IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2009-08-28

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pitillogood morning01:00
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Zaba_hi sepen01:11
sepenZaba_, congrats for your first 'hacked' installation! ;D01:12
Zaba_sepen, it's not really my first hacked installation :> Just the first one of crux01:13
sepeni don't think so01:13
Zaba_sepen, my laptop almost always required hacking, even when netbootable images were available01:13
sepenI installed it on a toaster ;D01:14
Zaba_I just never dealt closely with initramfs's, and hence cpio, because I've been trying to avoid them all the time.01:14
sepenthat's fun01:14
Zaba_I kinda figured, luckily my workstation doesn't need it01:15
Zaba_(nor does my laptop, but it did for a netboot)01:15
Zaba_I also sort of realise now that I could have put core and opt onto the squashfs, they'd fit in RAM (since later, they did fit in a tmpfs)01:15
Zaba_but scping them over local network wasn't slow either, so well01:16
Zaba_sepen, the installer bailed without a proper error message when it found out 'xorg' directory to be empty by the way.  Not that that normally happens, I still think it should iterate only over the chosen collections01:16
sepenmaybe you could write a patch for it, or report this to the flyspray ticket system01:18
sepenit would be useful for others01:18
Zaba_but I have to admit that I liked the setup utility, it doesn't try to do everything, it even *can't* do everything.  Unlike BSD's sysinstall, which is *puke*01:18
Zaba_sepen, I'll look into it01:19
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Zaba_I wonder, why's prt-get called prt-*get*01:38
Zaba_it's not that it's dedicated to getting anything, it does a lot more..01:39
teK_homage to apt-get :}01:39
Zaba_actually, the very same wondering goes for apt-get :>01:40
Zaba_is there a way to make prt-get first fetch all filed it's gonna download and only then install stuff?01:45
teK_I wrote a patch to add a 'download only' option some time ago01:47
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teK_wait a second.01:49
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teK_so. There's no clean way to do this without my patch I suppose01:51
teK_If you want I can search for it in ~/Mail01:53
teK_(later today)01:54
teK_the patch was not accepted back then01:54
Zaba_and what was the reason?01:55
teK_a) indenting b) I gave up01:55
teK_tilman develops a pkgutils-ng iirc maybe that's another reason01:55
Zaba_I see01:56
Zaba_teK_, pkgutils-ng is a rewrite of pkgutils?01:57
teK_I think so, though I'm not even sure about the name it was given01:59
Zaba_teK_, I vaguely wonder, why exactly is a rewrite needed?02:00
teK_tbh: I don't know02:00
sepenteK_, pkgutils6 IIRC02:02
teK_though there seems to be no git repo or 6-branch available on crux.nu02:03
sepenteK_, I don't think so;a=shortlog;h=pkgutils602:04
teK_so I *think* development stalled a bit02:04
teK_Bug #220: Added regular expression support to pkginfo -i.02:05
Zaba_first result on google:
teK_that'd rock :)02:05
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spaceninjaZaba_: are you on crux now?03:33
spaceninjaseem like it03:36
* spaceninja continues making a game with jquery03:36
sepenZaba_, just use flypray
cjguhm but can e17 load svg icons?03:57
sepencjg, -> join #e1704:07
RyoScjg: because we are not #e1704:09
cjgthis is what i really hate of crux, their users feel to be the smartest kid in the world04:09
RyoSyou doubt that?!04:09
RyoShow dare you..!04:09
cjgbut if ask a question and you answear "join #whateverthequestionseemtobedueof" isn't a smart answear04:10
RyoSwell then learn to use fing google04:11
sepenI prefer to find every info in their place04:11
RyoSask the right people and get exact answers04:12
aonmaybe none of us use e17?04:12
pitillocjg: hello, I think it has svg icon support, but this is a question directly related to e17, if you want to confirm that, the best way to do that is to ask in e17 channel04:12
cjgpitillo, right but it can be also an issue related to crux e17 ports for example04:12
RyoSpitillo: mucho amable ;D04:13
pitillocjg: well, I am maintaining the e17 repo and I think in 2 years no-one reported me any bug/problem/suggestion04:13
pitilloRyoS: xD sorry, I was in the middle of another battle :P04:14
RyoSpitillo: XD04:14
pitillocjg: try to search for libsvg port, and then, rebuild e17 to catch it04:14
cjgpitillo, so i think you use e17 too, right?04:15
pitillocjg: you are free to use the maintainer line of any of e17 ports to get my mail and report me whatever you want, and if I am able to fix or do things in a better way, I will try04:15
pitillocjg: yes, I am using it with ports, there are another ways to get it working on any distro (see the script, I think it's morlenxus work, but I never tested it)04:15
cjgi prefer using ports04:16
cjgdoes your e17 load svg icons?04:17
pitillocjg: me too, and that's the reason I made the repo and tried to make ports (with snapshots of "stable" releases" and svn versions to let users update e17 when they want)04:17
cjgand they work fine04:17
pitillocjg: I can't confirm that, btw, I think a good way to know that is to install librsvg/libsvg and rebuild e17, then store logs, and grep svg there to see if e17 is catching up svg suppor)04:18
pitillocjg: good to know, like I said I will be happy if someone wants to contribute/help in any way04:18
cjgyou're right i had to save building log04:19
pitillocjg: I think it's a good way to see what your system is doing04:20
cjgif i can remember right there were a component of e17 for loading images04:20
pitilloand like sepen and RyoS told, this is a good channel to ask questions related to CRUX directly, and your question is directly related to e17, don't take it in a bad way04:20
cjgit's a question related to the crux e17 build04:21
pitillocjg: then ask it in another way, your question for me sounds like a e17 support related question04:21
pitilloif your build doesn't pick lib04:21
sepenyeah, I confussed your question, it seems e17's crux-related ports04:22
pitilloif your build doesn't pick libsvg, it can be because you don't have it installed and this doesn't mean e17 doesn't support it04:22
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pitillothen I think there is a mix here, first if e17 supports svg icons, and the other, if e17 ports pick it (libsvg isn't in deps by default, then it isn't really a dep, it can be optional)04:23
pitillogood morning jue04:23
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: libusb: update to 1.0.304:25
cjgpitillo, you indeed librsvg or libsvg?04:26
pitillocjg: I think the good one is from xfce repo, librsvg04:26
cjgis which i've installed04:26
pitillocjg: I understand you installed it before e17? and then, e17 port doesn't pick it up04:27
pitillocjg: I will try to install it and check evas log to see why it doesn't pick04:30
cjgi try to rebuild it04:30
pitillocjg: if you can, try to share the log and I will check it04:32
pitillocjg: are you using e17 or e17-svn port?04:33
pitillo...(I take no responsibility for what people may have chosen to squirrelize. Click at your own risk!)...04:38
cjguhm now it works but i have to assign manually the icons04:46
cjgit's acceptable to me04:46
cjgthank you04:46
pitillocjg: have you tried to put them in /usr/share/pixmaps or your ~/.local/share/pixmaps?04:47
cjgyes i have04:47
pitillosorry, ~/.local/share/icons04:47
cjgin /usr/share/pixmaps04:47
pitillocan you try in your home to test it?04:48
cjgjust a secondo04:48
cjgit makes no difference04:49
pitillocjg: reloading e17?04:50
cjgi'm using it on another computer04:51
pitillocjg: you can reload e17 without re-starting Xserver04:51
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aon :(05:12
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: fakeroot: update to 1.1305:42
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: transmission: update to 1.7405:42
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: transmission-gtk: update to 1.7405:42
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: fakeroot: update to 1.1305:43
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: transmission: update to 1.7405:43
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: transmission-gtk: update to 1.7405:43
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: Merge branch '2.5' into 2.605:43
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mysql-ruby: footprint update for ruby 1.905:57
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alanciogood night, anyone alive here?06:01
alanciohi how are you doing?06:01
dru1dMhm. Good, thanks for asking;]06:02
alanciodo you use kde?06:03
dru1dRatpoison + Evilwm.06:03
dru1dSometimes xterm -geometry;]06:03
sepenxterm -bg white -fg white <--- that's nice for your eyes06:03
dru1dsepen: :)06:04
alancioyou can also use xterm -rv06:04
dru1dI set this vars in Xdefaults;]06:04
alanciodo you have a video card? or just use an old terminal? :P06:05
dru1dTripple head on asus 22'06:05
alanciommmm didn't expect that06:05
dru1dI like console.06:06
alanciowhat kind of video card do you have?06:06
dru1d2x gf 8600 gt06:06
alanciodo you play games on that? I06:06
alancioI haven't seen any good linux games lately06:07
dru1dAnd I have.06:07
dru1dI don't have time for gaming.06:07
dru1dMaybe with Rotwang, 'Wodka Maraton'.06:07
dru1dSchnaps is a something like likier on herbs.06:09
dru1dOr smth like that.06:09
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: sqlite3-ruby: footprint update for ruby 1.906:20
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: eruby: dropped06:22
Zaba_spaceninja, yes06:31
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teK_nipuL: was it you that had problems with the new p0f port?08:30
thrice`I think rehabdoll08:30
teK_my memory for names is awful08:33
joacimI believe I had the same problem08:59
teK_currently I'm too stupid to reproduce the error though it was obious08:59
Zaba_what was the problem with p0f port?09:03
teK_if I'd knew that I'd fix it09:05
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thrice`what about just using make, and installing crap by hand ?09:06
teK_well that won't work09:08
teK_thats the reason why I added it ;)09:08
teK_cp -f p0f /tmp/p0f-work/pkg/usr/sbin/09:09
teK_cp: cannot create regular file `/tmp/p0f-work/pkg/usr/sbin/': No such file or directory09:09
teK_but the for and find loop  can be made into one :-)09:09
thrice`strange; calling that from $SRC/src/p0f ?09:10
teK_the author assumes that $PREFIX/usr/sbin has to exist09:11
teK_which in the case of port creation time is untrue09:11
thrice`can't you mkdir them?09:12
thrice`er, I guess you do :)  sorry, I haven't built this in awhile, and not linux currently09:12
teK_that's what install does (but with 755 by default)09:12
thrice`I thought my port just did cd src/p0f; make; mkdir blahblah, cp blahblah09:12
teK_install is better than mkdir here bekause:09:13
teK_[tek@basra][~]% umask09:13
teK_[tek@basra][~]% mkdir testdir; ls -ld testdir09:13
teK_drwx------ 2 tek users 6 [2009/08/28] testdir/09:13
teK_install creates the directory with 075509:13
alancioI thought pkgmk used umask 022 by default09:13
teK_I had problems with this once09:14
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alancioI would recommend using umask 022 explicitly, and then mkdir -p, or install09:14
teK_pkgmk is an alias to a function called __pkgmk which explicitly sets umask to 02209:14
teK_alancio: install -d $FOO  is one function-call less than umask 022; mkdir foo09:15
alanciowell, the thing is that one often has to mkdir -p $PKG/usr/bin, and then make install09:15
teK_anyway.. I belive pkgmk does use umask09:15
teK_% grep -B2 umask  `which pkgmk`09:16
alancioits not frequent that one uses install / cp directly on each file built09:16
teK_that's true09:16
teK_that's up to the maintainer as it's *him* who has to do the extra work09:17
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teK_and the Makefile (if it were 'correct' in this regard) would do exactly the same09:17
alancioeverytime I read a redhat/suse .spec file, I'm so happy to use crux09:18
teK_I don't see another solution right now :)09:20
teK_i.e. mkdir -p ~= install -d09:20
alanciohey is any of you guys using kde in crux?09:22
thrice`nipuL does, I think09:22
thrice`I saw your kde4.git, very nice :)09:23
alanciothanks! I've had no feedback yet though09:23
teK_does it (fully) work? I'd kinda like to give KDE a try09:23
alancioI guess thats good09:23
alanciowell the thing is that KDE4 is still buggy, I wouldn't recommend it for a production desktop09:24
alancioI can't use it at work09:24
teK_but that's not your fault09:24
rehabdolldunno why the path is so fucked up09:24
teK_I meant in a port-way working09:24
rehabdolli dont have anything wierd in my pkgmk.conf09:24
teK_that's really strange, your pkgmk is unmodified and the WORK_DIR VAR in pkgmk.conf is unset, right?09:33
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teK_joacim: can you confirm the buildfailure?10:04
teK_rehabdoll: can you show the sed line 'in action'? for me it's: + sed -i -e 's|/etc/|/home/tek/contrib/p0f/work/pkg/etc/|g' -e 's|/usr/|/home/tek/contrib/p0f/work/pkg/usr/|g' mk/Linux10:07
joacimI believe so10:10
teK_I'm interested in the + sed -i ... line10:18
teK_anyone? :)10:18
jueteK_: works for me10:19
juesed -i -e 's|/etc|/dev/shm/p0f/pkg/etc|g' -e 's|/usr|/dev/shm/p0f/pkg/usr|g' mk/Linux10:20
jueteK_: but your sed replaces the -I paths as well, I don't think that's what you want10:27
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joacim+ sed -i -e 's|/etc|/usr/ports/contrib/p0f/work/pkg/etc|g' -e 's|/usr|/usr/ports/contrib/p0f/work/pkg/usr|g' mk/Linux10:39
rehabdollanyone with a eepc 1005HA-H ?10:47
teK_thanks, I will look into it just after finnishing this delicious tomatoe mozarella sandwhich with olive-bread :>10:55
thrice`priorities :P10:59
teK_I think about opening this nice bottle of red wine from France :O)11:03
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: xz: update to 4.999.9beta11:59
jue.. This is the last beta release before XZ Utils 5.0.0. No big changes are planned before the first stable release.12:00
* thrice` doesn't believe it12:01
Zabaxz is a successor to lzma utils, right?12:03
thrice`mm, I missed an intel release it seems :(12:09
thrice`looks boring, though12:09
tilmanyou mean *i* missed it? :P12:10
thrice`no, i usually watch intel releases myself12:10
thrice`the proto stuff is confusing12:11
* tilman doesn't have a 2.5 system anymore *cough*12:11
* thrice` doesn't have a 686 system anymore *bigger couch*12:12
thrice`cough ^12:12
* Zaba wishes he hadn't had any x86 systems. Too messy of an instruction set!12:13
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tilmanyou guys would report problems with 2.6-rc1 if you found any, right?12:37
thrice`I tried a quick VM install, which was OK.  still awaiting rehabdoll's skunkworks toolchain :)12:39
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teK_rehabdoll: I had a look at your port, the easiest thing to do would be to take into contrib, ok for you?13:06
rehabdollsure sure, just make sure you get the packager right, ie not I13:10
teK_k thx13:10
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: p0f: port taken from rehabdoll13:28
pedjai just deleted /etc...13:42
* pedja swears in native language for several minutes13:43
Rotwangunfortunatelly there is no "redo" command in *nix13:43
pedja'undo', not 'redo' :)13:43
Rotwangyes yes13:44
Rotwangmy mistak13:44
pedjabasically, i'm screwed13:44
pedjaand not in a good way...13:44
Zabauh oh13:44
Zabathat sounds bad indeed13:44
Zabapedja, got backups?13:45
pedjaupgrade to 2.6.rc1 seems like a viable option now :)13:47
Rotwangits good i have almost none custom configuration in /etc on my desktop [;13:47
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RotwangteK_: it wont help if you nuke whole /etc tho [;14:01
spaceninjathere should be a trashbin14:16
spaceninjamaybe you could alias rm to mv /home/trashbin14:17
spaceninjaor I don't know14:20
RotwangI'm with undo command ;D14:24
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teK_planet terror: best movie ever :D14:38
spaceninjaI've only seen the first movie14:43
spaceninjaI think it was a 2 movie movie14:44
spaceninjaor is it?14:44
* thrice` is clueless14:44
tilmanspaceninja: kind of14:45
tilmanteK_: i loved that machete trailer :D14:46
teK_the 'sex scene' is great14:47
teK_missing  reel14:47
*** Ditzi has joined #crux14:48
teK_and the mini bike of course14:52
teK_Tarantino is a sick bastard :P14:53
thrice`we are planning to see his latest as a company :|14:54
thrice`well, not company-wide, but a few of the guys anyway14:54
tilman(machete) "It was later announced that the trailer will be made as a feature film."14:54
teK_the firefox history is soooo goddamn slowish it almost makes me cry14:57
RotwangteK_: google for sqlite VACUUM14:59
Rotwangfind ~/.mozilla -name '*.sqlite' -exec bash -c 'echo "VACUUM;" | sqlite3 $1' -- '{}' \;14:59
RotwangteK_: ^14:59
teK_k thx. Still ridiculous15:00
Rotwangyou need to close firefox first ofcourse15:01
Rotwangcredits to tilman for that [;15:01
Rotwangyeah, address bar speed is huge downside :<15:01
teK_hey guys lets use a db to make this faster but don't clean it. never never never15:02
rehabdollteK_: you dont need the p0f.include.patch file, since its not even included in the Pkgfile :>15:30
rehabdolli noticed that yesterday :)15:30
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thrice`Rotwang: not sure if you saw, but your contrib/iw user/group perms might be off :>16:02
*** pedja has quit IRC16:03
Rotwangoh shi16:04
Rotwangive forgotten to run prtverify16:05
*** jtnl has joined #crux16:05
*** jue has quit IRC16:05
Rotwangill fix it asap16:05
*** RipVanWinkle has joined #crux16:06
Rotwangit means as fast as i will put my face skin nutrition mask off16:07
RipVanWinkleanyone using 2.6 rc1 ? have you had a problem with it booting up with the error message saying something about there not being a /dev/urandom ?16:07
Rotwangthx thrice`16:10
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: iw: fixed footprint16:10
jaegerRipVanWinkle: haven't seen that so far16:21
RipVanWinklei think i have an idea, dm-mod needs to be built in and not a module, only thing i can think of right off the top of my head16:34
RipVanWinkledevice mapper16:34
tilmandm isn't related to /dev/urandom afaik16:35
dru1ddm error will apear only with 'lilo' command16:35
dru1dmodprobe dm-mod && lilo16:35
dru1dbut that is not a problem for working16:36
RipVanWinkleyeah, but if /dev is not ready to be populated because the device is not mapped yet16:36
dru1dIn PLD putt modprobe dm-mod in initscripts.16:37
RipVanWinklei will rebuild the kernel and come back to let you know if that fixed it16:37
RipVanWinkleok, i will try that before rebuilding16:37
dru1dIn PLD I have ... *16:37
RipVanWinklethanks :)16:37
*** roliveira has joined #crux16:39
*** spaceninja has quit IRC17:16
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RipVanWinkleKernel Compression mode, should i choose LZMA, Bzip2 or Gzip ? which one is 2.6 built to handle best?17:50
thrice`I use gzip still - don't see a point in the others17:52
RipVanWinkleSATA Port Multiplier support? is that needed for just a standard desktop PC with a single sata disk?17:54
RipVanWinklenaw, the help section does not look like something i need17:55
*** lennart has quit IRC17:55
RipVanWinkleRAID & LVM > Multipath target?17:55
dru1dRipVanWinkle: ;)17:56
dru1dYou will ask for each option?17:56
dru1dEnter - enter for all.17:56
dru1dAnd change in menuconfig.17:56
RipVanWinklestill trying to figure out why this wont boot so i chrooted and rebuid kernel17:57
dru1dVFS Kernel Panic?17:57
dru1dType Your problem.17:57
RipVanWinklethat /dev/urandom thing again17:57
dru1dWhat was show after lilo start.17:57
dru1dWhat exactly.17:57
RipVanWinkleit quits trying to boot almost immediately and says somethinhg about ext2fsck not being available and /dev/urandom not being present17:58
dru1dThat was your first instalation of Crux?17:59
RipVanWinklei imported a known good .config i use with slackware17:59
dru1dYou have install e2fsprogs?17:59
RipVanWinkleno i used 2.4 & 2.5 before17:59
dru1dNo I have install 2.618:00
dru1dand dont have this problems.18:00
dru1dbetter create new config file.18:00
dru1dMaybe there was some modules/section mismatch.18:00
RipVanWinklei do have / in /dev/sda1 swap in /dev/sda2 and /usr mounted in /dev/sda318:00
dru1dThats nothing.18:01
RipVanWinklecould be, but that .config works great in slackware 12.2 i built many kernels before18:01
dru1dI use old configs on laptops with new kernels, and any of them works good ;]18:02
RipVanWinklefilesystem support and IDE/SATA is built in so an initrd is not needed18:02
dru1dI have this same.18:03
dru1dBuild in ata/pata/sata modules.18:03
dru1dscsi itp.18:03
RipVanWinklei keep poking around in menuconfig and i should find it soon18:03
dru1dBut if there will be problem, Your error will lookgs like: VFS ble ble Kernel Panic.18:03
RipVanWinkleMSI = Message Signaled Interrupts??18:07
dru1dI dont know;]18:11
RotwangRipVanWinkle: if it complains about missing executable i wouldn't blame kernel for taht18:12
Rotwangkernel already passed control to init so id look somewhere else18:12
Rotwangbut im not an expert either18:12
thrice`did you do a full install of core ?18:14
dru1dIn rc file, i see only '/bin/cat /var/lib/urandom/seed > /dev/urandom'18:14
RipVanWinklefull install18:18
RipVanWinklei am going to try that ext3 option "Default to 'data=ordered' in ext318:20
* Rotwang doubts if it will help18:20
thrice`you should that help section that says "you should almost never enable this"18:20
*** mike_k has quit IRC18:21
RotwangRipVanWinkle: have you installed crux from iso via traditional install script?18:21
RipVanWinklei have nothing to lose, i am running out of ideas18:21
RipVanWinkleyeah, i downloaded an ISO from that master mirror]18:21
RotwangRipVanWinkle: what about fstab?18:22
Rotwangis / mounted correctly?18:22
Rotwangand /usr18:22
dru1dWhen You chroot, do You have /dev ?18:23
RipVanWinkle /dev/sda1 /  ext3 defaults 0 118:23
RipVanWinkle /dev/sda3 /usr ext3 defaults 0 218:23
Rotwangsda2 is for /boot ?18:23
RipVanWinklesda2 swap18:24
RipVanWinklei used setup-chroot after i mounted the disk in /mnt18:24
RipVanWinklei would upload a photo if the batteries were not dead in my digital camera, i have some batts charging now but they wont be ready until tomarrow18:35
*** pedja has joined #crux18:35
pedjawell, that was fun...18:38
thrice`fix your /etc ? :)18:38
pedjafixing fstab was the trickiest part :)18:39
RipVanWinklei am not giving up on crux, i will be back in here tomarrow and fix this thing one way or another, i like this distro too much to give up on it, laters and thanks :D18:41
*** RipVanWinkle has quit IRC18:41
Rotwangusually when someone says this18:42
Rotwanggives up later [;18:42
dru1dHe had something really messup.18:54
*** SiFuh has quit IRC19:00
*** SiFuh has joined #Crux19:03
*** Rotwang has quit IRC19:10
*** clare has joined #crux19:19
dru1dany have problem with mtools?19:42
*** jdolan has joined #crux20:59
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan20:59
*** medum has joined #crux21:17
*** aee_ has joined #crux21:22
medumanyone know how to make a bootable usb stick without using this crux-usbdisk script? i can't find a live cd that has all the dependancies to run the script21:26
*** dru1d has quit IRC21:27
*** aee has quit IRC21:39
*** lennart has joined #crux22:58
nipuLmedum: iirc all i had to do was install syslinux and mtools23:48
nipuLafter that it's simple23:48

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