IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2009-07-10

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spacenin1ahm, it takes a longer time for the loading bar to get fully loaded in firefox 3.504:20
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baabaHi All, I had any problem with blender
tilmanbaaba: is that with crux 2.5?10:10
tilmansepen: ^^^ can you have a look at that?10:10
baabacrux version is 2.510:10
baabasepen what?10:10
tilmansepen is maintaining the blender port10:11
tilmanlet's see whether he can try it10:11
baabaoh thank10:11
sepentilman, I had the same problem when trying to update it to 2.49a10:12
tilmanwarning: #warning This header is deprecated. Please use <FTGL/ftgl.h> from now.10:12
tilmansepen: did you try to do that?10:12
sepenbut ftgl is installed and uptodate10:12
baabasepen look please at this
tilmanie, patch blender accordingly10:13
sepensure but not today, now going to home10:13
baabasepen ok, thank10:13
sepenI'll try after the weekend, so tomorrow I'll go to barcelona sonishpere10:13
sepensorry for the dealy10:14
baabaI will back10:14
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tilmansepen: epic win10:15
sepenohhh, now burning gojira, mastodon and down ;D10:15
sepenI need a fucking cd for the car10:15
sepentilman, you're a lot of deathgrindcoremetal-guy10:16
tilmani don't listen to grindcore10:16
tilmanbloodbath play death metal though10:16
tilmanand this albums OWNS10:16
tilmannp: bloodbath - eaten10:16
tilman\o/ \o/10:16
sepentilman, nowadays I'm listening sludge metal at office10:17
sepenwell, I'll back on monday, sorry for the blender issue10:18
tilmanatm i'm listening to bloodbath/fleshcrawl/unleashed in the office10:18
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tilmanbrace for impact12:54
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bombastive seen mastodon live13:16
bombastthey're from here13:16
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: xorg-libx11: updated to
tilmanhere = atlanta, or here = jesusland?13:16
* tilman rolls eyes13:16
bombasthey you said it13:17
bombastnot me13:17
tilmani was asking whether you referred to your city or your country13:17
tilman"both" means you meant the city13:17
bombastI live in Atlanta, yes.13:17
bombastI saw them during the Mayhem festival.13:18
bombastSludge metal? wtf13:19
bombastThese genres are getting out of hand.13:19
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bombastHey guys. :)22:43
joacimhey =)22:50
bombastHow's it going?22:50
joacimfine =)22:50
bombastWell that's good - I finished my psychology papeer finally.22:52
bombastSo I'm relaxing.22:52
joacimI have to start on my paper on agriculture during the late middle ages22:53
joacimyeah =)22:55
bombastYou gotta be careful with wimp links, lol23:00

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