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teK_mike_k: there's an update for zabbix available03:07
mike_kteK_: thanks. I was not able to test it yet.03:08
mike_kmight be a good time as I've set up a linode vds these days, which is should be monitored too03:09
teK_you're welcome03:09
teK_do you use ck4up to keep track of updates (for your ports)?03:10
mike_kteK_: what do you think if I'll make it dependent on logrotate and ship a sample logrotate config for agentd/server?03:10
mike_kI also dislike that server/client logs are in one dir03:11
mike_khope, nobody else is using it, so I could change things a bit =/03:12
teK_I have had *severe* problems because of logging and file ownership issues03:12
teK_your port uses su daemon -c ... for zabbix_server03:14
teK_I removed this as zabbix_server seems to drop privileges itself03:14
mike_kunless you run post-install03:14
teK_sed -i "s|su daemon -c /usr/sbin/zabbix_server|su $ADD_USER -c /usr/sbin/zabbix_server|" /etc/rc.d/zabbix_server03:15
mike_kit could have changed some time ago, but it didn't drop afaik03:15
teK_this seems unecessary, still03:15
teK_I start zabbix_server as root and I get:03:16
teK_% pgrep -U zabbix zabbix_server |wc -l03:16
mike_kand how does he know what user to use?03:17
teK_I don't know tbh03:18
teK_maybe zabbix is the default.03:19
mike_khardcoded P;03:19
teK_maybe it uses dbuser? Dunno03:19
mike_kok, I'll take a look instead of simply bumping the port03:19
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: gst-plugins-base: fixed footprint04:01
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: xterm: updated to 24404:01
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nipuLwth, i turn one cpu off and scale the other cpu right down on my eee, seems to have no effect on battery life07:20
nipuLmaybe i'll just let it sit here for a while and check again07:21
lennartmaybe you can check power-consumption in /sys/acpi/battery/info or something like that07:21
lennartthen you wouldn't have to measure time or guess07:21
teK_powertop comes to mind, too07:22
nipuLi have it estimating time left, full charge, full speed will discharge in about 3 hours07:30
nipuLits giving the same values for the slowest speed possible07:30
nipuLthe only thing that really helps is dimming the display07:31
lennartmaybe the estimating is crooked07:32
nipuLno, it's usually spot on07:34
nipuLhmm, maybe there's a firmware update07:35
teK_sepen is on vacation, right?07:39
nipuLwell maybe it does have a sight effect, switched the cpu back on and battery life estimate dropped by 10 minutes07:39
lennartdoes it work correctly with windows?07:40
nipuLhow the fuck would i know? :D07:42
lennartok, thought maybe there still was a windows on it ;)07:42
nipuLthere's a windows sticker on it...07:43
lennarthehe... it HAS to work ;)07:43
nipuLi suppose it might make a difference under load though07:48
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nipuLi'm guessing its the cpuidle stuff07:51
nipuLan idle 800mhz is just as idle as at 1600hz07:51
nipuLthat's it07:59
nipuLit mostly sits in cpuidle state3, which draws only 100mW07:59
nipuLconclusing, cpuidle is neat, and makes cpu scaling almost useless, unless you want to cripple your machine under load to save battery08:00
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mike_kon my Intel Centrino (Dothan) at least, it is useless to have frequencies between max and min. it's better to jump to the highest freq rate, do the job and get back to idle.08:21
mike_kso "ondemand" governor is ok for me08:21
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nipuLyeah i'm using ondemand too, as it's supposed to be the move battery friendly  governor09:06
nipuLhas anyone used elilo before?09:07
nipuLwondering how difficult it would be to set up09:07
nipuLEee's use EFI for "boot boosting", now the slowest part of my boot process is loadding the kernel09:09
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nipuLmaybe grub ill boot faster09:44
nipuLmuch faster09:50
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