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eintopf_goood morning01:59
joacimGood morning02:23
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spaceninjawhat else can I use instead of php?08:11
spaceninjaserver scripting08:11
jaegerperl, python, shell, ruby, etc.?08:13
spaceninjaoh right08:18
spaceninjathat's it, no more web development, I just can't seem to find the right scripting language, and doing static webpages is too boring08:26
nipuLit could be worse, i have a web app developmet unit this semester, they're forcing tomcat on me08:28
spaceninjasome kind of java thing?08:30
spaceninjafrom now on I'm only going to write in C08:30
nipuLgood luck with that :)08:31
* aon has worked on web apps done in c++08:32
nipuLsounds fun08:36
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jarso so so so bored13:58
Rotwanggo jogging13:59
Rotwangthats what i do from tirm to tiem13:59
jarim at school in non running condition clothes14:00
jari can download a 700mb ISO file in 5 minutes here14:00
spacenin1aI've been doing that at home for 8 years14:01
jari hate you14:01
jarso hard14:01
spacenin1ayeah I suck I know14:01
jarespecially given how terrible the internet is at my girlfriend's dorm14:01
spacenin1amust do some pixel art14:01
spacenin1awhat connection does she have there?14:02
jari honestly have no idea14:02
jari just know it's terrible14:02
spacenin1apropably some modem cupper wire thingy14:02
jarit's free but terrible14:02
spacenin1amaybe someone is stealing all the juice14:02
jari just know that at some times of the day just checking gmail is horrible14:03
spacenin1agmail, scary stuff, I got a hotmail, even worse. I really need to set up my own mail server14:04
jar@ home i have fastmail setup with a cronjob fetching to a local mbox + mutt14:04
jarbut i use gmail for shit i need everywhere14:05
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jarim trying to get a job and right now im in an email debate with like 5 reps from the university system in my state....14:06
jarthey're trying to take away 3 of my class credits14:08
jarwhich i got A's and B's in14:08
spacenin1aI had a job, but I had to quit, I can't work in teams, I always end up doing something else that is fun14:08
jarlol yeah14:08
spacenin1awhat kind of job is it?14:08
jaroh, any job really14:09
jarjust some part-time slag job14:09
jarim running on $40 for the next 2 weeks at least14:09
spacenin1aoh money, 40% of my friends are already millionares14:10
jari dont care about being rich14:10
spacenin1apoker players, I tried, but I can't handle the swings14:10
spacenin1ame neither14:10
Rotwangspacenin1a: but you have no friends :<14:11
jari just want to be able to stay middle class14:11
spacenin1aI just want an apparment with a fridge filled with food14:11
spacenin1aRotwang: haha I got friends :)14:11
joacimim looking for a job too. same part time shit ;)14:11
joacimcant afford books this semester, so i assume I will become one of those weird library dwellers14:11
Rotwangive got this half shitty job14:11
jarspacenin1a: im trying to be a college professor and i took a year off before college and now the university system is f'ing me in the a.14:11
jarjoacim: that's where i am now14:11
spacenin1aI planned to take 1 year off, but it ended up being 5, or is it 6 year14:12
joacimI just want my masters before I turn 30 ;)14:13
spacenin1aoh, now that I think of it, it's really bad, what happend, oh well, I found crux, best thing ever14:13
Rotwangjoacim: lol me too14:13
joacimand start working on my PhD14:13
spacenin1acool, I also need an education14:13
Rotwangim starting my higher education atm14:13
jarin my state there's something called "CPC" College Prep Curriculum and they're trying to take away some of my college level classes because i was homeschooled14:13
spacenin1abut what do you guys study?14:14
jarwhat do you mean?14:14
jarI study Communications and Media14:14
jarim a slut14:14
joacimmedieval studies14:15
Rotwangnice ;D14:15
jarbut yeah14:16
spacenin1aI dont know but I want to study computer science or mechatronics14:16
jarnow that they're trying to take my credits away14:16
jarim in a heated email battle with reps from my new school14:16
jarmy current school14:16
jarand the head of the university system14:16
jarmother fsckers14:17
jari might have to introduce my foot to their asses14:17
spacenin1awhat kind of credits?14:18
spacenin1alike your loans while going to school?14:18
jarno no14:18
jarmy class credit14:18
jari got A's and B's in Geology, Psychology and Spanish14:18
jarand they're trying to say since i was homeschooled they have to take those college level credits away and use them for highschool credits14:19
joacimI studied information tech some years ago, but after a while I started to really hate software..14:19
jari love computers and software but i'd slit my wrists doing that stuff for a living14:19
joacimwhy would being homeschooled make any difference?14:20
jarjoacim: are you familiar with what a GED is?14:20
spacenin1ayeah I dont like software either, theres so many ways to do a thing14:20
joacimand they all suck :/14:21
jarIn America a GED is a test/diploma which is a way of taking a test which equivilent to a high school exit exam14:21
jarwhich is14:21
spacenin1aI like jquery, so Im thinking about becoming a javascript expert14:21
spacenin1amaybe javascript sucks aswell14:21
jarthe school board in my county wouldn't let me graduate with them14:21
jarso i took the GED14:21
jarand now they're saying by doing that, im a dumb sack of crap and don't deserve my classes14:21
spacenin1awell, they suck, bunch of retarded egos :)14:22
joacimstill dont make sense :/14:22
jarim raising a shit storm over this14:22
jarjoacim: it doesn't14:22
jarhence why i am pissed14:22
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jarThey are telling me that they are using my college level class to satsify a high school class which is intended to prepare me for college level classes14:23
jarFucked up, yeah?14:23
spacenin1aso you haven't been accepted to the collage yet?14:24
jari have14:24
joacimmy university wouldnt let you take any courses at all if they had a reason not to accept you14:24
jarim in college this very second14:24
joacimbut once you're in you are free to finish up your degree14:24
jarand my new university has accepted me14:24
jarthey're just saying14:24
jar"those don't count, you don't get to keep them"14:24
jarand i'm saying14:25
jar"fuck you"14:25
jarhey, aon14:25
jarsorry for the potty mouth14:25
jarjust a little miffed14:25
spacenin1ahah "miffed"14:25
aoni don't care about the potty mouth14:25
aoni can be quite obscene myself at times14:25
jarit's a real world14:26
jarword, i swear14:26
aonjust was trying to say of something appropriate to say, but couldn't14:26
aonhence ":O"14:26
spacenin1anow I know a new cool word,14:26
jaraon: yeah, arguing with an entire university system is kind of hard14:27
aoni guess14:27
jarespecially when they don't understand how fucked up their system IS14:27
jarbut i swear i am not repeating those courses14:27
jari got high marks in them14:27
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Rotwangthats weird, if you have passed those courses they should respect that14:30
jarIf I had gotten a D or something, yeah - I can understand not accepting that.14:30
jarBut in my entire college time I've only gotten ONE C14:31
jarthat's the lowest grade ive ever recieved14:31
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spacenin1aI am going to create a game in allegro doing pixel art in allegro sprite editor and music in milkytracker, HAH!14:35
spacenin1aoh, you should see my grades14:36
joacimI had the same idea14:37
spacenin1await, you can't, I threw them away!14:37
spacenin1ajoacim: you had?14:37
spacenin1aIm going to make a game where you are a gnome that picks up apples and muschrooms14:38
joacimyeah, but i have no artistic talent and I cant code ;)14:38
joacimdont know what my game would be about. I think I would make something like cave story =)14:39
spacenin1awow, a cave, what kind of cave? A big tunnel cave system with rock people living there?14:40
spacenin1awow a cave, that's a cool environment14:40
spacenin1alol, it's on wikipedia? :)14:41
joacimits a game =)14:41
spacenin1alook cool14:42
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: pidgin: 2.5.8 -> 2.6.114:44
spacenin1aI let you know when it's finished14:45
joacimI'll give you a couple of days14:46
spacenin1afirst I need to create some music for it to get into the mood of it14:46
Nomius|wrkcenterim is out of date?14:47
spacenin1agnomes, apples, mushrooms, stone-people, caves, wild thick forrest, portals to other dimensions14:47
spacenin1awalking leafs!14:48
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joacimI'm thinking a norse mythology inspired game with cute little valkyries15:04
jarsounds like valkyrie profile15:05
joacimnever tried that game15:05
jarit's ftw15:05
jarThe game is loosely based on Norse mythology, where players assume the role of a valkyrie who recruits and prepares the souls of fallen warriors (Einherjar) before sending them to Valhalla for a final apocalyptic battle between the Æsir and Vanir: Ragnarok. Along the way, she uncovers the tragic events of her own hidden past.15:05
jarbattle SS15:06
jargod dammit15:06
jari wanna play it now15:06
joacimmy game would be accurate15:06
joacimthe game looks like yet another japanese rpg too15:07
jaryet another japanese rpg?15:07
jarit's a side scroller rpg with one of the most fun battle systems ive ever used15:08
jarthe story is amazing15:08
joacimoh its a playstation game15:08
joacimthought it was a modern game15:08
jarhaha no15:08
jarthere's a PSP port though15:08
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joacimmy game would be like the early duke nukem games in play style I guess =)15:12
Rotwangepic quote [;15:14
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pedjasepen: have you seen this?
pedjawelcome back from the vacation, btw :)16:37
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pedjahas anyone tried kde-4.3.0?16:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: dnstop: initial import16:48
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nipuLpedja: i'm using kde 4.3.020:31
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nipuLugh, what to use for ER modeling?23:36
dru1dbtw. morning23:36
nipuLits ok for simple models23:37
nipuLyou can't do foreign keys in ER mode in dia23:38
dru1dI was using it for simple database modeling only23:38
dru1dAt work some visio expression.23:38
nipuLeveryone seems to be using mysql workbench23:39
nipuLbut mysql is some serious overhead when all you wwant to do is make models23:39
dru1dBtw. how is kde 4.3?23:39
nipuLits ok i guess23:40
nipuLthe wife uses it ore than i do23:40
dru1dIm thinking about to migrate from ratpison ;]23:40
nipuLi migrated to ratpoison :)23:40
nipuLit's geat on netbooks23:40
dru1dIm using it for few years.23:40
dru1dyes it is23:41
dru1dI see version 1.4.5 in fbsd.23:41
dru1dThey repair some bg/fg bugs.23:41
dru1dAnd adds bw/fw colors ;]23:41
nipuLdzen2+ratpoison is a winning combination23:42
dru1dI know.23:42
dru1dI was posting some months ago few screenshots.23:42
dru1dInfo from ratpoison -c 'windows/groups'23:42
dru1dand system scripts23:43
dru1dratpoison on dekstop, laptop and eeepc;]23:43
nipuLi use kde on the desktop, but i'm almost always on the eee23:44
dru1dYou have crux on eee?23:44
dru1dI was first!23:44
dru1dWhat model?23:44
jaegerI have crux on my eee as well :)23:44
dru1dNow i have fbsd.23:45
nipuL8gb ssd23:45
dru1dnipuL: 900 16gb ssd23:45
jaeger901 here23:45
dru1di have 100km to work with train, eeepc is useful ;]23:45
nipuLthis guy in a lecture thought he was cool because he had a 1000ha23:46
nipuLi was pfft, slow hard drive, and too big23:46
dru1dI need to buy a new one.23:46
nipuLas i turn it on and bot in 10s23:46
dru1dOr laptop with windows.23:46
dru1d10s, mhm i must check stats on my later23:47
nipuLthat includes X23:48
dru1dnipuL: what kernel You have on eee?23:49
dru1d900a have atl2?23:50
nipuLyeah, atl2e23:50
nipuLnot that i use it23:50
dru1dI need to pine up at work sometimes.23:51
dru1dblah, 6am i need coffe.23:52
nipuLcoffee, sounds like a plan23:52
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