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prologicHey guys.01:11
prologicQ: Does anyone have a working port of google's chromium browser ?]01:11
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prologicQ: Does anyone have a working port of google's chromium browser ?]03:14
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nipuLwoo, emacs 2303:28
aonomg omgom gomgomgomgomgom03:31
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pitilloteK_: hello good morning, can you verify the trac port and confirm it needs genshi? Yesterday I made a port for it (it needs the egg remove if I am not in wrong)
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teK_pitillo: says so, yes06:38
teK_I am willing to take over genshi in contrib, is this ok for you?06:39
pitilloteK_: thats perfect, thank you very much :)06:39
teK_you're welcome06:39
teK_I will list you as Packager:, ok?06:40
pitilloteK_: really there's no problem for me06:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: trac: fix footprint06:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: genshi: initial import06:52
thrice`teK_: that's pretty awesome (re, luks)06:55
teK_thrice`: thanks there are some few things that have to be sorted out06:59
teK_emacs can be run as a daemon! finally!07:14
thrice`it has probably already consumed aon :D07:17
teK_I always wanted this  operating to run in the background. If they finally added some usable editor like vim?07:19
teK_ ;p07:20
teK_it's funny. still.07:20
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pitilloteK_: the egg info is needed by trac, tested recently here and updated the pkgfile removing the rm18:52
jaegerswedish people in here, how popular is Movits there? :)18:56
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jarwhat the crap22:28
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jarI hate configs that inject recommended defaults. I'M LOOKING AT YOU IRSSI22:49
aoni didn't understand that minirant at all23:31
aonperhaps i'm brainwashed by irssi23:31
jaraon: The app itself is just wonderful.23:32
jarBut to edit the config file by hand you have to delete a lot to get a readable config.23:32
aonah, perhaps that's some sort of a substitute for actual config documentation23:33
jaraon: I would accept that if it was commented.23:33
joacimI cleared out all of the comments from my smb.conf to make it readable23:34
joacim27 lines in my config, the default config has 271 lines23:35
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