IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2009-08-02

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Samvar1Anyone home to answer questions in uCrux?02:30
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Samvar1Does anyone know about uCrux ?07:19
treachSamvar1: I think it's abandoned, it used to sip's side project.07:25
treach "Oooups!" :>08:08
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nipuLwth, no flash on these computes :(21:44
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nipuLhehe, running make -j32 on the uni server, while 76 other people are logged in22:27
nipuLi'm such an arse22:28
* nipuL sits and waits for the sysadmin to walk down the hall to yell at me...again22:28
joacimYour sysadmin should have added more cpus22:38
nipuLshould have bought something more powerful than a dual quad opteron22:39
nipuLis there a distributed make? I could jump across to the cluster22:40
nipuLwould be nice if they were all running distcc22:40
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jaegerhaha, awesome23:21

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