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teK_pitillo: great, thx02:23
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: flashplayer: update02:34
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teK_#crux [freenode-info] why register and identify? your IRC nick is how people know you. <- good joke03:38
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: genshi: trac requires egg-info03:47
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aonteK_: fwiw, there have been several implementations of vi in emacs for years03:50
aon(at least two :))03:50
teK_I resigned installing/using emacs after seeing the keybinds :>03:53
aonyes, but claiming that it doesn't have an usable editor is just libel03:54
aonnot that i use the vi-modes, i have something even better03:54
teK_it was fun. how should I judge if I haven't even bothered to try it out03:54
teK_what can be seen? :)03:55
teK_ok, never used it, either03:55
aonthe screenshot is a bit bad, should make a new one03:55
aonalso should test whether it works at all with 2303:55
teK_notepad -> midnightcommander (*shrug*) -> nano (for a very short period of time) -> vim |03:56
aonvi is a visual ed, sort of03:56
teK_what das wc -l say for your emacs config(s)?03:56
aon(i can't use vim because i find the begging for donations to uganda highly offensive)03:57
teK_aon: wtf03:57
teK_why is that?03:57
aonhere at work it seems to be 5 lines03:57
aonat home it is a bit longer03:57
aonbecause of mail client configuration etc03:57
aonalthough most of that is in a separate file03:57
teK_mail client, that's what he said :D04:00
teK_o_m_g aon :>04:00
teK_n jobs, one tool04:01
teK_that's emacs04:01
* teK_ is searching for screenshots of emacs' maillcient04:02
aonthere are probably more04:07
aonbut you get the point04:07
teK_k, thx04:08
teK_< vim+mutt+msmtp+getmail04:08
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pitilloteK_: thank you :)05:30
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nipuLjust cold water extracted 60mg of codeine, that should deal with my toothache quite nicely05:45
nipuLone of my wisdom teeth just pushed out in a bad direction and is poking into my jaw muscle05:46
treach :>05:47
nipuLtrust you to suggest that05:48
treachwisdom tooths are usually useless anyway, and codeine is not a long term solution. A dentist migth be a bit more humane though, other than from the economic perspective ofc. :>05:49
nipuLluckily i don't have a job right now, so i get free dental (but have to wait my turn), if it still hurts after the weekend i'll book myself in to get it pulled05:53
nipuLhowever if things go to plan we'll have universal dental care in a few years05:55
treachwell, that might be a bit too long for the current issue. I hate when you bite yourself, and the area swells up, wich makes you even more prone to do it all over again. >_<05:56
treach<- afk05:59
SiFuh_<- SiFuh06:38
aonhaha, cold water extraction06:54
aonyou probably don't need to worry with 60mg unless the ratio is something like 2.5g paracetamol/30mg codeine06:54
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nipuLwhich is close to the limit of how much paracetamol you should have in 24 hour period, let alone a single dose07:06
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aoniirc 5g is pretty much the limit07:08
SiFuh_dxm better than codeine imho07:11
aonperhaps, if you have correct metabolism07:12
SiFuh_who needs a metabolism when you have become god?07:14
aonwell, you need it to become said "god"07:18
nipuLsure it might be better if you're trying to get high rather than relieve pain08:00
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DarkNekrosgood WE for everybody ;)11:12
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