IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2009-08-18

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aongo googlemaps01:39
aongoogle calendar, rather01:39
aoni marked an event at the university to be in room C801:39
aoncalendar thinks it's in the middle of
aonerhm, not that01:40
aonsome malaysian highway01:40
j^2aon: yo01:48
j^2how you doing? :)01:48
aonnot bad01:50
aoncongrats on your cat making conference calls01:52
j^2crazy eh?01:52
j^2and she did eat velcro01:52
joacimdoes she download porn too?01:53
aonour cat has lost her voice :)01:55
aonthere's a bunch of flowers on the kitchen table that she likes to chew on01:55
aonand for some reason it causes that01:55
aonbut she still does it nevertheless01:55
* teK_ dislikes cats in a way02:05
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: tcl: 8.5.6 -> 8.5.7 also closes bug 48209:10
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: tk: 8.5.6 -> 8.5.7 also fixes bug 84209:10
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mike_kteK_: it's kinda late in Australia now11:05
* Rotwang has passed his driving licence egzam \;D/11:09
cjg__congratulations Rotwang11:10
thrice`the old superman movies are so cheesy :P11:10
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cjg__hi jue11:14
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: pciutils: update to 3.1.411:16
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: hdparm: update to 9.2511:16
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: usbutils: update to 0.8611:16
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: pciutils: update to 3.1.411:17
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: hdparm: update to 9.2511:17
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: usbutils: update to 0.8611:17
sepenjue, did you tried to build dropbear with scp and progressmeter support?11:18
juenot recently11:19
sepenwell there exists a bug when trying to use 'strlcat' which is not defined11:20
sepenI patched it an now works fine here11:21
juesepen: ?11:23
sepenyou mean if I sent a mail? not yet11:23
jueno, I'd suggest to send the patch to the dropbear ML11:24
sepenwell, the patch is also about the Pkgfile11:24
juehmm, why11:24
sepenscp isn't compiled/installed by default11:25
sepenhmm maybe I should patch the Makefile for dropbear ML too11:26
jueyeah, that's intentionally11:26
sepenI like it, so dropbear also works really fine on arm processors ;D11:27
jueit conflicts with openssh, and I'd like to have both installed11:28
sepenoh yeah11:29
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: dovecot: update to 1.2.411:31
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: jre: update to 1.6.0_1611:31
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: [notify] update to 9.1.311:31
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mpg123: update to 1.9.011:31
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: sylpheed: update to 2.7.111:31
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: xsane: update to 0.99711:31
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: dovecot: update to 1.2.411:31
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: jre: update to 1.6.0_1611:31
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: Merge branch '2.5' into 2.611:32
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mysql: update to 5.1.3711:33
cjg__have you evere tryied to build openjdk?11:34
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rehabdollfunny, not safe for work12:26
jaegerpretty tame for work here, hehe12:27
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juesepen: good bug report ;)13:16
sepenyou know my english sucks ;D13:20
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: cryptsetup: install a static binary, too.14:02
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winstonwhi anyone running on powerpc?15:39
treachyeah, but probably not here.15:40
treachthe ppc people should really call themselves something else imo, since they are pretty much running their own show anyway. :/15:41
winstonwoh ok :(  I think i'll just install debian anyways, I haven't a clue how to configure a ppc kernel for my hardware15:42
treachwell, you could always learn. ;)15:43
winstonw:) I'm impatient15:43
winstonwbut yes I plan to learn15:43
treachlearning an impatience rarely mix. :>15:44
teK_there's nearly no difference kernel-wise..15:44
* treach has no idea, never played with ppc. Only mac he ever had was 68xxx based..15:45
winstonwlol talk about back in the day15:45
treachOS 7.5 :P15:45
winstonwI managed to get a free Performa from a garage sale awhile back, i don't know where it got off to though15:46
treachI bet it's somewhere in the basement. ;)15:46
winstonwI would double boot debian and crux, but a 3.2 GiB hard disk does not permit such things comfortably15:46
winstonwbottom line I should upgrade from this original ibook to a more modern and flexible laptop :)15:47
treachwell, I think you learn more if you use crux, but debian is probably a better fit based on the description. :/15:48
treachmh, next time I'll get one of those "netbook" thingys.15:48
* treach owns an apparently dying R4015:48
winstonwI'm aiming for an old ibm thinkpad15:48
treachI think the mb is dying in mine, dang thing.15:49
thrice`an R40 to last this long is quite impressive15:49
winstonwmy brother some real compact 12" thinkpad and I really enjoy using it :( makes me jealous15:49
treachthrice`: got a cheap ram upgrade, so performance wise it's not that bad.15:50
thrice`hey, openbox only needs ~7M of ram15:51
treachbut now that damn colonel panic is raiding it every now and then, because it loses contact with the hdd :/15:51
winstonwI like me evilwm :)15:51
treachthrice`: I think we've been over that before. It's not the environment per se that is the killer. :>15:51
thrice`heh, too true :)15:52
winstonwTHen again I run gnome on this machine15:52
treachie, kde+kdevelop or something like that is not worse than openbox + eclipse. :p15:52
winstonwgnome with a dock lol...15:52
treachkde + koffice is probably lighter than ob+oo.o :/15:53
thrice`sure, but koffice2 is junk15:53
thrice`at least for my needs15:53
winstonwhow about abiword and gnumeric :D15:53
treachthrice`:  well, it's quite early yet. At least it looks quite promising IMO.15:53
thrice`treach: depends, I guess; kde4 is over 1.5 years, these things should be done! :)15:54
treacheh. that point of view is completely unreasonable..15:54
thrice`not as a user!15:55
treachlook at the competion, for instance osx or gnome.. how long time did those take until they became _usable_?15:55
treachbah, endusers always want everything done yesteryear15:55
treachI love those gnome users ranting about how useless kde is. personally I don't think any gnome 2.x version < 2.12 can actually be used or relied upon at all.15:58
thrice`well, I disagree.  for example, the multiple monitor stuff on kde 4.3 is broken.  that's one of the "useful" things I rely on15:59
thrice`well, if I were a new user who didn't know of xrandr15:59
treachstill, you're giving gnome 6 years of leeway, and whine about kde after 1.5?16:00
thrice`no, i'm just saying that maybe it'll take kde another (6-1.5 years) to be useful16:00
treachwho knows. It's certainly useful for me as it is, and a lot of other people.16:01
thrice`plus, wouldn't that argument hold for kde3?  as of 3.5, wasn't it deemed pretty rock-solid?16:01
treachsorry, I don't get that.16:02
thrice`sorry, I thought you meant that 6 years of gnome has made it robust16:02
thrice`but now I see it's actually the opposite :P16:02
treachI don't see how that relates to kde416:03
winstonwthey both fail a bit?16:03
treachI'm saying that kde 4 has been out for 1.5 years, and people complain, while they think 6 fricking years for gnome to become useable is A-OK, which is weid IMO:16:04
treachI'm detecting some sort of double standard. ;)16:05
* winstonw inserts _weird_16:05
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jari love beer16:14
jarthat's all16:14
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jarHe must support a ban on beer.16:15
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jkramerDoes anyone use uzbl on CRUX?16:55
Rotwangi used once16:56
jkramerDid you build it yourself?16:58
jkramerActually what I really want to know is how to build webkit :)16:58
jkramerI throws weird errors at me and the documentation is really rare16:59
jkramerAt least for Linux16:59
Rotwangare you trying this one  ?17:02
jkramerNo, I tried the nightly build17:03
Rotwangtry this one then [;17:03
jkramerYup, thanks17:03
jkramerHmm, looks like the git daemon is down17:04
jkramerI'll better take the release :)17:04
jari need some beer :(17:12
jkramerHmm, I think I'll give up17:15
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jari refuse to use a web browser which got its name from lolcats17:17
jkramerSounds like fun to me17:18
jkramerBut to hard to build :(17:18
jardid you take a look at the arch pkgbuikd?17:18
jarthe author of uzbl wrote it afaik17:18
jkrameruzbl is not the problem, webkit is17:19
jarmaybe take a look at theirs too?17:20
jkramerNah, I think I don't want to try uzbl _that_ much :)17:23
jkramerI was just a bit curious17:23
jkramerEating fries and mayo instead17:24
jarsounds nasty17:24
jkramerIt is tasty :)17:25
jarwell i hate mayo and love ketchup17:25
jkramerI got ketchup too, but the bottle looks really old and I'm afraid it's expired17:26
jkramerBut I could try the BBQ sauce17:26
jkramerBut on the other side, I don't hate mayo, so I think I will stick with it :)17:26
jardo you live in Niue?17:27
jkramerIn what?17:27
jaryour hostname ends in .nu17:27
jarwhich is associated with the Niue17:27
jkramerNah, it's just another dyndns-domain17:28
jarwhere are you from?17:28
jarah, neat17:28
jarare there IHOP's there?17:28
jkramerWhat's that?17:29
jarInternational House of Pancakes17:29
jkramerBut we got great Schnitzel restaurants :)17:29
jarthey've got some slammin' cheeseburgers17:29
jkramer - that's what I ate sunday (and partially yesterday)17:30
jarthat looks yummy17:30
jkramerIt really was17:30
jkramerYou don't see much of the Schnitzel because of all the sauce, but it was huge17:31
jkramerIt starts right next to the fries :)17:31
jari have a moral obligation to veal but that looks so yummy17:32
jkramerBut I have to admit that I hardly ate a third of it at the first time17:33
jari can eat a lot17:33
jkramerI had to take the rest with me and ate it the next day17:33
jkramerNext time I'll take the L size intead of XXL ;)17:34
jarI'm pretty damn broke atm17:34
jar$8 in the bank and $40 in cash :o17:35
jkramerThen you should go there :)17:35
jarluckily my scholarship money comes in soon....17:35
jkramerI paid only 15EUR for all that meat17:35
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jkramerCan't eat any more fries17:42
jari love fries17:43
jkramerYeah, I too17:43
jkramerBut they're just too much17:44
jkramerHmm, should I start a sysup now?17:44
jkramerDidn't do one for about a month, looks like a lot of x* stuff got updated17:44
jari thought my week and a half of no updates was bad17:45
jkramerEverytime I do a sysup at night, the next day at work I turn on my notebook and recognize that X is broken :)17:45
jarthat's lame17:46
jkramerThen I have to spend an hour or so to fix it :(17:46
jari want some beer17:46
jarbut i need gas money17:47
jarcollege life.. it's a bitch17:47
jkramerI would offer you a yummy Jever, but well17:47
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jkramerAll fries gone17:49
jkramerNo I feel sick :(17:50
jkramerI should have stopped eating right after I said that I can't eat anymore17:50
jkramerOk, moving to my bed now, trying to watch CSI on my notebook from over there17:52
jkramerGood night17:52
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scholerrhi! is there away to change the current keymap, when installing crux?18:33
jaegerloadkeys, if it's available18:41
scholerrah. thanks!18:41
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