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pitiIIogood morning00:58
pitiIIoyo jar :)00:59
jarmy interest continues to grow and grow over electric bikes01:06
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lancer06I just started using crux and it's awesome - but i have a huge problem01:13
lancer06every time i try to start xorg the computer will hard freeze. I have a core 2 duo with a nvidia 9700m gts01:14
jarthat's not good01:14
lancer06it sux01:14
jarare you sure it "freezes"01:15
jarcan you ctrl+alt+f1 ?01:15
lancer06pretty sure, my keyboard and mouse are unresponsive01:15
jarcan you ctrl+alt+f1 ?01:15
lancer06hold on i will check01:15
lancer06ctrl + alt + f1 does not work01:17
jarthen it just may be freezing01:17
pitiIIolancer06: try to share more info, module used, xorg log, xorg conf. They can give clues to someone who can check them01:20
lancer06module used was nvidia from ports01:20
lancer06xorg.conf autogenerated by nvidia-xconfig01:21
lancer06ok i read xorg.log01:22
lancer06it is talking about not being able to connect to ACPI01:23
lancer06the acpi event daemon most specifically01:23
jarthat's not fatal01:24
jarmine has those errors too01:24
jarand im in X11 right now01:24
lancer06ok let me inspect it more closely01:25
jar(WW) Open ACPI failed (/var/run/acpid.socket) (No such file or directory)01:25
jar^ That the error?01:25
jarWW = Warning, not fatal01:25
lancer06no mine is different01:26
jarwell as long as it's WW it's only a warning01:27
lancer06if vesafb is loading at boot will that affect xorg?01:33
jarit shouldnt i dont think01:34
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lancer06i found it01:34
lancer06AllowEmptyInput is on devices using kbd or mouse will be disabled01:35
lancer06this is from the log01:35
lancer06then it goes on to disable the kb and mouse01:35
jarsounds like you just got F'd in the A by dbus01:35
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lancer06so how do I F dbus in the A back?01:36
jarI compiled X without dbus/hal support01:36
jarso it doesn't even try that shit with me01:36
jarhi sepen01:36
sepenhey jar01:37
lancer06adding "AllowEmptyInput" "no" to xorg fixes the problem01:39
lancer06i tested it im good now01:39
sepenjar, $ objdump -x /usr/lib/ | grep NEEDED01:39
jarYou just F'd HAL/DBUS in the A.01:39
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sepenjar, my libx11 isn't linked to hal/dbus too01:40
jarsepen: ;)01:40
sepenif you're using crux just you can ;D01:41
sepencan't test the blender port here, my devel-desktop is off at home :|01:42
sepenlater, around 15:00 I'll go to home01:43
jaryeah im about to go to bed01:43
jaralmost 3am here01:43
sepenpitillo,  did you have the safe-env box up?01:43
sepenjaeger, 08:41 here01:44
pitilloyes sepen01:45
sepencould I use it?01:45
pitilloyeah of course, ssepen@lokalix01:45
sepenah ok, thanks01:45
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joacimGood morning dwellers06:12
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nipuLpkg-backup saves the day again \o/07:22
nipuLi cleared all my built packages yesterday, then forgot to dump my psql db before upgrading07:22
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sepennipuL, did you add the patch?07:25
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nipuLhmm, doesn't look like i did07:30
nipuLi found a bug as well, so i might patch it up tonight07:30
nipuLin the existing script, not your patch07:30
nipuLit borks out if a file doesn't exist07:31
sepenI'll take a look07:31
sepenreally I'm more insteresting on your pdb-cli ;D07:32
sepenit could be fine in combination with the meta ports driver07:32
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nipuLdo you have a raw patch?07:43
nipuLor a git repo i can merge with07:45
sepenwith my changes?07:45
sepenI'll prepare you a clean patch so I need sometime to looking for it07:46
nipuLit won't apply and i don't feel like fiddling with the patch file to make it fit07:47
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tilman"insert in", "insert into", or "insert to"?12:45
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jarwell that just pissed me off12:59
tilmanhelp me with my grammar problem, then i'll listen to your whining ;D13:00
jartilman: What's the context?13:00
tilmanadding songs to a playlist13:01
jarI wouldn't use Insert at all, I would just use "Add To"13:01
tilmanadd implies append13:01
tilmani'm not appending, i'm inserting at a given position13:01
jarInsert Into IMO13:02
* tilman wants facts13:02
jarboth are right13:02
jarInto just sounds better13:02
tilmanokay then13:02
jarnp :)13:02
jarAs for my problem13:02 claims their XBox 360 controllers are under $3013:03
jarI get to the store and they're $4013:03
tilmanbut they are really 360$?13:03
tilmansue them for $1 mio damages13:03
tilmanyou can do that in the us of a, right?13:04
jarI could if they claimed to honor online prices and refused to.13:04
tilmanviolation of your personality... rights or something13:04
jarBut AFAIK Walmart does not honor their website's prices.13:04
tilmanspeaking of grammar13:04
tilmantoday i noticed a mistake in the lyrics of sentenced's blood & tears13:04
tilmanit says "we fighted for [...]"13:05
jargood band, btw13:05
tilmanand i never noticed that in SEVEN YEARS13:05
jaroh wait13:05
jaryeah that should be fought13:05
tilmanreally weird13:05
tilmanthat i didn't notice it :P13:05
tilmanthat was the most interesting thing that happened to me today.13:05
jartilman: One of the funniest stories I have concerning Sentenced is an emo friend who used to listen to "Excuse me while I kill myself" without realizing it a satricial song.13:06
joacimboo.. this 10 year old game dont work right out of the box in windows vista..13:06
jarjoacim: which13:06
jarer, nice.13:07
tilmanworks great in wine though iirc13:07
jarPretty soon Wine is going to have to start making win32 installers13:07
joacimyeah, and it works great with recent patches in leopard =)13:07
jartilman: I have a feature request for rakt13:08
joacimI think that would be nice, remove all backwards compatibility and leave it to wine13:08
jartilman: 2 options, for the icons to be icons only w/ no text and also to have the toolbar be optional13:09
joacimwine isnt really an option for me (no multilib)13:09
jarjoacim: that reminds me, i need to send an email to mp3tag developer and force him to add an x64 compiled windows binary so I don't have to use multilib13:09
tilmani recommend picard13:10
tilmanmusicbrainz solves your tagging issues13:10
jarI've tried it before but it's not as good as mp3tag13:11
tilmanyou hit two buttons, and it automatically identifies the songs and grabs the proper tags13:11
tilmanhow can anything be better than that? :P13:11
jarWell, will Picard rename my files for me?13:11
jarmp3tag does13:11
jarI wrote a ruby script to do it for me before I found mp3tag13:12
jarBut it the id3 lib was slow then13:12
jartilman: Also, I'm more of a Kirk fan.13:13
tilmanpicard > *13:13
jarpfftt he was a nancy boy13:13
jarMake it soooo!13:13
joacimis that a gtk ui?13:13
tilmanfrench guy with big fat british accent13:13
jartilman's pkgfile suggests it's a qt gui13:14
joacimI use easytag13:14
jara pyqt gui at that13:15
joacimdoes what i want, but i dont really like the ui design13:15
jarpersonally, mp3tag is the best tagger ive ever found13:16
tilmanoui, pyqt13:16
jarit's the only reason i keep wine around13:16
jar^ The most useful thing debian has ever done.13:17
sepenjar, +113:18
sepenI'm working now with blender, but the first patch I applied is not enough13:18
sepenwell I need more tries13:18
* jar nod13:19
jarI need to write some ports related scripts.13:19
jarUnless the functionality exists in prt-get13:20
jarI'd like to view all the ports I have installed from contrib13:20
joacimjar: did you change anything in your rc.lua?13:21
jarjoacim: In regards to what?13:22
joacimto the default13:22
jarI changed a few things.13:22
joacimanything I need to know about?13:22
jarI disabled sloppy focus, edited the menu, disabled that annoying layout view icon13:22
joacimI'd like to make that text only13:23
jarwell if i ever switch to awesome full time13:23
joacimI managed to change the icons to something less annoying, but i really want to replace em with text13:23
jari'd disabled the taskbar all together13:23
joacimi already did that13:23
joacimand removed all mouse bindings except for the ones for moving windows around13:24
joacimthe only changes i want now is to replace the layout icons and make the tag switcher only display the active tag, and i need to figure out how to rename the tags13:24
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jaryoutube is turning to pure crap13:30
jarit's playing videos at only 3 second intervals and pausing13:31
jarA guy at work bought a car out of the paper. Ten years later, Bam! Herpes.13:35
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joacimstarcraft works fine when i launch the exe directly. but if i launch it from the shortcut file that i have on my desktop the colors get fucked up14:58
Rotwangwine-- :<14:59
jarjoacim: desktop?15:01
joacimI dont blame vista for the game being a bit funky to get working, but the shortcut issue is interesting ;)15:02
joacimactually, i dont blame vista for anything those xp users complain about15:03
jarvista is the same shit15:03
jarjust a different ass this time15:03
thrice`I think "insert into playlist" is good too15:03
joacimthe performance issues are highly hardware dependent. sometimes the slow isnt supported and vista feels faster than xp (my desktop)15:03
jarthrice`: ;)15:03
joacimothers have shitty chipsets and firmwares that vista run slow on (my mother)15:04
joacimvista have forced many developers to improve their software too. games save their data in the users home directory15:08
joacimnot somewhere in the applications install directory15:08
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spaceninjawhat's the best single core 32 processor and mobo?15:18
spaceninjaI want to max out the ram on a 32 bit arch15:19
spaceninjahow much ram can it handle?15:19
* spaceninja googles15:20
joacimI believe the core duo is the latest and best 32-bit only proc you can find15:20
joacimdont know about thet mobo. its a bit harder to find desktop mobos that have a socket for laptop cpus15:21
joacimevery x86-64 proc can run 32-bit code tho, so id recommend getting that instead =)15:22
thrice`and, while you are at it, run 64-bit anyway15:22
spaceninjabut I only run crux on my computers, I want it to be max out to the pure15:23
spaceninjawhat ever that means, but yeah!15:23
joacimI run a 64-bit pure crux on my desktop15:23
joacimjust have to watch out for those 32-bit only ports15:23
spaceninjalike flash and wine?15:24
spaceninjawhat else is there15:24
joacimmm.. and drivers from ati and nvidia15:24
thrice`nah, flash is 64-bit these days15:24
spaceninjaabout time15:24
joacimyeah adobe flash works great =)15:24
thrice`jaeger: on that subject, was there a chance (maybe I'm mis-remembering?) you were goign to attempt a multilib toolchain ISO build?15:25
joacimbut you need to get an extra library if you want to play flash audio on oss drivers tho15:25
jarfuck multilib15:25
joacimisnt it easier to do a chroot install if i need 32-bit stuff?15:26
spaceninjajoacim: how do you get the 64 bit environment?15:26
joacimI think those kinds of setups are way less complicated15:26
thrice`well, just because the toolchain supports multilib, doesn't mean you need to install any 32-bit libraries ;)15:26
joacimthats the one i use. I dont know what other updated isos there are15:29
joacimhmm.. I cant choose anything other than terminus with xfontsel :/15:34
joacimterminus is the only option15:35
thrice`it's all you need!15:36
thrice`actually, I was trying to find a new term font the other day15:36
joacimI use DejaVu Sans Mono15:36
joacimterminus because its the only font i can choose in apps that dont support xft15:36
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jaegerthrice`: I was planning to at some point but haven't had the time yet16:22
jaegernipuL said something about building one recently, too, I think16:22
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nipuLwell i tried last night18:55
nipuL> sudo make bootstrap18:56
nipuLBootstrap started    (2009-07-25 09:54:01)18:56
nipuL- Stage 0            (2009-07-25 09:54:01)18:56
nipuLmake: *** [bootstrap] Error 218:56
nipuLsuch a descriptive error18:58
jaegercheck log.stage018:59
jaegerIf there is one. I've had trouble getting redirects to files working under sudo at times19:00
jaegerI've never built an ISO with sudo, for what that's worth19:00
nipuLjust read the make file, it dumps to a log gile19:01
nipuLports directories weren't set up right19:03
nipuLand away we go19:11
jarthere's some asshole on the Awesome mailing list who continually uses HTML email19:23
jaegernipuL: I usually built stage0 separately from the bootstrap, makes things easier19:25
joacimerr. Just sent an email to a complete stranger :S19:25
jaegerin the top level, make core opt xorg19:25
jarjoacim: i do that every day19:25
jaegerafter that goes smoothly, erase any duplicates (if I've updated ports lately) and then make bootstrap19:25
jaegerstage0 goes quickly as it's already done, then stage1 and stage2 do the real work19:25
joacimthis was supposed to be a test mail to see if my configuration works :p19:25
joacimgoogle just saved me from humiliation :p19:28
joacimit bounced19:28
joacimdont most gui mail clients for *nix systems default to sending mixed html+plain emails?19:37
joacimI believe sylpheed does that by default19:37
jarthunderbird doesn't afaik19:37
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nipuLjaeger: i'm getting fooprint errors, might do it with a clean build21:12
jarwhy do we use .footprint..?21:13
thrice`find /usr/ports/ -iname ".footprint" -delete21:13
thrice`they are a good guideline21:13
jari s'pose so21:14
jarive always found them more annoying than useful21:14
jari'll let prt-get run and it'll die because i compiled without gtk or qt support21:14
thrice`you can, of course, disable it globally21:14
jari should do that sometime21:15
thrice`meh, I prefer to let them fail and check it out21:16
jarive never had it be anything except me not using dbus/hal/qt/gtk or something21:16
jarhulu desktop works in wine21:18
jaruploading ss21:20
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thrice`no awesome? ;)21:22
jarNah, I play with it but it's not my main desktop.21:22
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jaegernipuL: could also do it in a chroot21:32
nipuLsame thing21:38
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