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spaceninjadoes anyone know how to open the menu in openbox? I dont't have a mouse.03:28
spaceninja+with the keyboard03:28
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mike_kspaceninja: ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml03:37
mike_kthe default bindings does not have a possibility to open menu with a keyboard03:37
mike_kspaceninja: maybe some X trick to emulate mouse with keyboard might help too03:38
spaceninjamike_k: ok thanks03:46
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nipuLno one has an autofs port? *blinks*05:33
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aonoh fuck07:43
aoneven that mplayer-29411 doesn't work07:43
tilmanwhat's the problem/error message?07:56
aonsomething like this:
aonnot that exact error07:58
tilmanmmh. not sure i built h264 at all07:59
aoni can't disable it07:59
aonwhatever, i packed the machine away08:00
aonwill do a clean install or something when my blood pressure lowers a bit08:00
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: getmail: 4.10.0 -> 4.11.013:38
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Rotwangive got a problem14:04
Rotwangive got this iso image alongside with mds14:05
Rotwangteh problem is if i burn iso with growisofs it doent boot:<14:05
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drijendoes crux support ext4 in its 2.5 iso, or just 2.6?14:32
tilmani thik the 2.5 iso doesn't support ext414:33
jaegeryeah, think that's correct14:34
Rotwang# CONFIG_EXT4DEV_FS is not set14:34
drijendamn :(14:35
drijenjaeger, was hoping your updated iso had it14:35
drijenthanks guys14:35
jaegerI don't think I added it14:35
* drijen offers jaeger beer if he does14:35
drijenwould ahve to revert all my backups, then revert them back14:36
drijenassuming that portion of the userspace tools gets installed too14:36
tilmanyou know you can convert an ext3 fs to ext4 without losing data?14:41
drijenyeah, but then you don't get certain things14:44
drijeniirc, lemme look up the docs14:44
tilmanexisting files won't make use of extents, true14:45
tilmanbut you'll probably overwrite those files sometime anyway14:45
drijenyeah extents14:46
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fulhamAnyone know if it's necessary to include "-fomit-frame-pointer" as a cflag if "-O2" is already used?18:00
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Nomius|nbDoes utf8 support oftb in crux 2.5?18:19
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fulhamNomius|nb: you can generate a utf8 locale18:30
fulhamthe 2.5 handbook has a section about it18:30
Nomius|nbGreat, thanks fulham18:41
Nomius|nbbrb, restarting the client18:43
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