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sepenhey teK_01:14
sependue to xulrunner footprint mismatch now I've another one for firefox01:28
sepenMISSING   -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/lib/firefox/xulrunner/components/necko_wifi.xpt01:28
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DarkNekrosmorning gentlemen ;)01:45
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DaViruznipuL: gcc, among other stuff needed to rebuild everything, dpends on iconv now..03:03
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sepennow it's more easy to use sf sources in ck4up ;D03:54
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sepenahha clb03:54
nipuLso back like it used to be04:14
nipuLi have @SF@ http;// and @SFP@ @SF@@NAME@/files/04:16
sepen @SF@  @TAR@04:25
nipuLall my sf hosted ports don04:30
nipuL't fit the mold04:30
nipuLeg, rox based ports04:30
nipuL@ROX@ @SF@rox/files04:31
sepenyeah there're some exceptions04:31
aondamn Lotus Notes05:07
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DaViruzyaay, i think i managed to revert back to glibc iconv without breaking anything07:23
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sepenVLC 1.0.0 is out! ;D09:26
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nilphi, i cant get midi sound working10:55
nilpi use timidity from contrib with blank (well, all lines are commented) conf. file10:55
nilpit starts ok, reports "Opening sequencer port: 128:0 128:1 128:2 128:3", but aplaymidi does not make any sound, i tried all 4 ports10:57
nilpalso timidity outputs "ALSA pcm 'default' set buffer size 32768, period size 8192 bytes" after aplaymidi is started10:58
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nilpive got kernel without module support, but im sure alsa sequencer is compiled in10:58
nilpany ideas, please?10:59
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jaegersorry, I know nothing about midi11:01
tilmani think midi support might depend on what kind of sound card you use11:02
tilmanon my emu10k1, i need to use some tool to upload the wave tables (or what's it called)11:02
nilpyep i got that too11:02
tilmanlet me try to remember more11:04
nilpwell it used to work on archlinux :) i got it installed on other partition for stuff like this, but i did pacman -Su today and.. you know.. it doesnt boot anymore :)11:04
tilmancheck the sourceforge project for emu10k111:04
tilmani think there's a package called emutools or somethng11:05
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nilpi had to edit it to even compile, but now it crashes on linux/bitops.h: No such file or directory11:16
nilpso this is the end, i guess11:17
tilmanhang on11:17
tilmannilp: i'll fix the build and get back to you later11:21
nilpok thanks11:22
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tilmannilp: doesn't look too good. try googling for emu10k1 and midi instead ;)11:44
tilmani think sfxload is the name of the tool required11:45
tilman"part of the awesfx package"11:47
nilpaa, great! thanks!11:48
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nilp../include/awe_parm.h:25:29: error: linux/awe_voice.h: No such file or directory11:51
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nilpwell, no.. it crashes like that even when building just asfxload11:52
tilmansee whether arch linux applies any patches to asfxload :)11:54
nilpyeah im reading!_Midi11:54
tilmanor gentoo etc11:54
nilp"It should be sfxload, not asfxload. You might also need to modprobe snd-seq-oss."11:55
nilp:'< i dont even have oss in kernel11:55
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nilphmm, i dont have the sb live cd anymore12:05
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nilpyep, downloading some12:05
nilpoooh it works!12:12
nilpeven without timidity :)12:12
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spacenin1aruby on rails or django? :)13:18
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DarkNekrosspacenin1a, zope ;)13:22
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spacenin1athx, the thing is that django seems to suck when it comes to adding your own custom fields when creating a user.14:09
spacenin1acatalyst seems nice, zope aswell14:12
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spacenin1areally hard to pick one14:22
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spacenin1awhat omg what's happening14:23
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joacimlunar radiation14:27
spacenin1ahuge list, impossible to find the best one for me
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DarkNekrosspacenin1a, if you like python, zope it's for you ;)14:39
nilpif you speak czech, try nette :)14:39
spacenin1aI like C14:40
nilpwell its php14:40
spacenin1abut python is ok14:40
nilpwish i could write webapps in python14:40
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spacenin1aim choosing zope, hopefully my "bosses" wont know that I changed the language14:44
spacenin1adjango wasn't streamlined14:45
spacenin1azope seems even more messy14:46
spacenin1aI need a break14:47
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spacenin1apython is getting uglier everytime I use it :p15:05
nilphaha i guess you dont use php do you15:05
nilptry it for week or two and youre gonna LOVA python :)15:06
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spacenin1adon't like php either, I don't like any language, they all suck in some way :p15:08
nilpabstractions always have to suck in some way.. i guess :)15:09
nilptake a look at why the lucky stiff's potion language15:10
nilpits not really for webapps (yet!)15:11
nilpmore like embedded stuff15:11
nilpbut its amazing :)15:11
nilpalso the guy is like genious15:14
nilpfamous in the ruby world15:14
spacenin1ajust read a page about him and potion15:14
spacenin1aI like procedual languages the best, the fewer ways you can do one thing, the better15:15
nilpi really like pure-oo15:16
spacenin1adon't like super powerful languages15:16
spacenin1aoo isn't needed :p15:16
spacenin1aor maybe it's need15:17
spacenin1aI need a smoke15:17
nilpwell maybe its not15:17
nilpbut sometimes its real fun15:17
nilpi mean.. i wanna get away from IT asap :) thing is making me crazy15:18
nilpand i dont really find if fulfilling15:18
jesse_Everything sucks, the fundamental question is how much does it suck. ;)15:18
spacenin1a:)15:20 :)15:20
joacimI'm studying medieval history to get away from computers15:22
nilpim considering medical school15:23
nilpsomething actualy meaningful, for fuck sake15:23
nilpso i could join Médecins Sans Frontières, go to some ultra-exploited country of 3rd world without computers and cure kids15:27
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joacimI'm going to spend my life doing useless things15:32
joacimonly by doing useless things can I be truly happy15:32
jesse_Life has the meaning you give it.15:33
nilpoh sorry.. im not really comfortable with this web irc15:35
nilpand freenode is mad at me couse i used to run tor node here15:35
nilpanyway.. it are useless enough. and im certainly not happy :|15:38
jesse_Freenode is probably only pissed about the abuse occurring through tor on their network.15:41
nilp(OT) haha im reading, sometimes its real fun.. death: "I used to believe there was a magical man who created everything in the universe, and could see everything you do, and when you died you would go spend eternity on a cloud with him and everyone that ever died before you." --lied to by parents15:52
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spacenin1aomg webframeworks sucks15:58
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teK_anyone with FF3.5 here?16:17
teK_FF3.5. + nvidia, I guess.16:18
teK_making videos fullscreen with FF causes an invalid pointer + crash:16:18
teK_*** glibc detected *** firefox: munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer: 0xa4019540 ***16:18
teK_======= Backtrace: =========16:18
lennartwhich videos?16:18
lennartor <video> videos?16:18
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teK_flash videos16:19
teK_youtube et al16:19
lennartyeah, just tried with a youtube video16:19
lennartand it's hanging16:20
tilmanteK_: lvm/crypto/something!16:20
teK_tilman: yes!16:20
lennartinvalid pointer crash16:20
tilmani'm almost done playing freeciv, so should have time for that stuff soon16:20
teK_bootstrapping the vanilla ISO, right now16:20
teK_tilman: great16:20
teK_'right now' tbh.16:20
teK_brb, switching away from nvidia.16:21
tilmani wonder why libGL shows up in the backtrace16:23
teK_it crashes with nvidia,nv and vesa16:25
pedja'export LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/ && /usr/bin/firefox'16:26
pedjaflash videos in fullscreen crashed FF.that helped.16:26
teK_just found that, too16:27
pedjait is a known problem with combination of flash, nvidia, and FF memory managment.16:27
teK_tilman: ever managed to forget to sign up for a test in university?16:27
pedjait will be fixed RSN :)16:27
* pedja goes back to
teK_have fun16:29
pedjathank you :)16:29
pedjayou too16:29
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nipuLtilman: heh, you made me play a game of freeciv, man i suck now. set it to normal and got my arse kicked by musketmen...IN 1AD FFS!!21:37
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nipuLjaeger: have you built gnome on x86_64?23:35
bombastWhy would anyone want to build gnome? </cheeky_troll>23:35
nipuLthe wife likes it23:36
bombastoh god23:36
bombasttoo many jokes23:36
bombasti will refrain because i like you ;P)23:36
nipuLnormally I'd leave it just on her computer, but I'm trying to save power, so setting up a shared pc23:39
bombastheating bill taking up much of the power?23:39
nipuLnah we use wood23:39
nipuLlast electricity bill was almost $40023:40
nipuLso far i've taken 2 pcs offline23:40
nipuLaiming for a third23:40
bombastmy server is my old coreduo laptop23:40
bombastit's pretty good on power23:40
nipuLso i'll only have one that's up 24/723:40
nipuLthat's the fileserver/torrent box23:41
bombastrtorrent ftw23:41
nipuLi'm using it as the media center too, but it's so damn noisy23:42
bombasti need to find a sort of "front row" for linux23:42
bombasti think id even be willing to install kde or gnome for it23:42
bombastor maybe ill break down and buy a tv capture card23:44
bombasti cant afford a tv for my dorm.23:44
bombasteven with my mom helping me with groceries23:44
aoni found my tv for free last christmas23:56
aonit's not a particularly good one though23:56
aonbut suffices23:56
joacimI don't really watch TV these days. too many reruns and commercials23:57
aon :D23:57
bombasti miss adult swim23:57
bombastand cinemax porn23:57
bombastaon: looks like my Commodore monitor23:57
aoni mainly watch german police series23:58
bombastive been biking lately23:58
bombastlots of fun23:58

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