IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2009-07-09

bombasti used to really like xfce00:11
bombastnow it's such an ugly mess00:11
aonxfce3 was great00:16
bombasteven xfce4 was great until like00:23
aonuntil it got icons on the desktop or so00:23
bombastnow it even uses .desktop files00:23
bombastfor the menus and stuff00:24
bombastNo thanks :(00:24
bombastI honestly do not understand how people can tolerate using debian on the desktop.00:26
bombastEspecially if you're a developer.00:26
bombastrasterman apparently uses Ubuntu00:26
bombastDealing with their special -dev packages and awkward names.00:27
aonthat's the case in almost every binary distro tho00:28
aonimo ubuntu is even worse than plain debian00:28
bombastaon: i understand that00:28
bombastbut WHY is that now considered normal?00:28
bombastdebian pioneered that crap00:28
bombastEven worse, upstream developers use sometimes as a means of NOT doing work.00:29
bombastMiguel de Icaza was saying that some of their code splitting work was being put off being debian already splits it up.00:30
bombastwhich I find hilarious because the company that signs his paycheck uses rpm00:30
joacimmm.. I like .desktop menus. I dislike the direction Xfce took tho. Stopped using it around the time they implemented the trash can in thunar but never bothered to offer the user an option to disable that shit00:34
bombastyeah, screw that noise00:35
joacimXfce made me into the angry misanthropic person I am today00:36
bombasti blame gnome for doing that to me00:37
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: preload: 0.6.3 -> 0.6.404:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: fix urls for sourceforge on all romster ports04:13
aonthe fuck? did the sf update break the<project>/<tarball> urls?04:14
aonoh, luckily not04:15
sepenjust you need to fix your ck4up lines (if you have) ;D04:16
aonyeah, probably04:18
aonhaven't run ck4up for a while04:18
aonmaybe i should04:18
sepenI received the mail from the sf guys04:18
sepenck4up rocks!04:19
sepenaon, I've some scripts based on ck4up to compare your config with your repo and output differences04:20
sepenonly you need to export MAINTAINER variable with your name used in pkgfiles04:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: remove some files that shouldn't of been commited from last commit04:24
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: alsa-lib: now depends on pyton.13:45
* straw spends a 'h'!13:50
* straw donates, too!13:50
strawMay I ask what part of alsa-lib is relying on python?13:50
strawI see13:52
tilmanstraw: they ship python bindings or something13:52
strawoh, okay13:52
tilmanhaving those extra files causing issues with iso-building13:52
tilmanand since every crux system has python these days... this is the easiest and pain-free way out13:52
strawMakes sense, yeah13:53
strawI just read up in the other channel13:53
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joacimdamn. memory leak in mplayer :(17:27
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bombastis there an automounter that doesn't use HAL?18:02
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Ditzibombast: there is an automount service on the kernel18:53
joacimmemory leak went away after upgrading to 1.0_rc2_p2009053019:21
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