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nipuLi swear i have some record for number of kettle cords owned by an individual01:06
nipuLcleaning out all the floobydust on the shed, i have a massive pile of the damn things01:06
Samvara1At work we import gear from the USA to Australia and the manufacturers can't be bothered opening up the boxes to pull out the Yankee lead so they just ship an extra box of Aussie leads. Thus we have piled up a massive collection of US kettle cords that no one wants02:09
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spacenin1ais spidermonkey inside xulrunner?04:49
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Guest61959hello :) i am a new "crux" user scince today... i got echoed while building the kernel on the new rc1 that ext4/built-in.o was not included, is this bad? because i actually installed crux on ext4 >.>13:21
RotwangGuest61959: does your crux installation actually works?13:22
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Guest61959i did not installed any bootloader yet ;)13:28
Guest61959but i installed all 3 stages and mounted and uncommented them properly and i am kind of advanced in linux so it really should as far as i know :o13:29
Guest61959i just want to know if the built-in.o is important for providing ext4 support ;)13:29
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Guest61959well then i will simply go ext3 .. .cya have a nice day keep on doing this great distro :)13:57
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joacimworks for me13:58
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: mtpaint: new port14:37
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