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jarhey lennart01:59
jarI discovered the wonders of tuna melts tonight02:00
jarso easy to make02:00
jarso delicious02:00
lennartyep, sounds nice02:01
jari dont eat mayonaise though02:02
jari like the chunky meat02:02
jarwtf is this about, rehabdoll02:03
jarthis would be funnier if i knew what this was about02:05
jarhey, aon02:10
nipuLin australia, that's what we call a "calm rational person"02:29
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: jedit: updated to 4.3pre1704:10
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: p5-rpc-xml: updated to 0.6704:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: p5-compress-raw-bzip2: updated to 2.02004:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: libetpan: updated to 0.5804:50
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: claws-mail-themes: updated to 2009060504:50
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: claws-mail: updated to 3.7.204:50
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: dosfstools: updated to 3.0.505:48
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mike_kRotwang: isn't your linux_logo missing the logos themselves?06:48
Rotwangit shouldnt06:48
Rotwangeverything is in teh place06:49
Rotwangmike_k: ill be back in few hours if you still have problems poke me then06:57
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mike_kRotwang: linux_logo is ok. the footprint looked strange as I didn't know the binary itself embeds logos.10:49
Rotwangdamn gparted livecd, is very very slow10:51
Rotwangit shows that dma is off10:51
thrice`psh, use cfdisk10:52
Rotwangwill cfdisk resize and align partitions?10:53
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: lftp: updated to
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tilmanpedja: can you give me a git patch for that wireshark update please? ie commit the patch in git, then git-send-email it (or format-patch)?12:10
pedjatilman: I don't have commit rights to git.12:33
tilmanno, you don't have _push_ access to the git repos on crux.nu12:33
tilmanbut you can commit locally as much as you wish :)12:33
pedjasorry, i just woke up :)12:34
tilmanrun: git clone git://
tilmangit branch 2.5 origin/2.512:35
tilmangit checkout 2.512:35
tilman# apply your patches12:35
tilmangit commit -a -m "wireshark: updated to blabla"12:35
pedjajust a sec12:35
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pedjaok, git what?12:42
tilmanactually, git send-email is easier12:43
tilmanoh wait12:43
tilmanpedja: git send-email name_of_the_formatted.patch12:43
tilmanit will ask for my email address etc12:43
tilmanpedja: let me know if you need a hand12:45
pedjaI don't have local smtp server here, so I'm trying to use my ISPs.I get "Need MIME::Base64 and Authen::SASL todo auth at /usr/lib/git-core/git-send-email line 949, <STDIN> line 1."13:00
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tilmanpedja: bleh, then just attach name_of_the_formatted.patch to another mail :)13:01
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pedjasorry, this took a while, I never worked with git before.13:26
pedjaand docs aren't that great13:26
tilmanpedja: that's why i said feel free to ask :)13:28
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pedjathanks :)13:28
pedjain the end, git format-patch -1 is all it took to create the patch.intuitive...13:29
tilmanyou can use HEAD^ instead of -113:30
pedjaI really need to setup local smtp server...13:30
tilmanie, HEAD, but one commit before (because there was one ^ )13:30
tilmanHEAD^^ would be two commits before head13:30
pedjaheh, i tried origin, result was 3958 parches13:31
tilmanpedja: or install esmtp/ssmtp/something like that. they come with a /usr/bin/sendmail that git can use13:31
pedjaso, HEAD is a current state?13:32
tilmanit's the top-most commit on the current branch13:32
pedjalatest/last commit to repo?13:33
tilmans/repo/branch/, but yes13:33
pedjaand how do walk down the history of a branch e.g 20 commits ago?13:34
pedjahow do you walk *13:35
pedjatilman: is this the preferred way of creating patches for the core/opt?13:37
pedjaif it is, I have a steep learning curve ahead of me :)13:37
tilmanpedja: problem is, i don't have a crux 2.5 around atm. only 2.613:41
tilmanso i'd rather take a known working commit from you instead of creating one myself13:41
pedjathat makes sense.13:41
pedjaany news on 2.6 deadline?is test1 working ok?13:42
tilmantest2 even. it's pretty okayish13:43
tilmanpedja: see privmsg for how to fix your email address in git13:43
tilmani'll fix up the patch you sent13:44
pedjayou always do :)13:44
tilmanon my end, i just need to do: git am < /path/to/the.patch13:45
tilmanpedja: thanks a lot13:45
pedjathanks for the tip, I installed esmtp, I'll configure it later.13:45
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: wireshark: updated to 1.2.113:45
pedjano problem, always a pleasure13:45
jarthere's a Windows feature I wish was in Openbox313:45
thrice`impliment it13:45
jarno, when you alt tab in windows 713:46
jaryou can then use your arrow keys to navigate13:46
* tilman never uses alt-tab in openbox13:46
jarthat sucks13:46
* pedja never used openbox13:46
* jar never used cocaine13:46
* pedja neither13:46
jarnot yet13:47
pedjaI was mistaken for a drug dealer when I went to EXIT festival few years back :)13:47
jarpedja: got dreads or something?13:48
pedjano, short hair.I've got a scar, though :)13:49
pedja'bro, can you hook me up with some E' on a techno stage.s/E/weed on a reggae stage (no surprise there..)13:50
pedjait was fun13:50
jarI love it when people say "bro"13:51
pedja'brate' in serbian.13:52
tilmanit's a mix of 'bro' and 'mate' ;)13:52
pedjaand it is a part of the rather limited vocabulary of so called 'dizelas' life form, very common in the 90's here.13:55
jaryeah, you look like a dealer from the 80s13:59
pedjait is not me :)13:59
jarthat guy looks like a dealer14:00
rehabdollholy shit that guy looks gay14:24
thrice`ha ha14:27
thrice`guys, that's me :\14:27
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tilmanaaaw, tux credit cards14:49
rehabdolllose the bling!14:58
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jari have to take a saturday class for fall20:41
nipuLso? i have a lecture that starts at 8am20:52
jarthis is the last semester i have to drive an hour to class.20:53
jarso that's one non-fml20:53
strawDo you both study CS?20:53
jarI think nipuL is though.20:55
joacimI live a 5 minute drive from my school21:23
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nipuLyeah i am22:48
nipuL6 months to go baby!22:48
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nipuLok, one game of guitar hero, then back to classes23:20

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