy...12:38
tilmanconcerts/festivals without proper hearing protection = fail, too12:39
pedja20m away from 20kW speaker system at a Roni Size concert = awesome :)12:40
pedja'do you feel the beat?' 'damn right i feel the beat!'.it was fun...12:42
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estersWakka wakka wakka14:27
jaegergrr, can't kill a postgres process, even with kill -914:33
estersjaeger: kill it with fire :P14:33
teK_I heard elephants love sugar14:33
jaegermight have to14:33
teK_what's in the logs?14:33
jaegernothing out of the ordinary14:34
jaegeryay, it finally died14:34
teK_you're behind the ivory, admit it!14:34
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: pango: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: glib: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: gtk: updated to
DaViruzoops i just broke everything14:44
DaViruzturns out tar depended on libiconv, kind of hard to install it again without a functioning rar..14:45
DaViruzrar? tar14:45
teK_does it?14:46
teK_[tek@basra][~]% grep -i depen /usr/ports/core/tar/Pkgfile14:46
teK_same for ldd =tar14:46
jesse_Let me guess, ycrux strikes again.14:46
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DaViruzdaviruz@adam:~$ tar14:46
DaViruztar: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory14:46
DaViruzseems it does14:47
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teK_ldd `which tar`14:47
bombastFreenode really sucks.14:47
bombastThat IRSSI session died last night.14:47
bombastAnd my nick was STILL "active"14:47
teK_bombast: yes (Nick registration grrrrrrr)14:47
bombastthat too14:47
DaViruz => not found14:47
bombasti have a different nick here than anywhere else14:47
bombasti hate it14:47
DaViruzi hate unicode14:47
bombastya rly14:47
DaViruzand iconv..14:48
bombastugh i need to update to 2.614:48
bombastbut.. so lazy14:48
bombasti'll wait for the iso to be pushed :>14:48
teK_if you trust me *g*14:48
DaViruzi remember when everything crux was devoid of unicode, nls and such things :(14:48
DaViruzhappy times they were14:49
bombastdon't trust him. that's a C app to download meatpsin and fork bomb while it plays14:49
teK_huh what? NLS? WHERE?14:49
teK_bombast: no, it will drive his motorcycle, drink all his milk and reappoint George W. Bush14:49
jesse_nls remains out of the loop.14:49
DaViruz./tar: /lib/ version `GLIBC_2.6' not found (required by ./tar)14:49
bombastteK_: oh god not bush14:49
DaViruzthanks anyway.. :)14:49
teK_DaViruz: wait.14:50
DaViruzstatic tar anyone? :)14:50
teK_building GNU tar right now14:50
teK_I have a static one from fefe's embedded utils14:50
teK_what does ``crux'' return for you, DaViruz14:51
teK_mine, too. pkginfo -i | grep glibc14:52
DaViruzglibc 2.5-114:52
DaViruz(this particular installation is a little messy)14:52
bombastpkginfo -i | grep glibc14:54
bombastglibc 2.8-114:54
DaViruzexcellent, thanks :)14:58
teK_you're welcome15:00
teK_you could have built it yourself, btw15:01
DaViruz-- Packages installed15:01
DaViruzthe tar source is tarred.. :)15:02
teK_btw: is any of the older CRUXers familiar with yhafri? I never saw him on IRC or the ML15:02
bombastnever heard of 'im15:02
jesse_teK_: that is what I meant by ycrux strikes again earlier. :D15:03
jesse_I remember one e-mail about prettying crux up visually many years ago, other than that, nothing.15:03
teK_seems to be/have been a student and he's on cpan to15:04
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DaViruzstupid iconv15:07
DaViruzhow come git won't compile without iconv when git is in opt, and iconv is in yhafri15:09
DaViruzooh, it's builtin.h that includes iconv.h15:09
DaViruziconv is like a virus, when it's present it will embed itself in everything and cause havoc :(15:10
jesse_You're not the first nor the last to find that out the hard way. :p15:11
DaViruzoh :)15:11
DaViruzgit won't compile with iconv either15:11
DaViruzseems like a version mismatch15:11
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DaViruzah, adding -liconv to LDFLAGS sorted it out15:13
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nipuLheh, alway use yhafri ports with a grain of salt18:40
bombastand a condom18:46
DaViruztitle.C:1505: error:   initializing argument 2 of 'size_t libiconv(void*, const char**, size_t*, char**, size_t*)'18:54
bombastcontext plz18:55
DaViruzcontext is yhafri and libiconv18:55
DaViruzwhich has been screwing with me the entire day18:55
DaViruzi'll have to wipe this box clean, reinstall from scratch and blacklist everything that even resembles libiconv19:01
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: p5-html-parser: update to 3.6123:15
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: poppler: update to 0.10.723:15
nipuLDaViruz: just remove iconv then run revdep23:16
nipuLand rebuild anything that was linking to iconv23:16
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: pycairo: update to 1.8.623:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: nginx: update to 0.7.6123:25

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