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nipuLxmonad is good, once you take the time to familiarise yourself with haskell01:32
bombastyeah, i've heard the same thing about stump but s/haskell/lisp/01:33
nipuLbut lisp is awesome01:34
bombastyou must be an Emacs user01:34
nipuLyou say that like it's a bad thing01:36
bombastI respect Emacs..01:36
bombastbut that's about it01:36
bombastI like that guys' setup01:37
bombastA lot actually.01:41
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joacimI like his fonts02:43
joacimand his prompt02:43
joacimor her02:44
tilmanjoacim: yeah, go ask him about that font02:49
teK_err hello :>02:52
vektoriIsn't that just the Terminus font?02:59
tilmanno idea03:07
joacimSomeone already asked him03:10
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tilmanpedja: i'm already building 3.5.1 :)03:19
tilmanpedja: wondered when you would notice ;D03:19
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tilmanis there a ghc binary for non-multilib x86_64 systems?03:25
pedjatilman: I stay away from the computer when it is this hot (~35C). :) cold beer and shade for me...03:26
pedjaI miss proper seasons (spring and autumn).03:28
pedjaIf I could afford it, I would move to, say, UK, in a second :)03:29
pedjayay, food.bbl03:30
Rotwangalways when I edit wiki page at teh the first time i try to save it says invalid code, always03:31
tilmanRotwang: ditto03:32
Rotwangk [;03:33
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joacimsomeone must have listened to my hateful rants about current do-everything browsers03:45
Rotwangjoacim: wow!03:48
Rotwanglooks nice03:48
Rotwangsomeone port this, plx plx03:48
mrks is maybe worth to mention, too03:54
mrksbut it is not as scritpable as uzbl03:55
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: xulrunner: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: firefox: updated to
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: udev: updated to 145.09:55
tilmanjue: there, pushed the udev update. to 2.6 only.09:56
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juetilman: thx10:09
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: xorg-libxcb: updated to 1.4.10:11
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esterscc segmentation fault10:36
jesse_Arch linux working as usual? :D10:37
estersNow I'm back to CRUX10:37
estersDoing prt-get sysup10:37
estersgcc version 4.3.3 (CRUX) (GCC)10:37
estersOh and GNOME, KDE, XFCE ports are 3rd party ?10:41
estersAs I recall they are, or I'm not right10:42
jesse_I consider them to be separate but official repositories, but I'm not entirely sure of how the elders view them.10:43
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: [notify] samba: update to 3.4.010:43
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: xz: update to 4.999.8beta-105-ga35755c10:43
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: xulrunner: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: firefox: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: Merge branch '2.5' into 2.610:43
nipuLthere are only 4 "official" repos10:43
nipuLthe de specific repo's, while not official are maintained by respected crux members and contributors10:44
Rotwangesters: there are other de repos beside xfce/gnome/kde10:45
estersSure, but I was more focused on the *popular* de10:46
estersI'm a bit worried about duplicate ports10:48
estersBut that's all10:48
jesse_Something tells me getting uzbl to work is going to take a while...10:48
Rotwangjesse_: ive got it working10:48
jesse_I'm waiting on webkit to compile.10:48
Rotwangahh you mean to configure it properly? [;10:49
Rotwangi'm looking for a way to minimiza a window having a window id with gtk10:49
bombastuzbl, finally a web browser as big of a pain in the ass to configure as mutt!10:49
bombast(disclaimer: i love mutt <3)10:49
esters: D10:50
jesse_I had a snapshot of webkit, who knows how old, in my own repository but it turned out not to be enough. Then I basically cheated and looked at how arch packaged uzbl and its dependencies.10:51
tilmanhail arch10:51
bombastIf you're using arch as your guiding light, you might be more lost than you started10:52
Rotwang jesse_: thats what ive done too [;10:52
jesse_The difference was that arch uses a gtk webkit from a different source than the usual snapshot from webkit.org10:52
Rotwangnot only arch, gentoo too10:53
estersNot Gentoo...10:54
Rotwangok how do i minimize or defocus a window using Gtk2 or X11::Protocol? :{10:54
tilmantry unmapping it10:55
jesse_It's been great trying to hut down the deps and then almost give up when webkit started moaning about not having gstreamer installed... I'm not putting that gstreamer mess on this box.11:00
estersjesse_: You have to :>11:01
estersjesse_: --disable-video11:01
jesse_--disable-video fixed that up.11:01
jesse_It's times like these which make a point in saying 'it's time to get new hw'... This is taking too long.11:03
estershow long does webkit compile ?11:03
estersFor comparison, on my box - 3,5-4h11:05
joacimtook mine nearly an hour11:05
jesse_I didn't time it so I'll guess it took at least an hour and a half (amd 2400+ / 512mb ram).11:06
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spaceninjahmm, I can14:01
spaceninjaI can't run nexuiz14:01
spaceninjaI got the nvidia driver14:02
spaceninjais this "suppose" to happen with the driver?
spaceninjamust restart x, my  screen is really zoomed in14:08
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vektoriBacksides up front?14:33
RedShiftfront upsides back14:34
jesse_Sure, if that's your thing.14:34
spaceninjais it safe to change the nvidia version to 180.6014:45
RedShiftmaybe not14:45
RedShiftthat's the fun side of binary blobs14:45
spaceninjaI thought the drivers was opensource14:47
spaceninjaoh well14:47
spaceninjabut isn't there an old Pkgfile for 180.60?14:47
rehabdolllol, no14:49
rehabdoll(they are not open source)14:49
bombastMaybe I need to learn Lisp..14:49
joacimgood idea14:49
bombastXmonad looks neat14:49
rehabdollspaceninja: old pkgfiles are still in git history14:49
joacimmake me an updated pkgfile for clisp14:49
bombastoh wait14:50
bombaststump is lisp14:50
bombastxmonad is haskell14:50
joacimim working on installing stumpwm now :p14:50
bombastjoacim: Oh yeah?14:50
joacimyeah. got me a compile error tho14:51
spaceninjaI forgot to use gl-select14:52
bombastthat happens to me sometimes14:52
spaceninjastill doesn14:53
bombastI like the idea of a tiling window manager but all the ones I've tried have a learning curve too steep to keep me interested.14:53
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joacimdo current clisp depend on ffcall?15:05
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spaceninja3d acc is working, woh!15:06
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juebombast: maybe scrotwm is something for you, simular to basic xmonad15:12
juebut written in C15:13
bombasti thought you said scrotum15:13
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spaceninjadoes anyone know how to get the sound working if the sound driver isn't a module15:13
RedShiftbombast: maybe that's what he meant15:13
spaceninjaI've forgotten15:14
bombastjue: Scrotwm looks great.15:14
jueI'm using it atm, it's pretty stable15:15
bombastis the configuration easy?15:15
jueport is in my private repo15:15
bombastso it is15:16
bombastno insane dependencies15:16
juejoacim: I'd suggest to use sbcl, much faster than clisp with stumpwm15:18
bombastjue: what's the default font used by scrot? it fails to start for me because it can't load it15:19
joacimwell at least their website is better15:19
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joacimthanks for the suggestion =)15:20
juebombast: xorg-font-misc-misc IIRC, but create a ~/.scrotwm.con and use 'bar_font = smooth' or something like that15:21
bombastokie dokie :)15:21
juejoacim: np15:21
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juejoacim: here's a crux sbcl package ->
joacimwriting up my own pkgfile now. seems simple enough15:27
jueno, x8615:27
juethe port I've used to create the package ->
joacimthanks =)15:28
juebut you need a installed sbcl to build sbcl ;)15:30
joacimmy brain just went limp15:31
bombastjue: how do you move windows around? (i mean reposition, like if a window is on the left and i want it on the right)15:36
juethe left window is the master area, to move a window to it use modkey-Enter15:37
bombastthat makes sense.15:38
juebtw, I've 'modkey = Mod4'15:38
bombastthat's Windows key right?15:39
jueboth, the left or the right windows keys15:40
bombastI have a lot of learning to do with this WM but it looks like it will be a lot nicer to use/config than any of the others.15:41
jueyeah, reading the short man-page is recommended, default key-mapping is the same as with xmonad15:42
bombastah wow15:42
bombastthe man page doesn't suck15:42
bombasti'm liking this a lot15:46
juebombast: a last hint: install contrib/dmenu and you have all installed progs available via modkey-p15:47
juee.g. 'modkey-p fir <enter>' starts firefox here15:49
* aon is still running stumpwm15:55
aonreminds me, should upgrade the rp package15:55
bombastjue: i thought scrotwm has its own menu15:58
juewell, stumpwm is much more configurable/programmable15:58
bombasti said scrot :p15:59
juebombast: was meant for aon15:59
bombastdmeny looks... not good16:00
juebombast: why16:00
bombastit's another layer to configure instead of just fitting in16:01
jueno, there's nothing to configure, it reads all of your serach path16:01
bombastyeah, i don't like that16:02
bombasthm, maybe i need to pull off my reliance of x11 apps16:02
jueI'd consider this as pretty cool ;)16:03
jueit's the same as to type the prog name in a term, but much more comfortable16:04
bombastthe only thing i dislike about going to tiling is that some x11 apps i use daily don't fit in16:04
bombastlike gimp16:04
juehave you tried gimp with scrotwm?16:05
bombastIt's not a Scrot problem16:05
juewell, and what's the problem than?16:06
bombastit just feels weird16:06
juegimp is stated as floating app16:06
bombastI wish I didn't have to use Gimp at all, but sadly I need it to make my money.16:06
strawUhm, how do I combine 2 rules in a Makefile? I want to make a rule "all:" which combines "default" and "jar".
juebombast: sorry, I don't get it, gimp is configured as a floating app in scrotwm, meaning the windows are not tiled16:10
bombastjue: I know, it's not a real "problem"16:11
bombastIt just doesn't feel right.16:11
juewell ...16:11
bombastI'm just talking out load.16:11
juestraw: all: default jar16:13
joacimjue: whats your sed-lines supposed to do?16:13
strawjue: Ah, I tried it that was, but was different indenting.. that works, thanks :]16:14
juejoacim: to install into /usr/bin and not /usr/local/bin resp. /usr/man and not /usr/share/man16:15
jueaon: btw, do you agree that sbcl is best for stumpwm?16:18
bombastOh wow.16:22
bombastI just got an email, apparently I can get some money from Africa if I just cover the expenses.16:22
* bombast laughs16:22
bombast:/ for some reason my proggy fonts seem to not be working anymore16:23
juejoacim: err, without the first sed /usr/bin/sbcl is looking in /usr/local/lib/sbcl for the lisp core file and not in /usr/lib/sbcl16:34
joacimyeah had to export SBCL_HOME without that first sed line16:37
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nipuLstraw: "all: default jar"19:23
nipuLbah, damn scrollback19:24
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pitiIIoteK_: pong19:47
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nipuLhmm, something tells me kde4 will always be a development release20:36
nipuLthat or i've screwed up the build somewhere along the line20:37
bombastIt's pretty unstable in Fedora20:37
bombastMy mom uses it20:37
nipuLthere's not even any sync support on kde4, what's the deal with that20:38
nipuLautmomount is atrocious20:38
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bombastaon: ping22:32
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