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tilmanascii picard facepalm01:33
jartilman: I have rakt feature requests01:33
jarWould you accept patches?01:34
tilmanif they make sense, sure01:34
jartilman: Well, they're mostly just UI "improvements" e.g. allowing for the text in the toolbar to be hidden.01:35
jaror the toolbar to be hidden completely.01:35
tilmanhow do you show the toolbar after you hid it?01:36
tilmanoh, i guess the menu would still be visible ;)01:36
jar:P yup01:36
tilmanlet's talk about this when i'm sober01:36
jarclassic words!01:36
nipuLa better feature, that i tried and failed to implement...printing01:37
jarnipuL: that would be a direct interaction w/ poppler instead of just gtk API work01:37
* jar doesn't know the poppler api01:38
jarI smoked a nice cigar earlier.01:40
jarI'll have to thank my grandfather for that one.01:41
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rakorI am new to crux and I am testing it at the moment in a virtual box. But there are things I am a bit confued about. May I ask you some questions here? :)03:30
* straw nods03:31
rakorOne thing is, that I read crux would be based on binary-packages. Now the only way I see is installing additional packages using the ports system (ant they are source-based)...03:32
strawIt's mostly source-based, yes.03:33
rakorI am searching a system for my eeePC and Gentoo is out of race because of the source-based-portage03:33
rakordamn. I read that the compilation of packages would crash the SSD very fast03:34
strawSSD are much more 'resistent' than old HDDs, also you should do all compiling on the RAM.03:35
rakorBEcause of the maximum read/write-cycles. The SSD in the eeePC is as the price tells... cheap ;)03:35
rakorBut I thought I could build a complete System on my virtual box an then dd it to my eee... But thats not so flexible03:36
rakorAh.. another question.. I am seraching for some packages. So I found out they are in other respositorys found on the Homepage unter Ports. So I set it in my /etc/ports and my /etc/prt-get.conf.03:38
rakorSo I installed XFCE (but still I am searching for the binary "startxfce4"....). Is this the typical way installing aditional software?03:39
strawYup, you sync the repo and use prt-get/yapo to install the software.03:41
rakorok.... thanx a very lot ! :)03:44
rakorNow I'll search my xfce-bin ;)03:44
strawI can't test it atm, but I'm sure some ports tool can tell you about all files from a port. Alternatively, do a "grep bin <path/to/xfce/port/footprint>"03:47
rakorah, thanx I'll try :)03:47
lennartyou can use 'prt-get fsearch startxfce4'03:48
straw(the tool I meant! ;)03:48
rakorahh... cool. thanx I'll try... When my portinstallation is completet that is running now :)03:50
rakorWhat advantages has the portsystem? In Gentoo I can set my variables so that the package is compiled the way I need it. here I haven't seen this my the moment.03:52
strawHere you simply look in the pkgfile and edit the ./configure part.03:53
rakorSo If the packages are installed in a standard-config the compilation does need extra time but whats the benefit?03:53
rakorah :) Ok... that sounds good03:53
teK_you're not the first to recommend USE-Flags for CRUX03:53
teK_iirc it's due to simplicity :)03:53
teK_(so USE Flags are not included)03:53
rakorI dont recommend it. ;) I think its better setting the configure per pakage. I had often imap-support in programs i never needed it... But imap was in portage (and so on)03:54
rakorin the USE ... not in portage..03:55
teK_for frequent updates it's somewhat annoying to change the --enable-mysql to --enable-pgsql for example but one gets used to it and one can always make an 'overlay' that includes the right configure flags03:56
rakorare there also binary-ditributions for huge packages?03:56
rakorok, thats true... I think I would forget setting the changes on an update03:57
teK_in times of Quadcore CPUs compiling xulrunner or glibc is not really a pain anymore03:57
teK_rakor: for the first few updates this' probably true03:58
rakorShure.. but using and old machine, beeing happy of small distro, it can be a pain ;)03:58
teK_simplicity and 'feature-completeness' require trade-off ;)03:59
rakorshure.. but packages like OOo are mosty compilted without any special configurations, not?04:00
teK_what'd you call a special configuration in this context?04:09
rakorspecial ./configure parameters04:09
teK_if you compile something that has optional d-bus support it will be included and in the worst case you will get a footprint mismacht due to extra files04:11
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rakorThe system is really fast... :) Very nice )04:33
rakorI hate xorg .... narf...04:58
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nipuLfirst thing i buy when i'm working again is a pc with more than one core, seems all i've done the last week is compile shit05:45
nipuLthat and play penumbrum05:46
nipuLwhich i've stopped playing at night, but it still scares the shit out of me05:46
tilmani'm still not playing it ;)05:47
nipuLstill can't get it to work?05:47
tilmangiven up05:47
nipuLanything i can shed light on, or is it an ati problem?05:47
nipuLah, then you're sol05:49
tilmani guess penumbra needs VBOs or FBOs or some of that 'advanced' stuff that the driver doesn't support ye05:49
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nipuLthe graphis are pretty impressive05:49
nipuLi wish i had a faster card to drive all the features05:50
rakorHaven't played it.... I think I'll have a look at it... so I have some free time06:20
rakorLet me Think... when I install a port it is compiled inside /usr/ports and after it there is a binary-package that will be installed, not?06:28
rakorSo I could have an external HDD with /usr/ports... then will the compilation ob ports not increase the writecycles of my internal SSD not?06:29
lennartyou could just set the working dir of the compilation to be on that external HDD06:29
rakorhmm... how will this be configured?06:30
lennart/etc/pkgmk.conf is the place to look for the variable06:30
rakorthanx a lot06:30
lennartor (if you have enough RAM) just compile in there, there is a wikisite on that topic06:31
rakorI fear this will not work... its just a small netbook... there is not that much RAM06:31
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nipuLi run crux on my netbook07:27
nipuLa flash drive helps for building bigger ports, like qt407:27
nipuL:\ one day i'll turn on leave/part messages07:28
thrice`tilman: seems gentoo has some 2.6.30 patches for fglrx.  maybe they are worth trying?
tilmanwell, i think it also doesn't work with xorg server 1.608:32
thrice`well, that's kind of surprising, because the last ubuntu was with xserver 1.6, and ATI usually makes sure the drivers work for them08:33
joacimnipuL: no i was just curious. if something or someone needed it is perfectly fine by me.08:43
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rakorNice... Irc on iPhone. :)08:53
* aon dies08:57
aonirc? on phone?08:57
rakorNice Thing :)08:58
nipuLif you say so08:58
rakorSo I can ask about CRUX without having a Box near ;)08:58
nipuLcome back when you iphone is running crux :)08:59
rakorI still miss the possibility of syncing the iPhone with Linux... (or BSD or Solaris) ;)09:00
rakorSorry I did not want do make trouble in here09:00
nipuLapple's interoperability is awful09:00
rakorYes it is09:00
rakorThe Devices are really good. The Software also. But the closed interfaces are shitty09:01
nipuLs/really good/kinda ok/09:02
rakorI am thinking to replace my mac by an Linux Box again. But with the iPhone (which is really great) its hard09:02
nipuLi guess i'm not mobile enough to need a mobile phone09:04
rakorBut my 2nd and 3rd PCs are all Running free *nix-Systems ;)09:04
rakorSo I am off ... Cu later :) just wanted to test.09:06
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tilmanthrice`: nope, it doesn't work with 1.609:14
thrice`weird :(  even the 9.7 they put out yesterday, or the day before?09:16
tilmanno, the one from contrib. 9.3 i think09:16
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thrice`oh, have you tried the latest ?  that  seems more likely to work09:17
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tilmanno, didn't know there was a newer release09:17
tilmanthrice`: the amd website offers me 9.3 only. maybe my card isn't supported in 9.709:19
thrice`aah, maybe09:19
thrice`yeah, on their site, it seems selecting a newer card prompts for 9.7, while an older card gives 9.3 plus some disclaimer describing that they suck09:21
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nipuLcool, the newest kde4.3 rc actually build09:39
thrice`rejoice :>09:40
thrice`did you make your own ports?09:41
nipuLnah, started with hannes' ports09:43
nipuLand just worked my way through them to get a build i liked09:43
nipuLanyhoo, now i can go to bed09:49
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rakorwhen I do a prt-get depinst packagename, then it should install packagename and alle dependencies, right?11:33
thrice`yep, that's the idea ;)11:33
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rakorI dont know why but when I do so with xfdesktop (for my xfce) its not there. :/11:34
rakorinside /usr/ports/xfce/xfdesktop is no package-file also...11:35
rakorjust the portdescription11:35
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tilmangrep PACKAGE /etc/pkgmk.conf11:35
tnut1really ?11:39
rakorjup. the file is very small...11:39
tnut1but they should be something11:39
rakorthere are just 2 exports for the gcc (CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS)11:39
tnut1did you successfully made a ports -u xfce11:40
tilmandid you decide to delete the commented out variable assignments?11:40
rakorno nothing deleted...11:41
rakorI did an ports -u11:41
rakorand everyting went fine... I could install other packages out of xfce without trouble11:41
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jaegerdo you have "prtdir /usr/ports/xfce" in /etc/prt-get.conf?11:41
rakorAh.... mom.. It seems there is an issue with opt/hal11:44
rakorIs there a way to see what packages would be installed as dependencies?11:45
rakor(BTW sorry for my english ;) )11:45
jaegerprt-get depends, prt-get quickdep11:45
rakorok it seems that hal needs an user and a group.... So I think i'll add them manual11:47
joacimsome ports come with readme files and install scripts, make sure to read and run them11:47
joacimin hals case there is a script that creates the user and group =)11:49
rakorok, there was a group and a user to be set11:55
rakorlets have a look if its working now :)11:55
thrice`also, xfdesktop is just a component of xfce; you probably want to "prt-get depinst xfce4"11:56
rakorjup, that was not succesfull, so i installed one by one... and the xfdesktop was the one I was hanging ;)11:57
rakorInstall failed again... narf11:58
thrice`well, it might be helpful to see which errors its giving :)11:58
rakorfootprint mismatch found11:58
joacimthats not a big deal. just make prt-get/pkgmk ignore or update the footprint12:00
rakorI am fully new to "footprints" :)12:00
joacimfootprints just gives tells you what files were installed. if it differes from the one created by the packager you get a mismatch12:01
juejoacim: might be a big issue if something important is missing12:01
thrice`well, the maintainer of xfce (and here, xfdesktop) puts up a .footprint of the files it should produce.  sometimes that varies, and if so, it'll stop and let you see it12:01
joacimit would be a good idea to check if there is anything missing12:02
rakorand how do I skip it?!12:02
thrice`for example, if you don't have alot of the files that the footprint thinks you should have, you might want to look further at the deps.  but if your packages has MORE files than the footprint, it means you might have extra packages that xfdesktop is finding and compiling support for12:02
thrice`rakor: the package is still created, you can ignore the footprint if you choose with "prt-get install -if xfdesktop"12:03
thrice`or, use pkgadd directly on the package in /usr/ports/xfce/xfdesktop/12:03
rakorah ok... :)12:04
rakorI am learning a lot :)12:04
rakorBut now I have to leave.... I'll work later on my xfce... :) Thanx!12:05
thrice`well, .footprints are unique to CRUX.  gentoo, for example, having so many USE flags, cannot predict which files will be made from a package12:05
thrice`good luck rakor :)12:05
rakorthanx ;)12:05
rakorinstalled successfully :D12:05
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thrice`that's pretty awesome :)12:34
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jari have to take my bike to the shop12:49
thrice`crash it?12:50
jarno, it's just 1 of the crank settings dont work and it was put on wrong so when its at the lowest setting it rubs against the wheel12:51
jari never noticed because i left it in the same setting12:51
jarthis pisses me off, though12:53
jarhopefully they won't charge me too much to do it12:54
jargood thing is, overall $50 is considered expensive for a bike repair12:58
jarwhereas with a car it can be thousands12:58
jari wish i knew more about bicycle repair so i could do it myself13:03
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jarhmm.. is it safe to eat something that was frozen with liquid nitrogen?15:07
aonyeah, probably15:08
jarhm, neat15:08
aoncan't you get delivery bbq meat in the us that's frozen that way?15:08
jari honestly have no idea15:08
jarright now im sad over my bicycle15:09
aoni just know that cow semen used in artificial insemination is frozen with liquid nitrogen15:09
aonso i guess it's safe to eat stuff frozen like that, too15:09
jaraon saves the day15:09
jarnow fix my bike please15:09
aon(awesome logic, what's good enough for cows, erm, behind, is good enough for your mouth, too)15:09
jarI wish I could fix my bike myself.15:13
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joacimI can. pays to come from a poor upbringing15:22
jarjoacim it's the Front Derailleur15:22
jarit was aligned improperly15:22
jari just dont trust myself to fix it15:23
joacimi dont know what that term translates to in norwegian15:23
joacimi hardly know what any of that shit is called. I just bang at what doesnt work with a hammer until it works =)15:24
joacimi wouldnt touch one of the competition bikes tho15:24
joacimonly commuter bikes15:24
jarmine is a commuter bike15:24
thrice`jar: honestly, there are a ton of great youtube segments on fixing / maintaining bikes15:44
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: mercurial: 1.3 -> 1.3.115:45
jarthrice`: ive watched them15:46
jari still don't feel comfortable with it15:46
jarin fact15:46
thrice`ok :)  it's how I've learned to do alot myself on my road bike15:46
jarmost of them end with "you might wanna go to the shot"15:46
jari hope it isn't any more than like $2515:47
jarsince it's just an adjustment15:47
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spaceninjawhich group do I need to be in to access eth0?16:00
spaceninjain wireshark16:00
spaceninjaI can find the interface with root, but not as my regular user16:00
jarthey basically recommend using sudo16:03
spaceninjaok thanks16:08
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rakorHi there16:44
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rakorthis XFCE is strange.... now I have it installed and running... but there are no menues... Strange thing17:06
spaceninjaprt-get deptree xfce4 | less17:07
spaceninjais everything installed?17:07
spaceninjanever mind, I must work :(17:08
jarholy crap17:11
jarthat is the funniest vent harassment ive ever seen17:11
rakoryes everything is installed17:11
spaceninjaI don't think the terminal, text editor and other stuff get installed, chekc /usr/ports/xfce for other packages17:23
spaceninjaim not using xfce right now17:24
joacimrakor: sometimes xfdesktop crash or is missing from the session. just start xfdesktop and save your session as you log out should be enough17:34
joacimjust make sure you close all applications you dont want to start with your next session first =)17:34
rakorgrml. I tink I give it a second look tomorrow....17:41
rakorthanx for your help17:42
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jarugh i hate it when people say "brb" to perform tasks that should only take about 30 seconds and are gone for like 30 minutes19:45
joacimor when I have to wait for 2 hours for someone who said they'll be here soon19:53
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Cryptorchildwhy i can run crux_2.5.iso on VirtualBox?22:25
Cryptorchildit's stopped at "Loading modules IDE", and then the virtalox window just disappear..22:25
thrice`try booting with "libata"22:27
thrice`or, possibly, "noide"22:27
Cryptorchildthrice`: thanks22:27
thrice`sure; i can't remember which one is proper, but one of em should do it :)22:29
Cryptorchildnoide, works, since im using iso image file, the IDE module results error when detecting CD-ROM, thanks a lot.22:33
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jarjoacim: you use mpd, right?23:08

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