IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2009-08-03

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dlllsHi! How are you?01:22
dlllsPeople... :)01:22
dlllsSo, I want to ask something. I want to build KDE 3.5.10 on my CRUX. How are you doing that? Downloading the packages from or in specific way using prt-get or something else?01:24
dlllsHow is the easiest way?01:24
aonthat's the coolest thing i've seen today01:25
aon(although i haven't seen much yet)01:25
dlllsthat's a Wartburg!01:26
dllls2-takt engine, very funny01:26
dlllsit'll be interesting seeing that running on the sreat01:27
dlllswhat time is it?01:28
aon09:30 GMT+301:31
aonthe easiest way to install kde would be to use the kde ports01:31
dlllsok, but how to know qich ports are for KDE3 and wich for KDE4?01:37
dlllsI don't want to install KDE401:37
aonthose are for 302:06
aonsee the version= field in the pkgfiles02:06
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f1yHi there.02:41
f1yBoss on holiday, secretary too, all teachers the same... Looks like i'm alone in the building not including that dangerous security guy down there :)02:43
* f1y has happy hours :P02:43
f1yAnd so on up to september, yeah :P02:44
teK_that's why I almost voluntarily work during August :)02:44
dru1df1y: Time to drink. ;]02:45
f1yNo, I cannot look at sth with %... I have just came back from my holiday.02:45
f1yTwo weeks of heavy drinking.02:46
dru1dAye, my last holydays was 3 years ago.02:46
dru1dBut now I have some students;]02:46
dru1d6h of coffe drinking and forums reading.02:47
f1yI'm happy that I remember, where I was...02:47
f1yPoor Hungarians and Czechs...02:47
f1yThey were so happy, when they see me going away :)02:48
f1yWeak heads.02:48
f1yI'm so bad...02:49
f1yThey remember only the floor :)02:49
dru1d;) I dont wanna ask what was on floor.02:49
dru1dPolish drinking team.02:50
dru1dMy new corp on eve-online.02:50
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.5]: librsvg: fixed moz-plugin issue09:43
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mrksteK_: install went just fine, great stuff :-)11:31
mrksthanks for your work btw11:31
tilmanmrks: the crypt-/ iso?11:32
tilmanthanks for testing11:32
mrksno problem11:32
mrksis there need for a plain 2.6 test installation?11:33
mrksjust let me know then11:33
tilmanwill do :)11:38
rehabdollgod, yet a new firefox release11:39
Rotwanggod wont help here11:42
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teK_mrks: glad to hear12:08
tilmanteK_: how intrusive are the crypt-/ patches?12:08
teK_I finnished (somewhat) the readme and updated the ISO (will have to upload it, AGAIN). There's only one issue left: /dev popluation after leaving the initrd12:09
teK_tilman: not at all I'd say12:09
teK_currently it's the crypt-initrd package12:09
teK_+ we should investigate the beforehand mentioned issue12:09
teK_will you be here in about an hour?12:09
tilmanwhat issue? /dev population?12:10
teK_I'm not an udevexpert at all12:10
teK_i'll explain in detail later12:10
teK_my girlfriend is waiting12:10
teK_'it's getting on my nerves when you sit in front of the computer'12:10
tilmanrehabdoll: wondered when you'd notice (re. #radeon :D)12:11
treachah, those guys were the one trying to demolish the factory..? :>12:17
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teK_tilman: /sbin/start_udev calls /bin/mount -n -t tmpfs udev /dev -o exec,nosuid,mode=075513:41
teK_thus over-mounting the initrd's /dev13:43
teK_I tried solving it in:
teK_the mount + cp -a part at #17513:45
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: firefox-flash-plugin: updated to
tilmanteK_: dude, i have no idea about that shit :D13:53
teK_so who'd be the right person to discuss this? jaeger?13:54
tilmantry jaeger and/or thrice13:55
tilmanwhat's the name of the guy who's maintaining udev?13:56
tilmankay sievers? ;)13:56
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tilmanteK_: just saying, we have no resident udev expert really13:58
tilmani just play one on tv13:58
teK_so you're our official udev spokesperson13:59
tilmanwhat? no!13:59
teK_I'd love to know who except the maintainers is a real udev expert ;)13:59
strawmaybe the folks in #udev? :]14:01
jaegerI used to know it reasonably well but that was too long ago to be useful, sorry14:05
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