IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2009-07-12

joacimdamn gtk. this icon theme worked fine 6 hours ago, but now gtk falls back to the gnome icon theme00:52
bombastMy hair smells funny.00:55
joacimand now it works01:01
joacimthis is completely random01:02
joacimall I did was open one of the svgs with mirage01:02
joacimdoes it matter that the icon-theme.cache file was missing?01:24
joacimI see some themes that comes with the cache file01:24
bombastthe svg based theme i have doesn't01:28
joacimthis theme is mostly svg01:29
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jkramerAhoy again05:21
jkramerI'm trying to optimize the boot time of my CRUX notebook and I wondered if you have any suggestions for me05:22
jkramerFor example, has anyone tried to store away /dev/* at shutdown and restore it at boot time instead of having udev generate everything from scratch?05:22
jkramerudevadm trigger / settle takes nearly 5 seconds during boot to finish05:23
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nipuLa whole 5 seconds !?!05:52
jkramerComplete boot process (from lilo prompt until login) takes about 30sec05:53
jkramerThis is quite bad IMO, as I remember CRUX 2.3 on my old 1.8GHz booting in < 10sec05:54
joacimI think my setup boots in about 10 seconds05:55
jkramerDid you tweak anything in the boot process?05:56
jkramerin /etc/rc maybe?05:56
joacimall I did was add stuff05:56
jkramerI could save about 2 seconds by starting some services in background with &, but that's not very much05:57
nipuLget an ssd05:57
jkramerMaybe, but as far as I can see there's not much load on the hdd05:58
Rotwangstatic /dev ftw ;]06:02
nipuLwell there is that, no one is forcing you to use udev06:04
jkramerI like udev, I just think it could be a little faster at startup :)06:05
jkramerI think I read about a way to backup /dev at shutdown and restore it on bootup to make things faster, but I can't find it anymore06:05
jkramerDoes anyone know something about it?06:05
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joacimI dont think it takes that long to populate my /dev06:44
pedjajkramer: try to see why it is talking so long.06:45
joacimdhcpcd seems to have a higher impact on my boot time than anything else06:45
pedjait takes about 7sec from lilo menu to login on my system06:46
pedjaunless fsck takes over :)06:46
jkramerjoacim: I start dhcpcd with -b, which makes it go to background immediately, takes about 0.000001s06:56
jkramerpedja: Thanks, I'll give it a try, but I already know that udevsdm settle takes most of the time06:57
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nipuLyay for heating, middle of winter and I can walk around without a shirt on08:21
jkramerMiddle of winter? Where are you?08:23
tilmanthe prison continent08:23
nipuLare you from the moon? southern hemisphere obviously08:23
nipuLquiet you, don't get me started on your country08:24
tilmannipuL: south america, africa, asia, australia, antarctica, ...08:24
nipuL13:24 -!- nipuL []08:25
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nipuLcool, webber won the german gp08:43
nipuLabout time the dickhead wone a race08:43
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treach"Look at me, I'm attacking RMS."09:08
tilmanhe went on to email rms and then published those mails + his responces o_O09:09
tilmanresponses* :(09:09
treachattention whore09:09
jesse_zomg rms degrades women! Time to let that self-righteous indignation set in.09:11
treachahem. "I'll pretend he degrades women, so I can get some airtime whining about it" more like it. :>09:12
jesse_Another one of these anti-misogony musketeers on the rampage. :D09:16
tilman"I find it very sexist for a man to take the initiative to fight for woman rights." heh09:16
jesse_It's great when people's sensibilities are insulted so profoundly with a half-assed joke.09:19
nipuLanyone who eats their own feet deserves to be attacked, for any reason09:20
tilmanw t f09:21
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rehabdolli would totally eat that10:44
bombastyeah ive seen that video before10:45
bombastit made me feel a little weird inside10:45
bombasthm weird10:50
bombastsome of these gtk stock icons are being ignored10:51
bombastwhile others aren't10:51
bombastfixed it :>10:52
rehabdollwhen i was at a stallman lecture he only picked stuff out of his beard10:53
rehabdollhe didnt touch his feet10:53
bombastHe may or may not have questionable grooming and personal hygiene10:54
bombastBut I do know I don't care10:54
strawHonestly, he's quite disgusting.11:51
bombasti honestly couldn't care less12:16
bombasti don't have to deal with his smell12:16
bombastHoly crap on a cracker.12:22
bombastThe Arizona state senator believes the earth is 6,000 years old and as a result uranium mining is good.12:22
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bombastspaceninja1: Is your arch rival spacepirate1 ?12:23
bombastI prefer space cowboys, to be honest.12:25
spaceninja1Im at two places, it gets messy logging in and out on both of them12:26
bombastssh + screen12:26
bombastno more problems12:26
spaceninja1yes, I should use screen, but Im so stressed right now, I need to make a webpage12:27
spaceninja1I have to learn drupal, right now im trying to get it to work in apache,12:28
bombastMaking a webpage stresses you out?12:28
spaceninja1this webpage12:28
bombastIs it for mormons or something?12:28
spaceninja1not really12:28
spaceninja1omg mormons, I have had some visiting me, they gave me their bible12:29
bombastI'm doing a website for a gun club.12:29
bombastThe book of mormon?12:29
spaceninja1its in the poker world12:29
spaceninja1yes I think so12:29
spaceninja1havent read it12:29
bombastthe book of mormon is fucked up12:29
spaceninja1maybe I shouldnt12:29
bombastthey believe that native americans were jews that moved from isreal to america and settled12:29
spaceninja1yes, I remember they said something about that12:30
bombasteven though all known archeological and other data proves otherwise12:30
jesse_I wouldn't worry about it. Religion does not let fact confound their fiction. :D12:40
jesse_Besides, anything that even remotely threatens their monopoly on truth is without exceptions the devil's handiwork.12:41
jesse_Then there's that other unwritten sin of thinking. :D12:44
bombastWe're all gonna burn!12:44
jesse_Judging by the amount of "if you're a follower of religion x, you're doomed", probably so.12:46
bombastlol yeah12:46
jesse_There is something fascinating about this inherent need to convert as many as you can without using the set of beliefs in your own life.12:47
jesse_I guess the big bosses centuries ago realized they needed a fundamental clause in there somewhere to keep the horde in check and committed. :D12:49
spaceninja1yes, I felt in my stomach that these people had it all wrong12:50
bombastwe're having to read a lot of religious garbage for World Lit atm12:50
spaceninja1I felt that they had fear inside them12:50
bombastirritates me12:50
jesse_They can believe what they want to believe. The preaching to others is what really pisses me off.12:52
spaceninja1they believe in it more if that can convince other people to belive in it, it strengthens the belifef that it must be true,12:53
jesse_Strength in numbers.12:53
spaceninja1I only listen to my inner voice or whatever you will call it, I regard myself and spiritual, not religios, just being one with everything in the moment, but its hard when you need to make a webpage with bad frameworks12:54
bombastI hate dealing with CMS's12:55
spaceninja1should I continue with django or go with drupal?12:55
teK_ :>12:56
bombastspaceninja1: django and drupal are completely different12:56
spaceninja1I know, drupal has a nice web config interface I think12:56
bombastteK_: neat12:56
teK_there's a bloggingsoftware implemted in ZSH, too12:57
spaceninja1does it have a user managent system?12:57
bombasttoo bad i wouldn't touch zsh with a 10 mile stick12:57
teK_I bet you have some very sane reasons (not) doing so12:58
bombastfor the same reason i don't replace openbox with kde12:58
bombastno need12:59
teK_so, let's start the flamewar13:00
bombasti'm good13:00
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SunlightRiderjoin #crux-es13:13
strawEhm, no.13:13
spaceninja1the only thing I miss in openbox is a nice icon file manager13:13
spaceninja1I cant find a good one13:13
spaceninja1I usually use my ubuntu laptop when I want to organize some files,13:14
strawicon file manager? You mean a file manager or something which handles icons on your desktop?13:14
spaceninja1yes something like that13:14
spaceninja1with thumbnails13:14
strawWhich ones did you try already?13:18
spaceninja1all of them13:24
spaceninja1I've already given up on that13:24
bombasti use ROX-Filer13:41
spaceninja1ok, ill give it another try, but right now I have problems configuring php on apache13:48
bombasti let my debian server handle that garbage13:49
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spaceninjamy world has already collapse, damnit, so much to order and clean13:52
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spaceninjadoes the apache package have php support on by default?14:01
bombastdoubt it14:01
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spaceninjaok thx14:02
bombastit probably need to be enabled and add the filetype14:03
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spaceninjaI can't take it any more.. afk out for a smoke14:07
bombastlol ok14:07
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spaceninjathere's no php configure flag for php14:22
spaceninjafor apache14:22
bombastLoadModule php5_module /usr/lib/apache2/modules/libphp5.so14:23
bombastthat's in my debian config14:23
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spaceninjayes, thats my problem, which package has that file?14:23
bombastFor crux?14:24
bombastNo idea.14:24
bombastI only use Crux for my desktop14:24
treachfsearch ttr14:24
spaceninjatreach: I dont have fsearch14:24
*** cjg has quit IRC14:25
treachyes you have14:25
lennartspaceninja: prt-get fsearch14:25
spaceninjaok thx, but what is ttr?14:26
treachto the rescue..?14:26
spaceninjaI have that file14:27
bombast<IfModule mod_php5.c> AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .phtml .php3 AddType application/x-httpd-php-source .phps14:28
Sunlight-Riderspaceninja, if I'm not mistaken, you have to install php and just uncomment something in httpd.conf14:28
spaceninjaSunlight-Rider: do I have to add a LoadModule aswell?14:29
Sunlight-Riderlet me do it with you, i have never done it in CRUX and it seems the config file is missing the PHP enabling line14:30
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spaceninjayes and then I added DirectoryIndex  index.php14:30
Sunlight-Riderim compiling php right now14:31
spaceninjabombast: is that a apache tag?14:31
Sunlight-Riderspaceninja, are you looking to install anything specifical o r just get it running14:33
spaceninjajust get it running with drupal14:33
spaceninjabut I dont have libphp5.so14:34
spaceninjawhere does fsearch make its search?14:34
spaceninjaoh well, I'll wait for you Sunlight-Rider14:35
Sunlight-Ridercheck inside /etc/apache/ for a php.conf file14:35
Sunlight-RiderI only download at 30kb/s so It will take a while( I know, i have to change my "repo", I'm thinking of making the first CRUX mirror for South America)14:36
Sunlight-Riderbrb, off for a smoke14:36
spaceninjafind /etc/apache/ -name "php" -print gives me nothing14:36
Rotwanguse teh asteriks14:43
* spaceninja is installing mod_php14:44
Rotwangand obelix14:48
spaceninjaomg its working, drupal is working YES14:56
spaceninjabombast: I think your line was the answer14:58
spaceninjabut I did it like this14:58
spaceninjaLoadModule php5_module        modules/         in modules14:58
spaceninjaand AddHandler php5-script php         in handlers14:59
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spaceninjawow drupal is really nice15:29
bombastI really dislike CMS's15:29
spaceninjaI havent tried it for real, my first imperssion, I'll soon realize why it sucks :)15:30
spaceninjabut I think it handles users and stuff much easier compared to django15:30
bombastdjango is just a framework15:30
bombastdrupal is a product15:30
bombastYou can't really compare the two15:31
bombastI'm the last person in the world to ever defend python15:31
bombastbut yeah15:31
spaceninjabombast: what do you use?15:31
spaceninjawhen you want to make big website15:31
bombastCustom PHP15:32
spaceninjaRotwang: what do you think about catalyst?15:33
spaceninjaI dont know if I have the energy to learn perl15:33
* treach is slightly surprised that nobody mentioned alfresco yet.15:34
Rotwangspaceninja: perl ftw!15:36
Rotwangi was going to write something more elaborate, however I lack wording15:36
tilmaninternet speak makes communicating in a foreign oh so easy15:38
treachyay, mistinterpreting the unclearly spoken, in one easy step. :>15:42
treachboth sender and reciver communicating in a non-native protocol; What could possibly go wrong? :P15:43
bombastI think that's how World War II got started.15:44
bombasttilman: Do you seriously keep that on hand for random moments?15:45
tilmani have a turtle's memory15:45
treachlol, people got each other wrong on the Internet started WWII? News at 11..15:45
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bombasttreach: ;P15:45
tilmantreach: i don't think he was referring to the internet part ;)15:45
treachme neither, sadly. :p15:46
tilmanit's still not worth commenting on15:46
treachno, I think I he's thinking of big mistake take 1.15:46
bombastI hadn't realized my poor attempt at humor cause civil unrest.15:46
treachbut he's still wrong. :P15:46
treachbobast: hitler and friends are a touchy subject for a lot of people.15:47
treachmeh, "bombast" ^15:47
bombast64 years is still too soon?15:48
bombastI'll NEVER get to my Michael Jackson jokes.15:48
tilmanyeah, the death of MJ is as big an event as ww2 is15:48
bombastOh jeez.15:49
bombastI'm backing out right now.15:49
tilmandon't try to weasel out of it now. you just compared mj to ww2 :P15:49
bombasttilman: CNN says they are.15:49
tilmanmayeb you didn't15:49
treachtilman: it's still weird for us outsiders.15:49
bombastI think people can understand when someone says something malice intent.15:50
treachI mean, I can't possibly imagine I'd feel guilty for something my grandfather did.15:50
treachNo matter what.15:50
bombastNo sane person would.15:50
bombastMy grandfather is a racist asshole.15:50
bombastI'm not.15:50
tilmani'm not feeling guilty. my generation doesn't feel guilty and neither does my parents' generation15:51
bombastnor should they15:51
bombastyou're your own people15:51
bombastyou don't inherit sin15:51
bombastbut what do i know, im a silly american15:52
treachthe pope, or rather his torturer will want to have a word with you on that topic. :>15:53
bombastI have some choice 4 letter words I'd like the pope to hear.15:53
tilmantreach: hehe, i considered mentiong the pope :D15:53
bombastI'm not too worried about what a man with a silly robe and hat thinks of ultimate morality.15:54
treachthe panzerpapst.. he's so reactionarian, I'm expecting him to start burning people at the stake any day. :P15:54
jesse_The Panzerpapst Inquisition model 2009.15:55
teK_ @tilman15:55
treachjesse_: sounds like some flamethrower model.. :>15:56
jesse_It could be arranged yeah.15:56
bombastThere's a GTK/XUL bug that's pissing me off with Firefox 3.515:56
tilmani wonder whether the panzerpapst listens to panzerchrist15:56
jesse_Repent ye, blaspheming sod!15:56
jesse_No. Ok, light the torch.15:56
treachtilman: only if it's cherubs that are preforming. :P15:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: kvm: 87 -> 8815:57
bombastMakes me sad.15:58
teK_.tabs-newtab-button { display: none !important;15:59
jesse_tilman: there's a thought. Have the panzer pope end his speeches with "christ, my name is panzer" right before ending with amen.15:59
bombastI don't want it to go away.15:59
bombastI want it to work.15:59
treachdear lazywebb; "Panzerknacker"?15:59
teK_hehe bombast15:59
teK_no hint on that :)15:59
tilmanjesse_: omfg that would be so awesome \:D/15:59
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jesse_Panzerpapst rockin' out at the metal church.16:00
bombastPeople are still keeping OS/2 alive?16:01
treachpeople are still keeping DOS alive..16:01
bombastYeah, FreeDOS.16:01
teK_keeping alive something dead.. is this possible? :>16:01
bombasttreach: Did you hear, there are still some freaks trying to keep UNIX alive?!16:02
treachyou mean the guys over at SUN/Oracle? :P16:02
spacenin1awow I can't close the last tab on firefox16:03
spacenin1ais that a nice thing?16:03
treachEvery time I see something about SUN, I think of that monty python scene where the old guy is about to go on the cart.. "I'm not dead yet!"16:03
bombastThing is..16:04
bombastThey *are* dead.16:04
* Rotwang is watching the ali g show in america16:24
RotwangBoutros Boutros Boutros Boutros Boutros-Ghali16:25
jesse_hetehehehethe chris waddle.16:26
jesse_oops, that was the wrong show haha. I confused it for The Fast Show as they did have a segment using Boutros Boutros-Ghali. :D16:26
jesse_Channel 9 Neus as the sketch was known.16:32
aon :D16:34
*** jkramer has left #crux16:49
Rotwangda ali g show waz really funny16:59
*** lennart has quit IRC17:27
nipuLfo'real init17:57
Rotwanghe developed some nice characters [;18:11
bombastword to mah girl julie18:13
* bombast sighs18:17
bombastFreenode is the only IRC network I can tolerate being on anymore.18:17
bombastThe rest are filled with 23 year old 16 year olds.18:17
bombastIf that makes sense.18:18
Rotwangno it does not, for me18:18
treachwhat's wrong with being 23?18:18
bombast23 year olds who act like 16 year old kids.18:18
bombastthat's what's wrong18:18
* treach wishes he was 23 again.18:18
* Rotwang is ALMOST 23 [;18:19
bombastif someone dislikes what you like.18:19
bombastThey call you childish names and ban you.18:19
bombastPeople need to just grow up I guess.18:19
* treach passes bombast a bucket18:19
bombasta bucket?18:19
treachfor your tears :>18:20
bombastYOU HOMO!18:20
* bombast bans treach 18:20
Rotwangtreach: how old are you may i ask? [;18:20
*** spaceninja has quit IRC18:20
bombastI am 20.18:21
bombastI turn 21 in a month.18:21
Rotwangoh :<18:22
Rotwangim 22 and never really achieved anything :<18:23
treachI'm old enough to have actually have used win 3.1, wich was the latest and the greatest then for real. :P18:23
bombasttreach: But you still act like a little kid on IRC, so it's all cool.18:23
treachhey, what can I say? I'm young at heart. :P18:24
Rotwangtreach: ive used 3.1 too18:24
Rotwangit was big hit not so long ago in poland ;f18:24
treachhardly the latest and the greates though. ;)18:25
treachdamn, I should sleep, can't fricking type.18:26
bombastno windows product was EVER the greatest18:29
treachwell, from the mediocre range orginating in Redmond, it was. :>18:30
treachor at least it was marketed as such. :p18:30
bombastmy professor is crazy18:31
treachin reality I held out with DOS for a loong time.. 3.x and 9x wasn't really enticing..18:31
bombasti think he suffers from alzheimers or something.18:32
bombasttreach: :)18:32
bombasti knew people who used DOS for a LONG LONG time18:32
treachI can sympatize with that.18:32
bombastget this18:33
bombastmy professor has graded my tests extremely tough and has told me im not doing so well in the class18:33
bombastyet on all the essays18:33
bombastSuper work! I've attached a copy of your paper with some specific comments. Good job and well written...18:33
bombastIn my essays he acts like I'm some sort of psychology scholar.18:33
treachschizophrenia. :>18:33
bombasthaha which would be appropriate given this is psychology18:34
treach"Sir, I'm suspecting you're developing schizophrenia, have you seen a doctor lately?" :>18:35
treachshort version; "MEDIC!!!"18:35
bombasti want to play urban terror now18:36
*** treach has quit IRC18:43
*** Rotwang has quit IRC18:44
*** bombast has quit IRC18:50
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nipuLlol, my kids like Dimmu Borgir20:22
jaegerhow old are they?20:25
nipuL5 and 220:29
joacimdamn satanists20:30
jaegerI can't imagine I would have liked "black metal" at 5 or 2 but who knows? :)20:35
jaegerI'm not sure I can figure out the difference between black metal and thrash metal from google/wikipedia20:43
nipuLi'm sure most metal heads could tell you the difference20:45
nipuLit's like asking a candy raver what's the difference between goa and psy trance20:46
nipuLi think black metal tends to have a structure, whereas thrash is just balls to the wall20:49
jaegersounds as plausible to me as anything else :)20:50
nipuLi think old metallica is a prime example of thrash20:56
nipuLhard, fast, wild guitar solos everywhere20:56
joacimI need a bug out vehicle20:59
nipuLheh, that was fun, got a telemarketer, progressively started talking more and more dirty to her21:05
nipuL"Since Michael Jackson's death hundreds of children have gathered at the gates of Neverland. Police have said that they will let them out once they find a locksmith."21:14
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nipuLgithub just went down :\22:38

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