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aoni should start doing some kind of exercise too00:09
bombastyeah, plus ill be riding my bike to class soon00:12
aoni usually walk to class00:13
bombastCircumcision Knife00:13
aonbetter than a sharp rock, tho00:13
joacimI walk too. almost 2 hours every day :(00:15
bombasti guess im lazy00:16
aonmy walk takes 20min or so00:16
bombasti like my bike too much ;)00:16
aoni wonder what a real cat would say about one of those00:19
joacimsome drunkard stole mine :(00:21
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aonmainframe computing is the thing of the future!03:58
sepenI'll try! with ext4 and crux-2.6 ;D04:00
spacenin1acloud stuff sucks04:07
aoni wonder what comes next04:08
aonbatch processing?04:08
vektoriA daring new vision!04:11
teK_buzzwords for the win04:13
teK_'the desktop in the cloud'04:13
teK_yeah, I have flown quite some times using my 'desktop' meanwhile04:13
spacenin1aseems like django is the easiest webframwork04:34
spacenin1aweb f04:34
nipuLthere are easier ones04:35
spacenin1acould you name some, please?04:38
sepenruby on rails, joomla, etc.04:42
spacenin1aok, I'm going with ror04:52
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nipuLhappstack ;P05:05
sepenI don't know this last one05:05
nipuLit's written in haskell05:05
vektoriCherryPy FTW!05:07
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spaceninja1ok thanks, but im diving into ruby now06:47
spaceninja1feels bloated, but I'm ignoring it06:48
spaceninja1tilman: should I put export RUBYOPT="rubygems"   in /etc/profile?06:49
spaceninja1you've typed RUBYOPT=rubygems without " in the README file06:50 ftw;06:54
aon(also in extreme cases HTML::Template)06:55
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spaceninja1should I sqlite3-ruby through prt-get or gem?  omg ruby forces me to use another package manager09:02
sepenif you use gems later you can use 'gem update' to update all your gems09:03
spaceninja1is it possible to update gems aswell?09:03
spaceninja1with gems09:04
sepenI don't have ror on crux, but in centos I can use it09:04
spaceninja1ah, my zen world is decaying09:07
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* spaceninja1 throws away ror09:44
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sepenwow, Python + Wiimote + 15 tonnes of Metal!
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tilmanspaceninja1: no, but in ~/.bashrc ;)10:43
tilmannipuL: ditto, at the first time :) then i realized i should try to get gunpowder soon. building the great library is a good idea, too :)10:44
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spaceninja1web2py seems interesting..11:41
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spaceninja1oh yes, web2py is so nice, thanks nipuL and everyone12:26
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: menumaker: 0.99.6 -> 0.99.715:23
SunlightRiderIf you would be so kind, I need an opinion on a video -->
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joacimI dont dance, so I dont know16:22
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rehabdollvideos like that is the reason youtube is hated16:36
SunlightRiderrehabdoll, why do you think that?16:38
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nipuLlipsync on oscar is bad19:11
bombastoscar as in AIM?20:01
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