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tsabmobit's 3am and i still can't sleep01:57
tsabmobit's going to be a long day tomorrow01:57
aoni almost whois'd but then i figured it out02:02
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tsabmobaon: lol02:04
tsabmobi still need to come up w/ a permanent name for freenode seeing as my normal irc nick is taken here02:05
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tsabmobRegardless, it's 3am and I'm only kinda tired.02:06
tsabmob:< not good02:06
tsabmobi'm totally out of ambien too02:06
aoni should register my other nick here too02:07
aoni dunno if that's against some thirty pages long freenode policy, but meh02:07
tsabmobi actually hate the nick bombast02:07
aonthis one is pretty good02:07
tsabmobi usually stick with a 3 letter nick02:08
aonthe other one is government-issued so there's not much to say02:08
tsabmobbombast was just randomly picked because my normal nick was taken and i wanted to ask a guy a question heh02:08
aonyay, done02:09
aonregistered the other nick02:09
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jarholy ceap02:11
jarit's not taken02:11
jarit was just in use02:11
jari am a very happy boy02:12
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jarHello, lasso|qt02:15
lasso|qthello jar02:15
jarWell this certainly has made my night.02:17
jari wonder if i've pissed someone off02:19
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spaceninjaiii :|05:53
nipuLsweet, doing 5 units this semester and still managed to get fridays off06:32
teK_how many ECTS will you get for this?06:44
tilmanisn't the E for 'european'? :>06:46
* aon almost never has anything on fridays06:51
nipuLwhat is an ects?06:52
nipuLis that like credit points?06:52
tilmaneuropean credit t* system?06:52
aontransfer and accumulation06:52
nipuLi don't think that applies to me06:52
aonfor t06:52
tilmanmy point06:53
aonone academic year = 60p06:53
joacimI'm taking 67.5 points this semester :/06:54
aoni got 52 or something last year06:55
aonno interesting courses and failures in some of the more interesting ones brought it down a bit :)06:56
joacimlol. my last two semesters were complete failures, so i have to take extra the next few :p06:56
nipuLhere all units are 6cp, 4 units a semester is full time, so an academic year is 48cp06:57
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nipuLso that's 30cp this semester07:00
aoni should be able to do 30 in the first half07:05
aoni almost irllold07:07
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teK_ah, ok nipuL :)07:49
teK_I will have no lectures on fridays, too. :>07:50
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: cryptsetup: adopted, fixed dependencies and URLs.08:21
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libdrm: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: slim: fixed the build with g++ 4.4.08:31
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jarNo class today and I didn't know.10:42
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Processplease help! :\10:45
RotwangProcess: sup?10:45
jarProcess: What's up?10:46
Processhow to instal crux in portable hdd10:46
Processvfs: kernel panic!10:46
Processi have this as sdc110:46
Processlilo starting...10:46
jarEither you didn't compile the filesystem into the kernel or your BIOS doesn't support what you're doing.10:47
Processsda... sdb ... and VFS: panic stopped10:47
Processoh yes!10:47
Processi think about it10:48
Processusb support?10:48
Processit is not default switched?10:48
jarI meant the filesystem like ext310:48
Processmy system ext210:49
Processusb V2.010:49
Processok! i try rebuild kerenl10:49
Processonly one question - teoryticaly crux possible really boot from usbhdd ?10:53
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jari always feel bad when i cant really help people without a firm grasp on English10:54
tilmani don't10:54
jaryou never feel bad10:55
jarJust different stages of apathy.10:55
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pedjatilman: gtk-2.16.5 is out, it is not listed at the front page of :)12:07
pedjai stumbled on it when I googled one of the FF warnings...12:07
pedjaand fullscreen flash crashes FF yet again...12:08
tilmanpedja: thanks. i didn't run ck4up in a while :p12:13
pedjanp.Is Crux-2.6 anywhere near release? :)12:16
pedjaI know, 'when it's ready'.12:17
tilmanactually, it is getting closer12:17
tilmanwe have a test1 pre-release, but unfortunately you won't be able to use it to update from 2.512:17
pedjathat xorg-related thingie, xcb, so full rebuild is needed?iirc...12:18
tilmanah, true12:19
pedjaso, 2.6 will be fresh install only?12:19
pedjaor I misunderstood?12:19
tilmanoh, sorry, misunderstanding12:20
tilmantest1 has another bug that will prevent an update12:20
tilmanthe 'xz' package isn't automatically installed on update12:20
tilmanit's not related to xcb12:20
pedjaxz is new archiver that packages use?12:21
pedjafoo.xz instead of foo.tar.gz?12:21
tilmanxz us the successo to lzma12:21
tilmanxz is the successor to lzma12:22
pedjaI got it the first time ;)12:22
tilmanthough i think there's only two ports who have dist files zipped with xz :D12:22
pedjaso, what is the idea behind it?smaller packages on the iso, or...?12:23
tilmanoh, xz is used by upstream to zip their source tarballs12:23
tilmancrux packages are still packed with gzip12:23
pedjai never heard of xz before.12:24
pedjai'd like to see how xz compares to 7z, my archiver of choice for rarely used files/backup archives.12:33
tilman7z == lzma12:34
tilmanholy shit.12:36
pedja"It looks like hell just froze over." :)12:38
pedjacould it be that MS is willing to play nice with other children?12:39
tilman10 years ago they said the GPL was a cancer12:39
pedja10 years in IT world is like, eon in real time ;)12:40
joacimA web-design that  doesnt burn my eyes :-O12:40
tilman"Well, for the sort of people who would like that sort of thing, this is sure to be the sort of thing that that sort of people will like."12:42
jarhay guise12:45
jarim glad i finally have my normal irc nick on freenode12:48
tilmani'm glad you're glad12:50
jardom't get mad, get GLAD!12:50
jarthere's a brand of trash bags in america called GLAD12:51
jarthat's their slogan12:51
jardon't get mad, get GLAD12:51
tilmanthanks, that information has improved my quality of life noticably12:51
jari knew it would12:51
jartilman: Ever get the ati situation figured out?12:52
tilmani'm now poking at mesa/master on the desktop though12:53
jarI officially never want another sprite for as long as I live13:00
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libvorbis: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libpng: updated to
jaryay vorbis13:34
jaryay png13:34
jari need to read a tutorial on how to dual boot linux & freebsd w/ grub..13:36
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spaceninjaI'm trying to open alsamixer, but I get this alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory13:44
spaceninjaI've looked around but I can't find any solution13:44
pedjaspaceninja: iirc, that is a permission problem.what group nodes in /dev/snd belong to?14:07
pedjathis is after kernel update, or it just stopped working all of the sudden(unlikely)14:08
pedjatry 'alsactl store', and then alsamixer.14:11
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spaceninjaoh maybe I14:19
spaceninjaI'm not in the right, group, going to check it14:19
spaceninjaI had to install xorg on my server14:19
spaceninjathen I wanted sound14:20
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spaceninjaok I wasn't in the audio group14:21
spaceninjaI guess I have to restart x in order to update the group permissions14:21
spaceninjalog in and out14:21
jarspaceninja: or you could execute bash within bash14:22
spaceninjadidn't work, i get the same error message when I start alsamixer14:24
spaceninjatrying to log in and out14:24
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jarsomeone needs to install screen14:24
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spaceninjawoho it14:28
jarspaceninja: you need to install screen, buddy14:28
spaceninjait's working, thanks guys14:28
spaceninjayes I know, someday I'll figure out how it works14:28
jarhere's a crash corse14:29
spaceninjaeither am all in or nothing, don't have the time right now14:29
jarctrl+a+d detaches14:29
jarscreen -r re-attaches14:29
jarthat's the basic thing that saves my life14:29
jari have screen installed on my server so when i go to class14:29
jari just detach the screen14:29
jarboot my laptop at school14:29
jarlogin and re-attach there14:30
jarthat also kicks butt that i don't have to keep 2 irssi configs14:30
spaceninjaamazing, yes this is something I need14:30
jaryeah, it has the benefit of survive an X restart, etc14:30
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ProcessALTLinux use a  follow root="UUID=ad36fce2-e586-4be8-bb79-5cc5eaa964a0"14:57
Processand boot from usbhdd14:58
Processis it possible to use uuid from crux?14:58
Rotwangyes [;14:59
Processhowto =)14:59
Processi'm lame14:59
Rotwangliek in alt linuks14:59
Rotwangbut i doubt if it will be any help14:59
Processi wanna crux )14:59
Processsomwere is gnu pkg that generated uuid ?...15:01
teK_e2fsprogs contains uuidgen15:02
Processok!! thnx!15:02
tilmanmy laptop battery's capacity is down to 55% :(15:03
teK_hi tilman15:03
teK_have some spare time this week?15:03
teK_I try to prepare 'everything' as much as I can so later this week (i.e. not tomorrow) would be great15:04
tilmanwednesday or thursday work for me15:04
teK_i will hit you tomorrow about this :)15:05
teK_uebrigens: was ist gelb und kann nicht schwimmen?15:05
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tilmangelbes auto15:05
teK_n Bagger.15:06
teK_Warum nicht?15:06
teK_weil er nur einen Arm hat :O15:06
tilmani was just about to talk about specific weight/density of steel :(15:06
teK_stupid jokes just don't work like this, you know15:07
joacimsome years ago I found a script that could create more swap files as needed, does anyone know this script?15:08
joacimI cant find it :(15:08
teK_bye tilman15:08
joacimlooks like swapspace is what I am looking for. thanks =)15:14
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joacimRequested 'libsoup-2.4 >= 2.27.4' but version of libsoup is 2.27.216:37
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thrice`anyone tried gallium yet? :>18:58
jarit looks pretty18:59
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jarnew version of rox21:44
* jar pokes nipuL 21:44
jarnipuL: you son of a..22:20
jarnipuL: good luck with your classes :)22:21
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