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ebcruxjust installed crux so i went for a sysup and got masive problems with sourceforge (will time out most of the time), is there any trick to solve that?00:55
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mrksebcrux: there is a wiki entry on this topic:
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Rotwangcptn :<09:46
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jarApparently someone tried to steal my nick.12:09
jarNot on my watch!12:09
RyoSthis is a crazy world :/12:12
jaryes itis12:15
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jarthis movie isn't as bad as i thought it would be12:49
aonwhich movie?12:51
jarGran Torino12:51
jari like clint eastwood12:51
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NomiusWell, crux works beautifuly in the asus eee pc12:56
jarI want one of those12:56
NomiusI'm writing all the Pkgfile's of the packages I'm using12:57
Nomiusopenbox, tint2, dmenu, irssi, centerim and the latest firefox...12:58
jarim an ob3 fan as well12:59
jarbut i dont use panels12:59
NomiusOh, and some of the under the hood packages, like acpid and my eee scripts for this netbook12:59
jarsounds like a neat project13:00
jarmy laptop is a bit bulky13:00
RotwangNomius: if you think there could be some improvements done to ports, notify the maintainers13:01
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* treach wonders what kind of adjustment irssi would need to run on an eeepc..13:01
Rotwangor dmenu [;13:01
NomiusNee, no adjustments are needed13:04
treachthen why write ports?13:04
NomiusThat's a pretty good question13:05
NomiusThat I don't have an answer for :-P13:05
Rotwanglol ;D13:05
jarit's more fun to do things manually13:05
Rotwanguntil you get bored or tired [;13:05
jarthat's why naps rule13:06
NomiusI built the whole system, and now I want to have it clean, so I'm writing the ports...13:06
NomiusBut I should learn more about the ports in order to not drive myself crazy doing something that someone already did...13:06
treachindeed. :>13:06
* treach picked up crux because it was so easy to write ports, only to discover that almost everything he wanted, someone else had already written a port for..13:07
treachMaybe I should write a letter to Alanna. :>13:08
NomiusWho's her?13:08
treachhey, what planet are you from..?13:08
treachOh, it must be that I'm old then..13:09
aonwho the hell is that?13:09
treachaon: it's alanna, not alice. ;)13:10
treach"isn't it ironic"13:10
aonyeah, still :)13:10
tilmantreach fails13:10
treachtilman: indeed.13:10
NomiusMaybe is a cut off of the song... Sweet home alanna?13:10
tilmansweet home alanna, where it's raining on wedding days, o/~ lalal o/~13:11
treachNomius: no, tilman is right, my brain is failing from boredom. :>13:11
treachnot only is it raining, it's also considered ironic, for some reason. :P13:11
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bittiniam installing Crux on a Micro SD card xD13:12
NomiusSo, who's alanis?13:12
bittinjust becouse iam bored13:12
Nomiuscrux off topic?13:12
bittinit was none there13:12
treachyeah, never used though, since the guy who created it was such a pain. :P13:13
tilmanNomius: alanis morissette ._o13:13
bittin:o ok it stands on the website13:13
NomiusOh, I like the way she sings...13:13
bittinwhould be fun to boot Crux on a Micro SD card never used Crux before13:13
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treachprobably not a good idea to build on one though. :>13:14
jseAnother brilliant idea. (tm)13:15
tilmanbuild what?13:15
treachyour packages?13:15
treacha house?13:15
treachpick your poison. ;)13:16
NomiusOh, rat poisson...13:16
NomiusThat's kinda a weird wm...13:16
jseBuild a house out of micro sd cards? :D13:16
jsePossible, just not a good idea to do so.13:16
treachit's awesome.13:17
treachno it isn't btw, it's better than that knock-off. :>13:17
Rotwangawesome is not awesome at all :< it was though13:18
treachI only tried it briefly, it was annoying.13:18
treachdwm was better IMO13:19
jseRatpoison is great if your work can be done with the terminal. It gets complicated with GUI's.13:19
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NomiusIs it there a way to upgrade "everything" installed from the ports in an automatic way?13:46
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jaegerdo you want to upgrade only what's out of date or force a rebuild of everything installed?13:47
NomiusWhat it is out of date...13:47
jaegerports -u && prt-get sysup13:47
NomiusThanks jaeger13:48
treachNomius: you should really look in the man-pages for prt-get and freinds. Not that much to read, and lots of usefull stuff in there.13:49
treach"friends", oh well.13:49
NomiusI was reading the handbook13:50
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treachwasn't saying you didn't. but prt-get is well worth reading the manual.13:52
NomiusGreat, thanks :-)13:54
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jarwow that was a sad ending13:58
jari knew it was a sad ending but damn13:58
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treachhe gave up and installed ubuntu? :>14:03
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NomiusOk, after using crux's ports I only had to write 3 ports...17:24
rehabdollany interesting apps?17:26
rehabdolllooks cool17:38
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