IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2009-08-21

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pedjanipuL: which repo are you using for kde-4.3.0?or you rolled your own?00:10
pedjadamn, I need to go to work in about 10min.thank $deity it is Friday...00:17
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nipuLmy own repo01:03
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sepenwhile [ 1 ]; do echo "morning"; done01:37
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sepenteK_, crux's git repositories02:12
teK_of course02:12
teK_but why?02:12
sepenteK_, how many kudos did you have?02:12
teK_dunno why/from whom02:12
sepenteK_, 5 months of experience ;D02:13
sepenI have 7 kudos ;D02:13
teK_yeah, whatever ;)02:15
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sepenhi jue03:54
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: foomatic-filters: update to 4.0.304:08
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: scite: update to 2.0104:08
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Ovim-ObscurumHello guys.06:42
Ovim-ObscurumIt me again ;P06:42
Ovim-ObscurumHi lennart :)06:47
Ovim-Obscurumxkmkf is a part of xorg-imake, isn't it?06:48
sepenOvim-Obscurum, just use $ pkginfo -o xkmkf06:48
sepenif is installed it return the package which is the owner06:49
sepenif not the use $ prt-get fsearch across the ports06:49
Ovim-Obscurumthanks for the tip, i didn't know that06:49
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: jdk: updated to 1.6.0_1606:54
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eintopf_crux 2.6rc1, where is the iso?08:53
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spacenin1atilman: what webserver is hosting that? looks really nice.10:57
spacenin1ait's ftp10:57
tilmanyes, it's ftp. how it looks depends on your browser :P10:59
spacenin1aoh ok :)10:59
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spacenin1aomg what's so great about ruby, it really looks like shi*12:08
spacenin1alol sry, anyway, maybe python is the right langauge12:09
RedShiftI'm not a big fan of ruby myself12:12
RedShiftI don't like the idea you can do while loops in 5 different syntactic ways...12:12
spacenin1ayeah, but I guess it fills some kind of gap, but nothing for me12:18
spacenin1aI want to use php but it's like a hybrid mix of a functional and oop language, which just messes up my brain12:18
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* spaceninja checks out cgi scripting12:41
* spaceninja goes crazy13:00
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tilmanwas about time13:24
Rotwanghow this big mass of water in utah is called?13:30
Rotwangto the north of utah13:31
lennart maybe?13:32
Rotwanglennart: thanks13:34
* aon uses facebook in german, there was some connection error and it said "Hoppla" :D13:55
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spaceninjahas anyone tried the zend framework?15:49
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Amarhello everyone.. I want to try Crux and was searching for some things around website.. but couldn't find for ex. what Gnome version is curently considered as stable in Crux?16:04
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rehabdollwhat perms do you guys get on /dev/dri/card0 ?16:10
rehabdollerr, what group rather16:11
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Rotwangroot root16:21
Rotwangrehabdoll ^16:21
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rehabdollshould be root video, right?16:42
rehabdollthe udev-rule seems to be a bit broken16:44
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nipuL anyone got a working tetex mirror?20:14
nipuLah found them, sources were moved to obsolete/20:22
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windwillsohey is there a howto on installing CRUX from USB ?21:11
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nipuLi'll leave it up to you to find it23:37
jaegertoo late, he's long gone, heh23:43
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kardan|greatings! did one of you try pidgin with voice chat?23:49
kardan|my partner got the message "gstreamer: A WAV decoder plugin is required to play this stream, but not installed."23:49
nipuLis this #pidgin?23:50
jaegerhaven't tried it yet, myself23:50
kardan|niput yes its about pidgin, im there as well23:50
kardan|i dont know crux at all, so I ask here23:51
kardan|do you have a guess what package is missing?23:52
kardan|is there a package search?23:57

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