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joacimGood morning01:04
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sepenwow "Google's initiative is forcing Microsoft to change its business model"01:19
* aon is working on using lotus notes from excel01:47
aonomg the pain <301:47
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spacenin1acool, hehe the last picture :)06:34
spacenin1ado they work?06:34
rehabdollSFTP instead of FTP? Here are the steps it took me to enable SFTP on my GoDaddy hosting account. Feel free to use this as a reference, but the obvious point is that as long as this many steps are required, it's safe to say that most users won't be switching:06:36
rehabdollooops, sorry06:36
spacenin1agot to work, may the source be with me06:38
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SiFuh_jdolan_: you can fly?07:54
jdolan_hah, no, not yet.  i'm getting my license over the next year or so.07:59
jdolan_did you check out the link at the top?07:59
jdolan_the ORA is pretty darn cool.07:59
RotwangSiFuh_: he got shot by this one:
jdolan_hehe, the replica guns on the Fokker Dr.I..08:00
jdolan_that whole day was completely amazing.08:00
jdolan_i would go back there in a heartbeat.08:00
SiFuh_heh i will check that link08:03
SiFuh_i can fly those plans and light plans. but i cant fly anything bigger08:06
SiFuh_no license either :-(08:06
SiFuh_too expensive08:06
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MasterPointhi !12:15
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jesse_hai bai :>12:30
jaegerI love our little chats12:36
jesse_Yep, they're very verbose and informative.12:38
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jkramerDas anyone experience problems with Umlauts since recent X updates?14:25
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rehabdolljkramer: are you using X with hal?15:26
jkramerHmm, wait a second15:28
rehabdollif you had hal installed when building xorg, chances are that you do15:28
rehabdollfeel free to post your xorg.log somewhere15:28
jkramerNo, I don't have hal installed15:30
jkramerLooks like the problems only affect Opera15:30
jkramerHere's a list of the packages I updated right before it started:
rehabdollk, never use opera or umlauts and fresh out of ideas, sorry :(15:32
rehabdollwell, i do. but not often :>15:32
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bombasti need something like wireshark which has an ncurses ui17:44
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spacenin1amaybe tcpdump17:56
spacenin1amaybe they're not the same thing17:56
spacenin1amaybe bedtime17:57
estersmaybe you and I should get along17:59
spacenin1amaybe we can talk about stuff tomorrow, bye for now18:04
estersMe too18:05
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bombastiptraf is good18:10
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bombastI got some new comics today18:47
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