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strawHow is it going, tilman? :]05:22
tilmanpretty okayish05:25
strawYea, good, pseudo spare time now due to sem break :)05:27
tilman"lecture-free time"! ;)05:28
strawah, exactly ;)05:28
tilmanstraw: want to help testing the 2.6 pre-releases?05:54
tilmanspecifically, the update from 2.5 to 2.6?05:54
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Samvar1Does anyone know if Crux runs on a soekris platform (National Semiconductor geode chip) ?05:59
tilmanno idea05:59
teK__hello_ tilman :>06:00
tilmanhi tek06:00
teK_still fuckin' around with conficker06:01
tilmanis it weird to talk about fuckers at work? :)06:01
teK_thanks to overtime there was nobody left to talk to06:02
strawSamvar1: most likely, even though most people use *BSD on their soekris06:03
strawtilman: sure :]06:03
tilmanstraw: it's test206:03
strawIs it ok to test it in a VM?06:05
Samvar1straw: Yeah, I don't want the effort of learning BSD stuff, just want a lightweight linux. I only have 512G flash cards.06:07
strawthe link I posted is from 2005 so I guess it gets supported more out-of-the-box now06:10
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spaceninjawhat's so great about bsd? Is the kernel better?07:00
spaceninjaI know there are several flavors07:01
joacimyou get to be smug07:02
spaceninjayeah I get that feeling from bsd people, I don't like it07:03
joacimthe bsd users that i actually care to listen to are very nonchalant07:04
teK_Theo de Raadt rocks .)07:11
spaceninjaseems he made his on os theos07:16
spaceninjaalso openbsd07:16
spaceninjaI hate the openbsd insatller07:16
teK_netbsd installer is rocks07:19
teK_fdisk, bootloader and then simply untar the  sets you want :)07:19
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mplayer: update snapshot, playing with CFLAGS breaks playback for some media07:20
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joacimEver since I replaced my old speedtouch adsl router with my apple airport I have not been able to connect to my linux from my mac by using the hostname instead of the ip and vice.07:28
joacims/and vice//g07:28
joacimmy mac have no problem pinging my airports hostname07:29
joacimmy linux cannot ping any other hostname on my network either07:30
joacimanyone know what needs fixing?07:30
joacimi can connect to anything fine if i use the ip07:33
teK_so hostname  won't work?07:34
joacimnope. ping: cannot resolve logos.local: Unknown host07:35
joacims/.local//g gives the same result07:35
teK_cat /etc/resolv.conf07:36
teK_cat /etc/hosts07:36
teK_and: getent hosts07:36
joacimon my linux?07:36
teK_and i recommend using paste.lisp.org07:37
teK_dig [any hostname]07:40
teK_wait. You can't connect TO your linux box?07:42
joacimI cant connect to it, and it cannot connect to other hostnames on my local network07:42
joacimthe intertubes work great07:42
joacimfor any client on my network07:42
teK_so on linux: ssh machost won't worked but ssh [mac-IP] works?07:43
nipuLsounds like te airport is using zeroconf07:43
teK_and dig [some-LOCAL-hostname] works?07:44
joacimapple is bonjour/zeroconf-land =)07:44
joacimnah dig fails07:44
nipuLi use zeroconf on my home network07:44
teK_joacim: how?07:44
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joacims/.local//g looks the same07:45
joacimhmm.. avahi-set-host-name07:47
teK_then the DNS-Server sucks :>07:47
joacim"Failed to create host name resolver: Access denied"07:47
teK_I don't know anything about zeroconf07:47
joacimthis have been bugging me since newyear07:48
joacimhad this issue in gentoo too, but didnt bother to fix it because i was planning on changing distros07:49
tilmanstraw: how goes the testing? :P07:50
joacimwell thanks for pushing me in the direction of zeroconf anyway =)07:51
joacimseems like im on the right track now07:51
joacimcan ping my linux desktop from my mac now, but the other way is still not possible07:57
strawtilman: trying to figure out how to use shared files in Virtualbox before the actual setup (so, before I can install guestadditions)08:00
strawso I can use my current kernel and its config08:00
nipuLthen just add mdns to the hosts line in /etc/nsswitch.conf08:08
joacimmm.. ill try that08:09
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mplayer: fix codec dir08:10
nipuLi'm quite fond of zeroconf08:11
nipuLbeats maintaining a local nameserver08:11
teK_mental note to self: lock computer while a shell is open on my company's box because my son likes to type in random stuff08:12
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thrice`"dd" ?08:17
tilman"sudo /sbin/shutdown -h now" ?08:18
tilmanfollowed by your password? :D08:18
teK_not quite08:18
teK_thank god.. ;)08:18
joacimnipuL: its enough to restart avahi after that change?08:20
joacimssh is being a bitch, takes ages to connect and it throws me an error/warning08:23
joacimThe authenticity of host 'logos.local (' can't be established.08:23
teK_maybe a look at ~/.ssh/known_hosts or ssh -v can help you08:26
juejoacim: you've added mdsn to /etc/nsswitch.conf?08:27
joacimi did, jue08:27
jueand removed dns?08:28
joacimhosts:       files mdns dns08:28
joacimtrying that now08:28
joacimteK_: did a trial run with a virgin .ssh08:28
nipuLteK_: "wall the boss is a wanker"?08:30
joacimstill takes ages for ssh to give me access to the desktop08:31
joacimand finder still throws me a "connection failed" on my samba share (tho smb-client works fine)08:31
strawIs there a certain reason why no device for my USB stick is created although udev is running in the second 2.6 test image or is it a Vbox issue? (udevadm trigger is useless)08:32
teK_nipuL: hehe08:32
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spaceninjadoes anyone know how to get the source?
spaceninjahow do I get svn?09:11
spaceninjawhich package has svn?09:13
thrice`prt-get fsearch svn  ?09:13
spaceninjathanks, I always forget fsearch09:14
thrice`better, -> svn ?  ;)09:14
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spaceninjaI like this one
spaceninjaI really hope despotify works :)09:20
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joacimand now everything works fine, with the exception that i cannot ping hosts from my linux desktop :S09:53
joacimand now the ping works again09:55
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: filesystem: removed tcsh from /etc/shells since it's not in core anymore.10:31
strawI got a "unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(3,1)", but I wrote something like "boot=/dev/hda" and the root entry for the particular kernel "root=/dev/hda1" .. that should be right, shouldn't it?11:08
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thrice`sounds more like a kernel issue than bootloader11:27
strawuhm, ok11:31
strawI'll have another look at the config11:31
thrice`specifically the FS, and IDE/SATA stuff11:32
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strawI believe I already know what I did wrong.. I compiled the FS of the root FS only as module, which would be ok if I would have used an initrd, which I haven't11:36
* straw facepalms11:36
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thrice`yep, the kernel will be confused about that partition ;)11:38
strawthanks for the pointer :]11:39
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joacimhey dude15:53
jari feel better about myself now16:16
Rotwangjar: are you java person? [;16:17
jarI was freaking out because I might not be able to complete my masters by time I turn 2516:17
jarthen I realized a girl I knew is 24 and on the 5th year of her bachelor's degree...16:18
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joacimI know people who are 6 years into their bachelors16:28
joacimand still going16:28
jarthat's nuts16:28
joacimfyi I dropped out twice :p16:28
joacimonce because they made me learn physics and maths ( i dont have the proper mind for that )16:29
joacimthe second because they made me learn java, and sql16:29
jarI'm done with my math requirements16:29
joacimI am really picky about the computer topics i decide to feed my mind with16:29
joacimso now im doing medieval studies16:30
jari decided not to do CS because of the math requirements16:30
joacimwhich is fun. but the computer science stuff i did earlier kinda made my mind slow16:30
joacimi am doing better now tho. was just have to redo a few courses from my first couple of semesters16:30
joacimso im aiming for a 4 year bachelor16:31
joacimwanna hear my life story?16:31
jarjoacim: I didn't mean to sound condescending when I talked about that.16:31
jarI hope I didn't offend16:31
joacimI dont feel bad about taking my time on my degree, but i kinda feel bad about wasting my first 3 academic years16:31
joacimno you didnt at all. maybe you would a couple of years ago when i still hadnt come at peace with dropping out16:32
jarI know that feeling.16:32
jarI'm only 21, but I've screwed up a lot with my schooling.16:32
joacimI'm turning 24 in october16:33
jarYou're still young enough to be considered "college age" so there's that!16:33
joacima friend of mine who is the same age of me dropped out from the same computer science course i took and switched to medieval age studies with me, he dropped out of that too to chase his musical dream =)16:34
joacimI just hope I'm done before I turn 30 =)16:34
joacimby 30 I want to be working on my masters16:35
jarjoacim: the path is the important part, as long as you find the right one.16:35
joacimor found me a nice place on the mountain where i will build my turf hut16:35
thrice`becoming a ski bum is always a legitimate option16:35
joacimwhat happened to his helmet?16:35
joacimactually I prefer to be called "hermit" =)16:36
rehabdollhit with a 0.8kg spring in 300kph16:36
jarwhatever happened to hermit?!16:36
joacimseeing how many that drops out and never finish their degrees makes me sad16:38
joacimalmost 20 people rolled on to the medieval age course, now there are less than 10 left16:38
jari want a masters degree so i always have at least a moderate sense of job security16:45
joacimThey say I need a masters to get any meaningful work in this field16:47
jari probably want to teach16:47
joacimI just want to shuffle things around in an archive or a museum16:47
joacimmaybe work with running around doing whatever at old buildings16:48
jarI have about 70 more credits after next semester before im done16:52
jarat an average of about 14 per semester16:52
joacimhow many credits are you supposed to have?16:53
jarsomething like 14016:55
jarseriously though17:01
jaranyone remember hermit?17:01
thrice`former cruxer?17:02
thrice`i think so17:02
jarhe was kind of a troll sometimes17:02
jarback in like17:02
spaceninjais there a chm reader in the crux port?17:07
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spaceninjadocument file17:07
spaceninjalike pdf17:08
jarhere's one for Firefox17:08
jaroh wait17:09
jarit's for 3.0.x only17:09
spaceninjait should work in 3.517:09
jarspaceninja: The little reviews down at the bottom say it doesn't.17:10
spaceninjaWorks with   Firefox: 3.0b4 \u2013 3.0.*17:10
spaceninjahm, strange, so it's that different17:11
jarI suppose so.17:11
joacimI dislike the readers for chm. they dont feel right17:11
joacimbut reading em in ab rowser (since theyre basically html) looks like a good idea17:12
spaceninjaI'll try doing that, I don't have the chm file right now17:16
joacim"CHM Reader is not17:19
joacimavailable for MacOSX"17:19
joacimthought these addons were supposed to be portable17:19
jari need to buy some touchup paint for my bike17:30
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jari feel lazy only doing 4 classes for fall18:32
jarI don't think I could ever like another window manager the same way I like ob319:00
joacimob3 sucks. xml is a pain to configure by hand :p19:03
joacimit does have a nice feel tho19:04
jari configured ob3 once like19:04
jar4 years ago19:04
jarbeen using it the same ever since19:04
joacimI configure everyting with obconf and obmenu19:05
jarobconf can't handle special rules19:05
joacimI dont really need anything special19:05
jarI always have mplayer start borderless for example19:06
joacimawesome seems to be usable for me, but i dont like its panel/status bar thing19:06
joacimI rather use a standalone bar19:06
joacimI tried that, but i ended up with a border around mplayer when it was fullscreen too19:06
jari also use rc.xml to fix other apps bad behaviors19:07
jar    <application class="Fbpanel">19:07
jar      <layer>below</layer>19:07
jar    </application19:07
joacimdzen2 can be used to display workspace and layout information, right?19:09
jarI have no idea.19:09
joacimpeople who have dzen setups I like never post their configs :p19:10
joacimsimilar situation with awesome, whenever i see a setup i like, their config is incompatible with my version19:11
jarits a secret19:11
joacimwhy is exim in core?19:24
jarno idea19:25
rehabdollso you can have something to complain about19:26
thrice`often asked question, which usually is answered with "we needed something"19:27
joacimgood enough for me ;)19:33
nipuLjoacim: you think having an MTA in core isn't important?20:42
nipuLcould go back to sendmail if you like?20:43
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