IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2009-07-22

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DarkNekroshi gentlemen ;)01:25
aonit's you !!01:32
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cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: nasm: update to 2.0705:52
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: e2fsprogs: update to 1.41.806:01
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: ed: update to 1.406:01
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: tcsh: update to 6.1706:01
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: hdparm: update to 9.1606:01
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: man: new source URL, FS#47306:01
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: nasm: update to 2.0706:01
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: Merge branch '2.5' into 2.606:01
sepenwho made the merge?06:07
sepenah was jue06:07
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thrice`nipuL: well, I think the next evince will do form filling stuff as well.  I was having some crashing issues with epdfview for a bit, but I think they are mostly fixed with the newest release06:58
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spaceninjahas anyone managed to install inkscape?09:19
thrice`I'm sure a few people hve09:26
spaceninjaoh well, I'll install gimp meanwhile09:30
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: gcc: update to 4.4.109:39
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mysql: update to 5.1.3610:02
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cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: bash: update to 4.0.2810:32
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: bash: update to 4.0.2810:36
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: Merge branch '2.5' into 2.610:36
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tilmanthrice`: building mplayer now...11:20
tilmanthrice`: same craptastic failure11:23
thrice`:(  gcc 4.4?11:23
tilmanyes, with an 3dnow-capable cpu11:23
tilmanbut i guess pentium4's have 3dnow as well, so that doesn't mean much11:23
tilmani could disable liba52 to make it build, but apparently a52 is actually used out there ;)11:24
tilmanhooray arch11:28
tilmanmmh well. now it segfaults :D11:29
jartilman: that's a gurantee arch makes ;)11:30
thrice`make up your mind!11:30
thrice`you can't have it compile AND function, it's one or the other11:30
thrice`well, their tarball to which it "works" is: , which looks to be only a couple weeks old11:32 is HEAVILY throttled11:36
jarso try not to use it too much11:36
tilmangreat, plain rc2 with that patch does crash, too11:37
thrice`rc2 is super, super old11:38
thrice`well, there's always: svn://
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: lftp: updated to
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thrice`  hm, that looks like a great deal, no?13:03
joacimI wonder whats wrong with it13:05
thrice`probably just stolen13:05
jaegerseems like a great deal if legit, yeah13:10
tilmanthrice`: oh my god, that one's working (i s/04/02/'d anyway)13:23
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jartmux, huh?14:00
jarpeople seem to be using it a lot these days14:00
tilmanwhy is it better than screen?14:02
jarthat's what i want to know14:02
joacimScreen is prettier14:03
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jarjoacim: eh?14:03
joacimjust making shit up14:03
rehabdolli dont want to reprogram my spine to type tmux instead of screen14:04
rehabdolland symlinks are for pussies14:05
jarwhat about bash aliases?14:05
jartmux looks more geared at people w/o x1114:06
jari didn't realize crux was on the VLC website14:08
joacimthats where I first heard about crux ;)14:09
jarsystemx (if anyone remembers him) told me about it14:09
joacimcant you split windows like that in screen too?14:09
joacimis that the dude who made all those themes?14:10
jarjoacim: not vertically14:10
joacimcan dvtm work in a virtual terminal?14:10
jarno idea14:10
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jaranyone know of a good line of linux compatible mp3 players?14:13
thrice`sansa is usually good14:14
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jarAnd you don't need any funky syncing software?14:14
thrice`yes, you do.  it requires at least "cp"14:15
jarrsync ftw14:15
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spaceninjaI use mpd with ncmpc14:33
jarwe're talking about physical players14:33
jarthat's a nice desktop14:33
spaceninjawhich wm and panel is that?14:35
jarit's awesome14:35
jarand the panel is built in14:35
spaceninjait is?14:36
spaceninjawhat's not bloat?14:36
spaceninjayou guys should make a non bloat program list14:36
jarjoacim: it can be hidden14:36
joacimyeah i know =)14:36
spaceninjaoh you mean the panel is bloat14:36
joacimwas checking out awesome today. still in the process of configuring it14:37
joacimjust have to figure out how to make the panel less featureful and keybindings more scrotwm-like14:37
jarscotwm was the only tiling window manager that seemed sane to me14:38
joacimi think awesome is more flexible, have a few more layout options14:39
jari understand the flexibility is awesome14:40
jarbut the learning curve is too steep for me to care14:40
joacimI really want to try xmonad, but haskell dont like me14:41
jarawesome is lua14:41
joacimwas much easier to install lua =)14:42
joacimthan haskell14:42
jarfor sure14:42
nipuLugh, it's too early to be up15:40
nipuLwoke up and 5:30am for some reason15:41
thrice`good time for cruxwork :>15:41
nipuLon the plus side, sum wrestling was on tv15:41
nipuLi would, but the internet is really slow for some reason15:44
jarI'm giddy with excitement about electronic bicycles.15:44
jari think they could really change things15:45
jarit just sucks that the designs are seriously lacking atm15:45
thrice`well, get on it15:45
jarwell for the most part there's only like 2-3 companies making the bikes and the rest are in the form of DIY conversion kits which are clumsy and hard to install15:46
jarbut i still think they could change everything15:46
jarmost people's reasons for not commuting on bike are things like.. hills15:47
jarbut imagine being able to bike up a hill like it was a flat surface because you have a battery subsidising the excess force needed15:47
jarthat is just amazing to me15:47
thrice`psh, use pedals15:48
jarthrice`: some hills are just too steep or too long to physically, which is even more problematic if you need to show up somewhere not too sweaty, like work15:49
thrice`never too big!15:49
jarthrice`: plus, you WOULD be using the pedals15:49
jartrue you CAN use them without pedaling15:49
jarbut most people use them in tandem with their pedals15:49
nipuLlol, my wife has been hitting snooze on the alarm for the last hour15:49
nipuLwho snoozes that long, seriously15:50
jarnipuL: got a cat?15:50
jari was going to suggest throwing it on her15:50
nipuLi have a large german shepherd15:50
nipuLi could let her in to lick the wife's face15:50
nipuLi don't think i'm prepared to sleep on the couch for that long15:51
jarthrice`: right now im working up my body strength to maintain speed on the hills i commute on, but it would be nice to have an electric assist motor sometimes.15:53
thrice`heh, I can see that.  I"m a pretty big road cyclist, is why I commented ;)15:53
jari completely understand that :)15:53
jarthrice`: i can see how someone who is out purely for the exercise and the trip would not want to use it, but for commuters i think it's amazing15:54
jar$2 per month in electricity, no emissions, no sweat stains when you get to work15:54
thrice`the reason I don't bike to work more is for the sweat reasons15:55
thrice`not that I sweat too much, but having to "towel" off, etc. and change into business-casual is not fun15:55
jarelectric cars are a ways off sadly16:01
jarbut electric bicycles are here :)16:01
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nipuLhaha, now she's turned the alarm off16:03
jarwater gun time16:03
nipuLor just jump on the bed yelling "it's christmas!"16:04
jarthrice`: fwiw, i ride a schwinn hybrid bike16:10
joacimsomeone stole my bike :/16:11
jardid you have a lock on it>?16:11
joacimyeah, but i didnt lock it16:11
joacimthe lock would freeze during the night and i didnt want to get late to school because i couldnt get my lock open16:12
jarjoacim: i bring my bike in w/ me16:12
jarand when i go somewhere i lock it16:12
joacimmy landlord had banned me from doing that16:12
jarwhat a bunch of bullshit16:12
joacimyeah i locked it during the day because the sun would keep it unlockable16:13
jari refuse to leave my bike outdoors for rust concerns16:13
joacimboth me and my neighbors had a couple of bikes on that rack. and one by one they would musteriously disappear :p16:13
joacimone time i found my bike 10 meters away from it16:14
jarmy bike was only $250 but i would be PISSED if someone stole it16:14
joacimmine was in rather bad shape16:14
joacimlots of rust and the wheel wasnt straight16:15
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jari wonder how easily one can purchase a tazer16:26
jari want something for protection but im seriously uncomfortable with the idea of carrying a gun16:27
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spaceninjaeverything happens for a good reason :)17:09
spaceninja^O-o^     <--- pair of glasses17:13
jarWhat's a literacola?17:15
jarIt's french for give me some fucking cola!17:16
spaceninja|__(O_O)__|      <--freeze17:16
jarFox network will show "So You Think You Can Dance." instead of Obama's speech on health care reform tonight.17:17
spaceninja(AAAHhh!!!)> ___(*_*)_/~~~~~~ <|||]        <----guy being tazed by a wire taser17:20
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jarcan someone who uses procmail and is on the crux mailing list share w/ me their rule for the mailing list?17:21
jarmine keeps letting shit into my inbox17:21
jarit's very annoyin17:21
joacimI tried configuring a fetchmail-procmail-mutt-msmtp chain a few hours ago. couldnt get the feel right so i gave up17:29
joacim+ googles certificate was being a bitch :p17:29
jarjoacim: you don't need msmtp anymore anyways17:29
jarmutt has built in smtp support now17:30
joacimyes i know mutt can do all this internal17:30
joacimbut i dont want built in17:30
jarmutt can't do fetchmail internally17:30
joacimit can read imap mailboxes17:30
jarthat is true17:30
joacimthats what im doing17:30
jari just poll via IMAP17:30
joacimbut i was trying to spread the love out17:30
jarand if i need to read my email elsewhere17:31
jari ssh in17:31
joacimyeah same =)17:31
jari think im going to buy this17:31
joacimis that a tazer?17:31
jarit's right in the url17:32
jarit has everything i could possibly want17:32
joacimdont like the design. feels like they have wasted a lot of space they could have used for more display17:32
jarFM Radio, recording support and linux support17:32
jarhow much of a display does an mp3 player need?17:33
jarthat looks plenty big17:33
joacimIf they have a large area of clear plastic they should put in a bigger display17:33
jarto drain more battery?17:33
joacimthe display dont have to be on all the time ;)17:34
jarthat's kind of the point17:34
jarit's an mp3 player17:34
jaryou're not going to be looking at the display all THAT much17:34
jarso keep it small and power friendly17:34
joacimyes. so they either remove the display, or add a good sized one17:34
jarlooks like the perfect size to me17:35
joacimyes but there is a lot of plastic that serves no purpose.17:36
jarto hold the internals?17:36
joacimI like the ipod touch. and that tiny one without a display17:37
joacimbut those require itunes to synk17:37
jarneither are useful to me17:37
joacimso i cant use them17:37
jari like the latest version of the ipod classic17:38
jari fucking LOATHE touch displays17:38
joacimi think its the only way to operate such a small device17:39
jari respectfully disagree17:39
joacimi hate browsing the intertubes with my symbian phone17:39
joacimhte keyboard sucks, its hard to scroll, its hard to navigate.17:40
jarthe only thing i would say would be a downfall with using an mp3 player is losing stats17:40
joacimfrom the looks of it the iphone/touch and those touchy androids are much better for such tasks17:40
joacimi stopped caring about when i switched from mpd to xmms2 =)17:40
jarim considering switching from xmms1 to mpd17:41
jarbut i probably won't17:41
joacimxmms? I remember using that when I was a kid17:41
joacimthe memories..17:41
jari remember using it 3 seconds ago to start some metal17:42
joacimxmms2 supports metal too17:42
jarxmms2 isn't even on my short list17:43
thrice`don't let tilman hear17:51
jarvery true17:51
thrice`(he is an xmms2 developer)17:51
jari know ;)17:51
joacimmust be why its so awesome17:51
jari remember demoing his old E17 based XMMS2 front end17:51
thrice`I haven't tried it in a few releases, admittadely.  I had heard there was a "make a really good client" summer of code project17:52
jarim really not too interested in any new music players17:53
jarxmms1 serves me well17:53
thrice`you should be, with gtk1 shit on your system17:53
jari have 1.5TB17:54
jargtk1 is fine17:54
thrice`but you were complaining of gconf yesterday @ 300kb!17:54
jaryes but gtk doesn't run as a daemon17:54
joacimmy install lands on 4.5GB17:54
jarand i don't need addtional programs installed to modify gtk stuff17:54
thrice`audacious2 seems a bit better than 117:55
jarmine is right at 3gb17:55
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jarI need to learn lua22:58
nipuLlua is pretty easy23:03
jarI really want to try and convert to awesome23:04
nipuLxmonad is more awesome23:04
jarno offense, but fuck haskell23:04
nipuLso use stump then23:05
nipuLin other words start learning FP23:05
jardont care to learn elisp23:05
jaror clisp23:05
nipuLexcept F#, don't touch that23:05
nipuLif you want to use awesome, but not learn lua you could use dwm23:06
jarI don't mind learning lua23:06
nipuLso quit your bitching and do it23:06
jaryes sir23:06
nipuLi love "how to install XYZ" guiides aimed at debian/ubuntu23:08
nipuL1. apt-get install XYZ23:08
nipuL2. Start using XYZ23:08
nipuL3. Profit23:08
jari just care that this is the easiest to follow tutorial for it23:08
jarit's very verbose23:08
jaroh btw23:10
jarto anyone it concerns23:11
jarlibev in contrib is outdated and as a result wont compile23:11
jarsays rotwang's to blame23:12
nipuLemail the maintainer, submit a bug to flyspray23:12
jari will tomorrow23:12
jarin awesome now23:18
jarim dangerously close to loving it23:18
jarit's all so simple23:20
jarin a very good way23:20
jari gotta figure out how to disable this sloppy focus though23:21
jarive always hated sloppy focus..23:22
jareveryone else seems to go freakin' ape shit for it23:22
nipuLpfft, you're using a twm, you shouldn't need a mouse anymore23:27
jarI spend a lot of time in the gimp...23:29
jari just got turned off awesome in 2 ways at the same time23:49
jarI asked a question about mouse focusing and apparently they only accept questions via the mailing list.23:50
jarAnd the new version apparently REQUIRES image magick23:50

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