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pedjacmake is spawn of satan13:39
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* pedja tries to build avidemux-2.5.013:39
pedjahow am I supposed to know which options are relevant/can be used?guess?look in the entrails of small rat?13:41
pedjasorry about that, but it really annoys me...13:42
Rotwangcmake -LAH ?13:42
Rotwangor sth similar13:43
pedjathat produces list of cmake variables, not avidemux.thanks for trying :)13:45
Rotwanghmm i always use that to detect kde4 and awesome options13:47
bombastis the name "awesome" supposed to be ironic?13:48
pedjaRotwang: sadly, it doesn't work with this.13:48
Rotwangits supposed to be window managers name ;f13:49
bombastI know, I was making a joke.13:49
bombastI've used Openbox3 for the past.. too many years.13:49
bombastI've tried a few tiling window managers.13:50
bombastI always end up saying "screw it" and switching back.13:50
pedjathat name can be confusing.'which WM are you using'.'awesome'.'I know, but how it is called?.'errr,awesome?'13:50
bombastI really wish I weren't so lazy. I like the idea of a tiling window manager.13:51
bombastI've seen people use awesome with GNOME13:55
bombastAnd it seems kinda.. silly13:55
jaegermore like "oddsome"13:56
pedjathat is a first time I see 'awesome' and GNOME in same sentence...13:56
jaegerthat's a really weird combo13:56
* bombast nod13:56
bombastpedja: jaeger is the Crux gnome person - might wanna get a running start.13:57
pedjahe knows I'm j/k :)13:57
jaegereh, whatever. I don't care if people bag on gnome, it has its issues like anything else13:57
jaegerI don't plan to stop using it because someone else doesn't like it13:57
bombastI spend more time hating XFce now.13:58
bombastI mean, GNOME has always been the way it is,.13:58
bombastBut XFce has changed.13:58
jaegerI try not to devote much effort to that, it's too much work when there are so many choices out there13:58
pedjachange is good13:58
bombastnot all change is good13:58
Rotwangi use lxde atm13:58
Rotwangswitched from gnome13:58
bombastxfce now has its very own gconf clone.13:59
pedjaas long as I can get some work done, I don't care if it is Gnome,KDE, or whatever.14:00
jaegerIronically, nothing about gnome actually makes me mad... the shitty parts are all project utopia or whatever... hal, dbus, PolicyKit, ConsoleKit, etc.14:00
jaegerneat ideas, ass-twitching implementations14:00
bombastproject utopia is anything but14:00
pedja'ass-twitching'?nice expression :)14:01
pedjaoh, great.arch patches for avidemux do not apply cleanly(unofficial, though)14:06
bombastarch is becoming debian14:07
pedjai'm done wrestling with this, when it hits their repos, or gentoo packages, I'll borrow that.14:07
pedjaLVK looks much more interesting...14:08
bombastnew version of sawfish14:09
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jkramerI'm looking into the CRUX boot process to see where things could be faster17:31
jkramerI found that udevadm settle in start_udev takes a lot of time17:31
jkramerAccording to the manual, this just blocks until the udev event queue is empty17:32
jkramerIs it safe to remove this from the boot process?17:32
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nipuLtilman: congratulations on your government making your internet suck17:57
nipuLdont worry australian government wants to "protect the children" aswell18:01
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joacimNow I know why my internets have been so slow the past hours18:03
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nipuLhmm, do i play civ 4 or try to get tetex to compile on 2.618:52
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bombastnipuL: textex20:18
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* bombast sighs20:41
bombastI'm hungry20:42
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bombastSomeone needs to come up with a 24/7 sushi bar21:04
nipuLsomeone needs to learn how to make sushi21:06
joacimfuck sushi. I need a new phone21:06
nipuLif you want, i prefer to eat it21:07
bombastnipuL: if i could find a good place to buy the meat it'd be trivial21:07
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bombastEterm 0.9.4 supports real transparency?22:03
bombasttime to compile it22:03
nipuLso does urxvt22:03
bombastI know, I'm using it at this very moment.22:03
bombastnow i just gotta figure out how to work this22:11
nipuLfingers crossed, let's see if tetex will compile22:27
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nipuLhigh five!23:11
bombastamerica, fsck yeah!23:13
bombastOr in your case.23:13
bombastAustralia, fsck yeah!23:13

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