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pitillogood morning01:16
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: doxygen: updated to 1.6.103:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: amsn: updated to 0.98, also added a README file about Audio Call03:18
teK_rehabdoll: *eek*03:19
teK_I will take care of this tonight. Right before adding ettercap.03:19
sepeneintopf, gm03:27
pitillono, lo probe en su dia kon una rev del svn ke ia tenia soporte para farsight03:28
pitilloomg, sorry again03:28
pitillomorning eintopf03:28
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sepenI'll port that
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sepenit's useful for non-microxoft users ;D03:52
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ZabaHi guys, can one upgrade from one crux release to another using only the package manager?03:55
ZabaAlso, can one install crux over network?03:55
sepenI did it from 2.4 to 2.5 on a production server, but you should have some experience with crux03:55
ZabaSo it's more of a matter than just updating all packages?03:56
sepennot really, but you should compile packages in the right order, with the new toolchain, etc.03:57
ZabaI'm just pondering migrating my pIII laptop to crux from slackware03:57
ZabaIt's used to compiling stuff for itself, partly because I wish it a warm death, partly because it can.03:58
sepenZaba, there are a lot of important changes from 2.5 to 2.6, I didn't try the migration with the package manager for this new release
sepenZaba, did you read my last mail to ML?03:58
ZabaNope, I learnt about crux just several minutes ago.03:59
sepenyou could install it without booting from cdrom04:00
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ZabaThe only thing my latop boots from is its internal HD and network anyway :>04:01
sepenI'll write a wiki page if this method is useful for something more than me04:01
spaceninjaZaba: can it boot from the usb?04:01
Zabaspaceninja, nope04:01
ZabaIt probably can boot from an ATAPI CDROM, but I don't have that.04:02
Zabaalso, I wonder, is it possible to have (precompiled) xorg without the hal mess?04:03
ZabaI heard weird rumors that since some version it can't be used without hal despite any settings, if it was compiled with support for it.04:03
Zabaspaceninja, nfs... I never dealt with that..04:07
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.5]: libisofs: updated to 0.6.2204:09
Zabasome distros ship kernels and initrds one can boot with pxelinux which then provide an environment suitable for fetching the rest of things from the internets04:09
sepensome distros aren't targeted for experienced linux users ;D04:10
ZabaI vaguely remember using kernel & initrd from an usb pendrive image for those purposes04:10
Zabaand I also remember using a cdrom image for a pendrive04:10
Zabaso basically, with some usual amount of hacking, I can netboot a CD?04:10
spaceninjaZaba: I haven't tried the nfs method, so I dont really know04:12
Zabawhat I try to avoid is nfs04:12
Zabathe initrd mounts a squashfs image from the cdrom, correct?04:13
sepenZaba, did you read the url I pasted you?04:14
Zabasepen, yes04:14
sepenwell so you see the reference to /media/cdrom/crux.squashfs04:15
Zabait gives me a shell to mount the cdrom04:15
Zabain there, I can fetch the squashfs image..04:15
sepenno but you can hack the initrd image to do it04:16
sepenjust use cpio to decompress the initrd contents04:16
sepenedit the init script and use cpio again to compress it04:17
Zabahm... It's gonna have problems fetching the rest of things that are usually on the CD, though..04:17
sepenjust you can browse the iso.git to get more knowledgements04:19
sepenafter that try to edit the init script and whatever you want ;D04:19
ZabaI think I have a worse idea04:20
ZabaI make an initrd which contains all CD contents and hacked together init script consisting of the one from official initrd and my own ideas on how things should be done over the network04:21
ZabaAnd then wait several hours while it's downloaded over tftp :>04:21
sepenall CD contents !! xD04:21
sepenhow much RAM do you have guy!?04:22
Zabayeah, all 229MB of packages :)04:22
Zabasepen, 256MB04:22
Zabait will fit :)04:22
sepenonly for you04:22
Zababut well there's gotta be another way04:22
sepenof course, I hate this idea04:22
ZabaI do too04:22
Zabait's going to take too much time04:22
Zabaoh hey!04:22
sepenit's better to patch the init script to ask you for a shell enviroment and then mount the cd contents, etc etc04:23
ZabaI can put crux packages onto my slackware's partitions, then put its kernel & initrd into my extlinux config, reboot into the installer...04:23
Zabasepen, it already does give a shell when can't mount the CD04:23
Zabathe problem is where I'm going to get packages from, they're not in the squashfs04:23
sepenZaba, just mount the cdrom04:23
Zabasepen, what's that?04:23
sepenmaybe its mapped to another non-common device04:24
ZabaI don't got no cdrom!04:24
sepenas I wrote -> $ sudo sed 's|crux_dir=.*|crux_dir=/media/cdrom/crux|' -i ~/crux-2.6/squashfs-root/usr/bin/setup04:24
sepenyou can use an alternative crux_dir04:24
sepenjust mount yours manually04:24
sepenor give the path where your files reside04:25
Zabaokay hang on, my laptop's got /dev/sda1 for /boot, /dev/sda2 for /, /dev/sda3 for swap and /dev/sda4 for LVM, on which there is /usr and /home.04:26
ZabaI can wipe just / and /usr, keeping the rest and modifying /boot accordingly04:26
sepenjust mount / on /mnt and /usr on /mnt/usr04:27
Zabaso... I can stash crux' files into a home directory, boot whatever linux that boots, and start crux' installer?04:27
sependid you read the handbook?04:27
sepenwell, I don't have more time for now, the boss is near me, bbl04:28
ZabaWhat would theoretically be the way to update from 2.6 RC1 to 2.6 release, when it's ready?04:32
spaceninjamy guess is that the only changes will be on the iso, and the rest can be updated04:36
spaceninjaif any bugs are found04:37
ZabaI see.04:39
Zabaspaceninja, so I can go install 2.6RC1 and later update to 2.6-release through package manager, without the pain that'd come with updating from 2.5 (toolchain/libc changes, etc.)?04:40
spaceninjayes, if no bugs are to be found, the exact same iso will be used. It's pretty much done.04:44
ZabaI see.04:44
spaceninjaI think04:44
spaceninjawell I'm sure of it04:44
Zabaalso, is busybox wget available on the initramfs?04:48
Zaba(I understand it uses bb for sh)04:48
teK_I don't think so, give me a second04:48
teK_it is!04:49
teK_if there's no wget 'binary' you'd simply have to create the symlink wget to busybox04:49
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Zabaokay sounds nice04:56
* spaceninja starts making some music in milkytracker04:58
sepenspacenin1a, I like more 'lmms' than trackers but I used it a lot in the past (in fastracker days) ;D05:05
spaceninjacool, I'll check it out05:05
spaceninjaoh no, it uses qt05:07
kbowahey sepen do you know when your going to start working on a usbdisk script for 2.6 ?05:10
sepenyeah, I started the last week, but unfortunately I need to solve some issues with the cpio stuff in the new 2.6.30 kernel05:13
sepenspacenin1a, lmms is a big project (a fruity loops replacement for linuxes)05:14
teK_Zaba: jfyi: grub2 can boot from .iso files (lying on your slackware parition)05:14
sepenkbowa, I think it will be finished when final 2.6 be released or so05:17
kbowasepen: thanks05:18
sepennp, I'm glad to know that it's useful for others05:18
spaceninjasepen: looks cool though. Are you a kernel developer aswell?05:19
sepenno no ;D05:20
spaceninjahehe ok05:20
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sepenI mean that I had some problems with the command inside my script that invoques to cpio in the kernel dir05:22
sepen*I wanted to mean05:22
spaceninjaim out for a smoke05:25
sepenjust I need to migrate the script, not a big deal ;D05:25
spaceninjabut how hard can it be to make a driver module, I have to check it out when I come back05:26
spaceninjathe c code is probably insane05:27
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: warzone2100: 2.1.3 -> 2.2.206:09
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ZabateK_, I don't wanna use grub06:23
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thrice`Rotwang: I think contrib/iw might have some incorrect perms :>07:46
teK_permissions/owners are overrated :>07:49
thrice`good point - i'll add maxiq to my system :>07:49
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: gst-ffmpeg: 0.10.7 -> 0.10.808:08
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ZabaOkay, I've booted the crux.squashfs over network, now what do I do...09:19
ZabaMy advantage now is that I can get network connectivity, my disadvantage is that packages are somewhere far away09:20
sepenZaba, I started to wrote an interesting tool for network abstractions of pkgadd09:26
Zabasepen, what does it do?09:26
sepensome examples of usage:
sepenyou can patch the crux's setup to use it instead of 'pkgadd' and 'pkgadd -u' commands09:27
ZabaI believe that's not official, right09:29
sepenwell you can use $ npkg add file/to/package, or url, etc.09:29
sepenZaba, yes it's not official09:29
sepenis just an idea for network package installations09:30
Zabathe usual way of installing packages is downloading by hand, correct, so in my case, I could tar up all packages, get an usb pendrive, mount them on my lappy and point crux setup to them?09:31
Zaba(tar up all packages found on the cdrom, that is)09:31
ZabaI think I have a memory card of sufficient capacity, and somewhere a card reader shall be found.09:33
Zabasepen, okay, I'll carefully wipe my slackware install now09:36
ZabaI believe the filesystem itself can be reused though09:37
sepenZaba, also you can try a safe-environment (chrooted crux) before nothing09:37
sepenthere're some contributors that have their own, me too ;D09:38
ZabaI wonder, when will this lappy's HD die.09:39
ZabaIt's been wiped and overwritten at least... 4 times now09:39
Zabaoh I lie09:39
Zabamore than 409:39
sepenit's safe to learn crux inside a chrooted environment09:40
Zabafirst it had windows 2000, then xp, then I got it and installed arch linux, then they pulled hal with xorg so I installed netbsd, but that had buggy wireless drivers, so I installed slackware09:40
ZabaI'm wiping lots of crap again :)09:40
sepenhahheha, that's the safe-env we have (pitillo and me)
Zabaok look, for setup, I mount things in /mnt, correct?09:41
sepenyou should give the right part when the setup script starts09:41
sepenyou can use another if you want09:42
Zabait's just that I would like to keep my /root, but otherwise install on the same /09:42
Zabawill it touch a /mnt/root while installing?09:42
Zabawill it wipe its contents or just try to create it?09:42
sepen$ pkginfo -o root/$09:43
sepenPackage     File09:43
sepenfilesystem  root/09:43
sepenno its seems that the 'filesystem' package will 'touch' the path and nothing more09:43
Zabait's not that I have anything critical in /root, just something I'd like to keep.09:43
Zabahm.. what about /home? I have /home/zaba backed up but I could save some copying around, too.09:43
sepenas I said you should get more experience inside a chrooted environment, try it09:44
sepenjust use $ pkginfo -o <expr> to get it09:44
ZabaI prefer blindly poking at things and learning on my own mistakes, but thanks all the same :)09:44
Zabahm, oh.09:45
sepenZaba, same for /home/, see the filesystem package's .footprint09:45
Zabais ext4 safe to use on a .30 kernel?09:46
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Zabasetup tells me it can't find core, opt, kernel or xorg in /cdrom/crux, though at least core and opt are there..10:35
sepenZaba, from the backlog: <sepen> as I wrote -> $ sudo sed 's|crux_dir=.*|crux_dir=/media/cdrom/crux|' -i ~/crux-2.6/squashfs-root/usr/bin/setup10:37
sepenjust modify the crux_dir variable inside the 'setup' script10:38
Zabait _is_ in /cdrom/crux10:38
sepenuse the right value to your path10:38
sepenif it can't find them you are doing something wrong10:38
sepenif you place manually some downloaded packages in this directory you should take care about other files (not packages) that can be used from the cdrom, just look into the cdrom10:40
sepenI hate manually things, I can't reproduce them10:40
Zabasepen, I did also copy setup.dependencies10:41
sepenyou don't have enough knowledgements for doing this kind of installations IMHO10:41
sependid you read the iso.git ?10:41
sepenand all the stuff involved in the installation?10:42
ZabaI just don't have enough tea... :>10:42
ZabaI did read the handbook10:42
sepenor you need more experienced people around you10:42
sepenjust the setup does what it does, if you are using your own method you'll have your own problems, at least try to do better reports, so I can't figure when you copied or not a file or not10:44
sepenIMHO you should read iso.git and all related stuff10:44
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ZabaI have just 2 hours to build myself a kernel.11:10
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RedShiftsuggestions for a good web application framework (php) that doesn't rely on a database?11:49
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Zaba_sepen, it booted!12:38
eintopf_it's a unix system!12:40
eintopf_hehe, hello12:40
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Zaba_it was probably rather hacky, but I did worse that this...12:42
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thrice`anyone tried the libjpeg7 bump?12:53
Zaba_Okay.. This is my laptop's 6th operating system.12:56
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NomiusAnyone does maintain the ecarux port tree?17:53
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dru1dAnyone have problem with ehci_hcd, ohci_hcd on CRUX 2.6?20:05
thrice`hm, alan put up a kde4.git :>20:34
dru1dI can't get usb to work :|20:36
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jaegerdru1d: I haven't had any problems with usb so far21:25
dru1dI have a bad option in bios ;)21:25
dru1dAfter upgrade.21:25
dru1dNow I have few EE: usb 2-9: device descriptor read/64, error -62.21:26
jaegerhrmm, no idea on that one21:28
dru1dohci_hcd generates problem21:28
dru1dWerid is that now I have to plugoff all of usb devices, and problem i still there;]21:29
dru1dHumpf, i forgot to get a sleep before work;]21:32
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