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jaegeryou probably need gstreamer and gst-plugins-base/good/bad/ugly, not sure which WAV support would be in00:00
jaegerprt-get search, prt-get fsearch, see the prt-get man page00:00
kardan|thanks, i will forward this00:01
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spaceninjalua seems cool :)06:01
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jserofl. A new fragrance :D14:18
rehabdolli want to smell like rms14:21
jseIt just might be the promotional tool to give GNU's image a boost.14:21
jseIt's worked for others in the past. ;)14:22
jseCome to think of it, rms probably would object because the ingredients would fall under trade secrets and obviously for not being under a free license.14:31
rehabdollnah, the recepie would be released under the gnu free doc license14:40
rehabdolland you would "compile" it yourself in your bathtub at home14:40
joacimyou wont need a bathtub14:42
eintopf - mhhh whats wrong?14:43
jsejoacim: indeed. A tub would be too bourgeouise.14:47
eintopfI have trouble to configure my network14:54
jseSince you've configured it manually, make sure you add functioning nameservers in /etc/resolv.conf14:56
eintopfjse: thank you so much, it works now14:59
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