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bombastwe need a contrib mailing list00:51
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bombasthey lennart01:10
bombastwow, it's already 2am.01:13
lennartbut sleeping sounds boring?01:14
bombastyeah, totally01:15
joacimthink I'll put stumpwm to rest. the release wouldnt build with my version of sbcl so i tried git, but that one throws me a load of warnings, tho the binary appears to build01:37
bombastjoacim: give ScrotWM a try01:37
joacimyeah am looking for a pkgfile =)01:38
bombastjue has one01:38
joacimyeah foun it01:38
joacimthink ill try awesome too, since its in contrib01:38
bombastI want a contrib mailing list :M01:39
joacimI need to find out how I can make some other key other than "Option" on my mac be meta01:40
bombastIn ScrotWM?01:40
joacimno, for my macs terminal01:40
joacimI need the option key to type fancy characters like backslash and pipe, but by default i have to use option as the meta key01:41
joacimso i have to choose between meta or fancy characters01:41
joacimhavent seen pkgmk throw me that message in a while01:49
tilmanbombast: there _is_ a contrib mailing list02:14
bombasti'm always out of the loop02:14
tilmanit's ben there for ages02:14
bombastI guess I should subscribe02:15
tilmantbh, it's not that interesting probably02:17
tilmanfeel free to go ahead and spice it up though02:20
bombastWell Contrib kinda needs a kick in the pants02:21
tilmanin what regard?02:22
bombastA better structure to ensure that things aren't abandoned.02:22
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nipuLthis will be dealt with in the new portdb i am working on02:39
bombastnipuL: i love you02:41
bombastI dream of a day when02:43
bombast/usr/ports will have a folder structure02:43
nipuLi dream on the day when we have the one true repo02:46
bombaster, ports*02:46
nipuLnonono, /usr/ports/openbox02:47
bombastnipuL: that's lame02:47
nipuLno, you're lame02:48
nipuLwhy drill through repos and catagorized repos when I can just find anyting i want in the same place02:49
bombastBecause it would be extremely cluttered, and we already have a model to steal from?02:49
nipuLoh wait, so fractured categories is less cluttered?02:50
bombastthey are02:50
nipuLwho decides the categories? what if a port matches multiple categories?02:50
bombastnot sure if they is02:50
bombastnipuL: FreeBSD does a good job of it02:51
nipuLhave you ever tries to write a freebsd port?02:51
bombastim not talking about their ports themselves, just the folder structure02:51
joacimx11-wm is gentooism. you must die02:52
bombastthey stole that from freebsd02:52
nipuLpersonally i think a single repo is much _simpler_ than categorized repos02:53
bombasti disagree :[02:53
nipuLsimple != easy02:53
joacimit is. no more duplicate ports, and you dont have to guess in which directory a port is02:54
nipuLsimple is to complex as easy is to difficult02:54
nipuLjust because something is easy, doesn't mean it is simple02:55
nipuLubuntu is easy to use, but extremely complicated02:55
joacimbut. how would I manage my private ports and unofficial ports?02:55
bombastYou're comparing a folder structure to.. Ubuntu?02:55
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nipuLyes, seriously03:00
bombastYou should work for FOX News.03:00
nipuLwhy, what i said was true?03:01
bombast"Folder structures for /usr/ports, SAFE FOR CHILDREN?"03:01
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bombastnipuL: How's the KDE experiment coming btw?03:02
nipuLbut folder structures in ports are safe for children03:03
nipuLunfortunately this isn't a distro for children03:03
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bombastit's almost 5am03:50
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RyoSRotwang: rules #1 #2, you fail so hard baby06:53
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tilmandoes contrib/ati work with xorg-server 1.6?09:16
spaceninjaconfigure: error: /sdk/include/xpcom-config.h doesn't exist09:55
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joacimmm.. my firefox navigates backwards in history if I scroll upwards fast enough.12:41
bombastlol what12:46
jaegeryou've scrolled so fast you broke space and time12:48
tilmanmight be a feature12:55
tilmanyou never know with those mozilla folks ;D12:55
bombastWow, someone wrote a tiling window manager for win3212:56
bombasttilman: Is germany typically an atheist country?12:57
DaViruzmouse3 = navigate back?12:58
DaViruzsame thing happened to me, turned out i was pressing down on the overly sensitive scroll wheel12:58
tilmanbombast: according to wikipedia, ~60% of the german citizens are christians of one kind or another13:02
tilmanbombast: ~30% roman catholic, ~30% protestants(?), very littleweird ass christians ;)13:03
bombastI really don't want to work on this research paper13:06
bombastvektori: thanks ;)13:15
bombastI sometimes wonder how many people understand how deep Rammstein - Amerika really goes13:15
bombastIt's a simple-ish song with a somewhat silly video, but if you think about it for a while13:16
bombastit's kinda messed up13:16
bombastI despise the MLA format13:22
aonbombast: pong13:53
bombastaon: :p easytag!13:54
aonwhat about it?13:54
bombastCollection  Name     Port         Installed13:54
bombastcontrib     easytag  2.1-1        2.1.6-113:54
aonlatest stable version: 2.1 (2007/05/07)13:54
aonhas it stopped compiling?13:55
bombastoh wow13:55
bombasti didn't realize 2.1.6 was -devel13:55
bombastMy bad13:55
teK_did anyone else get footprint mismatch for nmap?13:56
aonthere's a bug in ratpoison i know about13:56
aonbut i'm too lazy to make a patch and post it on the ml13:56
aonalso can't remember if i already did13:57
aonoh, i already have the fix committed in my repo14:08
aonoh, sabetts has already done the relevant change in git14:09
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tilmanof course contrib/ati doesn't work14:48
bombasttilman: i thought you had an nvidia card14:50
tilmanfor fucks sake14:50
bombastthat is one complicated Pkgfile14:51
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tilmanguess i'll try with 2.6.29 o_O14:53
bombasttilman: why not try the open source ati driver14:54
tilmanbecause penumbra doesn't like that driver14:54
bombastis this for a laptop?14:55
bombastperhaps buy an nvidia card then?14:55
vektoriWhen did tilman start speaking Swedish? :D14:55
bombastWhen he realized I could read german14:55
vektoriAh, so it's an arms race of foreign languages.14:56
tilmanvektori: inte talar svenska! :P14:56
bombastvektori: He won't rest until he finds a language I can't read.14:56
tilmannow you know about 90% of my swedish vocabulary14:56
aonone of you must start learning finnish14:56
bombastbtw, tilman14:56
bombastdo you play Urban Terror?14:56
tilmani did, ocasionally. in 2001.14:57
tilmanaon: i'm afraid of the 14 grammatical cases14:57
aontilman is the kid in the unreal tournament video14:57
aonyou can use just one case, if he doesn't understand it at all, he probably won't notice14:58
tilmanhahahah. not.14:58
bombasttilman: Is penumbra fun?14:59
bombastIt's $5 this weekend :)15:00
tilmani don't know!15:00
tilmancannot play15:00
tilmanbombast: that's why i bought it15:00
tilman~4 EUR15:00
aon never forget15:00
bombastAh, neat.15:00
tilmanincl VAT15:00
tilman"das ist so geil und funny dieser fette boy ist ]///15:02
tilmani'm not fat15:02
* joacim is learning norse15:02
* aon will probably start learning japanese next semester15:04
strawHey, me too :]15:04
jaegerI took some japanese, it's pretty interesting15:04
jaegernot enough to use it much but still interesting15:04
strawbecause I still have to study a minor and I have a Korean friend who fluently speaks Japanese, too.15:05
aoni can replace english with japanese/chinese/arabic15:05
aonit boils down to zh vs ja, ja seems like less effort15:06
* straw nods15:06
tilmandoesn't build against either15:07
bombasttilman: have you taken a look at arch's Pkgbuild for it?15:09
pitiIIoteK_: seems that ndiff requires python15:11
teK_which you don't have installed?15:11
jaegertilman: feeling like ATI is more trouble than it's worth yet? :)15:11
teK_thx for the report, I will fix it15:11
pitiIIoteK_: thank you too15:12
teK_no problem15:12
tilmanjaeger: i hate nvidia more15:13
jaegerwhy's that?15:13
tilmanhad much more problems with them in the past15:13
tilmanconstant freezes and all that shit15:13
jaegercan't say I ever have unless the hardware was going bad, but that sucks15:14
teK_nv worked for me like a charm for the last 10-15 kernel releases (no hassles with patching/waiting for new drivers if the kernel or X are updated)15:14
tilmani think it was because of the agp chipset on the mainboard15:14
jaegerso not really nvidia specific?15:14
tilmanthey sure as hell didn't try to fix it15:15
tilmandepending on these pita blobs just sucks15:16
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joacimI think I'd like scrotwm more if it had a thicker borders around the windows15:21
bombastjoacim: I think that could be accomplished with a simple patch to the source15:25
joacimI'd prefer that it was configurable through the conf15:25
bombastwell patch it to have that config15:25
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: wine: updated to 1.1.2615:28
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bombastthis is weird15:34
bombasti just rebuilt firefox and xulrunner15:34
bombastbut firefox keeps appearing in revdep15:34
tilmanwonder if i can get my ~4 EUR back15:35
jaegergod damn, GPT is hard ot get rid of sometimes15:36
bombasttilman: if you can't, make a torrent and stick it to 'em,15:36
tilmancertainly not, wtf?15:37
tilmanso depressing15:43
bombastmuch of life is15:43
teK_das Leben ist kein Ponyhof :>15:45
jaegerIs Frictional the only place to buy Penumbra for linux?15:46
lennartyeah, I think so15:47
jaegerI guess you can download some version of it for free for windows but I don't know which part it is15:49
bombastYou could always buy the Windows version and run it in wine so you don't have to buy 2 copies.15:50
bombastI read someone on the forum complaining about that.15:50
jaegerIt's a shame the windows version on steam isn't $5 as well15:50
tilmancomplaining? wtf? 5$ for 3 games.15:50
lennartI think the frictional store sells the windows version for $515:51
tilmanbuy-windows-get-free-linux-binaries isn't try for most ported games15:51
lennartadded bonus: no steam15:51
jaegersteam's nice in some situations, like if the original digital download store goes offline permanently15:51
jaegerthough fortunately that doesn't happen to too many15:52
bombastjaeger: Actually, they've already discussed that.15:52
bombastIf the service goes down they've built in functions to keep the games running.15:53
jaegerthat's great but it hasn't always been the case in the pasty15:54
bombastnasty in the pasty!15:54
bombast(couldn't help myself)15:54
jaegerI read somewhere that penumbra was based on lovecraft's stuff, that's what interested me15:56
bombasti love lovecraft15:56
tilmanthe slashdot article mentioned cthulhu15:56
tilmanor cthulhu-ish15:56
tilmani now i'm spending WAY more time trying to get this pos to run than i'll spend actually playing15:56
bombastthat's true of a lot of software15:57
jaegerI'm looking up some gameplay videos to see if it's worth buying15:57
jaeger <-- this is pretty amusing :)16:01
bombastthere we go16:16
bombastfixed that stupid openbox icon16:16
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: nmap: disable the building of ndiff16:48
joacimthe silent hill games are the only ones listed that I like. Have not tried the fatal frame games yet16:51
bombasti never liked horror games16:52
joacimcant buy it either. the stores dont keep older games in stock :(16:52
tilmancan't get a mplayer build o____O16:57
bombasttilman: did you yell at it?16:57
tilmanwhat a fucking failday16:57
bombastI hate openbox's new default window icon16:58
bombastso I made it the old one16:58
tilmangood job16:58
tilmanwant a  promotion?16:58
bombastdon't take your anger out on me, i bite.16:59
bombastouch, my facial hair just got caught in my hoodie's zipper17:01
joacimI get that with my "normal" hair17:02
joacimsometimes it gets tangled in my headset too17:03
bombastyeah, i used to have long hair17:03
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bombastDanny Devito is 64?22:04
bombastHe looks younger.22:04
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