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spacenin1awow, directfb seems cool!04:22
estersDavid Hasselhoff aprooves directfb04:43
spacenin1agoing to try if I can replace it with xorg, this should be interesting04:55
spacenin1aI mean04:55
tilmanrehabdoll: let him figure it out himself ;)05:20
teK_ wtf?05:27
teK_+ hello together05:28
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: p0f: remove unneeded patch06:02
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: xorg-xf86-video-intel: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: xorg-libpixman: updated to
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spacenin1ahere we go07:03
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Pig_Pen  does anyone have an idea why udev is not populating /dev ? this is 2.6 rc107:42
Rotwangteh penguins drank too much vodka probably [;08:07
estersOr ate too much fresh fish08:15
tilmani cannot load that image08:18
joacimDon't think you should use a flash when taking pictures of your display08:18
Pig_Peni put duct tape over the flash, but it still got though the tape, it is a cheap camera and has no way to disable flash08:19
Pig_Peni set the vga = to 786 so i could read more text when booting since /dev never got populated enough to let me scroll the text, it is a udev error: udevadm[339] error sending message connection refused, i think it is failing because udev is not populating /dev soon enough08:22
tilmandoes your kernel support that netlink stuff?08:23
tilmanjust a stupid guess. otherwise, google for that error message :)08:23
Pig_Pennetlink stuff? such as inotify?08:23
Pig_Penudevadm trigger is not premitted while udev is unconfigured.08:26
tilmannot sure what it's called in .config08:26
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Pig_Peni have an idea, i am going to see if udevd can be launched before udevadm kicks in, bbiaf08:33
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thrice`hi dru1d08:49
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: valgrind: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libpng: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libdrm: updated to
dru1dTime to fight with eeepc. ;)08:57
dru1dBtw. mtools are not building with -enable-floppyd.08:58
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dru1dAnybody uses nvidia driver? from opt?09:23
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spaceninjaI do09:36
dru1dDo You bild new nvidia?09:36
dru1dI have an error: Unable to determine the target kernel version.09:37
spaceninjacheck the nvidia module09:37
dru1dIt is on right place. ;]09:39
spaceninjaI dont know really what it might be, I have to think, Im kind of slow09:39
spaceninjagl-select use xorg; gl-select use nvidia09:39
spaceninjahave you tried that?09:40
dru1dand its fail09:40
dru1dprompt me that I dont have nvidia / nvidia-legacy09:40
thrice`nvidia might need kernel sources in /usr/src ?09:40
dru1dthrice`: i have ;]09:40
thrice`hm, ok - just a guess09:41
thrice`(i use intel :)09:41
dru1dI have reinstall crux.09:41
spaceninjahave you restarted x?09:41
dru1dspaceninja: My problem is to build nvidia driver from /opt/nvidia/09:41
dru1dNot to start X.09:41
spaceninjaok :)09:41
alancio_druid, maybe you need a symlink /usr/src/linux pointing to /usr/src/linux-x.y.z09:42
spaceninjafirst type in  gl-select use xorg;09:42
spaceninjathen update nvidia09:42
alancio_and make sure you are currently running the kernel for which you intend to build the driver for09:43
dru1dIm runnig standard
dru1dThis is a fresh install.09:43
dru1dalancio_: I have link to linux, thats not helping me out.09:45
alancio_I just built the nvidia kernel module without any problem09:45
alancio_what was it?09:46
dru1dexport SYSSRC="/usr/src/linux-"09:46
alancio_I didn't have to do that09:47
alancio_what does your uname -r report?09:47
dru1dBut is working now ;]09:48
alancio_anyway, you might want to upgrade to 2.6.30, it has new goodies09:48
dru1dThanks for suggestions.09:48
dru1dalancio_: I need
dru1dOn 2.6.30 I have crashes with rt73k2wrlz;]09:48
alancio_what a strange name, I would crash on that thing too09:49
dru1dTime to smoke.09:50
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spaceninjadoes anyone know which programs I need to build a cluster?10:31
cjgwhat kind of cluster?10:33
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spaceninjabunch of random computers that runs crux10:37
tilmanread up on openmosix10:37
cjgwasn't it dead?10:37
tilmanpossibly, but that's the only software i know that's related to cluster stuff :D10:38
cjg"cluster" means many things, and also nothing of course10:38
spaceninjaok thanks10:40
pedjafor ad-hoc clusters :)10:41
pedjaCrux could be used, too, that is a fun project :)10:41
spaceninjabut something that I can distribute the calculation10:41
spaceninjayes crux is the best, no other distro10:41
cjgspaceninja, but you usually run scientifi sofware based on mpi for parallelizinc calculation?10:42
spaceninjaok, I'll check it out10:43
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spaceninjaalso, is it easy to turn crux into a switch?10:43
spaceninjaI have to do some reading I guess10:44
* spaceninja is eating pizza10:44
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pedjaspaceninja: checkout Vyatta, that might give you some ideas.10:45
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spaceninjapedja: cool thanks10:46
spaceninjabut I need some money first, damn its hard to get money without working :)10:47
thrice`try getting a job, it helps ;)10:47
dru1dI have cool description ov Vyatta, but in polish ;|10:47
pedjaawesome :)10:48
Rotwangspaceninja: why work if you can steal? [;10:48
spaceninjathrice`: yes but I can't take the pressure of working for someone else, I'm also too pendatic to get any thing done properly without being crushed by the "disorder"10:49
spaceninjaRotwang: I'll look into it10:49
thrice`i'll be sure to keep working to pay your wages, then :)10:49
pedjadamn, vlc really hates ac3...10:49
pedjaor a52 or whatever...10:49
spaceninjaim not on any social welfare programs  :p10:50
spaceninjaI have to apply for jobs if Im on one of those10:50
thrice`it seems like alot of people live off of odd-jobs in the IT industry10:51
thrice`like, short-term items10:51
thrice`that's a cool idea :)10:52
thrice`I wish I were talented enough for such a thing10:52
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spaceninjabut Im thinking about starting a blog for real, I've got adsense setup on blogspot10:52
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spaceninja      it's empty but maybe, if only I could finish my tasks!11:00
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NomiusSo you want to make some money, not having a weblog...11:56
thrice`people make money off of webblogs?11:56
NomiusSome does with f**** adsense...11:56
tilmanthrice`: spaceninja probably won't ;D11:57
jaegerpedja: I think I fixed that a52 problem in my repo, I can't remember for sure now12:00
jaegerpedja: does it just blast static-type noise at you when you play a video with ac3 audio?12:01
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spaceninjathen what should I do?12:21
spaceninjashit, I'll figure something out12:28
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tilmani can play penumbra now, but only if i disable the shadows12:59
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tilmanwhich makes it kind of pointless since everything's bright :)12:59
Zabatilman, what do you use to run it?12:59
thrice`and a horror game ;)12:59
tilmanZaba: radeon x800-something13:00
tilmanand it just segfaulted ;D13:00
thrice`at least it tries :)_13:00
ZabaI don't like games that don't run natively on my linux workstation :>13:01
Zaba(That includes things that are only provided in form of 32-bit binary blobs.)13:02
ZabaI end up playing roguelikes, and games that run on source-ported engines (doom, heretic, hexen, hexen2, ...).13:03
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pedjajaeger: yes, it is really annoying :)13:36
pedjahow did you fix it?13:36
jaegerfound a patch somewhere13:37
jaegerI don't remember where, it was a while back... lots of google searching before finding anything useful13:37
pedjacare to share :) ?13:38
pedjaits in your repo?13:38
thrice`nice :)  I think I hit that too13:40
pedjathanks.will you update your vlc port to 1.0.1 at some point?13:41
pedjai'd like to compare it to mine, I think I broke something :)13:41
jaegerI probably should do that, heh13:42
pedjaliba52 is probably dead, aften hadn't had a release in months.grrr13:46
pedjamplayer plays everything, but i could not make it play nice with xscreensaver.13:47
NomiusDoes anyone has troubles compiling the mplayerplug-in?13:47
pedjano trouble, it does not compile ;)13:50
NomiusOh, great :-)13:50
pedjaNomius: it seems it has to be patched to compile.have you tried cvs snapshot?13:54
NomiusNoup, just ports -u13:56
NomiusI want to build it from the ports...13:57
pedjaget the patch from
NomiusBut the Pkgfile already does that...14:01
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