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pitillogood morning01:05
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Hjodyhello all, i have set up a CRUX install through usb, but on boot it complains about not being able to find initramfs03:25
Hjodyinitramfs exists in /boot/03:25
Hjodyi have also tried setting parameter as initrd=/boot/initramfs03:25
gcovit just happened the same here03:27
pitilloHjody: hello, have you used sepen's script to build the usb stick? wich CRUX version have you used? (with 2.5 worked like a charm here, not tested 2.6rc yet)03:28
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Hjodypitillo: yes. used 2.503:29
gcovuhm Hjody, did you run the make_usbdisk on a 64bit host?03:29
Hjodygcov: 32bit03:29
pitilloHjody: and spen's script to build it?03:29
Hjodypitillo: yep03:29
Hjodybuilt fine03:29
Hjodynot sure why it wont boot03:30
Hjodywell find the initrd03:30
gcovi was guessing that my problem was due to the 64bit host used to build the image03:30
pitilloHjody: using it with 2.5 worked fine here03:31
Hjodypitillo: yea i follwed that guide03:32
gcovit stops to boot saying that the initramfs isn't valid03:32
Hjodyhmm ill re-format usb and try once more03:32
pitillostrange, I haven't noticed that here, the only problem I had is when I used dd with a partition instead of a device (in the guide there is a tip about this)03:34
gcovi'm going to retry03:35
gcovnow it says that it couldn't find the ramdisk image03:35
Hjodygcov: yea thats the error i get aswell03:37
gcovi'll try booting with a parted magic and then doing the install in chroot03:39
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Hjodywrong chan03:52
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Hjodygcov: did you manage to get it to boot ?05:25
gcovas i said i've used partedmagic to boot and then install crux in chroot05:27
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pitilloHjody: do you have the output of all the process to generate the usbdisk?05:29
pitilloHjody: strange, seems that it's fine. I will try this afternoon to rebuild again the usb stick to be sure it's working fine05:36
Hjodypitillo: thanks :)05:36
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Hjodysepen: having a few problems with your usbdisk script, at boot complains it cant find initramfs05:42
sepenHjody, using it with 2.5?05:43
Hjodysepen: yea05:43
sepencould you paste me the error? (please use or similars)05:44
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Hjodysepen: script installs fine, but at boot just says "could not find initramfs"05:47
Hjodyill reboot and record actual error05:47
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Hjodysepen: "could not find ramdisk :  /boot/initramfs05:50
Hjodyi have checked and /boot/initramfs exists05:50
sepen$ file /boot/initramfs05:51
sepenHjody, the make_usbdisk script finished successfuly?05:58
Hjodysepen: yea05:58
sepenHjody, please mount the usbdisk image with loop and give me the result of  $ file /path/to/mounted/usbdisk/boot/initramfs06:00
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Hjodysepen: /media/disk/boot/initramfs: ASCII cpio archive (SVR4 with no CRC)06:01
Hjodysepen: do i  need to name usb "usbdisk"06:01
Hjodyhmm i guess thats irrelevant seeing as it boots06:02
spaceninjadoes anyone know what's causing firefox to crash when I maximize a flash video? I thought that it was the nvidia driver, but it's been updated now. If it was the driver, it should of been fixed, anyone?06:02
sepenHjody, strange but I'm trying to reproduce it06:04
Hjodysepen: thanks06:07
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sepenHjdoy, did you tried with more than one pendrive?06:17
Hjdoysepen: i havent06:18
Hjdoyonly got on drive with me atm06:18
sependid you tried to boot another usb-live distro with it?06:18
Hjdoysepen: gcov was getting the same error06:18
Hjdoysepen: yea boots fine with ubuntu/opensuse06:19
sepenin the same box?06:19
gcovHjdoy, on which distro did you made the usb image?06:19
Hjdoyusing ubuntu06:19
Hjdoyill try reformat usb using gparted06:20
pitillogcov: and you? from crux?06:21
sepenyou don't need partitions on the usb drive06:21
pitillointeresting, here I only tested on a crux host06:21
pitillogcov: do you have a chrooted crux?06:21
pitillogcov: ok, it's hard to test on another distro here06:23
gcovi think that a good idea is to publish a working image06:24
gcovindeed dd should work the same on every distro06:24
pitillothat sounds good too06:24
Hjdoyhmm maybe try dd with fs=51206:24
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sepengcov, ^^06:24
gcovright sepen06:25
sepenwith I prefer to build my own images to save bandwith usage on crux.nu06:25
gcovdownloading very slowly06:25
gcovdowloading fine now06:25
sepenbut note that you shouldn't use a normal partition with the stick, just use /dev/sda, /dev/sdb, etc. instead of /dev/sda1, ...06:26
gcovyes i've readed it06:27
Hjdoysepen: what would happen if i mapped dd of= to physical hard drive06:27
gcovoh fine my netbook has just built his kernel in 27 minutes06:27
sepenHjdoy, ? you want to damage your hard drive?06:28
Hjdoygcov: 27 min ?06:28
Hjdoyis this on an Atom ?06:28
gcovatom n27006:28
Hjdoytakes about a minute on mine06:30
Hjdoysame CPU06:30
gcovit's impossible06:31
gcovi can guess that you have never built a kernel06:32
Hjdoyeh sorry06:32
dru1dOne minut?06:33
Hjdoymis read your question06:33
Hjdoytakes about 3hours to build the default ubuntu image06:33
dru1dsepen: Your script works with 2.6 iso?06:33
dru1dsepen: Need to update eeepc. ;]06:33
gcovah ok06:33
sependru1d, not still06:35
sependru1d, but you could use an alternative method I explained yesterday
dru1dOk, thank you.06:37
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Hjdoysepen: i am able to boot with "CRUX initrd /boot/initramfs"07:35
Hjdoyit panics with please append a correct root= though07:35
sependidn't you use the syslinux.conf that I provided=?07:36
Hjdoyi did07:37
Hjdoyfor some strange reason the "=" makes it fail to find the initramfs07:37
sepenhmm which version of syslinux? and for what platform07:37
Hjdoysepen: using ubuntu, 2:3.6+dfsg-2ubuntu307:40
sepenI never heard about this booting issue, but thanks I'll take care07:41
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: aircrack-ng: updated to 1.0-rc409:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: airoscript: new port09:15
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pablohi, does crux have dependency tracking?12:32
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DaViruzi was kind of sceptical towards the "new improved" address bar in firefox 3 at first, but being able to search the bookmarks without fiddling around in the menu is really nice13:11
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Rotwangthis one is shopped much better14:47
RotwangDaViruz: new address bar is very useful but it causes my hard drive to spin like crazy14:48
Rotwangand it freezes ff14:49
pablohow does prt-get handles dependencies, they arent added to the pkgfile?14:52
Rotwangpablo: dependencies are listen in the Pkgfile header14:53
Rotwang# Depends on:14:53
pabloRotwang: oh, is that interpreted or only a comment?14:55
Rotwangprt-get interpets it14:55
Rotwangfor pkgmk it's only a comment14:56
pablofine, thx14:56
Rotwangif thats what you asking14:56
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tilmanDaViruz: ditto... i hated the craptasticbar in the beginning, but i like it now :P15:04
Rotwangok let me ask you all15:05
Rotwangdoes your disk spin very quickly when you type into adress bar?15:06
Rotwangit looks like firefox reads data cached on disk15:06
Rotwangand it slows down firefox for time being15:06
tilmantry that15:07
Rotwangyeah, now firefox seems to perform better15:13
Rotwangtilman: thanks!15:13
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mike_k_am I the only one missing the "clear cache" or "clear private data" whatever it was in the ff "Tools" menu?15:15
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: p0f: initial commit16:06
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rehabdollsweet, p0f17:43
rehabdollone less app to track17:43
rehabdolldoesnt build though17:49
* rehabdoll slaps teK_ 17:49
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thrice` +-rwxr-xr-x     maxiq/users     usr/bin/iw     hm...17:51
thrice`interesting choice of perms by rotwang ;)17:52
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