IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2009-07-13

aon \o/00:16
joacimmeh... rms ftw00:17
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brosHello. I am trying to install CRUX 2.5 and I am having trouble rebooting. I configure my kernel, reboot, and the kernel panics because it is unable to mount root.03:21
brosI compiled my kernel with no modules and no initial ramdisk. I have my filesystem and drivers all built in.03:22
nipuLi _could_ help you, but it would cost you03:23
aonincorrect lilo configuration?03:23
aon(or grub)03:23
brosI am using lilo.03:25
brosI do not think the lilo configuration is incorrect.03:25
brosI copy bzImage to /boot03:25
brosI set lilo to /dev/sda, root=/dev/sda203:25
teK_what's the full error message?03:26
brosKernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(8, 2)03:26
brosI have a 32mb ext2 partition, /boot, and an 8GB ext3 partition, /03:27
bros /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda203:27
Rotwangext3 0o03:27
teK_so /dev/sda1 is /boot and /dev/sda2 is /?03:27
bros /dev/sda2 is /03:27
bros /dev/sda1 is /boot03:27
pitiIIobros: is your fstab properly configured?03:31
joacimI got a similar message because I forgot to compiled the scsi disk drivers as modules03:31
brosI have module support disabled all together,03:31
teK_yes, try booting with init=/bin/sh to see if you can spot any errors03:32
brosHow can I obtain the output I see on boot before the kernel panics and I have to restart?03:32
brosata1.00: failed to IDENTIFY (I/O error, err_mask=0x4) happens 3 times.03:33
brospitiIIo: Yes, my fstab is properly configured03:33
pitiIIobros: first hit found for that error sugest to disable apic. noapic on boot options03:35
brosHow can I supply that option in lilo/03:36
pitiIIobros: in the kernel line if I am not in wrong03:39
pitiIIoummm in lilo in the append line03:40
brosThis did not fix it.03:41
pitiIIobros: and with nosmp?03:43
brospitiIIo: smp is not built into my kernel03:44
pitiIIobros: I found only those tips about smp and apic related to that error03:46
brosteK_: How can I boot with init=/bin/sh?03:47
pitiIIobros: putting that option in the append line too03:48
brosThis does not change anything.03:49
brosIf I do a clean install, type make menuconfig, do not change anything, and then make the kernel03:50
brosI get the same results.03:50
teK_you can add it during boot-selection in lilo, too03:55
brosI get the same result.04:06
teK_10:33 < bros> ata1.00: failed to IDENTIFY (I/O error, err_mask=0x4) happens 3 times.04:07
brosYes. Why?04:08
teK_what's up with this?04:08
teK_sounds not too good..04:08
brosTell me about it04:08
brosIt takes over a minute to boot.04:08
brosI think I had this problem before and I fixed it and I have no idea how.04:08
teK_controller/hdd broken?04:08
brosin a virtual machine?04:08
teK_yeah -_-04:08
brosI always try to be cool and make minimal kernel configurations.04:09
brosBut, this time, I really have no idea what the problem is.04:09
brosI never tried just "make menuconfig" and not tampering with anything, using the default included CRUX config04:10
brosI did, but I didn't make the initrd to go with it, so I am sure that is why it failed.04:10
teK_i don't think it's a kernel configuration problem though one cannot be sure without inspecting it04:10
brosI am 99.9% sure it isn't.04:11
brosI disabled support for modules and initramdisks, and I built in the support for my SATA controller and file system. Not hard04:11
teK_which virtualisation product do you use?04:15
brosVirtualBox and VMWare.04:28
brosI tried both.04:28
teK_I could send you and example .config working in vbox tonight04:37
broswith no modules and no initrD?04:38
teK_I never use initrd. Most times I don't use modules but I have to check04:42
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spaceninjadoes firefox crash for you guys if you maximize a flash video window?07:08
teK_you have installed the nvidia driver, don't you?07:09
spaceninjayes im running nvidia07:10
spaceninjahow do I solve this?07:11
spaceninjaah I don't have the energy to solve this07:17
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teK_the LD_PRELOAD thing will solve it07:23
spaceninjaI tried running export LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/
spaceninjadidn't work07:25
teK_LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/ firefox07:27
spaceninjaits amazing how much life can suck :)07:32
teK_sometimes, yes07:34
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jesse_When FF is involved, it usually is an open invitation to pain. ;)07:40
teK_it's the best you can get, I fear07:43
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jesse_Probably so if your life is utterly dependent on flash and the rest of web 2.0 fads. :p07:47
treachflash is web 2.0? :>07:49
treachfeels more like 1990 something, IMO. :p07:49
jesse_It's a fairly important component.07:54
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treachjavascript galore and "all your friends are belong to us" feels like more important parts of the 2.0 experience, imo. :>07:57
spaceninjajquery is nice08:07
joacimbroken bookmarks is not08:08
spaceninjathats why I don't have the habit of saving webpages08:08
spaceninjaif I want to save them, I'll add it to a regular file08:09
teK_or what do you mean by broken08:09
joacimsites that serve content purely through javascript, so the url to the page does not reflect the content08:11
joacimI dont mind javascript much. but i hate poorly coded websites that require that users have javascript enabled, or that youre using one of their approved browsers08:12
Rotwangperlxs people around? :<09:11
Rotwangim wondering if i can somehow include .c files at the compile time09:12
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Rotwangk, me kno09:26
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nipuLwow, kde4 doesn't suck as much as i expected it to, except for dolphin it's kind of ok09:36
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: virtualbox: updated to 3.0.211:42
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spacenin1anipuL: is there a kde4 repos?13:03
spacenin1ano more web frameworks and cms, Im going back to plain html,css,php,mysql13:10
vektoriSpoken like a true luddite!13:11
dru1dspacenin1a: Rotwang have create some ports for kde4.13:12
dru1dBut I think its old.13:12
joacimprogress dont need to be complicated and borderline useless13:12
spacenin1awell, people overcomplicate things, I like it when you have one mysql file script, which you just < in. Then you just save and get data with a simple mysql login through php.13:14
spacenin1aBut my main concern is user manegment and sessions, it shouldn't be a problem13:14
spacenin1amy warning points? :)13:18
spacenin1ahehe ok13:19
spacenin1aoh I don't think I can make this webpage13:19
* spacenin1a plays on his tinflute13:20
tilmandid you sign a contract yet? ;)13:21
spacenin1anot really13:21
spacenin1abut they need that webpage within a couple of days13:21
spacenin1awow I want a chinese flute
* spacenin1a does some work13:25
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bombastVimperator is my hero14:08
estersBatman is my hero14:08
estersI choose snorlax14:10
tilmanesters: hey, are you the guy who asked about voodoo3 on xorg ml recently?14:11
tilmanthought so14:11
estersBut I did a bad thing14:11
estersI replaced it with a GeForce 2 Mx 40014:11
estersAnd now I'm @ Arch Linux14:11
tilmanthats ok14:11
* bombast vomits14:11
estersWhich played some nasty trick on me14:11
jaegergoing from a voodoo3 to a gf2mx is a bad thing?14:12
estersCause I'm using the binary blob14:12
estersBut hey14:12
bombastesters: The nvidia legacy driver in crux is way out of date, I updated it for a guy named 'dolan' but he never tested it for me so I ended up deleting it.14:12
estersI get proper 2D/3D acceleration14:12
estersFunny thing about Arch is14:14
estersI installed Skype with QT14:14
estersThe non-static build14:14
estersAfter that qgtkstyle-svn14:14
estersTo get the same look14:14
estersAfter that14:14
estersI got segmentation fault on all applications which were QT or GTK14:14
estersncurses or CLI apps worked14:15
bombastyeah that sounds like arch14:15
estersAnd you know what worked ?14:15
estersTo fix this issue14:15
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bombasttilman: Bloodbath sounds like some real relaxing Sunday afternoon music.14:15
tilmanbombast: nightmares made flesh OWNS14:16
bombastI'm listening to Eaten14:16
joacimelevator music14:16
tilmanpeter tagtgren ftw14:16
bombasttilman: Wikipedo says he's not in the band anymore.14:16
tilmanbombast: yes, thats from NMF14:16
bombasti <3 vimperator14:18
bombastI thought the CRUX engine by default used green not purple?14:20
tilmans/CRUX/crux/ ;)14:20
estersWindows 7 RTM leaked14:20
bombasttilman: :P14:20
bombastI can't handle this purple anymore.14:21
* bombast changes it14:21
bombastive gone to school, worked out and begun my world lit research14:26
spaceninjaworld lit, what's that?14:26
bombastIt's a survey of writings from different periods/areas of the world.14:27
spaceninjaany conclusions?14:27
bombastspaceninja: I actually enjoy it a lot.14:28
bombastRight now I'm writing a paper comparing Star Wars to old world hero cycles.14:28
bombastOedipus Rex, Achilles, etc.14:28
spaceninjayou know14:28
spaceninjawhat's the name of the guy who mad star wars14:28
bombastGeorge Lucas14:28
spaceninjahe is totally into occult mysticism and symbolism14:29
bombastWell I'm an atheist so that doesn't bother me.14:29
spaceninjame neither14:29
spaceninjabut I think it's cool14:29
spaceninjabut he doesn't say it14:29
bombastTo me, the bible, the occult, etc are just different myths.14:29
bombastStill interesting.14:29
bombastI just don't put faith in them.14:30
bombasttrying to pick my words carefully14:30
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bombastso i don't offend anyone14:30
spaceninjaI think the "occult" world is real, I avoid it like the plauge14:30
bombastI have a hard time beliving anything supernatural.14:30
spaceninjawell you could  smoke pot heavly for 1 year, you need to open the blockage, or meditate14:32
spaceninjakidding belive in anything you want to believ14:32
bombastor i could take LSD and watch the wall14:32
spaceninjayes you could, I was about to say that but I erased it14:32
estersAnyone here interested in alternative history ?14:32
bombastesters: Alternative history?14:33
bombastYou mean like..14:33
spaceninjabut if you are going to take lsd, do it with a friend, in a very friendly environment14:33
bombastLord of the Rings?14:33
estersBlank spots in history14:33
*** racer has joined #crux14:33
estersNo not fiction14:33
spaceninjahistory is a farse14:33
spaceninjano one really knows the absolute truth14:33
bombastNo, but I have a good idea.14:33
spaceninjait's just a collection of commenly agreed happenings14:33
spaceninjaof what really happend14:34
estersI'll just paste a link14:34
joacimits about learning, not knowing14:34
* esters Maybeshewill - The Paris Hilton Sex Tape14:34
bombast... esters14:35
estersWhere ?14:35
bombast(15:34) *** esters Maybeshewill - The Paris Hilton Sex Tape14:35
estersIt's a song14:35
bombastBack in like.. 2003.14:35
spaceninjaparis hilton isn't even good looking, well there are nicer looking girls, I would give her a 514:35
estersspaceninja: shhhh14:35
bombastI had a friend who used Windows and had one of those Winamp reporting scripts which generated an image.14:35
bombastAnd back then (maybe it still does?) WinAmp played video files.14:36
estersIt still does14:36
bombastAnd he had a nasty porn habit.14:36
bombastSo every few nights anyone viewing his forum posts got to see his porn habits.14:36
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bombastIt took a long time for him to figure this out.14:36
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estersAnyone checked the link :>14:37
*** tnut has joined #crux14:37
bombasta book about flowers14:37
*** tnut has left #crux14:37
joacimthey remind me of quicksilver for mac14:38
joacimI have no clue what it is, and it doesnt look like anyone can tell me14:38
estersI've read these books14:38
estersAll of them actually14:38
bombasthaha joacim14:38
bombastI hope there will always be operating systems with command line options.14:38
estersBut since this is the internet14:38
tilmanyou mispslelled intarwebb14:39
bombasttilman: you misspelled misspelled.14:39
estersWill troll for great justice14:39
spaceninjawhat's happening? :)14:40
bombastGoofing off.14:40
bombastSo, spaceninja.14:40
bombastDid I tell you that my psychology professor is schizo?14:40
estersThey se me trollin they hatin14:40
bombastStory of my life, esters.14:41
esters: D14:41
bombasttilman: Do you know if KainX is still alive?14:41
spaceninjabombast: doesn't surprise me, you usually work with stuff that you already are.14:42
spaceninjaI mean most psycopats and controll freaks are politicians14:42
bombastspaceninja: I haven't done very well on his tests, but every paper I've handed in he's given me a 100% + positive comments.14:42
estersWhat do you study bombast ?14:42
bombastI study mass communications and media.14:43
bombastSuper work! I've attached a copy of your paper with some specific comments. Good job and well written...14:43
bombast^ last comment on my paper14:43
bombast100% - whereas my last test was a C14:43
bombastThere's gotta be some disconnect for him.14:43
spaceninjathat's nice, I think I will rot exacly where I am, omg, someday when I become a millionaire, I will create this tech company that creates minimalistic hardware and software.14:44
bombastI'm working slowly towards my PhD14:45
rehabdollim holding my breath14:45
bombastso I can get tenure14:45
spaceninjaI have to get rid of people who create bloat14:45
bombastand then nail a lot of grad students14:45
spaceninjano more bloat! NO MORE BLOAT!14:45
estersOpenbox is bloat14:45
estersIt has xml14:45
bombastxml ftw mofo14:45
spaceninjayes , its bloat14:45
estersFluxbox is bloated14:46
spaceninjait should be simpler14:46
estersIt has a panel14:46
bombastirssi is bloated14:46
bombastit has text!14:46
estersMy hand is bloated14:46
estersIt has five fingers14:46
bombasti thought your hand was bloated because of what is in it14:46
* bombast ducks14:46
esterswhereas I type with only four14:46
estersOhhhh -_-14:46
spaceninjaI mean, we have to trace the bloat from the hardware and up14:46
bombastesters: You don't use your thumb and pinky to alt-tab?14:46
estersI use my left hand14:47
spaceninjacan you imagine how much bloat there is on the hardware14:47
estersTo click14:47
bombast(15:47) <    esters> I use my left hand14:47
spaceninjathe hardware construction14:47
estersTMI ?14:47
bombasttoo much info14:47
bombast:D :D :D14:47
bombastMy American humor must not translate well.14:47
* spaceninja heads out for a stroll looking for mysql database files14:49
spaceninjado you know what I'm thinking about doing14:50
bombastMegan Fox?14:50
spaceninjawow she's nice14:51
estersme ?14:51
spaceninjaI can't say yet.14:53
estersI'm good at spoiling conversations14:58
bombastnot as good as i am14:58
estersI doubt that14:59
spaceninjawhysanity source
estersYes It's a movie15:03
estersI'm mad as hell15:03
spaceninjait became famouse after zeitgeist15:03
estersBut the movie is 31 years old15:04
estersAnd Zaitgaist is a fraud15:04
spaceninjahaha have you seen number 2?15:04
bombastI hate Bush and Religion15:04
bombastbut I must admit15:04
estersI saw the day it was released on google video15:04
bombastZeitgeist was fscked.15:04
spaceninjaproject venus15:04
estersNot really15:04
spaceninjabut I agree with most stuff15:04
estersa) There is no mention nor about masons15:04
spaceninjabut you can't focus on the negative15:04
estersNor about Illuminati15:04
spaceninjabut I do15:04
spaceninjado they mention the vatican? zionists?15:05
estersNot even Jesuits15:05
jesse_What kind of movie is that?! No illuminati, no NWO?! Waste of everyone's time.15:06
estersThe point I'm making is15:06
estersBefore this kind of information is spread into the public15:06
estersIt's doesn't get much approval15:07
estersBut with Zeitgeist it was different15:07
estersEveryone drink (including me) the kool kid aid15:07
spaceninjaI just listen to bob proctor, david hawkins, echart tolle15:07
estersthat this is the TRUTH rawr15:07
spaceninjaand myself of course15:07
spaceninjaits very tiring to listen to alex jones15:07
estersActually Alex Jones is also a fraud15:07
spaceninjahe is, tell me more, I heard he's a gatekeeper15:08
estersWill provide a link15:08
jesse_Alex Jones is obsessed with the NWO conspiracy theory.15:08
estersPoint a15:08
estersHe never talks about jesuits15:08
estersNor zionists15:08
estersHe is not allowed to do so15:08
bombastNWO conspiracy theorists remind me of evangelical christians and their obsession with the anti-christ.15:08
estersbombast: In most cases I can agree15:09
spaceninjaesters: by whom? Yes he never bring these things up. Maybe beacuse he's christian15:09
spaceninjabut isn't he a protestant?15:09
estersspaceninja: By the people from which he gets his sponsorship15:09
jesse_A couple of months ago I watched The Obama Deception where the same NWO theme resurfaced with the added bonus of the international financiers and their one world government aspirations.15:09
spaceninjaI haven't watched it, is worth watching?15:10
estersSort of15:10
estersActually many of these conspiracy theorists are put there in place15:11
spaceninjaesters: do you think there is someone at the top, or is just a big mess?15:11
estersspaceninja: I pasted the ringingcedar link15:11
spaceninjayes I have saved it15:12
estersIn these books the whole reason WHY is given15:12
spaceninjaI'll check it out later15:12
jesse_The Obama Deception was big on mentioning the Bilderberg Group as the apex.15:12
spaceninjasounds nice, feeling the wibe already :)15:12
estersNot the bankers15:12
estersBut the priests are on the top15:12
estersAnd they have always been15:12
estersSince ancient Egypt15:12
*** |racer| has joined #crux15:12
estersAll Faraohs were taught by these knowledge keepers15:13
estersAlex Jones - (Jesuit temporal co-adjutor, government fear-monger, the ultimate alternative-news gatekeeper!)15:13
spaceninjaesters: are they just a collection of the biggest egos on the planet, or are they connected to other realms? :)15:13
spaceninjathe priests15:13
spaceninjaI guess its hard to know15:13
estersI don't know about connecting to other realms15:13
estersOr if they really worship something15:14
estersBut I know that they try to expand the ego inside the people15:14
jesse_Money, power and influence are what they worship, if they even exist.15:14
spaceninjawell it's not another real, it has to do with scalar reality15:14
estersjesse_: wrong, they created it15:14
spaceninjaok let me explain, then I have to work15:14
spaceninjaa one cellular bacteria has alive and has a "counsiousness"15:15
spaceninjacells makes up tissue15:15
spaceninjaand all the way up to the human15:15
spaceninjawe are like a big, how should I say it,15:15
spaceninjathe whole of smaller bits of counsuissness?15:16
spaceninjabut when people get enlightned15:16
spaceninjathey scale up their "relity" to a higher plane, they become a "cell" on the planet15:16
esters“Today, a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration — that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively.” ... “Here's Tom with the weather.” - Bill Hicks15:16
spaceninjaseing everything as one, and they go all the way up and up15:16
spaceninjayes exacly15:17
estersbombast: I smoke marlboro, you smoke cock :>15:17
spaceninjaI MUST WORK, bye15:17
bombastesters: i smoke ROCKS.15:17
bombastesters: Good Bill Hicks quote.15:18
bombastIt's in Tool's Third eye15:18
estersOh my me I left fucking pot everywhere15:18
spaceninjalol, this channel turned into #politics15:19
estersNot really15:19
spaceninjahaha nice one15:19
jesse_Politics would merely boil down to what behavior is acceptable, what is taxed and how much. We've not touched any of these topics yet.15:21
* esters Mooncake - 44415:22
estersAnyone wants to discuss more about illuminati etc ? :>15:22
spaceninjanot now15:24
spaceninjareptilians on top!15:24
estersDavid Icke bs15:24
spaceninjaalso, look into hollow earth, and expanding earth15:25
esterswhere ?15:25
spaceninjagoogle expanding earth15:25
spaceninjareally really interesting15:25
*** racer has quit IRC15:27
estersBtw did you know that fibionacci sequence repeats after 24 numbers ?15:27
bombastYou have too much time on your hands.15:31
estersWhy is that ?15:31
bombastThat's why.15:31
estersHuh ?15:31
estersI do similar kinds of that shit15:35
bombastO. M. G.15:36
bombast(do NOT go to that link)15:36
bombastthe link IN the image15:36
bombastthe image itself is fine15:36
estersHeh, old15:39
bombastThe site itself is.15:40
bombastBut that image is new.15:40
estersIRL pwnage15:42
estersMy favourite so far is crushedcat photo15:42
estersI found it via gentoo forums15:43
estersAt first I was like - FUCKING SICK JAP BITCH!!!15:44
estersBut then I was - Hmm, ok.15:44
*** spaceninja has quit IRC15:48
*** spaceninja has joined #crux15:48
*** spacenin1a has joined #crux15:53
* esters Spokes - Young People! All Together15:54
*** jtnl has quit IRC16:02
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC16:15
joacimi have a highdef of that16:28
joacimI am better than thou16:28
bombastjoacim: You son of a bitch.16:28
strawsomehow conky doesn't recognize the terminal font anymore16:28
bombaststraw: What WM is that16:28
bombastim sorry16:29
strawhow rude16:29
bombast:) I know.16:29
bombastesters is a fellow ob3 user16:30
estersI had pekwm16:30
estersBut I couldn't get used to it :(16:30
bombastob3 is the only window manager ive ever liked16:30
estersWoot straw16:30
estersNice colour pallete16:31
bombastI got tired of custom console colors.16:31
strawdepends on the use16:31
strawit's cool for IRC16:31
bombastNo matter how much time I spent configuring them, something would always look off.16:32
bombastSo I just said fuck it and reverted back to urxvt's defaults.16:32
estersI use tango palette16:32
bombastTango can eat my poo.16:33
bombastI hate the icons.16:33
joacimI like their color palette16:33
bombastI don't.16:34
estersOh come on16:34
bombastPastels are icky16:34
bombastGNOME had a good thing going with their old art style16:34
estersTheir icon set is ugly16:34
bombastNow KDE and GNOME look virtually the same to me.16:35
estersBut KaDeE has shiny plasma :(16:35
strawpastels on darkgrey is superb16:35
joacimthe elementary icon set is nice enough. they have a nice set of toolbar icons16:35
bombastI use an iconset called "yasis"16:36
bombastIt kills most of the icky tango icons.16:36
joacimyasis can stuff it16:37
bombastIt's the only gnome iconset I could tolerate.16:37
bombastThe rest were all KDE or Tango based.16:38
strawNow we could discuss which vim colorscheme is the best.16:38
bombastDoesn't really matter to me, it obeys whatever urxvt uses.16:39
strawI tested loads of them and find xoria256 to be quite good. Zenburn, too.16:39
strawWhat you said is only half true.16:40
estersMy penis is too small :(16:40
bombastWe know.16:40
estersNow it is getting worse16:41
strawI try to stay technical, and what do you do?16:42
estersI spoil it16:43
* straw nods16:43
estersSorry about that :/16:46
joacimcolorscheme desert25616:50
strawYup, the best default one!16:51
strawtango2 isn't that bad either.16:52
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bombasttime to watch Star Wars22:10
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